Arianwen DeGray

DeGray's eldest daughter

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"You must believe in yourself"


Arianwen[Ar-Yan-wen] Noelle DeGray

Ariane [Ar-Yan], Ari [Ar-ee]. Aria [Ar-ee-ah]




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Princess Arianwen, Arlo's eldest daughter.

Standing at the height of five foot seven, Aria weighs a hundred and twenty five pounds, making her a decent weight. Not too tiny to be pushed around, but enough to be a brute force when she needs to be. Due to her training in combat she is actually very toned with a slim build. She isn't the most curvy woman that there is, but she has some definition to her. Her skin is rather fair, which is in contrast with her dark eyes, of which she has inherited from her paternal grandfather. It was very unlikely for it to happen, as the rest of her siblings have light coloured eyes, but it just has separated her from her siblings. Her hair is blonde, which comes from her mother and whenever she walks in the room, it is rather graceful and elegant.


Animals and all creatures, political talks, being free, riding horses, courageous acts, adventures, testing the limits, dancing, outdoors, being liked for who she is and not her title, her siblings, being able to save herself, strong willed people, and speaking her mind.

Animal cruelty, Keeping animals as pets, war, The heritage rules (that only sons can be rulers), being seen as lesser due to gender, doubters, being told how to feel, closed minded people, and cruel people.

Horseback Riding: Aria has been riding ever since she was a little girl. She always remembered her father riding a horse, and the animal was always just so majestic to her, that she pleaded day in and day out for him to teach her. By the age of seven she was able to ride on her own and that was when she began to take care of her own horse, her father got her. When asked to name the dark beauty, Aria refused at the time, stating that the horse already had a name. Aria has never been one for keeping animals as pets, and often times she lets her horse roam free, and refuses to confine her to one space.
Well Educated: While her brother was always stuck inside learning, Ari would get extremely jealous. She wanted to learn too. Often times for the first couple of years her ear would be pressed up to the door trying to hear what was being said so she could learn as well. That didn't go over well when she was caught listening in, and got a huge lecture about it from her mom. It was then that she was shown to the library where she could read whatever she pleased, and eventually they got her a tutor. Soon she was well educated in many forms. Writing, reading, politics, history, and she even managed to sneak in a bit of magic, although if her mother found out she'd have her head.
Hand-to-Hand Combat: This would come as a surprise to few. Ari has been trained in the art of hand to hand combat and she's actually rather good at it. She has always egged on men to fight her, and while most refuse to, she had always found at least someone who had wanted to. Aria was pleased to be able to learn strength and she even picked up a bit of sword fighting skills. It's not very lady like, but what your mother doesn't know will not harm you.

Ranged Weapons: The only weapon that her mother would ever let her try with her permission was a bow and arrow. Needless to say, somehow those arrows had gone backwards instead of forward, and almost took out a guard or two. She's not really allowed to touch a bow no longer, which she's plenty okay with.
Empathy: Deep down Aria feels so much and she really absorbs others emotions. It is why she can be so in tune with animals and not want to hurt them. She can't stand to see anyone in pain and it really is a weakness of hers. She is constantly trying to please others while pleasing herself and it really doesn't work out too well in her favour.
Overly Opinionated: This is something mostly everyone hates. After being well educated Aria was very quick to form her own opinions and think outside of the box. For a few years now she has always wondered why Lathan has to take the throne or just any male had to take it. She could take the throne if she wanted to. She was just if not more educated than Lathan, she had the overall kindness but strictness of a ruler, she knew how to fight. In Aria's eyes she is just as capable as any male to be the rightful leader of the throne. She also just believes women should stand up for themselves more and do what they want and what aspires them. Aria doesn't feel like she needs to be married off to rule, if she wants to rule, she could try and fight her brother for the throne. That's more of an opinion she has kept to herself however.

Aria is a well put together girl. She was raised to be prim and proper and that is exactly what she has done. She has taken dance classes since she was little, and has even undergone proper mannerisms. However the knowledgeable daughter of Arlo, is perhaps a bit too educated and a bit too opinionated for the time frame that she is in. The girl can form an opinion on basically anything and she has always been a warrior type not afraid to speak her mind. She hates how incredibly one sided their world is thus far. She can't believe the audacity men have regarding females and their ability to be nothing but something they can own and use to generate children from. Aria refuses to speak in turn or only speak unless spoken to, she doesn't care about what used to be and what was tradition. These are new times, and thus can have new rules and new traditions.

She is incredibly stubborn however, that much should have been guessed right off the bat. She will not back down on something she believes is right, and she will die fighting for her cause. She is a well rounded individual who would stop at nothing to see her dreams and ideas brought to life. Often times her being stubborn has given off the vibe of unruly behaviour that is unsuited for a princess, especially one of her age, that should already be married off. Ari refuses to marry for the purpose of reproducing and being on the sidelines with no value. She wants to marry for actual love and she wanted to marry to be an equal part to her husband or wife, or whatever she ends up choosing.

Princess Arianwen does have her virtues besides being well educated. She is courageous and kind, and will respect anyone who can be such as well. She seeks out things to the very end and she will not allow herself to be pushed around. However Arianwen is kind and poise, being a great example for a princess. Well that is when she's not running her mouth on pretty much everything. She does try to keep a bit at bay for her mother's sake, but other than that, she'll let you have it.


Born second to the King and Queen of Dracfort was their eldest daughter who was named by her father. Her father had wanted her to have a name similar to his, but also give her an identity of her own. He decided that her name was to be Arianwen. She was only born two years after her eldest brother, Lathan who would one day take the throne in their fathers place. If Lathan were to fall it would pass her all together and go to her younger brother Cyrus. Arianwen is only a year older than her brother Cyrus and when they were younger she was always more interested in what he would be doing, opposed to Lathan.

Despite it all, Arianwen really was more of the intelligent one of the four. They all had brains, that was not to be doubted, but Arianwen always felt she devoted far more time to learning and getting concepts. It wasn't long, but soon she had figured out the unfairness that she was given. Aria knew so long as men stayed in power no female heir could be a successor to the kingdom. It makes her absolutely sick to her stomach, and thus every since she was about the age of eleven she has known her goal in life that she will continue to strive towards. Aria wants to fight her eldest brother for the throne and prove that she is just as good of a fit as Lathan is. She spent all of her adolescence into reading, learning, and practicing in all ways. She's actually a brilliant tactician, due to the training a few of the guards she was close with in her teen years had taught her.

Aria had been able to persuade some of the knights to teach her a thing or two about fighting. They would always go out to the stables and practice in there, so her mother or father couldn't pry from the window. It was her mission to be good and it is her mission to succeed her brother. She may even go to extreme lengths to get it. Not so far as to kill her own brother, there is no pride and honour in that, but there has been other thoughts that have surfaced to her brain.

Arianwen is a bit fond of her younger sister and hopes that she will see the potential in herself if she hasn't already.

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