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Reggie Burke


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a character in “The Falls”, as played by Bartholomew Finch


Reginald Leighton Burke | 22 Years Old | Missing

"Its a family name ya'know? Nothin' I could do bout it. Anyway, it's kinda grown on me."

A jack of all trades with resting bitch face. Reggie's the kind of guy you root for in an underdog movie. That kid born in the gutter and raised up by a momma half-dead and lacking identity. He's got a dozen and one issues but none of them see the surface too often. Locked up tight under layers of bright, sunshine smiles. And of course, that dazed eye expression. Sometimes a bit too neurotic to handle, a touch of ADD on top of an intelligence that moves him to continue consuming every bit of knowledge he can possibly contain.

He doesn't take well to restrictions, never once saw a reason for the Communities tight rules. Perhaps why he aligned himself with the people he did. Made friends in funny places, where others would have overlooked. A real personable guy when he ain't spitting random - and possibly bullshit facts at a mile a minute. Talkative as hell, with no drive to breathe in between sentences. Got enough energy to fuel every single generator in the Community and still have enough left over to run a few miles.

A real team player too, gets people moving as a unit. Takes those very real tensions between people and dissipates them as if they never existed at all. Not quite a mediator, but definitely someone who has a knack for getting people together without a riot breaking out because of it. Got a real sense for team spirit, a natural morale booster if you will. The guy you go to when you need someone to listen, and alternatively, if you want someone to ramble on and on to distract you from the issues at hand.

Too bad, that Reggie never really worked through his own inadequacies. The constant lack of direction. The dangerous, chronic lies. All riding on the tail end of Momma's poison soaked words. And the simple fact that Reggie came from the poor side of the community.

"I'd like to go one day without thinking about hypothermia, thanks."

Starvation came secondhand to the fear of freezing to death in the blistering cold nights. Food came and went, its sparse appearance barely made a dent on his already growling stomach. If anything, it kept the energy out of his mothers step. Allowed him to get out from under her wicked thumb long enough to make some real damn friends. Reggie went to school, regular as every other kid in the Community - ya kinda had to, lest you wanted to be labeled a degenerate and targeted in the same breath for it. So Reggie went, and he learned first hand just how grand knowledge is.

There, Reggie also found some of the few good people left in this dismal world. He was determined to keep them, no matter what happened. So he did, he had found his people. His friends. And never once did he complain about his own hardships, instead, finding more value in them. If he had them, nothing mattered in his own little world of pity.

But they all grew up fast, school faded into the past. It was time to find something to do, to support to community or be considered useless. Reggie bounced hard, incapable of handling to restrictions placed on him. From job to job, hardly finding someone willing to let him try his hand at apprenticing. He went around the community a time or two before realizing that nothing could stick. People didn't like that, if you weren't useful to the community you were better off dead in the ground.

Turns out it didn't much matter really, one day he was there, and the next he had gone. In the blink of an eye. Nothing more than a crudely drawn face on a piece of paper, stapled to the community bulliten, as if anyone cared at all.

So begins...

Reggie Burke's Story

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They only have a small window to take action. The few moments between dawn and the official start of the day where they would have enough time to get everything they need and get out. Julius had been awake for hours now, exhausted, but incapable of sleeping through the nervousness. Every time he closed his eyes all he saw was Reggie's face, imprinted on the back of his eyelids as if he were still there. Grinning through muted, rambling words. He doesn't know if this suicide mission is more for Reggie, or for the sanity of their little group. The need to know all encompassing. All Julius knows is that it's now or never.

They'd been planning this for weeks now since the first spattering of gossip reached their ears about the disappearances. Mostly rumors, but a few bits and pieces holding just enough merit to seek out. Like the guy in Victoria, who claimed to know all about the disappearances. He was a good place to start, at the very least. And if it panned out to be nothing more than false gossip, then they would just have to push on.

He's up before the first spattering of light can penetrate the flimsy screen of his window. Its ability to hold up despite the constant shift in temperature astonishing. He picks his way through the clothing scattered across his floor, a distant, childhood memory of being told time and again to clean his room cracking a small, unstable grin. He's trying not to let the enormous pressure of the situation crack him, any one thing could make it all go wrong, and he isn't going to be the one that ruins their chances.

While he sifts through the mess he constantly checks the window, hoping that the first slim lights of dawn don't come early today. The weather usually kept the night going will into the early morning. But some days, it would regulate, ruining the pattern of dark days and darker nights. His calm is nothing more than a mask as he gathers things into a bag that'll be more of a hindrance than a help, but there's nothing else he can use. They'd need all the supplies they could get between them.

He knows the others will probably have them covered with the weapons, but he takes a knife anyways, the comfort of its weight in his pocket familiar despite its lack of use. A relic of being a teenager, learning to fight with his cousin at his side. His father teaching them self-defense techniques from dawn until the light of day dipped below the horizon at dusk. He remembers days of being so tired he could barely move but being so satisfied with the outcome of newly gained skills that none of that mattered. It feels like a million years ago. In truth it was only a few.

A klutz is never quiet, and he is no exception. He's lucky enough that his mother's hearing has gone with age, the freeze had taken her youth long before it should have. His father is just gone period. Not one of the odd disappearance cases, but rather a force of will. Gone because he wanted to be. Gone because whatever slim string of love that remained had been snipped long ago. His brother would have to man up and take care of their mother now, Julius wouldn't let his friends go on this mission alone.

The bag is ridiculously heavy with articles of spare clothing and a random amount of dried meat. As much packaged food as he could steal from the market without making it too obvious that food was going missing. He'd have gotten more if he could, this would only last them so long, maybe a few days if rationed sparingly. He hopes that the girls will be able to get them more once they were out there. He has no doubts in their skills, but there will always be the nagging fear of starvation lingering at the edge of his thoughts.


He's just opened the door a sliver, the cold air from outside raising goosebumps along his arms, even beneath the heavy coat and layers of clothing. He half turns, his heart thumping in his throat.

"Where are you going?" His little brother is standing there, rumpled from sleep still. "Geeze, close the door its cold." He grouses, far underdressed. Jules does, sifting through a million lies in his head.

"I'm getting an early start at work today," he hopes that's enough to placate him.

Micah scowls, "It's a Sunday." He points out, "And you have a bag."

Right, of course, it wouldn't be that easy. Luckily, he doesn't have to come up with anything else, because Micah's eyes are widening a second later and he points accusingly.

"Pacifica is making you do something stupid again, isn't she!" He suddenly looks more excited than before. "What is it! I want to know!"

"Micah, just go back to bed." Julius can't come up with anything else to say, he hadn't expected to be caught so quickly. But Micah at least seems to think this is another one of Pacifica's brilliant plans.

"You guys never let me in on the fun, I'm not a baby anymore you know..." He pouts, looking far younger than he is in that moment. "Fine, go blow stuff up or whatever she's making you do. But next time I want in, no matter what." Julius lets out a small sigh of relief. It's unfortunate that there probably won't be a next time. He's almost considering abandoning the plans altogether. The thought of dying out there and never seeing Micah or mom again leaves his chest feeling hollow and breathless.

"Deal, now go back to bed before you wake up mom." Julius watches Micah as he goes, the younger boy giving him a thumbs up before disappearing back down the hall to his bedroom. Julius steels himself against the cold again, quickly slipping outside and sticking to the shadows in the streets as he goes. Hating every crunch that his footsteps make in the freshly fallen snow. There would be hordes of citizens out shoveling the snow once the morning sunlight set it, a futile task that only makes life minimally easier.

He skirts around the edge of the frozen lake at the center of town, the only path he can walk in order to get to the gate on the far side of the Community. They'd found the weak spot earlier that week when planning all this shit out, before that they had spent hours combing the length of it, trying not to seem suspicious when they'd run into anyone else. The weak spot had been a hole, barely big enough for the tallest of them to squeeze through. Over the course of the week, they had started widening the hole, scraping away at the surrounding ice. They'd had to cover it with foliage, and prayed that nothing got into the Community while they bided their time.

It's still dark when he arrives at the spot, pacing a little as he ducks down. Afraid that someone will see him, despite the dense, lifeless branches of dead tree's surrounding them. Evergreens were just about the only things that still survived out here, among a select handful of other, winter hardy plants. He pushes away the covering from the hole, trying not to seem too nervous. They'd all gather there soon, although he knows it might take longer for some of them to get there. Several members of their group had already gathered supplies, but a few hadn't due to the fact that somebody would notice if things had suddenly started going missing. Like weapons.

Julius didn't want to crawl through the hole yet, afraid of the braving the dangers on the other side alone. Soon, they'd all be on the other side. And then, it would all begin.