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Freya O'Hara

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a character in “The Family Business”, originally authored by Calvazara, as played by RolePlayGateway


Image*Name: Freya Kathleen O'Hara
*Age: 28
*Role: Manager at one of Liam's nightclubs
*Appearance: [See image]
*Personality: Freya is a very mentally strong woman, growing up in the 'underworld', she learned from an early age how to stand her ground. Freya is a big believer that you should never judge someone on your first meeting and she follows this example, she will always give someone a chance. She has always been a big adventurer, as a child she would disappear for hours on end exploring different parts of the town and surrounding countryside, she just loves to discover new place. Although. quite a homely Freya is also aware of the undiscovered beauty that the world holds and would love an opportunity to travel to these far off lands. You could describe her as a romantic, she loves the thought of romance and love however has yet to discover true love for herself, she has had boyfriends but none have ever really lived up to her expectations of love, the kind she reads in novels. Many often mistake Freya of being naive and innocent and she would whole heartily agree with that until recent years where she believes she has matured her and not to mention hardened her.

Freya is very beautiful, intelligent, sweet and well-meaning but is not oblivious to her charm and grace, where she will often leave behind a string of broken hearts to get what or where she want. She is also a very stubborn girl and hates it when she's wrong; however she is not above apologising if she is wrong. Freya is pretty much a O'Hara through and through, strong, passionate and something to be admired, she is a rather flirtatious women and don't be fooled she does know how to use this too her advantage, she is a woman after all. Brazen and brave, Frankie is strong and determined, much like her mother, Kathleen. She is extremely loyal and protective of her friends, and she has a sensitive, and loving nature. Despite having a confident exterior, underneath it all, Freya is quite insecure and this Imagehis tends to make her an overachiever at times, creating flaws and complexities in her character as she tries to live up to peoples expectations. Freya is a doting mother to her daughter, despite what people may think and what they think she loves her whole heartily, they are her life and everything that she does is in their best interests, despite her line of work she does not want them to get involved when they are older and will do anything to prevent that.

Her Job
Italian Food
Spending time with her daughter
The Rain
Horse Riding

Failing her daughter
Failing the family
Her ex
Spicy food

* Family
Kaitlin O'Hara: Daughter, 3 years old
Vince Thomas: Ex-Fiance, Father of her child, 30 years old
Jake O'Hara: Cousin
Fiona O'Hara: Cousin


So begins...

Freya O'Hara's Story


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Freya sat at the bar in her club 'The Venue' the hottest club in New York City, to date, she sat there a whiskey on the rocks in her hand as she looked over the papers in front of her, trying to make sense of this mess her accountant called keeping the books. She let out a groan of frustration, she had been sat here for close to two hours now and she was still trying to figure out why sums didn't add up correctly, running a hand through her long hair she shook her head, pushing the papers away with a momentary defeat to finish her drink.

"Not much luck huh?" Jerry the bartender asked from the other end of the bar, looking up from polishing glasses.

Freya scoffed with a small laugh "try no luck" she muttered shaking her "none of it makes any sense Jerry" she explained with a small shake of her head looking up at the older man through blue eyes "O'Conner aint gonna be too happy with our little accountant friend" she stated with a knowing smirk, when her cell rang.

"O'Hara" she answered "Hey Gina...Very well I'm leaving now" she said closing her phone. Standing up she quickly finished her drink and slipped on her coat before gathering up the paper and put them back into a folder and grabbed her bag, she began to walk towards the door "Oh and Jerry, give Graham a call, tell him I want him in my office first thing tomorrow" she smirked walking outside.

As the valet brought round her car she smiled her thanks before getting in the drivers side before speeding off home to meet the family


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She heard a car pull into the driveway and gave a long sigh, one of several people had arrived. She quickly found out that it wasn't just one but two; the O'Hara siblings, one of which was her bodyguard Jake.

Jake walked into the living room and sat on the other couch, Rebeccah glanced over out of the corner of her eye to check. The blond male was leaning back, settling in to wait for the rest of the O'Connors and his own cousin Freya. Rolling her grey-blue eyes, the teenager dialled a number quickly and stood to pace around the room. The call was automatically forwarded to voicemail and Rebeccah felt her temper rise.

" Carl," she began, her tone warning. " You better get your ass over here before my father or he is going to murder you." The O'Connor shrugged her shoulders as she glanced out the window before continuing, " I thought I'd warn you. See ya!" With a light tap of her finger she had hung up and was now gently tapping her chin with the phone, annoyed at how long the wait seemed to be.