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King Ferin Alabaith


0 · 232 views · located in The Kingdom of Kregune

a character in “The Fate of Kregune”, as played by Words of Oz




Personal Information

Full Name
Ferin Aleked Alabaith

A king new to the job, he has grand ideas on how to bring new power to his kingdom, but he realizes he will not make many friends in the process. It may be messy to do so, but he will drag his nation into prosperity kicking and screaming.





Honorifics- King
Titles- The Benevolent King of Our Lands
Nicknames- None (unless you wish to insult him)

Sexual Orientation:

The city of Alabaith




Physical Condition:
He is more lean than others his height, but he still has dexterity and the stamina to make up fot it.

Former Residence

Father- King Dragen Alabatih (deceased)
Sister- Feara Alabaith (thought to be deceased)

Durrgen (his trusty servant, adviser, and friend)

The unknown rebel leader


The Royalist Faction of the Kingdom of Kregune
(The members of the faction are just called the royalists, meaning you support the king)

Former Affiliations:

His pride is mostly the spear point of his downfalls, but he can also be consumed by greed.

Since birth, Ferin has been raised to be the king of Kregune, having the seed of pride planted into him as soon as he could walk, but there are some things that he was not taught. Ferin has always had his head turned toward the sky, seeing the future as a basket holding only advancement and grwoth, but his hunger for it would usually get in the way, wanting the change and greatness to come immediately. Also, anything he had was never enough, always room for better, for expansion, so most mistook him for greedy..

Order, obedience, and growing power

Chaos, rebels, and traitors.

Psychological Condition:
Surprisingly sane, but he is very ruthless. He can be overtook by greed, only for a fleeting moment, or have his pride best him, but he is traditionally a well restrained and self-controlled man.

Leader of the Royalist Faction


His crown of gold with crystals from the mines fitted on it and his father’s ring, the true sign of the ruler of the nation, are the only two things ever consistently found on him, for he usually has a different lavish outfit everyday.

He wears a light leather jerkin under his finer wear to protect against rebels, in which he has survived many attempts on his life.

A fancily embroidered longsword he has honestly never used.



Ruthless Cunning- One of his greatest assets is his ability to do anything to win, and that means acrafice anything and anyone to get the outcome. Everything he does is an ends to a mean, eveything he does has a purpose to a greater goal, and so he is constantly scheming and planning while at the same time executing the plans earlier made. Life is a renewable resouce, especially humans, so a few dead to save a thousand is no weight on his shoulders and no sleepless nights for him.

Swordsmanship- Being of a family that rules over thousands of people, one must learn to defend themselves, so from the moment he could walk a sword was put into his hand. He was scrawny even from a young age, giving his instructor the daunting task of teaching young Ferin to be able to beat men three times his side, so he was taught, even in a brute sport such as war, to fight smarter not harder. Years of practice later, Ferin was the best swordsman in the entire city, the only one who could match him being his sister, so he is not afraid to use his wonderful sword, though to he has never has to.



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So begins...

King Ferin Alabaith's Story

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Today marks the beginning of the fourth year that King Ferin has sat on the throne. Rumors of the rebel army's plans circulate around the kingdom. The dragons guarding the castle are getting restless, snapping at random people going in and coming from the castle. Rebel bands have been ransacking army caravans and stealing their materials. Other than that it's been calm, as though a storm has been looming over everyone. People are preparing for it. Shops are closing residents of Alabaith are up and leaving,

Today is also supposed to be the festival of the Kings crowning but the decorations are minimal at best. All across the kingdom people are holding their breath, going about their normal lives as quietly as possible. The army has been stationed in every major city, leaving about three of their numbers at the smaller villages. They talk of their protection as they take over their homes for their own needs. You hardly see children out anymore, least they laugh and get a lecture about how there is nothing to yell about. The impending war has caused silence to fall over the kingdom. The Kings crest rest at safe houses for his army, as the generals have thought of almost everything.

In the forest the Rebel army prepares, their leader pouring over maps in search of what she believes will be their saving grace and turn the tides for them. Their outposts in the select few caves around the kingdom ready their messenger ravens and prepare to receive them as well. Correspondence is necessary in a war and what better they thought than a raven to carry their messages. There is a symbol that only the one's who have been part of the rebels long enough know signaling a safe house for them if they need it. The symbol is a crescent moon with a raven beside it. They do this knowing that they will need them at some point.


Feara slammed her hands down on the map. She had this disheveled look about her. Her hair had strayed from it's braids and hung loosely around her shoulders. Her eyes were tired as she hadn't slept in three days pouring over the maps relentlessly. She sat down and rubbed her eyes, trying to clear them of the fog that had clouded her mind. She looked over at the one who had been with her since the beginning, Hera.

"Why is this search so hard? Why does he keep eluding me so?" she asked her.

Hera smiled kindly, "Maybe it's because you need rest. I'm sure everyone will understand if you take a break."

"If my brother does not rest, how can I? As he sends his army out to control the subjects, how can I take a break?" Feara said.

"You're no good half dead either My Lady Feara." Hera said and guided her over to her makeshift cot. "They will be fine as long as you get the rest you need." she added.

Nodding, Feara laid down, and closed her eyes, immediately falling asleep showing just how exhausted she was.