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Formed as a balancing force of destruction in ages long past, this flame sprite is an adorable little firebrand

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a character in “The Fate of Kregune”, as played by TheRose202


Name: Vesta
Age: Immeasurable
Description: Standing at a minute height of one foot tall, this tiny nature spirit appears, on the surface, to be merely a young girl in her late teens, and her excitable demeanour would appear to support that hypothesis. She has long, flowing fire red hair which undulates like the flames she embodies, and solid orange, glowing eyes that sparkle with mirth and passion and a love of life. Upon her back, two bright red butterfly wings spread out about her, tapering up to sharp tips, their shape harsh and almost jagged, though possessed of a sort of dissonant order, speaking of her natural element. He skin is without blemishes, perfectly golden-white, touched by the sun. What little clothing she wears is made from the element of fire itself, in constant motion as it wraps about her surprisingly voluptuous figure, although it occasionally appears to simply be a very malleable fabric, appearing as shear silk. While nothing about her would suggest she's any older than she seems on the surface, those who know the Fae and their workings know she's more than likely ages older than the first man to walk the lands.
Alignment: Rebel Ally
Historical background: Created ages ago as a chaotic force by the forces of natural balance, Vesta is the cause of many a forest fire, burned crops, immolated creatures, a force of the destruction that brings new life in its wake. As such, she's possessed of a very energetic, fiery nature, and has for time immeasurable lived amongst nature, working as the antithesis to the forest sprites who tend to the trees. However, after eons of tending to her purpose with mischief and glee, she was captured by a human who happened upon her while she rested on a charred tree trunk, placed in a jar as if she were some sort of insect. By the time she awoke, she was already back in human territory, although she did not remain in captivity for long. That unfortunate man's house burned to the ground with him inside, but before Vesta could leave for her home, she was enthralled by the workings of humanity. The first sprite to be seen outside the forest for ages, she also encountered much praise and curiosity herself, though ultimately she returned to the forest to continue her work. Whenever travellers entered the forest, she would cheerfully come to greet them, light their fires, listen to their stories of the outside world. Now, ten years after her fateful encounter with humanity, she hears of the rebellion at hand, and decides that such a conflict could easily disrupt the balance of the world. With that in mind, she resolves to return to the world of man, and lend her destructive aid in an effort to return the lands to balance.
Place of origin: Unknown
Likes: Fire, trees (particularly when they're aflame), nature, humans
Dislikes: Water
Equipment: She wields no weaponry or armour, but her natural abilities are explosive and dangerous, and her short stature does nothing to alleviate the destructive heat of her flames. She is also able to command the forces of lightning, those forces of the natural world at her beck and call.
Biggest fear: She does not, as such, have any true fears, although she worries sometimes that the work of mortals will damage nature in a way that is irreparable
Current Location: In a small village near one of the great forests, asking around about the location of the rebel base of operations.

So begins...

Vesta's Story

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Today marks the beginning of the fourth year that King Ferin has sat on the throne. Rumors of the rebel army's plans circulate around the kingdom. The dragons guarding the castle are getting restless, snapping at random people going in and coming from the castle. Rebel bands have been ransacking army caravans and stealing their materials. Other than that it's been calm, as though a storm has been looming over everyone. People are preparing for it. Shops are closing residents of Alabaith are up and leaving,

Today is also supposed to be the festival of the Kings crowning but the decorations are minimal at best. All across the kingdom people are holding their breath, going about their normal lives as quietly as possible. The army has been stationed in every major city, leaving about three of their numbers at the smaller villages. They talk of their protection as they take over their homes for their own needs. You hardly see children out anymore, least they laugh and get a lecture about how there is nothing to yell about. The impending war has caused silence to fall over the kingdom. The Kings crest rest at safe houses for his army, as the generals have thought of almost everything.

In the forest the Rebel army prepares, their leader pouring over maps in search of what she believes will be their saving grace and turn the tides for them. Their outposts in the select few caves around the kingdom ready their messenger ravens and prepare to receive them as well. Correspondence is necessary in a war and what better they thought than a raven to carry their messages. There is a symbol that only the one's who have been part of the rebels long enough know signaling a safe house for them if they need it. The symbol is a crescent moon with a raven beside it. They do this knowing that they will need them at some point.


Feara slammed her hands down on the map. She had this disheveled look about her. Her hair had strayed from it's braids and hung loosely around her shoulders. Her eyes were tired as she hadn't slept in three days pouring over the maps relentlessly. She sat down and rubbed her eyes, trying to clear them of the fog that had clouded her mind. She looked over at the one who had been with her since the beginning, Hera.

"Why is this search so hard? Why does he keep eluding me so?" she asked her.

Hera smiled kindly, "Maybe it's because you need rest. I'm sure everyone will understand if you take a break."

"If my brother does not rest, how can I? As he sends his army out to control the subjects, how can I take a break?" Feara said.

"You're no good half dead either My Lady Feara." Hera said and guided her over to her makeshift cot. "They will be fine as long as you get the rest you need." she added.

Nodding, Feara laid down, and closed her eyes, immediately falling asleep showing just how exhausted she was.

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Through the darkness in the forest flits a small, yet quite luminous glowing entity, flame orange and sporadic in its movements. Although what is in the center of the light cannot yet be seen, whatever it is seems to be searching for something. Apparently, that something is found when the soft glow of the hidden base of the rebels, a cavern secluded and blocked off by natural rock formations. The glow suddenly dashes toward the opening, shadows dancing as the trees whizz by it until it reaches the entrance and stops abruptly, landing upon the ground. As the glow recedes, a minute foot-tall woman with fiery hair, solid orange eyes, and a pair of jagged red butterfly wings greets the two women already standing there with a beaming smile.

"Hey there!" she exclaims up at the two, with a voice that carries surprisingly well, "I'm looking for the Rebel base! You know, the guys who want to depose the King and who are well-known outlaws according to the crispy guy who tried to poke me with his pointy stick! Am I in the right place? It looks like the right place. What with it being all hidden and secluded and quiet. My name's Vesta, in case you were wondering. I've come to help!" It's a lucky thing there are no guard patrols out this way, or they'd most certainly hear the little Sprite's voice echoing through the trees. She does not appear to be a paragon of subtlety.

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As was scheduled the fanfare parade For the King's celebration was about to unfold. Unlike the festival decorations the parade was grand, consisting of everything the nobles could muster, each trying to impress the King and earn his favor. Eleven grand floats carried by servants were lined up, in between each were musicians playing lovely music. Banners with each city's name were painted and hung on giant poles held by more servants.

Local delicacies were on platters for people to try. Wine and mead in huge barrels. This enticed a few more people out to come out of their homes. More windows were opened. It seemed the city was about to sigh, seeing a temporary relief in the conflict.


Feara awoke to voices outside of the divider. Sitting up quickly she came out. "Ah miss Vulca, how are you today?" Then hearing the sprite she looked down. "Hello, it's a pleasure to meet you, though I'm not sure exactly how you found us. I'm Feara Alabaith."

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Vulca was in the middle of outlining the map to Hera when a small sprite darted into the cave. The tiny woman looked like she was of the fire element, judging by the orange color pallet. Nodding to the sprite, she introduced herself. "Vulca. Welcome to the rebel base. Your help will certainly be needed." She smiled faintly, becoming slightly uncomfortable with the growing crowd. The hyper-ness of this sprite was something she didn't see much in the current dark days.

Almost sighing with relief when the Lady entered, Vulca bowed gracefully. She might not be good with crowds, but her father had hammered politeness into her head ever since she was very small. "My Lady Feara. I am well today, and you?" Vulca stepped back over to her map, beckoning the Princess over. "I discovered a map that will be of great interest to you. The plans for today's coronation." She explained the map again to anyone interested.