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Monica Raybrandt

Princess whom has traded her tiara in for a bastard sword.

0 · 457 views · located in Medieval Fantasy

a character in “The Fatespinners of Kimom'e”, as played by Vio-Lance


Name: Monica Raybrandt

Sex: Female

Age: 15

Height: 5'7

Weight: 110

Eyes: Ruby Red. They are sharp, but gentle.

Hair: Monica's hair is long and crimson. It reaches her knees, and is always kept back in a tight ponytail. It's thick and straight.

Body: Monica is ever so lightly toned, barely any muscle on her at all. However, don't let this fool you. She has great ammount of combat prowess. Her 'curves' havent yet developed yet, leaving her with a very small bust, and narrow hips.

Combat: Monica is self-taught with a bastard sword. She knows how to use the weapon to it's maximum potential. She also knows a bit of magic, mostly simple projectile attacks. Fireballs, lightning bolts, ect.

Clothing/ Appearal: Monica is very rarely wearing anything "Nice". Her outfits vary from shirts and shorts, to flamboyant combat Leotards.




Monica was raised far from her actual herritage. She was taught to be tough and unmoving, and when facing an opponent, that she is. It's very clear that when she holds her sword, she's serious. Her moves are swift, and agile, and she tends not to pull any stikes. However, she is a sucker for pity, and if a foe begged her to stop her assault, she'd most likely listen.

However, out of combat, Monica is light-hearted and fun to be around. She's loose and sometimes mischevious, and obviously not the uptight kind. She's very friendly and willing to enjoy herself. Her favorite activities include swordplay (of course) soccer (or the midieval equivilent) and sometimes, painting.

Socially, she enjoys others that are also "free" and fun loving, and gets along well with children. When insulted, she usually shrugs it off, and when made fun of, she blushes but doesnt let it deeply effect her. She's overall positive, and pleasant to be around.
Languages spoken: Common, and literal bits and pieces of Elven and dwarven.


Equipment: Clothing- These clothes vary in protection and weaponry equiped. However, it is noted that they are all CLOTHING, and provide little to no armor value unless stated.

Common Clothing: Monica's most seen appearal. A purple tank top and shorts, as well as white boots make up this attire. No extra weaponry or armor provided to this wardrobe.

Starlight Leotard: Monica's common battle attire. The chest of the atiire is light leather, offering minor protection, however, as this is a leotard, little to no protection is offered to the lower body. Though lacking protection, this outfit allows Monica full range of motion, and no motion is hampered.

Battle Clothing: A thick, teal cloth top covers most of Monica's upper body, warding off very minor attacks at best. On her belt are two daggers, which she knows how to use profecently, and the attire is finished by black leggings, and combat boots.

Princess Attire: The 'nicest' outfit monica owns. It's a pair of pale yellow trousers made from silk, and a matching long sleeve blouse. This outfit offers no protection, and hiders a lot of body movement, and will rip easily.

Weapon: Bastard Sword. A plain, but lightweight bastard sword made from reinforced steel. It's light enough to be used with one hand, but still has weight to cleave through armor.


Monica was raised harshly, and unlike a princess.

Her father, the King, was murdered by The Dark Assassin, Gaspard. Monica swore vengance upon him, and said she would do anything to bring him to justice. However, the noble Raybrandt family fell from royalty, as only Monica was left to take the throne. Noone wanted a young child as a ruler, so the people decided on a replacement. Monica was still technically the King's daughter, but since she was no longer heir to the throne, nearly everything that "Nobility" meant was stripped from her. She was turned into delicate princess into "That one maid with the long hair." Indeed. She was kept inside the castle, as a royal servant, as if she was being teased with her position in life.

However, Monica really didnt care. Being a princess was always a priviledge. She wanted to be princess, not Queen. She was not yet ready for those kind of resposibilties yet. However, in her kingdom the solution was either black or white: Royalty or if Monica got a choice. She took advantage of her situation, though. Being in the Castle put her around guards, and knights, whom she asipred to be like. She always did wonder why there were no female knights....

She took up blade at the age of 12, learning from the royal guard, any noble knights, and even teaching herself. She was at least good enough to become a guard by age 14, but that wasnt good enough for her. She wanted to be better, wanted to show that just because she was of blueblood, and a woman, she could fight. And she practiced day and night, honing her sword skills.

It was at age 15 Monica decided to head out on her own. She knew how to cook and take care of herself from her "Maid" days, and was skilled with blades of many kinds. She ran from the castle, no longer wishing to stay there. She took her clothes and weaponry, and vanished from the castle. She began her life anew, as a villager. Almost all of the townspeople knew whom she was, and even that she was nobility, but she lived among them in complete harmony. She was no better than them, and they were no better than her.

She currently is staying at an inn, in a crude room in the basement. Somewhat of a fostermother takes care of her, in exchance for her protecting the inn from bandits and ruffians. She has a mat to sleep on, and three meals a day, and isnt displeased with any of it. It is her "home" rather than that huge stone fortress she used to call a home.

She likes to travel around a lot. She sometimes works as a mercenary, though all of her past employers all claim she is far too young to be hired by anyone other than someone with nowhere else to turn. She acknowledges this, as its...pretty much the truth. She still seeks leads on Gaspard, however. She hasnt forgotten her vow of vengence.

So begins...

Monica Raybrandt's Story