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Joshua Calorm [0] "Do you want to go some place private and talk?"
Honey Moore [0] "Baby, I know there's nothing you can do for me."
Nyia Esmerelda DeWitt [0] Love is a game I love to play.
Night Kokoroshi [0] "Isn't this a bit....twisted?"
Pandora Mear [0] "Uhm... I think I'm just going to go now."
Feng-Hua Zhao [0] "Excuse me, but another say about my appearance is going to get you a punch in the face. Trust me; it'll hurt you more than it will for me."
Julian Inoue [0] "Love? Don't make me laugh."

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Night Kokoroshi

Night, with the directions and suitcase in his hands, stopped in front of Hotel Akuma. Him being the firs one there strolled inside the two glass doors and found himself being greeted to a smiling lady sitting at the front desk. In the same second a man walked over and held out his hand for Night's bag. Night returned a smile to the lady at the desk and turned his attention to the man asking for the bag. With a sweet closed-eyed smile Night shook his head,"Hey don't worry about it. I got it." The man bowed and turned back to his position by the door. Night continued his way to the desk. The lady greeted him with the same smile as before. Night spoke in his warm sweet tone,"Hello, I'm-" The lady at the desk cut him off and held out a key.

"Your Night Kokoroshi, correct? Here's your room key. Enjoy your stay,"
the lady finished in a happy tone. "...Oh, umm, Thank you!" Night replied and grabbed the key. He was a bit shocked she knew what he looked like, as well as his name, but after a while of thinking it made sense since it was just him and a few others. As he looked down at the key to find his room number he spotted the number "1" engraved in the shiny metal. When he found room one he unlocked the door and stashed the key away in his pocket. When he looked at his room he saw how nice it was. There was one king sized bed that was already made and a kimono folded on the edge. As well as a TV and a nice outdoor porch. And of course a well cleaned bathroom. "Wow, heh, this is a lot nicer then my room at home..." Night imagined his messy room at home. After he got a good look of the room, he set his suitcase next to the bed and immediately hopped onto the amazing looking bed. When he noticed that he was sinking down into the mattress he knew he was going to sleep well for the next couple of nights. He grabbed the remote on the nightstand next to the bed and pressed the red on button.

The screen came to life and boomed with volume. After Night turned the volume down a bit he flipped through all the channels. He stopped at the movie channel and threw the remote to the side. He then laid there relaxing while he waited for the others to arrive. Hopefully the girls he had an eye on came first.

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Feng-Hua Zhao

He had to circle around at least 5 times before having to ask for directions. Feng had arrived on motorcycle to where the destination in which he was to stay as instructed by his manager, its already written directions in neat handwriting taped securely on the front of his vehicle, being the most obvious, blunt and simple as it could get. He had gotten South and North confused. His reason as to why he was here, was apparently, to take a vacation. Rven after all of the shoots he had done today, he was told after the 4th one to just relax from his modelling gigs for the time being, and go here. Though, he suspected the reasoning was otherwise, he didn't complain, and complied nevertheless.

He had went alone, disliking whenever his manager accompanied him when it wasn't necessary, seeing as the manager was a rather.. loud and.. colorful person, Feng much preferred and savored the every moment of silence and non-glamor of flashing lights from cameras, that although he was not shy to, he found it rather tiring after not taking a break for several months. It didn't matter if the poor soul was only accompanying just to make sure that his model wasn't going to hop on some train to Florida by accident. The low engine of the motorcycle lowered its rumble, and he took off his helmet, the long hairs that stuck out originally as he had drove, was accompanied by the rest which fell out, tied up in a slight mess. He quickly fixed it to its previous flawless state. Pink contact-worn eyes glanced to the building. 'Hotel Akuma' was spelled in pretty letters. He looked at it in distaste, but silently got off the motorcycle with the bag and suitcase he brought, locking the vehicle onto some pole with the helmet, keys placed in his vest pocket. It had three locks anyway - who the heck was going to steal some white motorcycle with three locks?

His head gave slight glances to the left and right before strutting in his habitual walk from being a model, of a straight back and long strides, great confidence with every every step. His bag was slung over his shoulder, suitcase in other hand. Passing through the glass doors, in his frontal vision, he takes sight of a warm smiling woman at a front desk, and a man who immediately appears to take his luggage. "Thank you, but I could handle." Feng gave some sort of a modest smile, politely and quietly refusing the man's offer to hold them, keeping the bags close. He didn't trust strangers - he was paranoid like that. The man nods like it was a bow before he retreats back to his post. Feng continues his stride towards the woman, who he immediately begins to notice how horribly the outfit she was wearing was clashing with her body figure and make up, but his face is kept indifferent.

Before he says a word, she beats him to the chase. "Finny Zhao, yes?" Ah, it would seem that he was checked in as with his American name. He nods, but she didn't bat a lash at him at all. "This is your room key. Please enjoy your stay." She immediately hands him a key with a charming business smile. He thanks her quietly as well, and glanced towards the key to see his room. Feng didn't give much thought as to how she already knew his face, but he didn't really bother to care. Whether it could've been the fact that he was a model or the fact that his manager must've called in just in case he could've gotten lost(again), it didn't matter. At least he was here, living and breathing, and on his way to his room to where he'd be staying.

Upon arrival, he throws his bag and suitcase unto the floor, and immediately slumps onto the bed, not bothering to take in the room's appearance. He mumbles, the aching and sleepiness is catching up to him after the long hours and exhausting tasks that he had done today. "This vacation was probably just what I needed.." He doesn't bother to fix his hair, and snuggles into the bed's pillow further, too lazy to get the covers out and over him. Slumber is taking him.

A nap would suffice for now, won't it? Light was still out, (whether it really was, he was too sleepy to remember) but he'd still be able to fall asleep later. He closes his eyes. Quiet snores are heard after.

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Pandora Mear
Pandora handed over the money she owed the taxi driver as they stopped at her destination, Hotel Akuma. Giving him a small smile she added in a "Thanks" Before slipping out of the car. Going over to the opened trunk she grabbed her suitcase in one hand, and closed the trunk with the other. Moving to the side of the yellow car she waved him off to signal she was done. Watching the man drive away, she slowly turned to now get a good look at the hotel, while her light pink hair whipped around in her face in the breeze. Taking a deep breath she approched forward, and pushed open the glass doors.

Looking around the lobby a small smile crossed her face. It looks so nice.. she thought to herself, beforebarley taking one blink with her blue eyes. Snapping out of her state as she heard a voice she turned her attention to the man asking for her bag. Giving a friendly smile she said "No worrys, I have it." He only nodded and walked away to go back to his statue like stance at the doorway. Walking up towards edesk now, she gave the lady a smile. Opening up her mouth to say something, the lady started talking before her. "Pandora Mear I presume? I can tell by the hair." The lady let out a small sweet laugh before handing her the key to her room and giving her dierctions up to it. "Thanks!" Pandora said sweetly to her, before turning away. Having an almost confused look on her face, she walked up silently to her room, bag in hand.

As she approched the door, she saw a plate that read '2' on it. Unlocking the door with ease, she slipped into it and shut the door behind her. Looking around the room she almost had the same expression on her face as she did when she was lookign around the lobby area, but there was no one to snap her out of her daze but her own self. Shaking her head a bit to clear her mind, she let out a breath of relief. Plopping her suitcase down onto the king sized bed, she opened it. "Mght as ell get the unpacking over with now." She mumbled lightly to her self. But before she did that she looked aroudn th elarge, adn beautiful room before spotting the remote. Walking over to it she picked it up and turned on the Tv to some random movie to keep her self semi- entertained as she unpacked. Opening a drawer, she started setting some of her already folded clothing in it, the only thing keeping her enterained was the dialoge from the movie. Moving back to the suitcase she picked up her I-pod and set it on the night stand beside the bed. She didn't really think anyone would steal it. Going back over to her suitcase, she picked up one of the last items. A picture frame with a Husky in it. That was a dog she had rescued, foun abandoned at some house. She had always been intrigued by animals. Setting the picture by the I-pod, she closed her suitcase and set it into the closet, before striding back over to her bed and sitting on it, staring at the T.v screen bordley.

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Nyia Esmerelda DeWitt

Nyia stood outside the doors to the hotel, uncertain as to whether she should actually go in. What if the others weren't there yet? She most certainly didn't want to be the first one there, Ny kind of wanted to be the last. In her mind it was better to be the last one to arrive, it made everything so much easier. Then again being early would probably be a good thing considering the reason as to why she was here. Making her decision, she walked into the hotel. Looking around, the hotel seemed rather nice, and the woman at the desk seemed like she was waiting for people to arrive. That seemed rather strange to Nyia, she didn't quite understand why the person would actually be waiting for people to arrive, surely it was expected in New York, but that didn't really seem like a good reason to look rather obvious about waiting for people.

Nyesm skipped up to the desk and set down her bags. "Hi! I'm Nyia, I'm supposed to have a room." The woman looked up from the desk and looked at Ny. "Oh yeah, sorry for not noticing. Nyia DeWitt, right? Here's your key. Enjoy your stay."

The key was a simple key, there was absolutely nothing special about it, as a matter of fact, Ny thought it looked very much so like the key to the back door of her house. β€œBummer,” she mused out loud, β€œI was really hoping the key would be something special, or at least look cooler.” She picked up her bags and skipped down the hallway to room number 3.

She opened the door and walked in, the bed looked so nice, and she was, amazingly, tired. Nyesm dropped her stuff, shut the door and walked over to the bed. Sitting down she smiled. Soft, comfortable, and the materials used for blankets were soft and silky, Ny was in heaven. Ny laid down and spread out on the bed, smiling. This was going to be great.

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Honey Moore

This place ain't bad...

A tall, long-haired blond woman dressed in a primed, pressed red silk shirt and dress pants of gray stood in black stacked stilettos, darkened eyes turned slightly upwards at the building, examining it with a brow raised in curiosity. Why she was mysteriously summoned to this seemingly grand hotel, the Akuma, a Japanese hotel in the heart of the Big Apple, she was absolutely uncertain. However, she would enjoy her little vacation from her schooling and job and unwind after all the stress that had been building up since the end of Christmas. She, with two rolling suitcases and three large bags plus a little designer purse in tow, shuffled her way through the door that was held open for her by a doorman. She said a bright thanks as she entered, drinking in the rest of the hotel with eyes of awe and splendor. Honey's gait slowed as she glanced around, seeing the beautiful lobby with twinkling eye and slight smile. She enjoyed the design and decor of the hotel already.

To the front desk she wrestled with her many bags, a bit breathless, and began to give her name.

"Ah, hello, ma'am. I'm Honey Moore. Or, it might be in there as Miranda Moore. I'm not quite sure. Honey's my middle name, you see, but everyone calls me that." She silenced herself with a bit of a befuddled smile. "Listen to me, rambling. I've been so busy lately and just.. coming here's got be a bit flustered. But it seems like such a nice place. A Japanese hotel in the NYC is a good idea, ya know? Never heard of one here before."

The woman desk keep had been smiling through her entire speech, and nodding and returned her responses: "Yes, it is a rather good idea, isn't it. Yes, Ms. Moore, you're in here. As Honey, actually. Here's your key, ma'am. Please enjoy your stay."

Honey returned the polite nod and took the key with more kind thanks, asking quickly, "Is there someone who can help me with my bags? I have so much with me-" She broke into a sweet laugh, adjusting the falling luggage, trying to keep her balance on her 5 inch heels. The woman nodded and gestured a man near who took her three bags, where Honey began to lead the man towards the labelled room number, apparently a floor up.

In the elevator, Honey and the bellboy struck pleasant conversation, continuing to talk about the most recent season of NCIS and reruns of The Big Bang Theory until they reached her given room. Slipping easily inside with the key, she directed him to leave her bags by the door, thanking him and laughing at a little joke from one of the shows he called as he disappeared behind the shutting of the door. She shuffled her bags aside to unpack them, planning to explore her room afterwards and then the rest of the hotel, really interested in finding the hotel's perks. She picked up a kimono that was folded on her bed, smiling a bit as she admired its beauty, then setting it down as she stuffed her entire wardrobe into the places for her clothing, placing make-ups and hair products and the like on a counter in the fine bathroom, and, once down, slid her shoes off and sat on her bed, shoving the now empty bags to the floor and massaging her feet as they were sore.

"This place really isn't bad." She said with admiration, laying back and nuzzling into the top blanket. "Ahhhh, silk." She knew she was going to enjoy her stay.

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Joshua Calorm

Josh got out of his car and looked up at the magnificent Hotel. "well well well. This place is really rather large isn't it" Josh stood starring at the hotel as the wind blew his hair and cloths around. Josh felt His trench coat smack his ankles many times before he finally decided it was time to go inside. Josh was looking forward to helping a young lady feel the most amazing feeling that he had ever felt.

Josh took his shoulder bag and two suite cases into the Akuma. As soon as he did a kind gentleman came and held asked "may I take your bags?" "Why yes. Thank you kind sir." handed off one of his suit cases to the bell hop and then looked around "Wow. This place is beautiful." Josh looked at the bellhop "You work here? Its an amazing place" "Thank you. We do pride ourselves on the look of our hotel." With that Josh and the bellhop headed over to the front desk. "Yes I am..." Josh was cut off as the woman said "Joshua Calorm, Yes we have been expecting you sir. Here you are." The clerk handed Josh a key. "Please call me Josh. And thank you for the kind welcome." after giving the woman a nice smile he headed to his room the bellhop right behind him. Josh tried to talk to the bellhop but he seemed to distracted by something else and so he didn't respond all that much. So Josh gave up. When they got to Josh's room he looked up and saw a pretty number on it "Five. A very nice number." Josh told the bellhop he could put his bag down Josh gave the bellhop a ten dolor bill as a tip. "Thank you for your assistance" "Your very welcome sir" and with that the bellhop returned to his post.

Josh entered his room and looked around. The room was just as spectacular as the lobby. He took his bags into his room and started to unpack one of his suit cases. He had no reason for unpacking his other bags they where filled with his laptop and some of his books. He put his cloths away kicked off his shoes. Hung up his trench coat and laid down with one of his books from his bag. "This seems like it will be a very enjoyable time. At least based on this place." He thought to himself as he snuggled down to read.