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Lucas Hale

"I never wanted this life..."

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a character in “The Final Bite”, as played by ChloeB223


Numb| Linkin Park || Make Me Wanna Die| The Pretty Reckless
"I never wanted this life. I'd actually rather fall on the knife, but that hurts"


Lucas Martin Hale

Luke, Hale, Asshole, Little Isaac, Number 42

I was turned two weeks ago, so this is the only age I'll ever be.

Do you need proof?


45% British, 30% French-Canadian, & 25%German

Vampire Eight

☩Height| Weight☩
5'9| 147 lbs

Lean & Athletic

☩Hair Color☩
Light brown

☩Eye Color☩

☩Skin Tone☩
Light, barely tanned

☩Scars? Markings? Tattoos?☩
Because of his newly acquired vampire healing ability, Luke's scars from a few fights ago have all pretty much healed, even those his father "lovingly" gave him. However, the one scar he does still have is a jagged one that is now faded. He received it from his father's brutal training session where the man pretty much tried to slice through Luke's chest as a "lesson."

☩Brief Description☩
Like the rest of the males of his family, Luke has acquired the height and agility that make him - or, well made him - a great hunter. However, unlike his cousin, it didn't matter that he worked out every day or sparred as much as he could, the bulk of muscles just seemed to allude him. Instead, to most, Luke looks tall and lanky when in fact he is lean and lined with hardened muscles. His skin is light, not pale but not tanned either. He tans fairly easy in the summer though, skin being complimented by the light brown curls that sit atop his head. Luke doesn't try too much with his hair. He might run a brush or his hand over it and call it a day. Electric blue eyes and expressive eyebrows, Luke doesn't call himself attractive, but he doesn't deny that his looks aren't bad either.


{Cynical, Brooding, Proud, Snarky, Loyal, Damaged}
Behind the smart commentary and the looks of contempt Luke might throw your way, he's honestly not a bad guy. He has spent the majority of his life with a man that wanted to whip him into a vampire-killing/hating machine and hardly had the time to grow up officially. Or, if he did grow up, he did it too fast. And that whole whipping him into the killing machine - that was figuratively and literally and sometimes, the whippings didn't just refer to training. Sometimes, out of sheer disappointment or just because he could, his father would simply beat on Luke - attacking him at random and even though Luke grow into a tough fighter, he could never truly raise a fist to his father. Whether it was fear or respect, one would never know. His cousin - to this day - never knew.

The two main things of his character that stood out beside the dark looks or plain brooding was that Luke was always loyal and too proud for his own good. He could never ask for help or allow himself to appear vulnerable. He would hide behind smiles, quips, and jokes before he ever allowed you to see that other side of him. It would mean trusting you and wanting to let you see him that way. One, that could never happen. Weakness was a no-no with his father and again, that fear of disappointment has only cost him his ability to allow himself a moment's rest. Two, trusting is just not going to happen. How can a young man trust people to genuinely care for him or want good for him when the one person he should have been able to trust didn't give a flying fuck about him? Well, I'll tell you. He doesn't and through all of the lightness in his laid-back, albeit quiet, persona, it was always just too hard for him.

☩Thoughts on Hunters☩
They are...excuse me, they were my friends and family. They do what they have to to survive and ensure that others can live too. It was the reasoning my mother lived by: we hunt those who hunt us. The vamps can say that we all should be able to live peacefully and crap, but it's not all peaceful when they're snatching up humans and sucking them dry. And I have to do the same. Because going back to the others means death and killing myself is honorable and all, but I don't wanna die. What does that make me, huh?

There are some fears one has that just seem ridiculous, even for a hunter. Maybe the old man was right - maybe, I was never cut out for this.
When someone raises a hand or fist to him -- It causes Luke to instinctively flinch. He catches himself sometimes or just falls into a defensive stance, but it happens.|| His cousin seeing him like this|| Final death|| Intimacy or close relationships

☩Likes & Dislikes☩
English Breakfast Tea
Hand-to-Hand Combat
Bacon Cheeseburgers
Video Games
Flannel Shirts
German Shepherds
Children Laughing
The Sight of Blood
Being A Vampire
Black Coffee
Skinny Jeans for Guys
White Chocolate
Oranges Allergies
Crying Women
Disrespect Towards Women
His Maker
Green Vegetables


☩Place of Origin☩
Coventry, England

At the end of the day, Luke is a Carter. His mother and Andy's father were siblings and although she married into another hunter family, he remained close with his cousin through the years. It is always a question of how seeing that Luke was born in England, but they moved over to America by the time he turned thirteen. However, by then, the damage had been done to his character. Pieces of the lively boy his cousin only gets to see true glimpses of were chipped away by a father who wanted to beat the perfect son into him and a mother who died of ovarian cancer before she could effectively keep her son safe. When he arrived in Lawrence to be with the rest of the Carter family and his cruel father, Luke was a hunter through and through - barely an inch of a teenage boy in him.

In Lawrence, however, he gained a childhood of sorts. He and his cousin would playfully spar together and he met other relatives. He went to school and joined sports teams. But the hunting world was very much still a part of his life and going home was pure hell for him. At the smallest thing such as Luke getting a girl's number or even going to a party after a game set his father off and once or twice, his father even resulted in torturing him. He claimed that it was for Luke's benefit, that he should be prepared for every situation - including having to fight a family member.

So, he would be strapped to chairs and having to try to get himself out while his father punched him or cut at him, hardening himself behind continuous walls to not show his true fear or pain. And slowly, each and every day, he became two people - this easy-going yet distant athlete that had great potential to be a photographer or maybe play professional sports and this cold and brutal hunter that didn't give a rat's ass about compassion or understanding that vampires were once humans too. Every vampire he killed was his father and a part of him justified his brutality in killing by thinking that each one he killed was another fight with his father he didn't have to have.

His encountering his maker was an accident all its own. There was a small group of vampires from the coven they were hunting and when Luke was about to kill one of them, he realized that the vampire couldn't have been anymore than thirteen. He couldn't do it. Despite being hardened and whipped into a killer, he couldn't bring himself to destroy the very being he was trained to kill - not with that innocent face or with the eyes of a child just wanting to live. His father was furious and without warning, he slashed at Luke. Still somewhat in hunter mode and recalling the slash on his chest, Luke ducked and punched his father only for the man to stab him.

One of the other vampires nearby must have grabbed his father because a second later, Luke sat up to find the man gone. He doesn't doubt that his father is dead. His blood must have lured his maker - the bitch - and whatever the hell she thought she was going to do ended up with him becoming a fanger. And going back to his group meant dying and like it or not, Luke's not ready to be dead-dead. But he doesn't want to drink blood either.

So begins...

Lucas Hale's Story

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Shailene rolled her eyes for the umpteenth time that day, a hand on her hip as she watched her old college roommate babble out excuse after excuse. It was Shailene's day off at the bar and while she normally spent this time on Tumblr or watching a missed episode of whatever hit television show that was out, her friend, Michelle, called her over to the diner in need of assistance. Apparently, Michelle forgot she had a date tonight and instead of cancelling the date (because let's be real - money is more important than getting screwed), she wanted Shailene to fill in for her.

"Come on, Shay!! You know you love me!!" Michelle begged, giving Shailene the best puppy look she could muster. Shailene's answering response was a raised eyebrow and an imperceptible tilt of the head. You almost didn't catch it, which is surprising given the fact that she was probably one of the most animated people you would ever meet. Michelle pouted and Shailene sighed.

"You know what I love? Red wine, a hot bath, and Castle on Netflix, all of which I'll be missing out on for YOU," she complained wryly, stepping around the bar and waving off Michelle's exclamations of appreciation and love for her. Michelle engulfed her in a warm embrace and Shailene grinned, squeezing the blonde back. "Just don't do anything I wouldn't do." Michelle tossed Shay a look over her shoulder, a sideways observation of Shailene's "tasteful" outfit.. The lascivious glint in Michelle's green eyes brightened.

"Which isn't much, huh?" Big hazel eyes widened at the remark and Shailene nearly threw a glass at the blonde as she scurried out. Once alone, Shailene set to cleaning up the bar, wiping down counter as she awaited the oncoming customers.


It was painful.

It was one thing to become the very thing he was taught to despise. It was a complete accident, but it happened nonetheless. Living through the change and not killing oneself immediately was probably the thing that would make his father shudder. Then again, the old fuck was deader than the monsters surrounding him so he honestly didn't have the right to even judge. Besides, Luke was a young man. Why would he want to be officially dead? Call it pride, but he wasn't ready to leave this world just yet. However, it was a completely different level with him refusing to drink blood.

The entire purpose of not killing himself directly after he discovered that he was a vampire was because he wanted to live. Or at least, give himself the opportunity to believe he was living. However, the even more prideful side of him just couldn't bring himself to drink a drop of blood - vampire or human. He just couldn't. And it was painful. His throat itched and burned with every dry swallow and he could feel the icy fire that seemed to engulf his lungs every time he took a breath.

With another self-deprecating glance at his phone, he mulled over actually calling his cousin, Andrew, before hurling the object away. No! He couldn't let him see him this way! It was more than shameful - it was mortifying and he refused to have his cousin stare at him in pity.

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Lillian Sloan

[size=10]Lillian awoke a bit early before the night approached the small town. She was getting ready for the amazing party in the new club. The club was not new as it was opened for a year already, but it was new for a vampires' ground. It was packed with humans and vampires, and the humans dressed Gothic and really dark looking which no one will tell a different between a human and a real vampire. Lillian always laughed at how humans imitates vampires as dark and goth looking, kinda foolish,right?[/size=10]

[size=10] Lillian was stepping out of the shower and browsing her wardrobe in all her dresses and outfits, thinking what to wear. However, she won't have much time to have fun on her own, because she will try taking the young vampire and the new "recruit" with her. Those guys need to learn somehow and in our times it is better to throw them to the deep water quickly. Only that way they will learn how to "swim". [/size=10]

[size=10] Finally she chose a simple, short and black dress. Putting black high heels boots that reached to her ankles. As she finished dressing up, looking at her mirror and sitting down to do her make-up. She looked down at her phone and thought if to call and check if Lucas or Teagan are awake already. She was almost positive Teagan might want to come, Lucas will be hard to convince. She finally decided to pick up her phone, The easy thing first. As she dialed Lucas' cellphone. If he picked up she will say in very giggly voice, "Hey, new guy, so how about coming to this great party today?". If he won't answer she might come to his room. [/size=10]

ooc: sorry, for some reason the code showed up I will figure how to make it disappear soon.

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Dreading the long night ahead, Wesley had already made his way to one of his most favorite places in town, a bar called The Drunken Bear. He figured he'd need a couple beers in him before his hunt for the immortal scum began. Positioned on a stool at the bar, Wes rolled his shoulders back, casually glancing around the room. Usually, he could spot a vampire in a mere few minutes, but none of the patrons here looked like one- from what he could tell. His mind began to wander to what his fellow hunters' plans were for the night as a brown, long-neck bottle was slid across the bar to him by the bartender; he was a regular here and was rarely asked what he wanted for they already knew. Looking at his phone that laid in front of him, Wesley grabbed up the beer, pressing the mouth of it to his lips and tilting his head back, taking a long, much needed swig. The liquid was tart but he liked the taste, surprisingly.

It had been a rough past few months; the weight of his fallen brethren now laid heavy on his shoulders. He should have took action sooner. He shouldn't have kept in his head in the sand. Wes had acted as if a thing wasn't going on for so long, hoping if he kept up the façade it would eventually be true. But it wasn't. Someone's brother had died. Someone's wife was dead. The hunters that had been slaughtered by vampires were his responsibility and he let them down. He let his father down. Wesley knew that if his dad were to be still alive, he would have never been forgiven for all of this. Well, if is father was alive none of this would have happened, to be honest.
He knew some were mad at him, and he did not blame them at all. Andrew popped to Wes's mind, causing him to cringe mentally as he took another long drink of the brown liquid that resided in the bottle he held loosely in his right hand. Andrew's cousin, Lucas, had gone missing a couple months ago and the only logical explanation was vampires. Most simply considered Lucas Hale dead now just like the rest, but Wes still had hope and it seemed that Andrew did, too. They hadn't found a body, as of yet, that is.

Sighing, Wes motioned for the bartender to bring him another drink, finishing off the rest of the one he had. I could really go for some pie right now.. Wesley thought, rubbing the back of his neck out of habit. Why couldn't this bar serve for freakin' pie?? Looking back down at his phone, he picked it up off the bar, figuring he'd send out a quick group message to all of his hunters, including his brother. The text read:

Everyone stay safe tonight. Text me if needed.
- Wes

Wes was never one to say much, especially in text. He definitely didn't like portraying much emotion about matters such as "caring." Not to say he didn't care, he just rarely showed it. The bartender walked over, sliding him another beer with an easygoing grin. "Getting ready for a tough night, Sullivan?" the burly man rasped, voice sounding like that of sandpaper from years of smoking. Wesley smirked, shrugging his shoulder beneath his leather jacket.

"Yeah, you could say that."


Sitting across the room from her little fledgling in a large armchair, Teagan watched him carefully and quietly. Her legs were pulled up in the seat, held tightly to her chest by her long arms, her chin rested upon her knees. Her whole demeanor was fairly innocent, expression showing honest curiosity. She tilted her head slightly to the left as he hurled his phone and it hit hard, quirking an eyebrow. Tea knew he must have been feeling weak by now, the thirst having taken a huge hold on him like it did any newborn vampire. She flinched at the thought of it.

The whole changing this hunter was a complete accident in its finest. She didn't know how to change someone simply because her own maker never showed her. She was being careless with him, after feeding and not wanting to kill him, and it just happened. His blood was the best thing she had tasted, and maybe she should have just killed him, but she didn't. She turned him. He was now a vampire. A hunter... Now a vampire. She swallowed hard, looking down at her slim hands that hugged her calves before looking back up, blue eyes finding Lucas once more. Teagan cleared her throat,

"You really should feed now." she spoke carefully, saying it for what seemed like the hundredth time in the last couple of weeks. She released her legs from the imprisonment of her arms, slipping them off the edge of the chair and standing fluidly. "I know you don't want to," she went on, brows furrowing as she tried concentrating on the right words to say, "But if you don't you'll surely die, Lucas."
Tea crossed her arms, watching his reaction carefully. She knew he didn't want to feed on another human being; she remembered her own first time drinking from a human, it was only two years ago. However, she didn't want him to die. He was her fledgling, after all, and makers could feel some of the emotions the vampire they created felt. It was very strange. "Blood really does taste good and it will numb the burning feel in your throat. It will stop it. What's keeping you from feeding is a mind thing. Your natural vampire instincts will kick in regardless of what you feel and you will lose control eventually." Teagan added, biting her lower lip afterwards, as nervous habit she carried from her human life. She had another idea if he still refused to feed, but she hated the idea of resorting to it.

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Just as Shailene just finished serving this group of rowdy guys that were currently lounging against the bar and on the prowl, her phone buzzed in her back pocket and she whipped it out. Her expression softened considerably as she read Wes' text message before a frown formed on her face, her eyes falling upon Luke's name in the group message.

She and Luke were not the closest of people. He kind of made sure of that. Sure, there were moments that he seemed merely amused by her and perhaps, in his own way, he found Shailene endearing. But their relationship never flourished into a meaningful relationship like the one she had with Danny. And now that Luke

Shailene shook her head. She was not going to think like this. There was still a possibility that Lucas was still alive - that he wasn't gone. These hunters were like family and you can never just give up on family. With that new and firm resolve in her head, Shailene was getting ready to send a response to Wes when she noticed him on the other side of the bar. Sullivan was apparently still on duty and while her brain decidedly disliked Michelle for wanting to leave the pressure on the guy, she was already typing her response to the older hunter anyway.

To: Wes
Back at u, Leader Guy!! c:

After a beat, Shailene decided to send another text to Danny for company. Something told her it was going to be a long night and who better to keep her company - while working - than her best friend?

To: Danny
At Drunken Bear. Come pls


Luke raised a head when he heard her voice. He had honestly forgotten of her presence and glowered. Lucas didn't want her anywhere near him. She was the cause of his suffering - the entire reason he was with these things in the first place. In his little moment of self-pity/loathing, he heard his phone buzz the first time, alerting him to a text and refused to respond. Every text sent between his friends lately were directed towards him or were about him. He just couldn't handle it and apparently, his number was shared around the damn vampires, especially that Lillian chick.

His eyes turned into near slits when Teagan told him that he needed to feed, that his instincts would kick in and he nearly laughed. Actually, a small chuckle did escape him as he leaned his head back against the wall, his skin slightly damp - he didn't know that vampires could even sweat! - from the struggle it took not to rush into the town and rip out someone's throat.

"What's my instinct is to not be a cold-blooded killer. But I guess I can't lose control over that, huh?" Luke retorted before groaning, fists clenched as his palate longed for the flow of blood. Just as he considered, even for a second, giving into his desires, his phone buzzed and he decided to at least look at it.

It was Wes.

Luke cursed under his breath.

He had to remain strong.

He could not drink blood.

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When his phone buzzed a couple times, Wesley simply ignored it; he was lost in thought, bringing the beer bottle to his lips every few minutes unconsciously and out of habit. He was tired, real tired and it had just hit him. For once in his life, he didn't want to be out slaughtering supernatural beings tonight. I wonder if anyone would notice if I just stayed here all night? he thought, lazily glancing down one end of the bar. Spotting Shailene, Wes sighed long and deep. So he couldn't just lie about what he did all night. Maybe it was bad of him not wanting to do anything; his dad would surely be pissed. But dad isn't here anymore. he told himself, gaze hardening. Making eye-contact with the bartender, a silent request for his third beer of the night, Wes got a strange feeling- the feeling of being watched.

Tension immediately set in between his shoulder blades, muscles becoming taut. Slowly, Wesley risked a glance over his right shoulder. Spotting a brunette standing a ways away, his eyes quickly narrowed. There was something off about her and he realized it almost instantly. However, he kept his eyes wandering around, acting as if he really didn't pay her much mind. Definitely a supernatural.

"Hey Sullivan, your beer." the bartender's gravelly voice grunted, the familiar 'thunk' of the bottle hitting the counter bringing his attention back to the bar. Grabbing up the beer, Wes stood up a bit uneasily; the two beers he had was already making him feel good. Turning around, Wes's eyes widened a bit, spotting his brother, Danny. When did he get here? Quirking an eyebrow, Wesley slowly made his way towards his younger brother who was talking to the same brunette he saw previously eye-balling him.

Reaching them, he cleared his throat, lifting his chin a little. "Hey, Danny, what are you doing here?" he mused, glancing at Danny before his eyes travelled back to the woman. There was something about her that was way, way off.. It was even worse up close. Wesley's right hand twitched; he wanted to reach for his gun that was tucked neatly in the back of his pants, but he refrained from doing so. "Who's this?" Wes then questioned, nodding towards the girl.


Teagan watched him lean back against the wall and kept herself from hissing when Lucas laughed, narrowing her own eyes at his words.

"What's my instinct is to not be a cold-blooded killer. But I guess I can't lose control over that, huh?" When he groaned, her eyes flickered to his clenched fists. It wouldn't be too long now.

"Waiting to lose control isn't smart." Tea simply stated, crossing her arms tightly. It was true though- she knew from experience. She couldn't be mad at Lucas, not really, she acted a lot like him when she was turned against her will. However, she did not turn him purposely like her master did her. In a quick instant, Teagan was at Lucas's phone, picking it up swiftly. She turned it in her hands, arching a careful brow. "Who's Wes?" she asked curiously, blue eyes wandering back to Lucas. Her curiosity was overwhelming sometimes; she always asked questions. Tea figured he wouldn't tell her..

"And listen, Luke boy," she went on, tossing his phone back down carelessly. "You can either feed the easy way or the hard way. You're too weak to resist blood if it was in front of you, believe it or not." she explained, lips twitching as she fought a smirk. Teagan then lifted her own wrist to her mouth, holding his gaze as a challenge. "The mere smell of blood, Lucas." she mused in a teasing voice, implying that she would indeed cause herself to bleed.

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Lillian Sloan

Lillian finished putting on her make-up, she looked herself at her mirror to check herself how she looked and she winked at herself in the mirror. She grabbed her small purse with her wallet and phone and let herself out of her room and half-walking, half-running approached Lucas' room.

As she walked towards his room she checked Teagan's room. But of course it was empty, again. Teagan feels very responsible for her fledgling. She even feels guilty, which is kinda ridiculous if you ask her. She could not help but feel happy when the young vampire made a hunter into one of them. She really felt it will be a blow for the hunters if they found out about this. This is why she wants to help Lucas get the new being which he is now out to the open.

Lillian approached Lucas' bedroom's door and knocked on it gently but a little bit fast as it can show the person behind the door is excited.

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Andrew felt his phone buzz and he looked at the message from Wesley and he rolled his eyes slightly before replying,
When am I not safe?

Once he had left that conversation, his eyes lingered on the conversation with Lucas Hale, opening the messages he sighed and started to type a message.

Lucas, please sent us a sign you're all right. I can't put the family through another funeral, we, including you, have already been to so many. Please, just even a reply say you're all right.

Andrew hesitated before hitting send, but his emotions got the best of him and he hit send anyway, he knew he wasn't going to get a reply, he'd been sending messages like this for a while now, everyone had for the first few days but now Andrew was the only one, still hoping for some sort of reply to tell him his cousin wasn't completely lost. Andrew looked at his sisters giggling at each other as they argued over who was the hottest character in the movie and it made Andrew chuckle, if he had lost Lucas, he sure as hell wasn't going to let anymore harm come to his family.

Andrew got up from the armchair and made his way through his house and up to his brother's room, "If you really want to go out, you're going to the Drunken Bear, it's more than likely where Wesley is and no doubt Shailene has a shift tonight. So at least I know you're safe, but be back no later than midnight." Andrew smiled at his brother, but his eyes gave away how serious he was, he watched as his brother took out his phone and rung his mates, who all agreed the Drunken Bear would be alright and they'd meet up there in about half an hour, Andrew nodded and sent another message Wesley and Shailene's way.

Don't mean to be a bother, but Craig and a few of his friends are going out to night, they'll be at the Drunken Bear, hate to be a bother but could you keep an eye on him?

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"Order's up," Shailene called and set down eight shot glasses filled with alcohol, raising an eyebrow at the college student - who was totally a freshman and barely eighteen at that - as he gathered the drinks. She watched him gather them up and carefully carry them over to the booth on the other side of the bar to a bunch of older frat boys. Must be a pledge, she mentally decided. After all, Michelle just became a sorority girl and Shay could remember the poor girl being forced to buy drinks and do ridiculous stuff - stuff that Shay could have done on her own.

Shailene was receiving another order when she felt her phone buzz again and a message came in from Andrew. Her eyes scrutinized the bar before her eyes fell upon the front door just as Craig entered the bar followed by a group of teenagers. She caught his eye just as quickly and the boy's face probably turned fifty shades of red before his friends led him to the pool table.

To: Andrew
Got him hon :)

As she set to making a few more orders, her eyes finally fell on Danny and a smile lit up her face...before her eyes took in Wesley's intimidating stance and the pretty brunette girl. She felt something...strong from her, but not totally dangerous. It was edgy and Shay liked edgy. So, she grabbed three beers - one for herself, of course - and walked over. A big smile was on her face as she greeted the trio.

"Wassup, guys! Beer's on the house," she called, hoping to dispel any of the tension, and placed the two bottles on the bar in front of the males, eyeing Wes' expression directly.. She could definitely see the worry in the new girl's eyes. Wes had a habit of doing that. She grinned directly at Danny. "And thanks for coming to keep my company handsome." Finally, her gaze fell upon the brunette and her smile softened. "And I haven't seen you before. hon. I'm Shailene; most call me Shay."


If Teagan thought that she was giving him a lesson of not losing control, she was already ten years late on the uptake. His father had trained him for years to maintain control over himself and his emotions - if it wasn't for the constant verbal jabs or random punches in the chest, the torture in the basement sure did the trick. And sure, being a vampire was a completely different ball game. But he was not about to lose himself to the monster inside of him.

He'd rather it tear him apart from the inside out than give in.

And if this psychotic bitch thought she was going to make him give in, she had another thing coming?

A curse fell from his lips when his phone was in Teagan's hand and she was staring down at it in puzzlement. When their eyes met again, she inquired about Wesley and Luke's jaw ticked with the strain he was putting forth as he ground his teeth together. Why was it so hot? Did vampires even sweat? Why wouldn't his throat stop hurting? And why was she being so fucking nosy?

"Screw you," he growled. She merely tossed it down near him and proceeded to remind him that he was weak, that he could lose control over himself. And before he knew it, her voice was blending in with his father's, the constant degrading tone which his father used to berate him with echoing in his ears to the point that he could no longer hear Teagan speaking and even though a surge of hunger swept through him when she brought her wrist to her mouth, Luke remained steadfast. He simply glared at her. He didn't even think to look at his phone. "You're enjoying this, aren't you?"

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“I am Melanie, I just arrived from France.”
Wesley arched a dark eyebrow, taking a long swig of his beer as he listened to the brunette talk. A girl who just came in from France coming across Lawrence and happening to stumble into The Drunken Bear? He wanted to scoff; it seemed highly unlikely. From all his training and studying, Wes was pretty good at reading people. She had a reason to be here and he had a feeling it wasn't for a vacation. When Danny started talking he narrowed his eyes, glaring over at his brother, snorting as he lowered his beer bottle down to his side.

"A trouble maker? Really, Danny boy?" Wesley scoffed, shaking his head as he looked back at "Melanie-" if that was her real name. "Well, since introductions were made for me like I'm a kindergartener, it's nice to meet you, tootz." he then added, opting for one of the many names he called women; he rarely called them by their actual names anymore. Wes looked back at Danny when he spoke again, nodding as he shrugged, as if he was uninterested.

"Yeah, I figured as much." he grunted, finishing off the last of his beer, setting the bottle up on the bar. As if she heard her name and was conjured up, a few split seconds later Wes heard Shailene's voice.

"Wassup, guys! Beer's on the house,"
Though Wesley seemed to get annoyed at how close Shailene and his brother had gotten, the word beer seemed to put him in a better mood. Meeting her gaze briefly, he smirked a bit deviously, "Well speak of the devil," Wes chuckled, snatching up the beer bottle placed before him. "Hey, you even got the right one! About time," he then joked, gazing flickering back to the brunette. "You don't drink the hard stuff?" he questioned, eyeing the wine she was previously drinking. Wine. He didn't have the taste for that stuff at all. Wes knew Danny had asked Melanie the question he was most waiting to hear, however.. Why she was here, of all places, all the way from France.

He simply shook his head as seemingly talkative Shay began introducing, taking a drink of the free beer that was brought over. It was most likely a mind thing, but beer always tasted better when he knew money wasn't coming out of his pocket for it. The thought made him remember his pie craving.. I'll need to talk to Shay about this place not serving pie. he thought, rubbing the back of his neck as he drug his attention back to the conversation with the other three. Wesley had completely forgotten about leaving his phone at the other end of the bar.


Teagan winced as Lucas lashed out at her.

"Screw you,"

She bit her tongue from saying anything, casting her eyes downward towards the floor and then that is when she went on about him being weak. Her wrist was at her mouth when he spoke again causing her to tense and swallow hard. At first she didn't know what to really say. She could smart off and tell him what he wanted to hear, tell him that in fact she was enjoying this and that she planned on tormenting him the rest of eternity. Yes, there was always pretending to play the role of the monster he already conceived her of being. Or, she could tell him the truth. She could tell him how she was simply trying to help him the best she could. That she didn't want him to suffer the way she made her own self suffer the first few weeks of being a vampire before breaking. Tea could tell him how awful it was feeling like you had no self control. How terrible it felt. But did he really even care? Would he listen? No.

The hatred he felt towards her seemed to roll off him in threatening waves; it was affecting her own disposition and maybe that was the reason she hadn't been acting herself lately towards the others. Lowering her wrist and dropping her arm back down to her side, Teagan simply shook her head and said "No." in a very quiet voice. She then cleared her throat, "I know in your eyes you see me as a monster." she said, blue eyes down casted towards the soft carpet beneath her feet once more. "And maybe I am." she added, clenching her jaw lightly. She had thought of herself as such for a long time anyway and was beginning to think it was true. "You have every right to think that, but putting yourself through the pain you are feeling right now is not doing a thing to me. Getting back at me for what I done is not being accomplished this way." Tea peeked up through long lashes at Lucas, almost trying to plead with him.

"You can hate me for as long as you'd like. For the rest of your immortal life if that's what you wish, but like it or not.. We are tied together now by a bond I wish I could break myself. Do you think I like this, Lucas? Being the one who done this to someone? No. No I do not. But you have to survive... Drinking is like breathing for us, for you now. Just please..." She took a deep, unneeded breath "Let me give or get you some blood." Tea spoke the words quickly but she knew he caught them, she then glanced at his phone on the ground as it went off again.
The name flashing on the screen read 'Andrew'. The name tugged at something in her memory.. A name perhaps Lucas was mumbling during the transformation? Teagan slowly, at a human pace, walked back over and picked up the phone in front of her fledgling. She glanced at him then glanced down at the message that accidently popped up when she touched the screen.

Lucas, please sent us a sign you're all right. I can't put the family through another funeral, we, including you, have already been to so many. Please, just even a reply say you're all right.

Tea actually frowned as she read the message, flashing back to the texts she herself received weeks after changing. Eventually, she got her phone disconnected. She could not take it anymore, rather them thinking she had ran off and was avoiding them... Or dead, possibly. It was too much.

"I am letting him know you are fine." she said, coming to the conclusion after a couple of minutes. She then typed back swiftly,

Lucas is fine, Andrew. Do not worry.

She sent it before Luc could say anything or snatch the phone back, then tucking it in her back pocket. He didn't need to be tortured by anymore texts from his people. "Sorry." Teagan then added, crossing her arms as she looked at Lucas. When the knock on his door was heard, she only sighed but ignored it.

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Lillian Sloan

Lillian waited like a good person for an answer, is he not in?, she shrugs. She takes hold of the door's handle and pushed it open. She peeks her head and sees Teagan first, she was not surprised. She guessed Teagan will be here. She smiles and entered and looked at Lucas and Teagan. "Good, you both here. I was thinking maybe you two need to get out for a little bit?". She closed the door as she stepped in and stood there, hands on her hips all motherly-like and a warm expression on her face.

She looked at Lucas seeing how he look depressed and Teagan looks kinda like him, emphatic to his feeling perhaps. "Ok, listen, you really need to start feeling sorry for yourself....I know, you became something you hate most before. But, it happened, and unless you want to die you have to feed. It is your choice. There is a party tonight at the club, lots of people, crowded. It is the perfect place to feed....". She looks at Teagan and smiled, "How about it?".

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"Well, nice to meet you, Melanie," Shay replied and took a drink of her beer. It was her first drink of the day and the second the cool liquid slid down her throat, she exhaled loosely, shoulders more relaxed. She glared playfully at Wes' joking tone regarding her finally getting his beer right before acknowledging Melanie's wine glass and Wes' inquiry. "And everyone likes different things, Wes. Some classier than others." She winked at Melanie before rummaging under the bar for one of the bottles she favored.

While Shay loved beer and would gladly sit with the guys and a few bottles, she was definitely more of a red wine girl. When she was at home and away from people or just relaxing, Shailene could pour a glass of deep red wine, draw a hot bath (cheesy, she knows), and either listen to music or read a book. Even textbooks were an option when red wine was involved. Shailene let out a triumphant exclamation of glee before standing straight again, presenting the bottle that hardly anyone used. She had actually stolen the last one.

Borrowed, her mind corrected.

"This little beauty right here is the Mas de Leda Vino Tempranillo," she told Melanie, giving the bottle a nice full twirl to showcase the beauty. She even surprised herself with the small accent that made it sound all the more authentic. "Not the most expensive one here, but nothing to sleep on either. I personally like it. It's a really full-bodied flavor - sweet and smooth. You even taste a little cinnamon When you're done with that glass, I'll let you try it. Something tells me you'll enjoy it."


She was right.

Lucas would deny it if someone else asked him, but damn it all to hell, she was right. Sitting here dying on the floor wasn't going to do anything other than make him look pathetic, like he had drawn out his own suffering just for the hell of it. If he was going to die anyway, why hadn't he just ended everything the second he realized he was turned? He had had his weapons then. One swift stab to the heart could have killed him. He might have even managed to twist it for good measure. So, if he was really so pressed to suffer and refuse the life which he was given, why hadn't he already done so?

"I'm..." his throat burned with the effort and Luke coughed to get some of the scratchiness out of his voice. "I'm...not...not die..." He honestly hadn't meant to say it out loud, but now that his thoughts were out in the open, they sunk in more. He hadn't even noticed when Lillian entered the room. His own admittance was enough to knock him into a stupor or a daze of some sorts.

If his father were still alive, he would have slit Lucas' throat for the honesty. He would have wanted Luke to die like a warrior - either by his own sword and letting Teagan see her fledgling die before her eyes. He would have wanted Lucas to fight - to wage a one-man war against the vampires and take out as many as he could before he was taken out. And before, when things were simple, when he would have done any and everything to make his father proud - to make him not want to hit his own son -

Luke would have done it.

But he didn't have to. Not anymore.

Now, he had no real reason to stubbornly hold onto the life he had before. He couldn't kill innocents. He wouldn't. He spent too long trying to protect them. But he didn't have to die either. He was still young; still had things he wanted to do. He wanted to travel. He wanted to live - even in this state of not really living, but somehow living which was really just bullshit but he wasn't going to voice that at this particular moment. When Lillian was done with her mini rant, he looked up at both women.

He didn't want to die.

That was all he could think.

"Fine. I'll go. Just...don't...don't let me kill anyone. Please." His voice probably sounded even more pathetic with the plea, but he was too hungry and tired to complain.

He just hoped Andrew could forgive him when it was all over.

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"And everyone likes different things, Wes. Some classier than others."
Wesley narrowed his eyes playfully at Shailene, shaking his head. “That’s what wimps say, Shay.” He explained jokingly, glancing around the bar. He didn’t spot anyone who looked exactly threatening. So, maybe this little French girl was the only supernatural in this joint; she had to be a supernatural. Unless, he was losing his touch on knowing these things. Nah, Wes thought, attention drifting back to the conversation at hand.

He rocked back on his heels briefly, both his eyebrows raised skeptically as he took the last long drink of his beer. Turning slightly, he sat the bottle back on the bar before turning his eyes on Melanie. A smirk tugged at his lips yet he pressed his mouth into a straight line, fighting it back. “Photography?” Wes scoffed gently, crossing his arms over a wide expansion of chest. Though he had to admit, Lawrence was a good little place for picture taking; the woods surrounding it were stunning (he would never admit such things aloud). “So, you came all the way from France just to take pictures around this place?” he interjected, speaking over Danny who was welcoming Melanie to Lawrence. He just couldn’t believe that was the only reason why, and it was Wes, after all- he was going to pry, naturally.

However, Shay started talking about red wine, causing Wesley to groan. Great. He’d never get to question the girl now. He turned to look at the bottle of wine, shaking his head. Then he got an idea. ”Hey, you guys to go back to the house after Shay gets off work? Have a few drinks or something?” Wes asked, seeming genuine in wanting to get out of the bar which was starting to become crowded and loud, like most weekend nights. Usually, he liked this but the three beers he had knocked down already were getting to him. He leaned back against the bar, rolling his shoulders. He was a heavy drinker and could hold his alcohol well. However, when he got to the point of drunk, Wesley was a mouthy thing that got into fights. He’d rather be drinking at home anyway in the den. They had a small bar there of their own and he had the expensive kind of whiskey that knocked you on your ass.

”I could text and invite the others back to the house, too.” Wes added with the shrug of his heavy shoulders. Everyone needed a night off from hunting, anyway.


Teagan frowned when Lucas said he wasn’t ready to die; watching him have to forcefully spit it out in pain made her cringe. She took a step towards him without thinking, yet when she realized took two steps back. ”You won’t die.” she promised gently, knowing he was raging some hidden battle within himself. Tea could honestly say she knew what he was going through and it was terrible. She glanced at the door for a half a second when Lillian walked in; she possibly could not have picked a worse time, but Teagan didn’t say anything. She simply turned her attention back to her fledgling.

As Lillian spoke about them needing to get out Tea chewed her bottom lip, closing her eyes briefly. She hadn’t fed in a few days due to worrying about Lucas feeding or killing himself. She hadn’t even thought about it until the crowded club was mentioned. Her blue eyes re-opened when Luc started talking, frowning once again. She was conflicted. His plea made feel terribly about letting him feed. She knew it’d feel like all his humanity was lost- how else would it feel biting into someone and letting their blood fill your mouth? Teagan flinched, yet met Lucas’s gaze. ”You won’t kill anyone, I promise. I’ll stay with you the whole time, if you’d like.”

Teagan’s master was not with her the first time she fed, and she was so full of bloodlust, having let herself go longer than she should, that she did almost kill the one she drank from. However, by some miracle, she had stopped just in time. Tea had killed someone before, though. The thought of it made her stomach churn uneasily. Glancing over at Lillian, she sighed heavily. ”We’ll go…” she murmured quietly. Teagan was never one for clubs, but since Lucas was agreeing to feed now, she wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity.

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Andrew’s phone vibrated twice on the desk of his father’s old study, but they went ignored, he was sitting with his head on the desk, half asleep. He hadn’t slept since Lucas had disappeared, it was finally starting to show and if he got called out for a hunt tonight, he would must certainly risk the mission. The door opened loudly and he could hear his sister’s shoes clack against the polished wood flooring.

Where’s Craig?” She asked, her arms folded and her face stern.
“At the Drunken Bear,” Andrew replied without lifting his head from the desk. “Don’t worry, Sophia, Shay and Wesley are probably there, he’s safe.”
That’s not the issue, you let him go out, when I’d said he couldn’t.” Andrew lifted his head from the desk and looked at her.
“Are you serious?” He asked her, standing up as he did so, “Who do you think you are? Mom?” Andrew looked at his sister, his face filled with anger.
Oh my god, I’m just trying to look out for this family.” She told him. “Sorry for trying to prevent another family death, we all know hunters and their families are targets.” Andrew glared at Sophia but she merely sighed and walked out the door, her footsteps echoing down the hallway.

Andrew sat back down in the chair, now he was up, he snatched the phone from the desk and unlocked it, a message from Shay and… Lucas. Andrew ignored Shay’s text and opened the message from Andrew.

Lucas is fine, Andrew. Do not worry.

Andrew quickly started typing,

Who is this? How do I know you’re telling the truth? Tell me what’s happened to my cousin.

Andrew quickly left the study and briskly made his way down the hallway, he ran to Sophia’s room and opened the door, without permission, something she hated.
“Someone just text me off Lucas’ phone.” Sophia was speechless, her eyes merely blinked, but she finally managed something.
Andrew just leave it, he’s gone.” She told him, matter-of-factly. “He’s one of them.