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a character in “The First Benders”, as played by Ken Shiro


A man of average size but with very defined muscle structure. He wears bright white clothing, a tight undershirt that clings to his torso and arms, a long trenchcoat that hangs off this shoulders. His trousers are loose and baggy that sway when he moves. A headband that covers all his hair and hangs down his back. Tightly bound wrist tape and simple cloth shoes.


He very rarely talks and keeps to himself most of the time, but always keeps his appearence up standing proud and confident where ever he is. He lives his life through the morals he holds dear, trying to rise above the people that do not understand what he is.


Strapped to his hip he keeps a set of steel nunchucks, other than them and his ability in hand-to-hand he carrys no other weapons.


He grew never knowing his parents or where he had come from, but it was somthing that had never bothered him or caused concern since he was raised by a man he came to call father. He was taught hand to hand combat and advanced training with nunchucks, however when his father realized what he was capable of he was forced to flee his home to save them both for persicution. Since he left he lived off the land never staying in one place too long or allowing people to see what he really was. That did not stop him from trying to understand and control his powers, in the many years that have passed he has only grasped the very basics of his potential.

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Tbore's Story