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Janus, the two-spirit spy. Red-haired, unimpressive, and used to being the cleverest man (or woman) in the room. He won't tell your secrets if you don't tell his. Have you seen Eleka?

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a character in “The First Empire”, as played by Goldie


Mavik has a chronically undernourished look, slight and rail-thin, with very red hair to his shoulders. His hands are his most noticeable feature. Where once they were long, delicate and clever, the fingers are now twisted and the joints stiff and frequently swollen.

Mavik is accomplished at appearing calm even if he is not. He is very sensitive, particularly to sound and touch, and has been through enough that he's difficult to scare. Maybe he just doesn't care any more what happens to him. He tends to be quiet, blending into whatever room he is in until people forget (or never notice at all) that he is there. The only person apparently capable of making him lose his temper is his sister and partner Eleka.

Most of Mavik's ability to fight was taken from him with the dexterity of his hands. He lacks the strength to wield a sword or a bow, and landing a punch would hurt him more than it would hurt his opponent. At close quarters, however, he is skilled with a knife, and can throw them if need requires, although getting them back or buying new ones is often not worth the effort. He is a skilled masker, as well, and given the right clothes can affect the behavior of high society, groveling servant, or country fool without effort.

Mavik's childhood is confided only in his sister. No, she won't tell you either. Suffice it to say, he was a skilled thief who got a little too confident. His hands were shattered by the Sidir gang.

So begins...

Mavik's Story

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#, as written by Gawain
The bouncer stood in front of the hardwood door with his arms crossed in the usual bouncer fashion. He displayed the hefty steel club just under his cloak to Mavik. "Password?" He asked gruffly. He was missing a few teeth, and it did not look as if he would keep the rest for much longer if he kept up his habits. Despite his poor hygiene, the bouncer was well muscled, plenty stronger than Mavik. If it came to the fight Mavik would not stand a chance.

The Black Ale Tavern, somehow it stayed in business though no one left drunk or seemed to buy any drinks. The brown-stained clay building stood in the poorer, crime-friendly district of Ibn. The Clerics knew of its existence, of course, like they knew everyone else in the city, but they understand that a healthy amount of crime is more useful than eradication. The White-Bloods, after all, were only another branch of the city government. "Well, friend?" The bouncer asked in a less than friendly manner.

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#, as written by Goldie
"Agda says to braid a red ribbon in your hair," said the little man, "and meet her on the hilltop at noon."

Mavik very much doubted that Agda was a real person, and did not particularly care. His information concerning this meeting was sparse, and its lack set him on edge, though the tension showed only in the rigidity of the hands half concealed in the heavy goatswool cloak wrapped around his shoulders. Eleka had pressed his employers for more, but they had nothing more to offer him.

Agda says to braid a red ribbon in your hair. What kind of nonsense was that for a password? But it felt right to him. He had a sense, born of long practice, for when things were right. The same sense made him uneasy about the second part of the password. And meet her on the hilltop at noon. He could not have said why it bothered him so.

He met the eyes of the bouncer, unsmiling - it was Eleka who smiled - and reservedly polite.

"You see, my business here is genuine. Teones is expecting me." His voice was no longer so steady. There had been ice on the washbasin when he had left his rooms, and that had been nearly an hour ago. He was shivering. "You would do well to let me in before I catch my death of cold."