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The First Signs of Madness

The 'Asylum'.


a part of The First Signs of Madness, by AugmentationAudit.

A sprawling, ancient looking structure, within which a group of strangers find themselves.

AugmentationAudit holds sovereignty over The 'Asylum'., giving them the ability to make limited changes.

1,048 readers have been here.


A sprawling, ancient looking structure, within which a group of strangers find themselves.

Currently open for players:

The residential section of the building: the West Wing.

The wing is made up of a series of corridors. Each corridor has four rooms for inmates. Six corridors are arranged in a six-pointed-star formation; five residential corridors and one main corridor leading into the main block.

There is a bathroom at the end of each corridor, and in the centre of the star-shaped formation is a nurses' station. Bathroom doors do not lock.

Rooms are numbered one to twenty.

The Main Block currently houses the dining hall, which is open to inmates at the following times: 0750-0845. 1200-1330. 1745-1900.

The dining hall is a large square room. There are picnic bench style seats bolted to the floor, and a nurses' station along the right hand wall.

There is a door behind the nurses' station, leading to the drug's store. It is securely fastened shut, and requires an ID Tag to open.
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The 'Asylum'.

A sprawling, ancient looking structure, within which a group of strangers find themselves.


The 'Asylum'. is a part of The First Signs of Madness.

16 Characters Here

Aveline Mason [57] "Shhh.... The others are watching you."
Xavier Mason [48] "I don't have a temper... Now which end of the pitchfork do you want me to stab you with?"
Sarah Erebus [32] You have to define something before you can control it.
Matthew Todd [28] A scruffy young man with ragged clothes and a far-from-formidable build.
Devan Miyamoto [24] A little more than your average juvenile delinquent.
Doctor Solaris Dae [23] (Icarus)
Jack Rass [18] "Give me a minute to write that down..."
Kieko Harlong [17] "There has to be some rational explanation..."
Arthur Strickland [11] "Always look behind the curtain."

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Dining Hall

The Dining Hall was indeed shut when Devan arrived, but there were definite signs of life behind the sealed double doors. Lunch, as far as could be divined, was certainly in progress; the smell of cooking was drifting out into the hallway, and general noises associated with food preparation were audible.

The fact remained, however, that the doors were locked, and the sign affixed to the laminated surface declared that lunch would begin at 12:00, which a nearby clock stated would be in exactly fifteen minutes.


It took Jack almost ten minutes to get himself back under control again (seven to stop sobbing onto Sarah's shoulder, and three to get his abject, mortified embarrassment under control). Normally, he would have devoted a good hour or so to outright hysterics, but the longer he dwelled on what had happened, the closer to being completely out of control he felt. It was in the interests of self preservation that he forced his miserable panic down to a dull roar, and finally raised his head.

Still afraid to look outside the boundaries of his closet for fear of seeing a dead body, Jack started by cracking open a puffy, leaking eye and peered worriedly at the floor. Matt's feet were the first thing he actually ended up seeing, and it was such a blessed relief that he almost burst into tears again.

With a wet sniff, he looked up a little further, finally allowing himself to make eye-contact with the boy who had rapidly become his friend in this chaos. Matt looked happy to see him, which was comforting, but there was a little tag of something else lurking there that unsettled him; what had happened, while he had been unconscious (dead?!) in this horrible room.

"I- sorry." His voice was a wreck, and there was something that was probably mucus sticking to his face and Sarah's shoulder. Jack had never wished for a handkerchief more, but he had been stripped down to a gown at some stage. He didn't even have pants on, he realised, quite horrified given his current position ensconced in Sarah's arms.

"Uh." If his face hadn't already been aggravated to a blotchy red by crying, he was certain that he would have blushed right up to his ears. "Do, do either of you know what happened to my clothes?"

Residential Hall

Keiko watched with something akin to fascination as the scene before her played out in a chaos of emotion; a veritable riot of reactions and quick-fire responses. It was obvious that Aveline was following something of her own agenda, but that was okay; The Instigator might become irate at sudden and inexplicable changes to The Plan, but as far as Trephan had always been concerned, they were what made life fun.

This was a change of plan; Arthur, certainly, had not been arranged with The Instigator's grand scheme in mind, but there was something exciting about the thought that things were about to go stunningly off the rails. Well, more-so, because there was no denying that Aveline jumping all over Arthur, and Xavier having to wade into save the day were things going 'according to plan'.

Of course, things only became stranger a moment later, when Arthur suddenly paled to a frankly shocking shade of grey and staggered back into the wall. Drenched in sweat, shaking and sickly looking; to the outside, it appeared as if the young man were having some form of cardiac event, or at the very least a panic attack, but Keiko was not looking at the outside at all.

Possessing the unique skills of a telepath, combined with a genuine degree and ages-old observations of medicine through time gave Trephan, and therefore Keiko, a rather extraordinary insight into moments such as these. That was not to say, however, that she had any intention of letting that information slip to her fellows.

"Arthur? Are you okay? Do you need to sit down?" Apparently ignoring the previous animosity between herself and her companions given the sudden potential emergency, Keiko stepped up and addressed Xavier. "He doesn't look at all well. Should we call a nurse?"

It took almost a minute for Arthur to respond to them at all, which likely seemed much longer to those genuinely alarmed by what was going on. When he did, there was chaos in his mind, and if he thought he was fooling anyone by acting normally, he was sadly mistaken.

"Arthur, what was that? You look sick. We should call one of the nurses."

Control Room

"You twisted bitch."

Icarus didn't need the monitors that surrounded her to tell her that 'The Instigator' had entered the room, or that he would be in a towering temper. In this intricate, multi-dimensional game of chess that they were playing, this particular move had been started a very long time ago; he had simply failed to notice that he was being manoeuvred into check until now.

"Yes." She didn't turn to face him, choosing instead to watch him rage in the glossy black screen before her, his visage superimposed over a darkish image of the inside of a supply closet in the Infirmary. "Did you need something?"

There was a disgusted sound, inarticulate, furious, but it was easy to duck the wrathful swing he took at her; a simple matter of kicking off from the desk with just enough force to let the wheels on her chair remove her from his reach. The curse he spat out when his hand impacted with the corner of the monitor instead of her face was deeply satisfying; she let it show, knowing that it would only inflame him further.

"Your pet was not supposed to be here." It sounded like he was grinding his teeth, and Icarus was half-tempted to give him some off-hand advice about maintaining good dentition. "Not least now, when things are already so far off-schedule. Do you forget who is running this operation, Icarus? Or do you want to challenge me?"

As if he would stand a chance if she chose to challenge him; Icarus smiled, pushing herself back into place with her toes, mindless of the angry man currently dominating the room. "Challenge you in what sense? You really should be mindful of your words; given that it's something of your 'thing', you're not being all that eloquent right now. If you mean to say 'are you attempting to usurp my authority in this little game of mine, Icarus?' then I can honestly tell you no. I have no intention to take your toys from you."

Finally, she swung to face him, resting back in her chair and quite at ease, as the beginnings of chaos erupted on the screens behind her. "If you are suggesting that I'm upping the difficulty of things, however- well, you'd be quite correct. We can't have you getting complacent, now can we?"


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Sarah grinned a bit and tightened one arm in a quick hug. "Well, I'm not sure what's available, but I'm sure we could find something." She squirmed out of the closet and riffled through a couple drawers; she didn't find Jack's clothes, but she did find a set of scrubs that looked like they would fit his tall frame. She passed them through the door, along with a damp wash cloth that he could use to repair his dignity. She shut the door a bit and turned her back to give him some privacy.

"Ok, if I were a prisoner being held in a psychological torture experiment, how would I go about escaping," she muttered softly to herself. She moved quickly about the room, opening drawers and doors, looking for anything to give her an edge in escaping. Not being a medical person, she had no clue how to use anything drug related that she found, and any sharp objects were locked away. Although, come to think of it, they had been left alone for way longer than they should have been. An asylum of some obviously crazy and violent people, and they were being left alone? It was either incredibly bad management, in which case it she was almost insulted; or it was part of the experiment. Going on that theory, she elected not to steal anything. She would have to think her way out of this, instead of using force.

"Jack, how you feeling? Physically, anyways?"


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Residential Hall

Xavier watched with curiosity as the newcomer's whole demeanor suddenly changed, shifting from one of confusion to another of fear, anxiety. The change was sudden and very noticeable. Even Aveline stopped playing with her hair and looked at Arthur, puzzled by the abrupt change in his features. He was clearly startled, yet the source of this reaction was unseen to the others.

He shifted his weight, thinking of approaching the new asylum mate, but thought better of it. He might attack him in his panicked state. So Xavier made himself content to stand still and look watch Arthur for any other sudden changes.

Aveline on the other hand, comprehended that something had happened but had no idea what. Unless she had grown bat wings and turned into a grotesque demon, she saw no reason for Arthur to be backed against the wall as if the devil had come to see him to Hell personally. She looked around at the others, who had the same pondering look on their faces. Keiko's face had hardly seemed to change and Xavier was almost smirking. The blue haired girl tilted her head to the side, perplexed. Why was Arthur special enough to see something and she wasn't? She opened her pale lips to speak but was cut off by him. He tried to reassure them that he was fine, though it was quite evident he wasn't. He was about as fine as she was sane, not that she knew her sanity was serious question. The other two also seemed rather unconvinced by Arthur's dialogue.

Keiko then stepped forward as the shaking figure of Arthur rose, looking like a trapped animal. She asked if he was ok (which had an obvious answer to it) or if he needed to sit down. The twins both had the same thought- he had just been sitting down. If he needed to sit he would have kept himself propped against the wall. Xavier flinched a bit as he sensed his sister's similar thought. Twin telepathy, be it placebo or reality, seemed very real to them. Connected in thought at times, the two found that speaking the same words at once was not something foreign to them. In fact, it was highly amusing to them both.

The other girl next suggested that they call a nurse, addressing Xavier specifically. She then spoke to Arthur, asking him what had happened and if they should call a nurse. Had they not been in the asylum, the two might have agreed to this proposition. Unfortunately, neither of them liked the nurses here. Aveline found them too controlling and mean while Xavier liked to snack on them. Since nurses were not acceptable meals and would likely pin him as the cause of Arthur's panic, he was against the idea. He cast a sideways glance at Aveline, who was pouting at the thought of the mean nurses.

"I don't think they'll be of much help," the two said at once. They were completely indifferent to the fact that they'd spoken at the same time. Xavier proceeded to continue before Aveline opened her mouth to say something incoherent.

"The nurses I've encounter so far haven't been very friendly." Well, I did eat one so I can see why they don't like me, he reflected briefly. "I think food or rest would be the better way to go." His gaze turned to Arthur. "Lunch begins soon as I'm sure you heard. Perhaps you can entertain us by explaining what happened then?"

"Ooh, food!" Aveline chirped excitedly. The idea of eating was very pleasing as she had been banned from the earlier ice cream social and had no idea when she had last eaten. Forgetting about her brother and her new friend, she rushed around the corner and into the main hall. Xavier made no attempt to chase after her, as his main interest was now with Arthur.

Here she found the crazy haired and slightly psychotic looking Devan, also allured by the promise of food. She froze as she saw him, a split moment of fear crossing her face. Aveline would prefer not to be strangled by him and without her nurse eating brother to protect her she was at a great disadvantage. Knowing this, but also remembering her affair with Tori, she was torn as whether or not to approach him. For now, she remained standing in the hall with a blank expression.


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#, as written by Zalgo
Residential Hall

"Arthur, what was that? You look sick. We should call one of the nurses." Arthur heard the timid girl from earlier speak up to him upon seeing his reaction to an event evident to him alone. Realizing just how panicked he must of looked he took a moment, closed his eyes and exhaled a few deep breaths. The harsh illumination in the room lightly hurt his faded eyes. He felt a bit calmer but his outward demeanor didn't reflect this as well as he'd hoped. He was about to reply when the other two seemed to take it upon themselves to do so for him. "I don't think they'll be of much help." Arthur couldn't agree more, simply nodding rather than interrupt what else they looked like they were about to say. If his suspicions about where he was and what was going on were as bad as he feared then the last thing he'd want was to appear on the radar more than he already has.

"The nurses I've encounter so far haven't been very friendly." Arthur listened to every word either of these two had to say very carefully despite the topic being on a matter that he could of taken an educated guess on with great accuracy.
"Lunch begins soon as I'm sure you heard. Perhaps you can entertain us by explaining what happened then?"
Here is where Arthur's and Xavier's ideas differed.

He knew very well that trusting any of these characters with anything could yield innumerable results, more of them for the worse rather than the better. Still, he did not want them to stop sharing their share of information either. If he wanted to learn more about this place without resorting to digging through files and exploring area's he would be supposedly barred from by the staff and whatever else lurks within the confines of this building then he would need to give something back in order to keep the status quo between them. At this current moment he would trust this Xavier fellow to some extent.
To say that this trust would last was an uncertainty only time could answer.

"Sure. I could use some food anyways. I don't know how long I was out for before I was brought here anyways."
Arthur answered Xaviers proposal. "Ooh, food!" Aveline quickly departed from the conversation and shortly after the junction they stood at. With her out on her own little adventure that just left himself, the girl who would continue to be a fly on the wall to him for the duration of this meeting and Xavier with his attention conveniently undivided for the time being. Seeing Aveline make her way down the same hall the gloomy looking figure went gave him an idea though. "Actually, before we go..."
He paused, walking over to the entrance to the hallway he had seen the tear occur.

He walked through, measuring the distance and direction that the tear appeared to had originated from. Room zero one, the very first room if the label on the door was to be believed. Arthur's knowledge of where the hole was ripped was shaky at best, especially seeing as how his only way of telling where it was was by it's direction and severity in relation to his position back in the main hallway junction, but almost every detail that informed his guess fit perfectly here. If the borders of the room in front of him were the same as his own room's measurements then even the furthest guess would still land the event that had transpired within the confines of that exact room.

"Do you know who stays in this room?" He asked Xavier, raising his voice but not quite yelling so that he could reasonably hear him from down where he was. Standing in front of the room's door gave him a sense of dread just from thinking about what could possibly inhabit that room and what possibilities lie within. The unknown dangers that could lurk within gave the door a foreboding aura to it. by standing in front of this door after going through the scare he just underwent by this point if he could Arthur would have goosebumps on his goosebumps. For now, he'd have to settle for goosebumps and a slight shiver.