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Titania Maine

"Tania Approves of This Message."

0 · 217 views · located in Hell on Earth

a character in “The Five Beasts”, as played by MagicalNeko


❝ Titania Maine ❞

❝ Tania approves of this message. ❞


❝The Basic Facts❞

❝ Do you ever wonder what happens to the other sock? No really, this is a serious question. The answer? It gets tossed under the bed and forgotten, and it never sees its mate again. Sometimes I feel like the other sock. ❞


| Name |
Titania Khalystha Maine

| Nickname |

| Gender |

| Age |

| Sexuality |

| Role |

| Face Claim |
Matsuda Ppoiyo

[center]❝What I See In The Mirror❞

❝ It is what it is… except when it isn’t. And just because it is what it is doesn’t mean it should be what it is. It’s a very… simple… complicated thought process. Like the thought process someone must go through before dying their hair blue. ❞


| Eye Color |
Dark Rust

| Hair Color |
Powder Blue with White Streaks; Dyed from Golden Blonde

| Height |
Five feet Nine inches

| Weight |
One hundred Forty-five Pounds

| Skin Tone |
Pale Crème

| Body Markings |
A black tribal-style tattoo on his right forearm

| Physical Description |
Tania is, for the standards assumed by most people according to stereotype, quite cute for a demon. His face is rounded and sweet, his eyes an almost exotic almond-shape, and set perfectly above a little button nose. His mouth is well-shaped and proportionate to the rest of his features, most often found with a smile on his thin lips. He is built finely with delicate features, rather compact though just above average height—he could be considered underweight for his height, but he doesn’t look quite unhealthy. It’s very difficult for him to gain weight, but his body is programmed into that image of perfection—humans are tempted by perfection, and so demons that are meant to tempt humans into sin are perfect, by logic. In appearance, Tania is flawless—his skin is soft and smooth, his body is thin and shapely, his eyes are clear and bright… and then there’s that mess of blue and white hair that was completely Tania’s idea….

❝ Behind The Façade ❞

❝ I used to be gay once; but I guess I’m just a little bothered by what people saw when they looked at me, because after I came out to my best friend and he decided not to talk to me again, women suddenly became much more attractive. ❞


| Habits |
  • Sucking or Biting his Lip || It’s done mostly out of boredom, and Tania very easily becomes bored. Usually coupled with rocking back on his heels and wandering eyes, it’s the ultimate sign that he’s about to do something incredibly stupid. If there’s little else to do, he’s likely to become a little on edge because of his high energy levels… which are only controllable while he’s using them constructively… or destructively. Take your pick. When it gets considerably bad he’ll begin to bite his lip, sometimes until it bleeds; this is also something he does when he’s nervous or when he’s trying to distract himself from something tempting. He’s asked those close to him to keep him from biting his lips, but it’s extremely difficult—everyone has complete permission to smack him if they happen to catch him.
  • Go-Getter || No matter what the circumstances, Tania is always on the ball, energized, and motivated. He likes to get things done quickly, efficiently, and as flawlessly as possible to move onto the next step. He’ll often go above and beyond the call of duty to please and impress, and no matter what he does, he just can’t help himself. Tell him to borrow a cup of sugar from the neighbor and he’ll probably get you her number too, and her email address, and a couple eggs because he noticed that you ran out before you did. Of course, once he’s finished something to the best of his ability, there’s nothing to curb his boredom but mischief, so it’s always good to keep him occupied.
  • Whistling || Why not? People don’t generally like to hear him sing, but he likes the sound of his own voice. Generally, if he’s not talking or listening, he’s whistling. It’s usually some obscure tune that he invented in his own funky little brain but there’s always the odd identifiable song. Why he does it is really up to speculation, but those who spend a lot of time with him learn to get used to it eventually. Because if you tell him to stop, he might just flip you the bird and walk away.
  • Clicking his Tongue || It’s always obvious when Tania is irritated with something. Depending on the degree of irritation, he’ll click his tongue in a certain rhythm—once or twice when he’s mildly pissed, and then faster and more frequently as he begins to get angry.

| Likes |
  • Snow || To Tania, snow is a representation of human life being that it will only survive under certain circumstances. He immensely enjoys the idea of its transiency, he loves to hold it in his hands and watch how each uniquely designed flake melts away on his skin, warmed to death by his life. It just seems so surreal to him in an odd sort of way. And when it storms, he could watch in awe for hours, because of the way that the snow covers everything in a whitewash of dangerous beauty. He loves the snow. He loves the snow more than anything else.
  • Dolphins || It’s an odd little obsession of his, but Tania loves dolphins. He can’t put his finger on why, but perhaps it’s because they’re almost his duplicate in the animal kingdom. It sounds rather conceited, but why hide the truth? Dolphins are playful and fun-loving, energetic little creatures, and isn’t that what Tania is on the inside? Yeah, kind of. Just don’t burst his bubble—that’s not fair to anyone.
  • IKEA || Ah, the unintentional Swedish metaphor for life. It has many twists and turns, it takes a lot of hard work to get where you're going, it'll confuse the shit out of you, leaves a ton of unanswered questions, you find yourself getting lost every time you turn around, it costs a fortune no matter how many deals you think you find, and you're dead by the time you finally get out of it.
  • Acoustic Guitar || There’s something about the soft, melodic sound of the acoustic guitar that just soothes his soul. Violins set his teeth on edge, the piano is too overused, and maybe the guitar is right up there, but the right song played will have Tania with his head rested on crossed arms, sighing softly and displaying a totally different side of him from any that he normally displays. He plays a little bit, but he’s not very good yet; he keeps practicing, persevering for his passion.
  • Photography || While he may not be the best guitarist, Tania is a wonderful photographer. He loves capturing images on his Nikon to be stored away forever. He loves to edit them and print them and hang them on his walls so he can stare at them and wonder where that point in time went. Photography and acoustic guitar music are his soothers; the two things that could force him to sit for hours even if he didn’t really have the lack of energy it requires for him to be lazy.
  • Botany || Tania… loves to take care of things. He wants a pet, or perhaps maybe a family someday. But he can’t keep a goldfish alive, let alone an actual pet or a person. So the next best thing to that is a plant. All he has to do is water his plants once in awhile (whenever he remembers to do it, that is) and somehow he manages to make them thrive. It’s because he loves them, he says. Really, it’s just a big ego boost, otherwise he would’ve abandoned it long ago.
  • Horror Novels || There’s not much to say other than the fact that the vivid descriptions of things he only dreams of doing are his true swansong. He would rather read it and keep the image to himself because he’s greedy than watch a horror movie and let everyone else share the fun with him. He owns an extensive collection of horror novels, and all of them have been read hundreds of times over and hundreds of times again. They’re his babies, and no one else is allowed to touch them.

| Dislikes |
  • Brain Teasers || Let’s face it… with such a lack of ability to focus on something without a clear, concise point, brain teasers just give Tania a headache. Sudoku, logic puzzles, Rubik’s Cubes, optical illusions, et cetra… they’re too much for not enough. There’s no point in them other than to sit down and do nothing while his brain overworks itself and steam begins to pour out his ears. There just isn’t enough time in the day to cool a hot head, or sit and do nothing for that matter.
  • Kicked Puppies || No, not abused animals. Tania can’t stand people who think they have it so hard, and oh their lives just suck so much. No. Tania is kind of a realist in this perspective; if he finds that someone whines about how bad their life is too much, he’ll tell them to get over it already because it can always be worse. When he finds himself in a rut that he can’t get out of, he doesn’t whine or complain about what’s bothering him—he’ll tell someone once, and after that he tries to keep it to himself because no one wants to hear it. Why inflict upon someone else a pain that he himself would want no part in dealing with?
  • Bank Holidays || They’re just a stupid excuse to spend a whole bunch of money on the people he loves and cares about to show that he loves and cares about them even if they already knows. It just seems redundant to him, so he doesn’t celebrate them. Actually, he doesn’t celebrate much of anything. For a jubilant creature of darkness, he’s rather downcast in some light. So, Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, Mother’s and Father’s Day… usually Christmas as well, go by without a care from Tania, and they don’t need his love to go on anyway, so it really isn’t that tragic.
  • Dogs || When he was little, he remembers being bit and that was the end of that. He’s more of a plant person anyway. Dogs make so much noise and they need so much care…. There aren’t enough hours in a day for Tania to even begin to like an animal that could one day attack him just because. Maybe not all dogs are the one from his childhood, but do you think he’ll listen to that? Nope. Tania’s logic or no logic.
  • Action Movies || Guns, war, explosions, fighting, high-speed chases, the destruction of fancy cars and equipment, killing people… none of that is fun if he’s not actively participating, so why bother? Besides that, the quick cut-scenes in the fights make him lose track of what’s going on, and then he gets confused and being confused sucks. He has no time for being confused, let alone for things that suck. And thus, action movies end up one of the biggest things in life that he can’t stand.
  • Bugs || It’s self-explanatory. Bugs are… bugs. People call them creepy crawlies for a reason, and not only does Tania despise their very existence, but he’s terrified of them as well. He’ll go out of his way to kill a spider, even if he has to cross the road to do it. Actually, his hatred borders on obsessive, and probably just downright unhealthy.
  • Opera || Italians are sexy, sure thing…. Opera is not. Ear-piercing vibratos are just not Tania’s style. Actually, he likes the quieter sounds, despite being loud and kind of obnoxious himself. But… you know what they say about opposites….


| Strengths |
  • Self-Confidence || He’s over-flowing with it, and it keeps him feeling good about himself. As long as he’s confident in his own abilities, Tania is a powerhouse of unbridled enthusiasm that he uses to keep himself fueled for certain tasks. He has quite the ego, but he doesn’t let it get the better of him, though there isn’t anything wrong with being a little vain every now and again.
  • Loyal Servant, Faithful Spaniel || Though he does have a tendency to question things, Tania will do just about whatever he’s told, and he won’t stop until he’s finished. He’s devoted and hard-working, and loyal enough once he’s befriended someone that even if they kick him while he’s down, rub salt in his wounds, add insult to injury… he will always come back, begging for more. He bounces back from emotional wounds extraordinarily quickly, and any attention is good attention. It’s hard to get him down or make him go away.
  • Quite the Charmer || Without calling him a flirt, Tania is a very good talker when he needs to be. Persuasive, one might say, but his method is… questionable. Yes, in an essence, he’s flirting, and he’ll do it with anyone; but why let a good talent go to waste?
  • Master Barista… Kinda Sorta || Not going to lie, it’s probably the best strength one could ever brag about. Tania makes amazing coffee. No one’s quite sure of what he does to the grounds before letting the brew percolate, but it’s a magical transformation from what it could have been. He takes pride in this creativity because generally he couldn’t cook to save his life, and usually burns microwavable dinners. And anyway, coffee is the lifeblood of 90% of the population of the world; he’s considered going into business but… why share with those who don’t matter, right?

| Weaknesses |
  • Blatantly Honest || He means well…. He does. Just don’t ask him if you look fat in something if you have your feelings hurt easily. Tania just doesn’t believe in lying to people, even if it’s to make them feel better. He’s truthful to the end, and to couple this with the fact that he doesn’t embarrass easily and how much he likes to talk…. It’s not unusual for him to say something outright that’s completely awkward for people around him; he doesn’t find it so awkward because it’s just the truth, and he can’t wrap it around his head why it might not be something you should say to someone anyway. It can be quite an annoyance or an amusement on the other hand, depending on which end of the information you’re on. He can’t help it—the truth must be told.
  • Keep Calm and Drink Tea || In a stressful situation, Tania is probably not the person you want to be stuck with. He’s not as cool a cucumber as some of his colleagues, not that he’s about to panic either. Actually, when it comes down to fight or flight, Tania’s more prone to flight. In laymen’s terms… he’s a pussy. And that’s just peachy with Tania. Being a pussy keeps him from getting hurt and/or killed, neither of which he particularly enjoys the thought of.
  • Loud-Mouth || It means exactly what it says. He can’t shut up, his volume control is broken, and he can’t keep a secret to save his life. Despite not wanting to get hurt or die, he’s usually on peoples’ bad sides because of this flaw, and who’s counting the number of times that his loud voice has gotten him into trouble, or that someone’s gotten impatient waiting for their turn to speak, or he’s been beat on because he was trusted with a secret that made him writhe? It’s not that he isn’t trustworthy… but sometimes he just can’t resist. And coupled with being so brutally honest… this is just a lawsuit waiting to happen… honestly.
  • Lazy Streak || To every high-energy person who appears to live of nothing but Red Bull, there’s a crash in there somewhere, and when Tania hits his lazy streak, it can almost be guaranteed that no one will be able to share the couch with him. It includes a lot of whining and groaning and snoring, demands for food and drink, and the automatic abduction of every blanket and pillow in the house to keep himself comfortable until he’s ready to jump back up and take life by the horns once again. It could be an hour, could be a day or a week. Who knows. But it can be absolutely painful waiting for him to get up again.

| Personality |
Tania is an odd bird, for sure. As a demon, everyone expects the worst—all Hellfire and brimstone—but Tania couldn’t be more agreeable if he tried. A slave to just about everything, including fashion trends and the whims of small children, Tania is gentle-handed and malleable about seventy-five percent of the time. By no means is he shy, it’s just easy to persuade him to do things; if it seems like a good idea, he isn’t likely to protest. Of course, that has some bearing on who you are in relation to him. He’s not about to go out and hurt someone for a person that is obviously below him, and he does have quite the ego—don’t let his natural demeanor make you think otherwise. Tania loves people, he loves to please people, and he loves to make people see that not only can he do it but he can do it better than anyone else. He has his limits—they’re difficult to find, but they are there, and once found they are defined brilliantly with neon pink Sharpie so it can’t be missed. Pink, because everyone overlooks the same boring highlighter yellow. He’s adamant about not doing certain things. He won’t kill innocents—that is children, animals, and most people if the reason is insufficient. He won’t fight someone unless he has to, because he doesn’t want to get hurt just as much as he doesn’t want to hurt anyone else. He won’t coax anyone into falling in love with him, because he knows all too well that love is a serious subject and he’s not about to break someone’s heart over betraying their trust.

Tania is high-energy, like a horse that tore its way into a bag of oats even though it’s on a strict grass and hay diet. That’s pretty hyper. The best thing to do is turn it out to pasture and let it run the excess energy off. The only problem applying that theory to Tania is that he wants to question everything he’s asked to do and make a decision based on that. Not above asking about whatever he’s told to do, Tania wants a good answer to all of his questions. Usually by the end of a long explanation, he’s gotten bored and has forgotten long ago what his question was, so explaining things in detail is usually the easiest way to get him to do something. Want him to mop the floor? When he asks why he has to mop the floor, explain to him about all the bacteria carried in on peoples’ feet, plus settled airborne particles, and how they can be contributing factors to illness and whatnot, because he’s probably lost you by the time you finish explaining what a molecule is. He’s not stupid by any means, oh no. He just gets bored really easily. It can be quite the flaw because he’ll do just about anything to quell his boredom. Just about anything, and that is the honest-to-God truth. The morals this man is in possession of are either dead or dying, and he’s perfectly okay with that. Hey, he can’t help who he is, so why not embrace it right?

❝The Past and The Present❞

❝ There’s a line between love and addiction… but I sure as Hell don’t know where it is. ❞


| Interest |
[Not Applicable]

| Family |
Father || Phoebus Maine
|| Althea Maine
Older Brother/Ex-Best Friend || Serenity Maine
Younger Sister || Karenina Maine

| History |
It’s kind of a short but boring story, but it’s Titania’s and he has to live with it because there’s no other choice. He doesn’t remember a lot of his childhood—it was so long ago now, who ever would remember it?—but he does remember when he became part of a family. One might naturally assume that this means he remembers his own birth, but no; Titania only became part of a family when he met Phoebus and Althea, a young demon couple just a century and a half his seniors. They were kind enough to give him their last name, and the first to affectionately dub him “Tania”, which he took gratefully because nicknames are given to people by others that care for them. At one point, Tania was hard to get along with and completely reckless because there was nothing for him to do to curb his destructive habits. Drugs and alcohol didn’t affect him, so he dabbled lightly in them without consequence, and alone Tania’s life turned into the Hell it was expected to be. In those years, he truly was a demon, killing for no reason, forcing drugs on unsuspecting innocents, and stealing from people on the streets who couldn’t defend themselves. And there was nothing wrong with that—if he couldn’t be happy, why should anyone else?

Before his habits became too out of hand, he was introduced to Phoebus and his beautiful wife, Althea who refused to leave him be. They wouldn’t stand there idly by and watch him destroy his life, no better than some lowly human being, and after months of persistence… Tania broke. He allowed himself into their lives and met Serenity who would be an older brother to him. Serenity and Tania were close; with similar backgrounds, both redeemed by Althea and Phoebus’ unusual kindness, they were able to bond and became nigh on inseparable in a very short amount of time. After only a few years, Tania was absolutely certain that Serenity was his soul mate—truthfully, he’d never really been attracted to women, and why would he be with amazing men like Serenity in the world? Unfortunately, Serenity didn’t see eye-to-eye with him; when he came out to Serenity and at the same time confessed his feelings, it was a double whammy—heartbreak and rejection all rolled into one solid punch. After that, Serenity left the small make-shift family, and even though Tania was left in heartache he didn’t allow it to control his life. He just pushed it aside, even though he continued to feel empty. He just told himself that Serenity wasn’t the one…. But in hopes that it would bring Serenity home, he did find himself forcing the attraction to women. Eventually he’d convinced himself of it and had even found himself a few short-lived relationships with women, but none of them were right for him and he always ended up cutting it off less than six months in. After a while, the newest addition to the Maine’s patchwork family gave him a good smack upside the head and since then he hasn’t dated anyone out of fear for a young lady no taller than five feet who’s more threatening to him than anything else he’s ever dealt with.

Most of the time he had to force himself to get along with Karenina, but she was essentially the one who created his slave-like behaviour. When she found him getting bored, she told him to do something because he wasn’t doing anything anyway, and he had no choice but to obey…. Eventually it just became second-nature. Still she calls him up every now and again and tells him to do things, but he’s since graduated to following the demon King, something that he’s rather proud of. He has every reason to be proud of himself for how far he’s come. He does. And he is. Because pride is a sin.

So begins...

Titania Maine's Story