Valeria Crow

The Crying Valkyrie of Waham

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a character in “The Five Demons of Arakzil”, as played by blackwolt


Name: Valeria CrowImage

Age: 27
Affinity: Waham
Magic: Water-based
Occupation: Former Combat Medic in the Kings Guard of Waham

Character Overview:
Valeria was born into the high ranks of Waham. She is the daughter and firstborn of William Crow, a well renowned councilor of the king of Waham. Valeria’s father never wanted the life on the battlefield for his daughter and enrolled her on the school of medicine in her early years. It was later discovered, that she had great potential in water-based magic and was soon after sent to the school of magical research. Combined with her knowledge of medicine and anatomy and her affinity for magic, she greatly helped the research of “Purifying Water”. This led to her becoming a combat medic of Waham during the seven years of war.

Despite her gender and her father’s wish, Valeria found herself on the frontlines beside people of Waham as well as Thahill, from the fourth year of the war. Here, walking around in armor forged in Thahill, she demoralized the enemies of her kin as she, to the eyes of the enemies, resurrected her allies. This was of course not the truth since even with the strongest magic no one is able to bring back the dead. She was simply using the researched magic to accelerate and improve the cellular healing of the victim, by lending some of her own cells and command them around the areas in need of attention. Of course, magic that is not fully developed and in which you sacrifice your own parts of your body for a period of time takes its toll.

The usage of Purifying Water reduces Valeria’s sight and lowers her immunity to sickness and disease for a period. In the middle of using this ability her eyes get bloodshed and on extensive use, she starts crying blood. Her immunity system will reconstruct itself as time pass by, but her sight will never fully heal and might end up making her blind.

At the end of the war, in which Valeria became known as the Crying Valkyrie, Valeria was send back to the city of Waham to heal. With eyes that could not even recognize her own family and friends; she went into a state of sickness where she was not able to think clearly. After half a year in this state with no sign of improvement, she miraculously woke up one day as her old self, though with a weaker sight. At this point, the city of Thahill had been struck by a deadly plague and their king had fallen to said plague.

Valeria had awoken too late to play a major role in the healing of the plague and was instead assigned to research and teach in the art of purifying water. The king of Waham had not forgotten about her role in the seven years of war, and moved her to the Kings Guard where she would stop her research and instead start training combat medics and learn the art of ice magic to defend the king in times of need.

As the new king of Thahill was chosen, the wise king of Waham foresaw the hunting of Edward Alwing. In order not to start a new war the king of Waham was not able to do anything to stop the hunt of Wolf’s Fang so he send one of his most trusted guards to aid Edward in his survival, Valeria.

Relationships/Thoughts Towards Other Characters:
Edward AlwingImage:
"I can proudly say that not only have I met the Wolf's Fang of Thahill, but also served under his unit for a period of time. He is a noble man and I can't believe him to have changed into the demon people tell him to be. Guess time will tell when we meet once again, I just hope that we find him before others do."

Adriel VeraniImage:
"The South Wind? Can't say I know much about her; I don't even know her real name. I've heard she is a spell caster among the top tiers and I've heard the tale of her, but no more than that. I don't know where I was when she defended Camor, but as you can see I am still alive so I wasn't there. Let's just see what kind of person she is before we judge her."

Gwendolyn SerafeimImage:
Character sheet not complete (WIP)

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Valeria Crow's Story


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The sound of clops echoed through the night. Valeria looked at her map. 'I knew we should have turned left at the crossroad.' She thought to herself. It had gotten dark and Valeria was unsure where she was. The only thing she was sure of was the fact that she was somewhere between Camor and Thahill. "Uhhh!" She sighed "Why didn't you say anything?" She said in a stern manner. "Uh great... And now I've start talking to my horse. Soon insanity." With no response from her four legged companion, they slowed down to a halt. "Well no reason to keep going in the middle of the night, right Kenzo?" She lift herself of the horse. The clang of armor hitting the ground sound as she set her foot on the dirt road. She tied her horse to a tree, close to the road, and gave it a pad. "You just stay here while I gather some firewood."

An hour later Valeria had set up camp and was in the middle of eating some of her rations. 'I wonder if I am even able to recognize him.' She looked up at the night sky 'What have you gotten yourself into Edward?' Valeria had gotten used to the blurry lights of the night sky. “Tomorrow we’ll find him… Definitely.” A smile occurred only to soon disappear “I should really stop talking to myself…”