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The Flags of Glory!

The Flags of Glory!


You have been called upon to explore the Shattered Isles for a legendary treasure, one that's guarded by various secrets of the deep, but keep in mind that you are not the only ones searching! [ACCEPTING]

614 readers have visited The Flags of Glory! since R.T.M.X. created it.

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Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:

this was originally based on and influenced by pathfinder and dungeons & dragons, but then it had shaped itself into something completely different. because of the similarities and in the idea and the like, if a person wishes to use information from those (spells, class ideas, et cetera), they are allowed to, as long as it can fit within the certain guidelines of the world that they have been conjured in.


Please note that the roleplay is slowly being improved and work on


For centuries, the seas of the Shattered Isles have been the subject of stories depicting lost treasures and myths of dangerous monsters. However, there are rumors flowing around depicting a lost magical treasure grand enough for a king, hidden deep within the very waters of the unknown, beckoning to be claimed. Adventurers from across the land have heard the treasure's call, each having their own twisted reasons to use this treasure. However, there is one catch: The Imperial Navy. With the Magi Order's declaration of total confiscation and destruction of all sources of arcane magic outside their control, the Empire holds a stranglehold over the use of magic, hunting down and eliminating those few who refuse to give up their most prized possessions...

Thus, a competition amongst not just the freelance adventurers, but also pirates, bandits and other scoundrels of the land, thousands taking up the call of the sea in an attempt to find this lost treasure of riches plenty not knowing where their travels will guide them, with a few of them finding themselves in the city of Crescent City, attracted to the opportunity of signing on with a small crew of like-minded adventurers...


This roleplay will be largely centered around a group of seven individuals, each a vital part of a small crew of adventurers and pirates known as the Silver Corsairs, and the number is slowly growing. Seven characters, each adept in their field, and over time, the crew will be subjected to opportunities to grow, learn new abilities, uncover forgotten magic, and acquire new weapons, as they discover the origins behind the rumors of a legendary treasure, hidden deep within the Shattered Isles.

Meet the (current) Crew:

Name: Aislynn
Race: Half-Elf
Specialization: Bard
Age: 21
Role: First Mate

Name: Michael
Race: Feral
Specialization: Fighter
Age: 32
Role: "Slave"

Name: Saimat Makani
Race: Human
Specialization: Sorcerer
Age: 26
Role: Arcane Specialist


These are the common races of Vveria, ordered from the most common to the least regarding this list. However, even though they are listed here doesn't mean that they are the only ones. Exceptions can be made, depending on well made the character's history is. In addition to the number of languages an individual can speak, each race has its own natural tongue, with the exception of humans.

Humans are the most prevalent of the races that reside in Vveria. They are average in nearly all aspects, which serves them well as adventurers and soldiers.
An uncommon mix of blood belonging to that of Orc and non-Orc (human being the common parent), Half-Orcs are generally more intelligent than their true orcish kin, but are still treated unkindly by the other races due to that fact. Being physically superior than the others does have its upsides, though, as Half-Orcs are able to find employment in the field as blacksmiths and soldiers.
Unlike their Elven parents, who almost never leave their jungle homelands, Half-Elfs are extremely rare to be introduced to. While they may be lithe and somewhat fragile, they are often held in high regard for their above average mental abilities and their natural ability to avoid physical combat. Like the Half-Orcs, they are taller than the average human, but are still shorter in height than true elves.
Dwarves from the northern reaches of Vvaria, while shorter than most races by standing at roughly 4 feet in height, are known for their exceptional stonework abilities and stubborn personalities. In combat, it's said that their ferocity rivals that of the Orcs, and even more so when they're not sober. Another trait that Dwarves hold over the other races is the natural ability to carry far more than their body should normally allow, which usually turns them into a party's "quartermaster" of sorts.
Ferals. The rarest yet one of the most common of the races that live in Vveria. An unholy creation of animal and man, combined through magic, they are the end result of Humanity's failed attempt at making the "perfect slaves" from many years ago, and their creation was also the result of having all outside magic banned. Ferals have a mostly bestial appearance, usually associated with the animalistic blood that they spawned from, though most Ferals are little more than savage, mindless animals, and are often hunted and killed for some nice coin by the Empire. However, there are few that have retained their intelligence as well as looking slightly more humanoid than the average Feral, and even though they try to live their lives in secrecy, they are sought after for more coin, due to this uncommon trait.

Racial Limits
Because of the rarity of some races in the region, there are going to be a small limit on how many of a single race can be played.

Humans, being the most common, have no limit of how many slots can be filled.

Half-Orcs and Half-Elves both have up to 3, as they may be rare on Vvaria, they could have migrated from any of the other regions that make up the continent.

However, there can only be two or less Dwarves and Ferals respectively, as they're extremely rare in the Shattered Isles. Dwarves, being a (mostly underground) northern race, prefer to keep their feet on solid ground, and not on a deck of a ship, while (free) Ferals are actively being hunted down and exterminated due to their usually bestial nature.

Regions and Cities

The Shattered Isles

The Shattered Isles is an archipelago located along the southern coast of the continent of Vveria, stretching from the uncharted jungles of the east to the western coasts of the Bloodstone Desert. A cluster of over a hundred islands make up the region, making it a well suitable region for travelling and commerce. The Empire had claimed the region as its property, and its Imperial Navy occasionally dispatches small patrol fleets to observe and maintain the region, oftentimes leaving the settlements to defend themselves from raiders and conduct trade on their own. The region's tropical weather is generally unpredictable for those who are unable to recognize the subtle signs within the water and island's life, and depending on which direction one travels, the region either slowly merges into western desert or into dense jungle vegetation of the east.

Nature thrives in the region. A wide variety of creatures, both aquatic and terrestrial, live on the islands, where much is mundane. However, there is also a flipside of that same coin. One can never be truly careful out in the untamed waters as veteran rangers and wayward travelers alike have disappeared into the thickets of the unknown, never to be seen again. There are creatures in the night and beasts of the world that do not abide by the natural laws, and what lies beneath the waves is a topic of much debate.


Crescent City
To the west of most cities of the Shattered Isles, located on the coast of the Bloodstone Desert, is a heavily fortified wonder: Crescent City, the city of where cash is king and commerce is the highest of deities. Situated in a well-suitable location, benefiting from the trading of goods from both the sea and the central Golden Plains, Crescent City is easily one of the largest cities of the Shattered Isles, stretching for more than ten miles from Star Watch to its outermost walls, and stretching for seven miles from its northern port side to the southern bridge.

It is aptly named for its shape, Crescent City is well protected, and takes full advantage of its shape. It utilizes two ports, the outer port for business, transportation, and recreation, providing more port space for its citizens, while the inner port is generally utilized by the upper class for their business and for creation of new ships due to it being more protected from outside forces.

It is also one of the few cities that have thrived with the Empire's restrictive laws on magic, as it had openly and incorporated technological inventions of various designs, lessening its dependence for magical assistance more than other cities in the region. Some of these inventions built underneath the city in the form of pipelines and waterways, with a guild of engineers dedicated to maintaining the contraptions from falling apart.

Despite having Imperial forces patrol the seas around the city, the governor has no intention of joining the Empire, keeping a neutral view as this is, after all, a city of trade, and joining one side disrupts trade. The city has its own standing military force, who only walk the city to silence arguments and prevent future disruptions in addition of defending the city in times of defense. Because of this, Crescent City has become one of the few safe havens for all, as the city's laws are outside of Imperial influence.

Notes of Interest

Magic in itself is rare, and the knowledge of such is even rarer, as most of the knowledge and items relating to the subject have been long destroyed by the Magi Order, though there are notable individuals that have had whatever knowledge and power that they contain and know passed down from generations before them. Most of these individuals generally operate outside the laws of the Empire, as they are typically wanted by the Order, and through a lesser extent, the Empire.

Technology-wise, there are firearms, however they are of primitive design and most common folk are generally unversed in the use of them due to their uncommon nature. There are some advanced firearms that are of various designs, however they are extremely rare to come across and extremely dangerous to handle.

Character Information
The character sheet was left simple, and can be further improved upon if you choose to do so.

Code: Select all
[b]Age:[/b] [18-45]
[b]Specialization:[/b] [What are they generally known for doing? Are they a ranger, trained to track their quarry, or are they rogues, persuasive in their words as they steal in their targets' faces? Maybe they're a barbarian or fighter, trained and bred for combat. Maybe they're neither one of dexterity or strength, but one of intelligence?]
[b]Role:[/b] [What role do they take on within the crew??]
[b]Occupation:[/b] [Aside from being an adventurer, what can the character do for a living?]
[b]Languages:[/b] [What tongues can they speak? 2 is the maximum for the [i]average[/i] human. ]

[b]Description:[/b] [Detailed description of how the character appears. An image can be posted, but a written description should be supplied alongside it as well.]
[b]Specialty Weapon:[/b] [This question regards as to if the character prefers a certain weapon.]
[b]Armor:[/b] [General armor that the character is typical seen using. What is their preference in armor usage? Light, medium, or heavy? Perhaps unarmored?]
[b]Backpack:[/b] [In order to stay light on their feet, the character only has limited capacity to carry other items, whether it's an extra weapon or survival gear. Please keep common sense on what a character can carry (I don't want to see a human carry a thousand pounds of fish.).]

[b]Attributes:[/b] [All attributes range from 1-10, default at 5, with a maximum pool of remaining points at 10. Favored Attribute should be distinguished from the others. Please note that these are just visual representations of what the character can do.]
Strength - [Relating physical strength.]
Dexterity - [Relates to the agility, speed, perception and general handiwork of the individual.]
Endurance - [Relating to how much punishment and stress one can take physically and mentally.]
Intelligence - [General Knowledge. Important for arcane spellcasters.]
Wisdom - [How sound one is during the process of choosing intelligent decisions. Also regards on how spiritual one is. Important for divine spellcasters]
Charm - [Relating to how much "life force" and personality one has, minor influence over persuasion and popularity.]
[b]Skills:[/b] [What helps the character be more efficient in regards to his specialization or occupation? If he's a rogue, is he deft enough in his handwork to pick locks and disable traps? How about being able to make music? Four Maximum to start]
[b]Weaknesses:[/b] [What equals them out? Are they too intimidating to look at? Do they have any addictions? 3 Minimum]
[b]Perks:[/b] [What unique skills or feats is the individual able to accomplish? Can he cleave an opponent in two? Is he more versed in the arts of magic than other spellcasters? Three Maximum to start]
[b]Special Qualities:[/b] [What makes him stand out from everybody else?]

[b]Personality:[/b] [What makes them tick? Do they hate everything relating to the color red? How about seeing other races?]
[b]Secrets:[/b] [2 Secrets Minimum]
[b]Goals:[/b] [2 Goals Minimum]
[b]Likes/Dislikes:[/b] [4 Likes/Dislikes Minimum each]

[size=150][b]MAGIC & SPIRITUALITY[/b][/size]
(Disregard if character does not use spells)
[b]Specialty:[/b] [Divine or Arcane?]
[b]Deity/Domain:[/b] [Whom holds the individual's respects and prayers?]
[b]School:[/b] [What field of magic?]
[b]Focus:[/b] [The source of what helps the spellcaster cast their spells and make stuff happen.]
[b]Spellbook:[/b] [What spells can the spellcaster cast? Five spells to begin with, though this can change.]

[size=150][b]PERSONAL INFORMATION[/b][/size]
[b]Brief History:[/b] [Two - three (minimum) paragraph history explaining who the individual is and how they came to be.]
[b]Song or lyrics:[/b] [If you can, please provide a link to the song as well. It helps add to the atmosphere that represents the character. Theme song in other words.]

Toggle Rules

-This is a mature roleplay, meaning that most characters should be at least 18 years of age. There may be some inappropriate material, however it will still be censored for the most part, to stay in accordance with the board's rules. You are certainly a mature individual, so we ask you to act your part.

-Choose your actions wisely, for the way to success and rewards depends on the path that the characters take.

-Please keep character names and appearances within general accordance of the setting. (Even though it would be pretty funny, I don't want everybody being giant one-eyed dwarves, or Orcs named 'Bob Saget')

-The setting focuses on one specific region, leaving the other regions generally vague to be described by the other users.

-A slight expansion of the rule above, if you do wish to participate in this, you are also acknowledging to help define the setting. The Shattered Isles is a setting of mystery and is largely unexplored.

-The character sheet is generally required but is just a "simple" guideline of how it should appear. If you wish to change it to fit your character, then by all means do so.

-For descriptions- Generally, I don't have many issues regarding descriptions and images, but I do ask for the following:

1) No face claims with celebrities. You can use portraits, drawings, and other forms of media that assist in describing the character, and cosplays are allowed. Just no pictures of celebrities.

2) If a picture is going to be used, a written and detailed description must be supplied as well.

-Exceptions to the rules can be made.

-This is a fairly literate roleplay. By that, all I ask for in a post is at least 3 detailed paragraphs, with minimal spelling and grammar errors. This means no sp3ak1ng liek dis or having misplaced apostrophe's, or having somebody use there belongings.

-The rest is common sense (no godmodding, be literate, no meta-game combat, ect.), and I certainly don't want to popcorn flying out of a dwarf's ass when he gets a broken arm.

Taking place in...

The Shattered Isles our primary setting

The Shattered Isles... the welcoming seas for adventure!

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The Shattered Isles

The Shattered Isles by R.T.M.X.

The Shattered Isles... the welcoming seas for adventure!

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The Shattered Isles

The Shattered Isles by R.T.M.X.

The Shattered Isles... the welcoming seas for adventure!

The Shattered Isles

The Shattered Isles... the welcoming seas for adventure!

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Re: The Den (OOC)

Well, I do appreciate your interest in the roleplay, I feel it is best to close it before it got a chance to get started, as there had been a lack of dedication and communication between players, and I'm largely to blame as well.

However, despite this, the world I did create for this roleplay has been largely successful for my other groups, one being largely tabletop. Even though it did not work out as I had hoped this time around, I refuse to give up on the world and the lore that has been in place.

Hopefully those who did join would understand why, and I hope to see you again when I try again at bringing this particular world to life.

Re: The Den (OOC)

The roleplay is still looking for people to join, and thanks for the consideration of joining.

Master Gunner is open, and I do agree that cannons and thing that go boom are always fun to be around.

You can never have enough Dakka.

Re: The Den (OOC)

Assuming that the people making characters for this Roleplay still are, I would gladly join this.
As for a position I generally find myself leaning towards Gunner (Or Master Gunner I suppose) in Pirate things. Cannons are fun.

Re: The Den (OOC)

@Lorawr @Freckled*One
The Captain position is still open, as well as the other positions, so see if you can get friends to join in.

While you may be new and don't have the PM system unlocked just yet, I edited your character to include the profile sheet for you to fill out.

Also, everybody please disregard those two posts from Karoki, as she's a new member, and I'm not the kind of person to turn down people who are new to either textual roleplaying or to the site.

Re: The Den (OOC)

Thanks, it's the folk version of We Are Pirates by Orden Ogan.

I changed the theme song as well.

Re: The Den (OOC)

Okay great! I should have him submitted in a couple of days.

Oh and by the way, what an awesome theme! I had never heard that song before, but I like it!

Re: The Den (OOC)

Why, yes you can!

Re: The Den (OOC)

I think I just might join this, and I think I would like to be a male feral. As for his crew position, is it possible for him to be the Lookout?

Re: The Den (OOC)

Alright, cool! And yes, I am taking reservations.

Re: The Den (OOC)

Hey :) I'd love to give this a go! If possible, I'd love to reserve the First Mate, and make a female half elf, if you're taking reservations yet? ^-^

- Lorawr

The Den (OOC)

This is the OOC topic for "The Flags of Glory!"

This is a remake of my failed roleplay that went by a similar name and theme, as it was just a tad bit too late to edit and move things around on it.

If somebody has any questions or comments regarding the roleplay, or is wishing to reserve a spot, please do so here, and I'll try to answer your question as best as I can.