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Jorg Vermithrax

"I'm a simple man. Food, drink, blood, coin, and slaves are the only things I want in life."

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a character in “The Flameseeker Prophecies”, as played by Roku Mushabuki


Jorg Vermithrax
”Insanity is doing the exact... same fucking thing... over and over again, expecting... shit to change.”

❝ More Than Just A Name ❞

”Fuck off."

-Nickname: Death (Cause when death comes knocking, you're not going to give him a fancy title.)

-Age: 24

-Gender: Male

[size=200][font=choose]❝ Under the Armor ❞

”Blood, bone, and skin. Just like everyone else."

-Eye Color: Dark Brown

-Hair Color: Brown

-Height: 6'2''

-Weight: 218 lb.

-Skin Tone: White

-Build: Slim, broad shoulders, but built with lean muscle.

-Body Markings: Tribal tattoos from his feet to his eyes. Tribal warriors were given markings for each kill they earned.

❝ Under the Skin ❞

”Take a look."

-Fears: Boredom and prison.

-Likes: Slavery, pillaging, killing, fire, archery, power, and the idea of the Beast King.

-Dislikes: Cowards, lawful people, order, and easy fights.

-Quirks: Jorg has the habit of eating his enemies.
-He gives prisoners a choice of their fate.
-He's got the habit of speaking to himself when excited.

-Personality: Jorg likes to keep things interesting in anyway he can. Whether it be killing or taking in to vices he hates to be bored. To be bored is his worst of fears because boredom is his insanity. He wants to serve the Beast King and he figures the best way to do so is to carve up the Empire. So he likes to gather more people to his horde in order to destroy as much as possible to make way for the Beast King's second coming.

❝ The Story of Heros ❞

”Might make right."

-Relationships: N/A

-History: Jorg was born in a mountain tribe. His mother was the shaman and his father a normal hunter. The warlike tribe worshiped the Beast King and often took human sacrifices in his name. They would capture humans, the shaman would sacrifice them at the alter, and the tribe devour the flesh after words. His mother was the only one who could use spells but since Jorg was of her line she taught him as well. He remained in that life until his tenth winter when a raiding party swept through his village, leaving only those who would become slaves alive.

The boy traveled to a city red light district to be auctioned off but no one wanted a small/frail slave boy. So he was tasked with being the chiefs personal slave. After three months since his village was raided the group had been hunted down by large party of soldiers and were pinned to the mountains. Jorg weaved a small spell to whisper into the chiefs ear, giving him the wisdom to win the battle. This kept up for a year until the boy didn't advise the chief and, after defeat, the bandits killed their leader. Thus after a short display of power the boy became the new leader.

After that he went straight to gaining more power. He named the group "Horde" for he planned it to grow to large numbers. Raiding villages and outposts to gather coin or equipment to better the Horde. He also attacked prisons, slave outposts, and also killed other bandit leaders to add to his own army. When it grew too large for him he created a base of operations, his old tribal land hidden deep within the mountains. There he built a stronghold where they stored their loot. From there the Horde would separate in small raiding parties but always come back to the base which they called "The Blood Keep".

When he was sixteen he began forming alliances with other tribes and nobles of small keeps through coin and blood. One deal with a powerful tribe, whom the chieftain had a confederacy of seven tribes, wanted to see Jorg's power. So he went back to the blood keep to gather in numbers in order to assault a castle with a thousand men. He sent a "caravan of entertainers" of disguised bandits into the town. They sang and danced but opened the gates from the inside when the siege came. Jorg killed the count, sacked the castle as well as most of the town, and took in many slaves. Yet he let many survive to spread rumors about him since they would figment what actually happened in a bizarre stretch of what really happened. That certainly got the crowns attention. Now he continues to grow the horde, however becoming more cruel by each day.

So begins...

Jorg Vermithrax's Story

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As Jorg walked through the ranks of his raiding party he wondered how the raid would go. They were hidden in the forest behind a small mountain town named Mill Pine. Rumors were that they had the best oak in the region. The plan was to simply kill those who opposed and take the rest as slaves to the Blood Keep. Then other parties would pick up the wood. The best part was that a wedding was being held in the temple. After an hour of preparation he chose to strike.

Fifty bandits swarmed the temple, killing the few amount of guards that were on duty outside of it. The raiding party gathered them up to decide their fates. The old, infirm, weak men, and the less attractive women were gathered around the town and impaled on sticks while the others received chains. Then twenty bandits went to gathering any valuable loot that could be stuffed onto the horses. Most of the silver was from the temple but they also brought sacks of grain to feed the slaves on the way. Jorg frowned at the number of fit slaves that they had. They had one hundred slaves and twenty pounds of silver to bring back which would slow them down quite a bit. "Well what are you waiting for!?" He yelled to his men. "We've got to get to the randevu point in three days! Any man who falls behind will be cut down!" Jorg couldn't risk falling behind, especially if he was being hunted.

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Jorg had been traveling with the slaves for ten miles until they met a rendevou point where he left them to a larger force led by a loyal captain. He took ten bandits with him to move to another rendevou fifteen miles north of Mill Pines. There was a small military outpost that would send out a patrol to the now smoky town. The patrol would need to be destroyed so that the group holding the slaves wouldn't be hunted down. "Alright men!" Jorg shouted to his bandits. "We're going to get the the rendvou before sunset so no resting!"

Kork was a Lieutenant in Jorg's rabble of bandits and was ordered to kill the Prince. One of the neighboring kingdoms was willing to pay big gold for Uxio's head. The plan was that twenty bandits would set fire to the local tavern as well as killing civilians to draw the soldiers to them. On the way there the archers who had hidden on the rooftops would send volleys at the prince. If that wasn't enough he had ten bandits hidden in the crowds. He was stationed with the five archers on top of a roof top. He waited a few moments until a smoke gradually rose into the air, starting as a small puff to a river of smog. Then there were screams as his troops began to hack at any near the tavern. Kork's drawing finger was getting itchy.