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The Flesh

The Flesh


the world has finely ended but not by our own hands or some zombie apocalypse like many have thought but by assimilation.

1,517 readers have visited The Flesh since Dreamcastsoul created it.


In a matter of 3 hours 90% of the human race had been whipped out by its fellow human beings, dead or living. Now the world is covered in dead walking masses of flesh, they never bleed, they never die, they have no emotion, no though a part from feed. It all started with a meteor shower the night before the fall of earth, all over the world large small and medium balls of fire fell from the sky. The stones burned purple, a rather strange spectacle or obvious reasons seeing as not many things burned that shade of purple without using chemicals. 23 stones from the heavens plowed their way into the planet, in highly populated areas like a tactical strike. The first foolish enough to get near the glowing purple stones where the first to be converted. Resembling the classic zombie attack the human race though they thought they had it all under control, a shot to the head says the stories we all know. Sadly this only took down more and more of the human race as the converted only went down for a short time before coming back stronger, faster and hungrier than before.

In the few hours that society remained the living populous discovered strange marking that formed on their skin not long after the first impact of the stones. These strange marks granted the wearers powers of some kind; each was different from the others, often matching the person’s personality. Though the spells where knew the mark seemed to give the user knowledge of how to use the powers and the repercussions. 3 hours was all it took for this zombie like thing to wipe out 90% of the human race, they started with the young, weak and elderly, then moved on to the strong, the ones that fought back the most. The military fell in a matter of seconds only adding to their numbers, leaving choke points cluttered with weapons and the like. All that’s left is the average Joes the weak yet willed people that hid from the staring waves of the monsters. A name was passed around through the channels that where left labeling the monsters as “THE FLESH”. Today is the 4th day after the world fell apart the worlds been overrun with the flesh leaving those smart enough to hide to fend for themselves.


There are two different types of Flesh, active flesh and non-active.

Active flesh mostly consists of the foot soldiers of the invasion, the first that turned and the resulting millions shot in the attempts stop the spread of the infection. any flesh can become an active flesh once it’s found out of fired upon, the active flesh actively hunts out anything still considered human and will attack it in any way possible, like all forms of flesh it cannot die, a shot to the head will put the flesh down for a short time but along with reanimating the dead it causes a freakish healing ability that makes the flesh come back to life moments after being put down.

Non-active flesh, these are human beings that have died and been reanimated, they keep their memories and go about their lives they were partaking in before their death, a strange thing they act perfectly human and can even uphold a perfect conversation with a living human being. The non-active flesh is the natural form of flesh an infection that kills and reanimates the flesh of the dead person and assimilation into the society to slowly spread through physical contact and air born spores. The transformation between human and flesh is seamless one cannot truly ever tell when the departed died and the flesh took over, the transition is so seamless the flesh doesn’t even know to heal the wound causing the death of the body.

When it comes to non-active flesh there is only four ways to tell if they are human or flesh.
1. Shoot them in the head, if they go down and get back up within seconds, they were human if they stay down a while then get back up they were flesh.
2. A full body inspection for a death wound, every flesh has one that doesn’t ever heal over.
3. Cut them, the flesh is a smart infection but not smart enough to reanimate the heart to pump the blood.
4. Take a skin sample; the flesh changes the shape of the skin cells from normal dead cells to perfectly live looking cells.

Each player may have three “spells” from one style so, in short, if you choose the use of fire you can get a small flame for lighting a candle that makes your vision a bit blurry for a couple seconds, a larger ball of fire you can throw that makes you dizzy for a while and a borage of 5 fire balls that give you dead arm and a weak leg for a while. No matter what “spell” you choose it must be in the same basic line like this and the side effects are the same as in the demonstration.
The three styles.
Body: Healing yourself and others, modifying your body somehow or making your skin/body harder ECT
Elemental: earth fire wind water
Energy/mind: telepathy, telekinesis, astral protection, animal communication ECT
The “spells” use the oxygen in the user’s blood stream, channeling skills like telekinesis takes up more oxygen the longer it is used. Stage one skills generally make the users vision blurry, stage two make the user dizzy stage three dive a “dead arm” effect to a random limb and weakens a second.

Five starters:
Taken. Image
Picture Josh Hartnett Sage Sato: Job, Exotic animal vet. Talent, Logical thinking. Specialty, planning. Role: the reluctant leader, often being the deciding voice in most of the situations being the one that bring the group together and getting them to do something other than sit in one spot and survive. "Rick" Starter location: Hotel he met Akira searching for Akira

Picture Leana decker Akira Song: Job, model. Talent, loyalty. Specialty, deception. Role: the common sense of the group, often breaking up mindless fights and does her best to keep the group from killing mindlessly Along with keeping her long lost BF Sage sane throughout all of the mess. "Dale"Starter location: Sages apartment searching for Sage.

picture lemmy kilmister Privet Mike smith: Job, leader of the 5th platoon of the U.S military. Talent, strength. Specialty, Strategy. Role: the blunt strategist, he has many plans stored up in his head and is very heard headed about going off mission during his plans. "Merle." Starter location: hold up in the detroit armory searching for surviving military.

picture Marcus Patrick Corporal Dick John: Job, information’s and communications for 5th platoon. Talent, awareness. Specialty, tech and communication. Role: the escape artist he knows the streets and building, rather agile he can and will get anyplace that needs to be gotten too. He’s gathered up as much technical stuff as he could to try and arm himself against the flesh. "Glen" Starter location: Circuit city trying to put together a strong enough radio to contact help.

Picture Kristin kreuk Sarah Silver (the mark): Job, hired gun/bounty hunter. Talent, Strategy. Specialty, Long range. Role: The second hand, being a bounty hunter at heart she gravitates to the one with the most power in the group at first till slowly she builds friendships, not afraid of getting her hands dirty and doing the hard stuff the others won’t. "Daryl" Starter location: mom&pops hunting store restaurant and bait shop looking for anyone she can exploit.





Profile Skeleton (this is just the information needed in the profile feel free to wow me)

Talent: (something you’re good at naturally without trying very hard)
Specialty: (something you have spent years learning or done so much you have perfected it.)
Weapons: (each character is permitted but are not suggested to carry one hand to hand, one mid rang, one long range and an emergency weapon)
Companion: (players are allowed to have animals be they domestic or exotic as long as they can explain in their story why the exotic animal don’t just flat out eat them)
Mark: (what style of "spells" the character uses)
Spells: (the three slowly escalating skills, this will be deeply inspected, remember to start out with the weakest possible form of your spell.)
Clothing: (iconic things like if your char likes wearing cowboy hats or maybe skirts, for some of the guys out there.)
Vehicle: (it’s possible that we will change our vehicles a lot and won’t use them that often so choose accordingly.)
Secret: (your character needs some kind of dark secret that could possibly destroy their reputation, get them kicked from the group or even create a deep bond with the group)
Inventory: (give a list of what your character carries like spare clothing, food, ammo, tools, spare weapons and stuff like that)
Story: (show off for me, make me love or hate your character folks, this is how I’ll be choosing who I let into this rp, show me you are a competent writer.)

yay more information.

there is no way for a living human to be turned to flesh. if your dead your flesh if your alive your human, simple as that.
there will be a way to permanently kill flesh and an explanation to why this is all happening that is discovered in the rp.
most of the rules are just reminders to be as realistic as possible considering the story line.
Flesh will not stop hunting a target or stop moving unless a vital point is hit(head heart ect) but if said point is impaled with a solid item such as a spike or an arrow it will take twice as long to heal.
its only 4 days into the invasion/infection there are a few destroyed buildings mostly from grenades tank fire and fires but it doesn't look too destroyed.

Toggle Rules

1. No god mode
2. Play nice
3. Keep it PG13 (nothing below bras panties and boxers please we may have young rpers here, keep groping to a minimum and just generally don’t be dirty)
4. Weapons and persons require maintenance (no going days without eating or cleaning your gun, be realistic please)
5. Writers can play as active flesh after the game starts but are liable to being killed off via story. Non-active flesh will revert to active flesh if they are attacks, otherwise they will simply act human to a fault.
6. The five starters must be filled out to start, after that new writers can create their own including non-active flesh as long as they refer to rule 5
7. players may own as many weapons as they want but can only activety carry a primary weapon, a side arm and an emergency weapon. such as a riffle a hand gun and a knife.

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