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The Foolish Kudagitsune Kitsune

The Foolish Kudagitsune Kitsune


Japanese mythological creatures, appearing in the modern world, but there's a legend that follows with these creatures: but most of these creatures live in the same neighborhood. So does the foolish, selfish Kudagitsune.

653 readers have visited The Foolish Kudagitsune Kitsune since KuruLesperance created it.


[[This idea inspired me from the anime called Fruits Basket.]]

There's a legend behind all the unusual happenings, more foxes appearing around the globe.
It's hard to explain, though, but there's only one way: the ancient legend of the foolish Kitsune, or so that individual may think....

Many, many millenia ago, there lived groups of kitsune. Each one had a unique personality, and their fur color represented their personality. The Red Kitsune, resembled determination and temper. The Blue Kitsune resembled calm, mellow thoughts. The White one resembled outgoing, loud, and spiritual thoughts. The Black one resembled silence, spiritual connection, and darkness, whilst the Pink Kitsune resembled love, careness, and trustworthiness. Each colour Kitsune had a detailed personality, and there was only 9 colored Kitsune. The Blue, The Pink, The Purple, The Red, The Brown, The Yellow, The Green, The Orange, and the Grey. There were two special ones: the Black Kitsune and the White. There was another one, so one thought, that was not even of the same species. The Foolish Kudagitsune.

The Kudagitsune was a magical creature, standing out from everyone else as the other kitsune talked and laughed and pawed at each other. The Kudagitsune crouched at the door, weeping and sulking as he wished to get accepted. All the others would tease him, saying he didn't belong with them. The Nine Tailed Fox shook his head no when the foolish Kudagitsune asked to be labeled as a smaller Kitsune. All the other Kitsune laughed and laughed at Kudagitsune, while he stood there, his little back arched as he stared at the ground. They all called him runt, they all called him a rat. The Kudagitsune tried his best to stay strong, to keep his head high until one afternoon as he was making his way through the tall, graceful grass to the Kitsune's home.

"You are banned from that house, little one." A voice said. The small Kudagitsune looked up to see the Black Kitsune. The Black Kitsune had a stern, cold stare.

"Why?" The foolish Kudagitsune asked, confused. "I'm a Kitsune! I belong there! Look! I have a tail. I have paws. I have legs. I have everything needed to be a kitsune." The black kitsune stared in disgust at the absentminded Kudagitsune.

"Look at yourself," the kitsune rose his booming growl. "You're small! You look like a rat! Go scurry off, child."

The Kudagitsune's hollow soul rose into his throat, as he turned to stagger off. "I shall prove you wrong one day, black Kitsune. I shall become a kitsune some day. I shall, as I force it upon your soul."

Being the magical creature the Kudagitsune is, he headed to a forest. He set up around him sakura petals in a dark clearing in the forest.
"You shall accept me!" He cried, throwing his head back in agonizing yells. The Kudagitsune lashed it's tail in anger, ripping the grass out of the clearing and screaming in emotional pain. The Kudagitsune stopped to stare at the sakura petals, and calmed down to focus. The Kudagitsune sat, murmuring words in attempt to force a black magic curse on the Kitsune family. The curse of the human.
"Beings beings of today, force yourselves upon thou I say. Make those beasts become skin. They will realize how to accept life, and accept those who want to be in! Call to the flowers, call the wind, make them become you, for hours and hours!"
The selfish Kudagitsune chanted this for hours to come, until he was satisfied. The Kudagitsune fell on his side in exhaustion, and soon fell asleep in the clearing, only to find a human looming over his body in the morning. The Kudagitsune smirked, sat up, and rubbed his eyes with his tail.
"You're welcome, kitsune," said the Kudagitsune. "Don't worry. You still have your kitsune body. It's just you can only go in that body if you are given a Sakura petal, or you accept others by their appearance or personality. This is the curse of Kudagitsune. I wish you the best of luck, and you soon learn your lesson." The Kudagitsune got up and angrily turned away, little did he know though that he too has a human form, one of the backfires from his black magic.
And that is the legend of how the Foolish Kudagitsune used his selfish magic to convert the Kitsunes to human appearance.

Black Kitsune
Yellow Kitsune taken by KuruLesperance
Orange Kitsune
Brown Kitsune
Blue Kitsune
Black Kitsune
White Kitsune taken by DarknessUndying
Purple Kitsune
Kudagitsune (One of the main characters. The Kudagitsune specializes in the arts of magic: Black magic, White, and sorcery)
Nine Tailed Fox (The Nine Tailed Fox is the main Kitsune)
Green Kitsune
Grey Kitsune
Red Kitsune

You do not have to follow the personalities the Kitsunes represent, though if you wish to, please do.

Thing is, the Kitsunes and the single Kudagitsune go to the same school: Okinawa High and Middle School Academy of Fine Arts. It's a 3 in 1 school, 6th-12th grade. The classes for all grades are:
Language Arts


The GM will play the minor characters, meaning senseis and principals and small children, etc.

I will not provide you with a skeleton. Make up your own , but please put what Kitsune you wish to be. If you provide a picture of your character, I recommend anime or a description. Also provide a description of what your kitsune looks like. The Kudagitsune looks like the picture in the legend.

The roleplay will start when we atleast have a Kudagitsune and 2 Kitsunes.

Toggle Rules

No godmodding.
Please use good grammar in this.
No one liners, but please don't type up a story.
PG-13 please. Mild cursing.
No txt tlk.
Please do not post until I post the intro post.
Do not roleplay someone else's character without permission.
No fights in OOC.

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Character Portrait: Yuki Kiba


Character Portrait: Yuki Kiba
Yuki Kiba

"There is a tranquility in the Kudagitsune and the Kyuubi. Mind you, i think that with everything."


Character Portrait: Yuki Kiba
Yuki Kiba

"There is a tranquility in the Kudagitsune and the Kyuubi. Mind you, i think that with everything."

Most Followed

Character Portrait: Yuki Kiba
Yuki Kiba

"There is a tranquility in the Kudagitsune and the Kyuubi. Mind you, i think that with everything."

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Re: [OOC] The Foolish Kudagitsune Kitsune

Awww! I was looking forward to RPing with you Bootsie. Some other time, hopefully.


Re: [OOC] The Foolish Kudagitsune Kitsune

D'aww. That sucks.
Alright then, it's okay. Sorry 'bout the extra shift.~

Re: [OOC] The Foolish Kudagitsune Kitsune

I'm really sorry about this, but it appears I won't be able to be a part of this anymore.
My dad is making me take on extra shift for his store this week, so I'm just not going to have the time :(

Re: [OOC] The Foolish Kudagitsune Kitsune

I'll probably have my character to you in like two hours maybe?
Babysitting my younger twin brother and sister :I

Re: [OOC] The Foolish Kudagitsune Kitsune

@Kuru: I can double if you'd like.

Re: [OOC] The Foolish Kudagitsune Kitsune

Hehe! I know that feeling, Bootsie! x3

Re: [OOC] The Foolish Kudagitsune Kitsune

Whenever I make a roleplay, I can't help but think I've forgotten something.
It's always, ALWAYS my own character xD

Re: [OOC] The Foolish Kudagitsune Kitsune

Cool! Man. I should start my character. XD

One more thing!
We need a normal person like in Fruits Basket.

Re: [OOC] The Foolish Kudagitsune Kitsune

Sounds good, and about what I thought from the introduction. Expect a character soon ^_^

Re: [OOC] The Foolish Kudagitsune Kitsune

Well, yes and no.
The Kitsune and Kudagitsune both live in the same neighborhood, and more foxes are appearing in the city of Okinawa.
The plot may progress during the roleplay.
Also, they both go to the same school.

Re: [OOC] The Foolish Kudagitsune Kitsune

Hmmm C:
I might consider joining. Is there going to be much of a plot besides the conflict between the kitsune and kudagitsune?

Re: [OOC] The Foolish Kudagitsune Kitsune


1. the person must be near Sakura petals to transform
2. the person must realize that he/she accepted someone, resulting in them turning into their kitsune/kudagitsune form.

Re: [OOC] The Foolish Kudagitsune Kitsune

Ugh! Watashi No Baka! I made a Charry Sheet because there wasn't one to use. I feel like i should change it.

And Kuru, Please - Call me Kai. :3

Oh, and if it isn't obvious in the Sheet, which it should be, he's the White one.

Re: [OOC] The Foolish Kudagitsune Kitsune

Like in Fruits Basket, is there certain trigger that makes them turn back into kitsune?

Re: [OOC] The Foolish Kudagitsune Kitsune

Hehehe! Hi there, Darkness! ^_^

Kolkol~ well. They're foxes that can turn human. :3
Same with Kudagitsune. The Kudagitsune looks like a small rat/fox thing, but can turn into a human, though the Kudagitsune can have powers~

Re: [OOC] The Foolish Kudagitsune Kitsune

Hey Kuru! ~ Why am i not suprised you made this RP? I'll have a charry up in a sec. ~

Oh, but are the Kitsune in someones Body? Or are they in Fox Form? ~

[OOC] The Foolish Kudagitsune Kitsune

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