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Bobbi Aurelia Henley

"I survived because the fire inside me burned brighter than the fire around me"

0 · 463 views · located in The Doll House

a character in “The Forbidden Games {Restart}”, as played by emotionless


I am the Fire | Halestorm


"When injustice becomes law, Rebellion becomes duty"


"Bobbi Aurelia Henley"


"My friends call me Bobbi or Henley"


"It's rude to ask a girl her age....but if you must know I'm 23"


"Excellent question, when you figure out could you let me know?"


"I am 95% sure I am female...I mean the last time I checked... "


"Ugh, my second least favorite question. I am 5'4 on a good day."


"Wow you have a knack for asking very intrusive questions....I'm approximately a buck twenty five. "


"I have too many scars to count, they are proof that I have lived and loved hard."


"Several, none of which you need to know about you nosey weirdo."


"I have a dark red birthmark on my left inner thy if you must know....your starting to creep me out with these questions. Stranger danger and all that."


"You sure you want to know the answer to that question?"


"I hate failure at anything really...but I am also have a huge fear of drowning."


"I am an oddity"


"I am Spaghetti straight."

Romantic Interest:
"Eh...some secrets ill keep to myself."

"Russian American"

"I work at the Book Worm, a coffee shop/bookstore after school part time, then on weekends i work at a automotive body shop."


"I don't like to call it revenge...returning the favor sounds nicer."


"Bobbi prefers being independent and does not like being told what to do; she would rather give the orders. She hates to be restrained in any way and dislikes that people bow to authority so easily or accept the status quo without question. Bobbi is generally well-meaning and intelligent, besides being very passionate, compassionate, and determined she is also is an original thinker. She shows courage in the face of overwhelming opposition. Bobbi habitually challenges authority wherever it exists, which can have a number of negative consequences, though she is always ready to face them."


"Ah…let see….I love Cars, particularly fast cars. I love Animals, a hell of a lot more than I like people. Buttered popcorn jelly beans are my dirty little pleasure….um…I think that’s about it…OH! I love running and parkour….I’ll get back to you if I remember anything else. "


"Questions, like the numerous ones I have answered. Don’t know if your catching my hint….Um, people. I don’t like people in general. I don’t like authority, or normality. Need a little chaos in my life.”


"I have mad skills in mechanics, and some You-tube knowledge of lock picking. I am technologically advanced and I "


"I am one giant flaw."


"Oh I go weak in the knees for a man who can take control....and Vanilla bean ice cream. "


"If ever I get free time I enjoy reading, Writing, and drawing....occasionally. "


History |

"I was born one of a set of two. My older brother and I have always been close. He wasn't just my brother, he was my best friend. When he was 16 he came out to the family. My parents didn't take it well, and they threw him out and shunned him. Lets just say I wasn't having any part in that, so long story short we disowned them and moved out. At first we struggled, a lot...but once things settled down, we figured it out. August 27th, the day before our 18th birthday he was part of a mugging gone wrong. He fought back, and was shot and killed. They caught the guy and he is serving 25 to life...Though somehow it doesn't make me feel better."


So begins...

Bobbi Aurelia Henley's Story