"Are you insane like me, been in pain like me?"

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a character in “The Forbidden Games {Restart}”, as played by TristisNox


"You will not certainly die,” the serpent said to the woman. β€œFor God knows that when you eat from it your eyes will be opened, and you will be like God, knowing good and evil.” [Gen 3:4-5]

"The way I walk, my eyes they draw you in and hypnotize you. You'll be under my spell and won't be able to say no."





"It's not the name I was born with, but the one you may call me."

Light, Star

"A running joke. One you probably don't understand."

20... ish

"It's impolite to ask a lady her age... Good thing I'm not one."


"I'm not ashamed to admit that I use my womanly wiles to draw everyone in."


"You don't need to be large to be deadly and darlin' I'm deadly."


"I don't give a fuck about my weight, not that the shadow realm really cares either."

Light scars are spattered up both arms and some on her back

"The living world was far more unkind to me than the shadow realm."


"I never got around to getting one."


"Don't even have a freckle..."

Spider bite, tongue

"Ever kiss anyone with metal through their lip and in their mouth?"

Her Grandfather

"Strong people are forged from the fires of darkness."

Her right eye is Emerald, her Left is Light Grey

"Does it unnerve you that I'm staring into your soul?"


"Hello, aren't you lovely."

Romantic Interest:
The Stud

"That stud is rather easy on the eyes, but I must say this isn't a bad bunch of players."

American (formerly)

"Before I grew up moving around, now I am a Shadow. "

The Lurker

"I am a master at moving around unseen. You won't know I'm there until it's too late."

"It's the quiet ones you should look out for because we're real killahs."




Quiet, Seductive, Conniving, Distrustful, Independent, Follower

"I am useful and loyal to The Shadow Man, but don't convince yourself I can't think for myself. That's rookie mistake number one."

Touch, Quiet, Sex, Animals, Hunting, Purple, Strobe lights, Clothes, Being naked

"I'm a big ball of fun! Won't you come play with me?"

Grandfather, Shoes, Rude people, Sexists bastards, Pickles

"I'm like anyone else I have things I like and don't like... just with the added bonus of killing people.”

Shifting into a King cobra, Speaking snake, Moving around silently

"My only true friends are snakes, I've always had a special affinity for them."

Won't let anyone get close to her, Not as confident as she pretends to be

"Stay the fuck away from me!"

Flashbacks to her time living with her grandparents, The Shadow Man, Large birds, Her real name

"If I cover my ears and close my eyes I'll be safe, right?"

Being a snake, Knitting animal shaped scarves and hats, Herblism, Teasing The Creep, Trying to get The Shadow Man to laugh

"I have to find something to do while we wait for our poor victims... I mean players to show up."

"The snake will always bite back" -Jack Roberts




I don't remember my parents, it was always my grandparents and me. Apparently they died when I only months old. A break in gone wrong. Blood everywhere and two dead. I was lucky the authorities said, but really I wasn't; not at all. My grandfather was the ruler of the house and my grandmother and I were his slaves. She tried to keep his temper at bay and would take the beatings when it flared. I would listen most nights from my room or the top of the stairs. His voice rang through the house in his deep gruff tone. My grandmother's hushed voice would barely carry to me before the predictable cry followed. Crying, breaking bottles, objects smashing, the noises of abuse haunted me during the day and at night. I couldn't escape the sounds of my house. Everything my grandmother and I did was never good enough. My grandmother's cooking or the way she dressed set him off, my B in vocabulary would put him in a rage. The alcohol and drugs didn't help either. I tried to escape first into the sanctuary of daydreams and the backyard, and then eventually out of town. He always found me and... well you get my drift. Those were the rare occasions my gran wouldn't be able to save me from her husband's monster. My grandmother died when I was about 11. Surprisingly he wasn't the one to kill her. She'd had a bad cold for weeks and then one day I went to wake her up. My grandfather had already went to work and I was heading to school. Usually she was already up to make me breakfast, but that day she hadn't. I wandered in to find her cold body. She'd been dead for hours. I remember screaming for her to wake up, but she never did. My life went from shit to shittier after that as his temper focused on me. Slice, dice, burn, and whip. Lather, rinse, repeat.

No one helped. We moved too often for anyone to try and remedy the situation. At the age of 11 I learned to never depend on anyone because no one gave a rat's ass about others. People were selfish. Life was hell and I eventually learned less than moral ways to calm his temper and to get money. I picked up books on plants to calm him down and sometimes to get him to sleep faster. Eventually I upgraded to drugs, especially on nights where his temper was like a wildfire consuming everything in its path. When I didn't have either I played the part of a submissive slave. Posturing myself to be harmless, unchallenging. Using my voice and touch to try and curb him anger before it was too out of control. Most times it worked, sometimes it didn't. When I was mid teens I started putting all those years of dance classes to use. I became a master liar and unsavory gentleman's clubs didn't ask questions. I danced, dealt drugs, and learned to manipulate in subtle ways to get more money without going the extra mile most girls had to. I hated almost every minute of it, but it was far better than being at home with my grandfather.

By the time I was old enough to leave we ended up in this town where we actually ended up staying for more than a few months. I made friends. They weren't exactly the sort you wanted to consort with, but hey they were better than no one. We hung out at all hours of the night, partied like it was the last night of our lives, and got away with some pretty illegal things. It was the best time of my life. We ended up playing a game of fears and I lost. After everything I'd been through, I was a little surprised I did. The Shadow Man claimed me as one of his shadows and here I am how ever many days, weeks, years later lurking around seducing my victims. The Queen of the Shadows you could say. The first female to lose, I wonder what that says about me? Do I wish I was still among the living? Wouldn't you like to know.

"Let's play a game, every time you say a word with a vowel we take something off."

Ballerina/ dancer, Talks with in a deep slow voice, Smart even though she acts like a dumb blonde,

[color=green]"Snakes are always associated with temptation. Temptation and fear, these players won't know what hit 'em."[/font]

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