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Karen David

"Let me think about it..."

0 · 470 views · located in The Doll House

a character in “The Forbidden Games; The Untold Tale”, as played by RPgamergirl




"If we won't have dreams, we won't have hope"

Name: Karen David

Age: 16

Grade: freshman

Role: The Artist

Gender: Female


Greatest fear:Thanatophobia-Fear of death- Karen is scared from the unknown that will come after you die and also dying in itself. Any way which you can die she is afraid of, whether it is an accident or natural causes, she feared the idea of being dead and she will be no more on this world. She won't talk to her friends, her family or do the normal stuff she is doing because she is dead. She really hopes there is life after death because she fears the death more than the way to death. This is why she is very cautious about anything, not doing anything extreme like bungee jumping, free falling etc.

Minor fears:

-Arsonphobia: Karen had a little trauma when she was 10 years old. During her birthday party when they brought the cake with the candles and before she blew them, she was standing behind the cake with her back turned to it. Karen's hair was very long back than and she did not notice her hair catches fire, luckily nothing happens and it got put out fast. But still till today she stepped a little backward from fire and not getting to close.
-Genophobia: Karen is not shy and she had a few boyfriends, but the same reason for breaking up with each one was she could not get herself to kiss him a lot. She did kissed a few times but it made her feel uncomfortable. She is still a virgin but she thinks it is good cause she only 16, but she can't bring herself to kiss and hug boys a lot and have intimate relationship. Mostly it is because that Karen was born when her mother was raped by someone and she kept her. It is the fear of sex that is she most afraid of.
Coulrophobia: When Karen watched the movie "IT" of Stephan King which she loves this author, ever since that she is scared of clowns. Even the clown from McDonalds kinda make her shiver and scared. She will not try to avoid of all cost seeing any clown, but if she sees a clown coming towards her she will move to the other sidewalk or just closing her eyes when clowns performing in the circus.

Oddity: When Karen is very stressed or scared she scratched her head a lot. She is trying to avoid it cause she doesn't have lice or dandruff, she doesn't want anyone to think it. But when she is very anxious she can't help it and she scratch her head.

Sexuality: Straight

Romantic Interest: Karen had a few boyfriends but because her fear of intimacy she does not have yet someone that caught her attention. There are some cute boys in school but no one is in her interest so far.

Nationality: Canadian

Job: Working part-time as assistant in the public library.


Height: 5'3
Weight: 140lb
Eyes: green
Hair Color/Length: light red, her hair length reaches just bellow her shoulders.
Scars: No scars, even from the accident from the fire she did not get any.
Tattoos: No, she is a good girl.
Birthmarks: A small birthmark on her right thigh shaped like knife.
Piercings: Nope, same reason as tattoos.

-Drawing and painting
-Sleeping and especially dreaming, she has a journal she called 'dreams journal' where she writes her dreams.
-Watching movies
-She is not greedy but she likes to have money and earn money.
-Books, comic, anime and role-playing games and computer games. In short a geek.




-Eidetic memory-photographic memory.
-Good with numbers, good in math.
-Knows how to play the guitar

-Clowns-because of her fear.
-Bad boys-like those boys riding their motorcycle.
-Snotty girls who thinks they are above everyone else.
-When her mom is dating guys.
-She actually don't like candies (not chocolate which she likes), but lollipops, hard candies etc. she is not.

-Daydreaming: Karen often daydreams a lot and she sometimes missed what people are saying or getting out of class because it looks like she is not listening. Her daydreaming almost always happen at the wrong time and wrong place.
-Not in good physical shape: Karen was always not good in physical education, she is not a fast runner and she doesn't work out a lot. She is not fat cause she is not eating too much and not eating candies, she doesn't gain weight. But she is weak and in a fight most people can beat her.
-Over-emotional: If Karen is sad she will get very sad and cries, if she is happy she will get very happy and excited. Her emotions will showed in full when they appear.

-Her mom: She is very protective of her and the men she dates.
-Karen has her Achilles' heel of really sensitive to tickling. Where ever someone tickle her, in the neck or feet or stomach etc, she will laugh till they stop.
-Sensitive spot for animals in danger, if she sees a dog or cat hurt she has to help it and bring it to animals shelter.
-Not very organized person. Karen is smart but she quite the scatterbrained. She always lose things, which she found them in the end, but later when it is late.
-She has not learn how to swim yet, she is quite ashamed of it, so she did not tell anyone yet.

-Painting or drawing
-Playing RPG games(on computer or table-top)
-Going to the cinema with friends- The cinema her favorite place!
-Playing the guitar


Karen is very charming and sweet girl, you can fall for her quite fast. She laughs quite a lot and she is very optimistic even though bad stuff happened to her. She is always seeing the glass half full. But she is a bit neurotic when she is stressed or scared. Fidgeting or daydreaming when her stress' level goes too high. Karen don't take risks much, she prefers going safe. She is sympathetic to everyone, she will understand your pain and even will cry with you because she is over-emotional when she shows her emotions. But she is not emphatic because she can't block the emotions of others to not feel them too herself. She is quiet, serious, sensitive and kind. She does not like conflicts as it gives her more stress and will try to avoid it. Extremely well-developed senses, and aesthetic appreciation for beauty. She has a very flexible and open-mind. She enjoys the present moment cause she does not want to get involve in the past.

Karen was born to Malory Anne David when she was only 20th years old, because Malory was raped by a classmate at a party and when she discovered she was pregnant he disappeared without a trace. Karen lives with her mother and even though her mom got over the trauma with tons of sessions of therapy and medications, Karen is protective of her mom when she started dating again. This is why Karen is very careful of boys and will get close to them only when she knows them quite well, she will never let herself get raped. Karen had a few boyfriends but because she is scared of getting to intimate the boys mostly break off of her mainly because of this reason. Karen is glad because this means he was not the boy she is looking for.
Karen is not a genius but she is smart and get good grades, except phys.ed, but her favorite and the one she is good at is Art class. Karen loves to express anything on the canvas. Karen loves to daydreamed a lot, and the school counselor told her when she was sent to him cause of her daydreaming in classes, told her to paint anything she daydreams and thinks about ideas. It does help her to be more attentive in other classes.
Karen is not in the popular group, but she has a small group of friends, her Geeks friends as she likes to call them and herself. She likes to go with them to the cinema to watch science fiction movies, or play their RPG games like D&D or WOW on the computer. She has quite the bust schedule, which she sometimes forget due to her unorganized manner, after school she has her extra curricular activities of Art and guitar lessons. Than going with her friends to play table-top games or going to the mall to watch a new movie or playing online multiplayer computer games.

Other: {Anything extra you would like to add?}


So begins...

Karen David's Story