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Timmy Corcelion

God! It took you long enough!

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a character in “The Forbidden Taste of Bloody Fruit”, originally authored by Sullenkiller, as played by RolePlayGateway


Timmy has long straight black hair with a thin upper body and lower body. He has three scars; one runnin down his left eye, one gaging across his back and the other slashed across his arm. He has a thin jaw with strong white teeth and with an average nose and lips. He heightens around 5'7" considering he was turned at a young age. He 8usually wears a black trench coat and black pants.


Timmy is serious, evil, manipulative, creepy, scary, and diseatful


A katana and a wooden stake


Timmy was born in a town with his younger sister, Allana. They were rather close and while playing down by a staream he was pushed into the water and balcked out. Later he found that his neck had two puncture wounds and a man was hovering over him. "Timothy Corcelian, you are now a creature of the night!" He exclaimed in a humble growl. Samuel, the vampire that turned Timothy had taught him everything in the short ten years they were together and Timothy was one oif his strongest pupils. But when he had told him that his sister was still alive he left in search of Allana to find her and bring her back. Or he would die trying.

So begins...

Timmy Corcelion's Story


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"Thank you, Deacon." Allana said, not knowing what else to do. So instead she walked over to the bed, passing the beutiful coverings and sat. "What is this training Velcar speaks of?" she asked, looking up at the blonde vampire.

Timmy walked along the dark streets, encasing dark shadows around him. This now be the fifteenth town he searched with the very little cinamon scent that lingered on Allana. He was surprised that the smell of death hadn't completely devoured the remaining escance. He passed by a church a few times, scoping it out. It smell ed over powering of vampires. He would have to et a good meal and then go inside. Funny. A vampire living in a church how ironic. He saw a girl go down the street then she turned to an alley way.

Timothy walked quickly in behind her, matching her hurried footsteps until he was right behind her, lika a shadow in the night. He grabbed her arms and before she could scream sucked her blood, letting the creamy red lquid seep into his mouth. After a few moment she went pimp and he lay her body gently down. "Thank you." He whispered and walked back outside, his body now fully rejuvanated.


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Character Portrait: Allana Corcelion Character Portrait: Deacon Character Portrait: Timmy Corcelion
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Allana nodded slightly, and looked at the decorated walls. "Thank you." She mumbled silently. "I'm tired would you excuse me if I slept?" She asked nicely, turning her thin face toward Deacon. Her shoulders sagging slightly.

Timothy noticed the lightening sky, dawn was going to brake out soon. Right now was no time to brake into a vampire lair. Beside's he had been searching for his sister for awhie now and it all turned out to be false on what they had told him. He will go to an inn and sleep until darkness blossomed once more.

He came across a inn with a very familiar vanilla smell. He walked in and ordered a room and when her got there the vanilla smell ignited. His neres were hightened witch only made him more nervas. His sister was here and he was going to find her.