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Kai Zephra

The Foreigner~~

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a character in “{The Foreigner}”, as played by CutieLol111


Name: Kai Zephra

Age: 19

Personality: Kai is the type of girl who lives life to the fullest and doesn't regret a single thing she does. She loves the arts and volunteering at homeless shelters or animal hospitals. If you asked any of her friends, they would call her a 'true boho hippie', which she liked when people called her that. Other popular people would call her a 'Tree huger' or something along the lines of that. Kai is very in sync with her inner self and actually meditates with the spirit bowls she has. She is a very patient, caring, intellectual, and strong willed person.

Likes: Traveling, Meditating, Singing, Painting, Nature, and Helping others.

Dislikes: Rude people, Driving, Makeup, Business Jobs, Pollution, and Staying Indoors.


So begins...

Kai Zephra's Story


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Kai Zephra

Sweat trickled down her forehead before being wiped away by her hand. The female's skin was sun kissed and her cheeks were slightly burnt though other than that, it was clear and clean. Her earthy green eyes traced her surroundings as she approached a small town. The area was full of life. Even the grass was luscious, green and full from the root up. Flowers had burst into life with beautiful pastel colors that looked as if they were painted on the petals. A small smile played on her dusty pink lips.

After asking around the small town, some people refused to speak with her but others were more than happy. A few actually wanted her to be guided around by their eldest sons, though she just shook her head and carried on toward the town's inn. "Lockswood, you say?" She asked a little girl that stopped to converse with her. "Yes ma'am!" The piggy tailed girl ran off with a few of her friends, giggling and laughing about. "Hmm.." Kai pressed a finger tip on her lips, curious to know more about this small area.

When reaching the Inn, Kai brushed a few blonde locks off of her shoulders and introduced herself to an elderly man behind a desk. "I'm Kai Zephra!" The old man nodded gently and spoke, [u["It's a pleasure, Kai. I hope you enjoy your stay here."[/u] He said before handing the female a room key. Bowing slightly, she grabbed her bag off the floor and headed towards her room on the first floor. The building was made of wood and had an antique appeal to it. Tracing her hand on the door, she passed room doors and finally found room 13. When Kai pulled the door open she felt a burst of cold air on her skin leaving tingles behind. Placing her bag down inside the room, she headed back out, closing the door behind her.

This time when Kai entered the lobby, she saw the elderly man again and another male. His brown hair was ruffled on his head and a pair of black framed glasses sat on his nose. Raising an eye brow, she shrugged off the curiosity and brushed past the two, heading back outside in the summer heat. Luckily, she was dressed appropriately for this heated weather. Kai had a pair of denim shorts on, a chevron painted tank top with a black torn scarf hanging from her neck and on her feet were a pair of brown engineer boots.

Standing on the front porch of the building, she took a seat in a chair and took in the vibe of the town. It felt peaceful and relaxed. Laying her head back, she stared up at the bright, blue sky and clouds that hung in the air as they past by. Beams of golden sun shone through the white, puffy clouds trying to light the world.