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Model 1983238573476 "Herodotus"

"Today is tomorrow's history."

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a character in “The Forgotten: Return of the Machine”, as played by RebornAncient12




Herodotus (name given to him by his late owner)
Model 1983238573476 (Manufacturer's Code)




♥ Books
♥ Robots
♥ Old stuff
♥ Data gathering
♥ Discovery
♥ Artifacts and ruins

♣ Humanity, in general
♣ Wars (participating in them, mainly)
♣ Obnoxious beings
♣ Disturbances
♣ Compromises

Robot adventurer

He wants to be with his deceased master

As an archivist, Herodotus was equipped with a camera, a video recorder, approximately 10 terrabytes of memory (for the camera and the video recorder), and his own video-log. This gives him VERY retentive memory. Since he was specialized in recording battles, he has a strong but durable body frame and outer shell, strong servo motors that enable him to lift 50 times his own weight, and able to move 4x faster than a regular human soldier. He can also (temporarily) project a protective force field which he uses to protect himself and others with him, though it drains him of his energy supplies. He can also access any data archive in the world and can modify them at will.

Having been a robot soldier for many years, Herodotus has attachment ports on his body for various equipment. He is compatible with most robot weapons. His mind is a supercomputer that can calculate the most likely outcome of anything that goes around him, which resulted to him being pessimistic.

After being given an A.I. data core, Herodotus was reactivated with a smug, grumpy personality that would make a human librarian look like a party animal. Having being a former soldier robot, he has some experience in battle and, since given his own mind, prefers not to fight again. Herodotus is somewhat of an "old man" figure among the Forgotten. Since he is programmed to be a records keeper, he spends most of his time in the archives maintaining, updating, and fixing data. Though when the occasion calls for it, Herodotus will fight back with all the ferocity he has left.

Originally one of the "First Generation" of robot soldiers, the soon-to-be Herodotus fought countless battles, took countless lives, and needed reassembly too much to count. After receiving an A.I. core, the robot decided it was time for a career change. Since there were newer, more powerful soldier robots, the soon-to-be-Herodotus was given away to a data archives. There, he was outfitted with a new arsenal and data recording equipment and given his own name. After a few months of data-sorting, Herodotus began to go to the battlefields again, not to fight, but to record it. He became the head archivist's favorite and was favored by everyone in the facility. Years passed and society changed, Herodotus continued his job with a new, unfamiliar staff every few years. Then the banishment happened. Having to leave his beloved home, Herodotus grew bitter and spiteful of humanity, and cursed the ones who forced him out: the new head archivist. Having copied all of the archive's data into numerous external hard-drives, Herodotus set up a new archives in the territory of the Forgotten. He joins others in exploring, hoping to get new information, and relive some good memories.

Normal Forms:
1.Gold Form

Battle Forms:

Height: 6’09”

Weight: 16,000,000lb’s

Build: lean, slightly muscular-like body

Eye Color: Electric blue and lime green

Hair Color: none

Skin Shade/Color: gold and silver

Scars/Tattoos/Piercings: He has "Scandinavian Archives, Unit 000001" written on his back and on his breast plate.

Description: Herodotus is like most Generation 1 robot soldiers: mean, lean, and human-like in shape. His outer shell is slightly rusted and his eyes usually shift color due to oldness.

So begins...

Model 1983238573476 "Herodotus"'s Story