The Forgotten: The City Of Isis Theta

The Forgotten: The City Of Isis Theta


There is a city that hides from the world and they are in a civil war. The few that were born in the human world that can see the city are brought here to keep magic hidden, but your arrival will only strengthen the side you choose to follow.

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Walking along the shoreline near dusk, you smile to yourself and soak in the last few rays of light. Hues of oranges, blues, and purples are scattered across the sky and mixed in with the color next to it. Suddenly, you see a glistening out of the corner of your eye and you turn your head to look at it, but there is nothing there. With a shrug of your shoulders, you go right back to walking and a small seaside cabin comes into view, you smile because the place is familiar. You remember that the old gentleman that lived there would occasionally take people on a boat ride, for a small fee. That elderly gentleman is standing near the cabin and was singing a mysterious tune, one that you didn't recognize and seemed like it came from a far off land. As you slowly approached the man, you notice his elderly features began to take back their youth as he turned to face you with his emerald green snake eyes.

"Oh, hello. I didn't see you there, can I ask you a quick question? Do you see that in the distance?" The man asks with a quick motion to the outline of a city in the distance. With a nod of your head the man immediately claps his hands together with a smile. "Good, that means you'll be able to return home. What do I mean? Oh, well you see, there are a few people born in each generation that can see the city of Isis Theta; these people have a hidden power that can be awakened by the elders once they enter the city. You are one of these people and I am proud to be the first to meet you. Oh that's right, I forgot to introduce myself didn't I? Well, my name is unimportant, but people call me the Gate Keeper because I am the only one that can let people into the city." The man said with a sense of pride as he eyed you curiously with his snake eyes and then turned to face the city. Taking a step into the shallow water, the waves ebbed around his feet and it soon pooled around him. With this, you took a step back in amazement, but was soon engulfed in water and you closed your eyes as a flash of light appeared.

After opening your eyes, you notice that you are in a rather dark room, a lone chair resided in the middle of the room. Feeling like it is the right thing to do, you sit down in the chair and look about the room that was now dimly lit. Three figures stood in front of you and they slowly approached you, till they only stood a few yards away. "We are the elders and we wish to welcome you to the city of Isis Theta." the man in the middle said and looked at you directly in the eyes with his purple ones. "Before we unlock your powers and release you into the city with the rest of your brethren, we must ask you to choose." The elder on the left said and as soon as he was done, the elder on the right chimed in, saying "We each have our own faction and each one of us want to control the city for one reason or another."

"I want the city, so we can keep it secret."
The elder in the middle said

"I want it, so I can integrate it with the rest of the world." The elder on the right said

"And I want it to control the rest of the world." The last elder said and looked over at the other two then back at you, the person sitting in front of them.

"Now we must ask you to choose." All three of the elders said as they looked at you. Once you made your choice in who to follow, that elder stepped forward and placed a hand on your chest, and their other hand on your forehead. Feeling something stir inside of you, you close your eyes at the overwhelming feeling of pleasure and then you open your eyes again, only to find that you are not in the same room that you sat in a few seconds ago. Looking about the place, it looks like a small apartment that now belonged to you and smiled when you saw a set of clothing and weapon laying on a table.

Character Dossier

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[center][b]• [color=firebrick]First[/color] • [color=indianred]Middle[/color] • [color=firebrick]Last[/color] •[/b]

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[b]• [color=firebrick][u]The[/u][/color] • [color=firebrick][u]Basics[/u][/color] •[/b]

[color=indianred][b]Name •[/b][/color][b] *first and last, middle is optional*[/b]

[color=indianred][b]Gender •[/b][/color][b] Male/Female[/b]

[color=indianred][b]Age •[/b][/color][b] *how old are they?*[/b]

[color=indianred][b]Species •[/b][/color][b] *Put their species here.*[/b]

[color=indianred][b]Relationship Status •[/b][/color][b] *Taken, Married, Single?*[/b]

[color=indianred][b]Height •[/b][/color][b] *how tall are they? This could actually be very crucial for someone else role playing with you*[/b]

[color=indianred][b]Job •[/b][/color][b] *What is their occupation?*[/b]

[b]• [color=firebrick][u]Behind[/u][/color] • [color=indianred][u]The[/u][/color] • [color=firebrick][u]Scenes[/u][/color] •[/b]

[color=indianred][b]Personality •[/b][/color][b] *How do they act?*[/b]

[color=indianred][b]Faction •[/b][/color][b] *Who do they side with?*[/b]

[color=indianred][b]Rank •[/b][/color][b] *What position do they hold?*[/b]

[color=indianred][b]Likes •[/b][/color][b] *Favorite food? What they like about other people...etc*[/b]

[color=indianred][b]Hates •[/b][/color][b] *Least favorite season, etc. Anything crucial for the rp*[/b]

[color=indianred][b]Infatuations •[/b][/color][b] *Meaning, who took their heart? ;3*[/b]

[color=indianred][b]Biography •[/b][/color][b] *Their past*[/b]

[b]• [color=firebrick][u]The[/u][/color] • [color=firebrick][u]Battlefield[/u][/color] •[/b]

[color=indianred][b]Main Weapon •[/b][/color][b] *What weapon do they prefer to use?*[/b]

[color=indianred][b]Sub Weapon(s) •[/b][/color][b] *What is their sub weapon? Up to two.*[/b]

[color=indianred][b]Main Power •[/b][/color][b] *What is their main power?*[/b]

[color=indianred][b]Sub-power(s) •[/b][/color][b] *What is their sub-power? Up to 2*[/b]

[color=indianred][b]Restrictions•[/b][/color][b] *What negative effects do their powers have on them?*[/b]

[b]• [color=firebrick][u]The[/u][/color] • [color=firebrick][u]Journal[/u][/color] •[/b]

[b]『[/b]This is for personal use, try to update it weekly[b]』[/b][/center]

Toggle Rules

Now I know that nobody likes rules. Hell I don't even like rules, but they are necessary for all of us. Now we all know the basic rules, like the no god-moding and time skip when things get spicy in regards to romance, so just keep these things in mind. Now onto MY rules, now I know some of these rules will probably repeat some of the ones that you have probably memorized, but bear with me here.

1 - If anyone has any questions I'll be more than happy to answer them and try to help you to the best of my ability.
2 - I am god of this RP and what I say goes. Not like I will say much anyways. Though I might add a few plot twists.
3 - Please try to let me know when you are going to be gone for an extended amount of time, also tell the people who you are RPing with. I will make your character an NPC and what that means, is that they'll be going about their business during the duration of your departure (No, no one will be playing them. Not even me.) Once you get back for your absence, you can pop back into the RP without a hitch.
4 - Make sure you have fun and make sure everyone else has fun too.
5 - People will die, but only if both parties agree on it and they let me know.
6 - Don't alter the Character Layout too much, in other words don't take anything off of it.
7 - I can and will add more rules as I feel like it. All new rules will reside underneath something that looks like this ~New Rules~
8 - Make sure you read the History and Lore, this will help you out quite a bit. (Link Below)
9 - The theme song for the RP will be listed below, this is just to give you a general idea of the city.

Now, if all of this stuff seems to work for you, then please continue on, if not then I thank you for your time. I would like for you to advertise to others that might be interested in something like this, I would like for this RP to be successful.

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Character Portrait: Kiara Bedlam
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Character Portrait: Kiara Bedlam
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Character Portrait: Kiara Bedlam
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Re: The Forgotten: The City Of Isis Theta

I submitted my character. Please correct me if something wrong with her.

Re: The Forgotten: The City Of Isis Theta

I also have a few questions...

1. Can your character already be living within the city when it starts?

2. What kind of powers are we talking about? Magic?

3. What kind of ranks are there?

Thanks in advance. :)

Re: The Forgotten: The City Of Isis Theta

Oh wow. This roleplay sounds very interesting. I'll deffinately make a character. I'll just be leaving for a while but once I get home I'll join in.

A few questions:
1. When the Roleplay starts should the characters already decide which path they want to take?
2. Should the others know which path the character is taking?
3. Is it possible to change paths in the future?

Just curious is all.

Re: The Forgotten: The City Of Isis Theta

Hello there, I would be interested in this roleplay. It looks quite interesting. I am excited to see what comes of it. It looks to have a lot of potential! I'll start working a character if that is fine with you.

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