Kiara Bedlam

"Afraid? I promise, I don't bite."

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a character in “The Forgotten: The City Of Isis Theta”, as played by Rainx


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Name: Kiara Bedlam •

Gender: Female •

Age: 22 •

Species: Human •

Relationship Status: Single •

Height: 5'5 •

Job: Odd jobs, like cleaning houses or delivering messages. •


Personality: Kiara is a very hot-headed women. She prefers this city be kept a secret. Outsides would think they were insane! She is very impulsive, which gets her in trouble from time to time. She dislikes being alone, which leads her to bars to make small talk. Many people see Kiara as someone who never learns from her failures. She always seems to make the same mistake more than once. She is very blunt, and doesn't mind breaking the rules from time to time. She has a soft spot for children, though most people feel Kiara is not fit to be around children due to her drinking issues. She hates when people try to correct her, she is sensitive to criticism due to a past experience. She says she doesn't really know what she wants to do with her life, but in reality she would like to mercenary of some sort. She always got a high off of fighting. And if killing people keeps this city a secret, well, she will gladly do it. •

Faction: Keep the city a secret. •

Rank: Currently a commoner, but would like to be something more. Maybe join the task force? •

Likes: She likes, autumn, pot roast, drinking alcohol, kids, learning new things, traveling, sleeping. •

Hates: Overly confident people, tomatoes, summer time, her father. •

Infatuations: Men with black hair, guys who are spontaneous. •

Biography: Kiara was born into what you would call a "normal family". A loving mother, a working father and two older siblings; a brother and sister. She was always a feisty little bugger. Her mother called her 'Red'. When she was around six or seven, her father started to become more harsh and hostile towards her. Forgot to make your bed? A smack to the face. Forgot to take out the trash? A belt to your behind. She could never win. He was never proud of her. Always criticizing her to do better. Her best was never suffice for him. Her mother didn't seem to want to risk her marriage by standing up to her unreasonable husband. She saw this as the normal. If children don't listen, they should be punished. However, Kiara's sister, Bethel, felt for her younger sister. She had compassion for the scared little girl. Bethel had a secret. She had been getting fighting lessons from her friends father. She told Kiara to come with her one afternoon. So Kiara came along, nervously trailing behind her big sister. And that was the fist day she ever held a sword. Even though she was only nine, Kiara felt something when she picked it up. Adrenaline rushed through her veins. She felt in control for once, like no one in the world could stop her. Of course, that was just a wooden sword, and she had not received any practice up to that point. So every other day after school she visited the man again, without her parents knowing. And for once, Kiara got good at something. Sure, she couldn't beat her mentor of anything, but at least for once she felt safe and in control. At age 16, after a huge blowout with her father, Kiara packed her bags and left. She left for good. That is when she discovered it. The hidden city. She chose the faction that she felt was the best. She wanted to keep place a secret. It was her own little paradise. Somewhere where the ghosts of her past could never find her. And she was going to make damn sure it stayed that way.•


Main Weapon: Flamberge Sword •

Sub Weapon: Battle axe, dagger(s) •

Main Power: She has the power to summon fire, but can only use it for a limited amount of time. •

Sub-power(s): She is able to heal a bit quicker than most, but she can't heal other. •

Restrictions: She gets sleepy and disoriented after a fight sometimes. She also has strange dreams at times.•


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