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The Forgotton

The Forgotton


An ancient war between two has left one forgotten. Where do you fit in this universe of battle?

740 readers have visited The Forgotton since Pine Bark created it.


Long ago, there were two herds ruled by two powerful horses. One was ruled by Kohle, a powerful black stallion and the other ruled by a kind yet merciless, palomino mare named Gluhen. They lived in harmony for years but Gluhen's light cast a shadow onto Kohle and darkness started to fill his heart. He began to react on his anger and lash out on the mare's herd. Gluhen would not tolerate it and fought back. These skirmishes lasted for months until Kohle made a bold and dangerous move. Instead of attacking small patrols, he attacked the main herd site deep within Gluhen's territory. The mare's herd was completely caught off guard and suffered a horrible defeat. The stallion had drove Gluhen to the last straw. She declared war on Kohle's herd that would last for many years to come....

This war lasted a decade until the final battle. Gluhen and Kohle met in battle and fought for their herds and their honor. During the beginning of this battle, Gluhen's forces were fighting strongly and getting the upper hand of Kohle, but as the battle progressed, Kohle was starting to win and the mare's herd was pushed back. The two horses fought face to face but Kohle proved to be more powerful than the kind mare. She was dying but with the last of her strength, Gluhen gravely wounded Kohle, forcing him and his herd to retreat. The mare's herd rejoiced in their victory as the defeated slunk back into the shadows from wince they came. Nothing was heard from that herd for years and soon it was completely forgotten....

Herd Ranks

Strahlen Herd (Gluhen's Herd)

Lead Mare: Vaek (Pine Bark)
Lead Stallion:




Vergessene Herd (Kohle's Herd)

Lead Stallion:
Lead Mare:

Deputy: Roone (Pine Bark)



Interpreting Ranks

Lead Stallion:**
This the highest rank. Their word is law and orders must be followed or punishment will ensue. Position cannot be challenged for.

Lead Mare:**
Second in Command. There to help advise the Lead Stallion and is normally mate but not always. This mare schedules patrols and such. Position can be challenged for.*

Serves as an heir for the Lead Stallion/Mare and is underneath Lead Stallion/Mare. This stallion/mare helps the Lead mare to organize patrols. Position can be challenged for.*

Stallions and Mares:
The main bulk of the herd. Serves as a mentors, soldiers, and sometimes even healers but only a select few (I will choose only two). Mares will leave their normal everyday duties when they are infoal or have a foal that is younger than a year old. Once they reach a year old, the mother will go back to her herd duties.


Colts and fillies that are over a year old. They are assigned a mentor by the Lead Stallion and are to learn the ways of herd life until they reach two years of age.

Colts and fillies that are under a year old and are protected at all costs.

*A horse may challenge a another of the Lead Mare or Deputy rank, but if the Lead Stallion feels that a certain horse will not use its rank for the right reason, he will interfere and stop the challenge.

**In the Strahlen Herd, the roles of Lead Stallion and Mare are reversed. The Lead Mare is the highest rank and Lead Stallion is Second in command.

Toggle Rules


~God Modding and Powerplay are unacceptable
~Drama is allowed.
~Swearing is allowed but don't over do it
~There will only be two herds. Please do not ask to make another one, it will not fit in with the lore. Your request will be ignored.
~Please be literate.
~Make well rounded characters. We don't want any Mary Sues running around.
~Please put Pine in 'Other' Section
~MxF only please. It does not happen in the animal world.
~Only up to 3 characters can be made.
~No loners. You're either in a herd or don't roleplay
~Have fun!

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Character Portrait: Vaek

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Character Portrait: Roone

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Character Portrait: Roone

A young, brave warrior.

Character Portrait: Vaek

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Character Portrait: Vaek

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Character Portrait: Roone

A young, brave warrior.

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