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Cayden Valdez

The last survivor of his family, reborn as a hunter with a purpose.

0 · 704 views · located in Enervis

a character in “The Forsaken: Rebirth”, as played by Torrentwolf




Theme: The Chopper

Name: Cayden Valdez
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Species: Human

Starting Location: Enervis

Personality: Once a compassionate, kind and loving young boy, the man whom became the Cayden of today is shadow of his former self. Cayden is a cautious man, never proceeding forward until he is sure his path is clear and safe. He is pragmatic in his approach in life, looking at everything from a logical point of view and thinking his actions out in advance before doing anything. Though he has hardened himself to the new world Cayden is not devoid of compassion or kindness. In fact his calm and hardened exterior is more of a shield protecting what is left of his former self. Smiling is something he rarely does anymore, save for when he interacts with children and the occasional pet.

Cayden takes his work very seriously and has little time for shenanigans during a job. Thats not to say he is inflexible or, in the rare case of working with others, not open to second opinions. However he has little tolerance for stupidity, ego and tomfoolery during a job. Depending on the nature some accidents are exceptional depending on the case. It should be noted that though hard Cayden is mercifully to his targets. Depending on the circumstances and if an Experiment shows intelligence, Cayden can and will spare them and lie to his employer to protect them.

Once a person of unquestionable faith in the gods, Cayden holds nothing but scorn and disdain for any belief in the gods. Having cast their teachings aside he has built a new belief and code to live by. He does not preach to be a savor but does try to spread his belief in the hopes of bettering his fellow humans. Whether this is his compassion for others or to hurt the gods is unknown, though it could be speculated a little of both. Though calm, even under strenuous conditions, Cayden does hold quite a bit of negative emotion in his being. Anger at the gods and grief for the loss of his family have remained and though they have smoldered into embers it does not take much to stoke the fire.

Likes: Cayden's past affiliation and current profession has taken him to many locations across the continents. As such he enjoys new locations and cultures which he often writes about. A passion Cayden has carried from his childhood is his love is to write. Stories, philosophy, journal entries, it doesn't matter the subject, if he has an interest in it he will most likely write about it. Cayden enjoys good food and does know his way around gourmet foods, but greasy and spicy foods tend to be his favored choice.


Cayden does not have anything against magic however he does not like depending on something he has no control over. He also dislikes people handling his tools and guns without his expressed permission. Above all, if there is one thing Cayden absolutely hates, it's the gods. Though once a faithful follower, the death of his parents and so many innocents caused Cayden to despise them. Places of worship for the gods such as temples are also held with similar disdain.

Weapons/Powers: Cayden doesn't rely on high tech equipment and uses what some would call antique. Cayden uses a Type 47 bolt action rifle which fires .303 and .308 ballistic ammunition. The Type 47 is a well built rifle which has served Cayden as far back as his early shooting days as a child. He uses a 6x scope for sniping and the rifle can hit a target as far as 1,800 meters away. Cayden also carries a .44 caliber revolver as a backup sidearm should his rifle not be viable in a fight. In addition he caries a knife with a curved blade and a sickle for close quarter combat and encounters. During hunting Cayden carries a few types of small traps to aid him in his hunt, such as bola's, snares, nets and small game traps. Typically his traps are only used when he has time to prep an area for an ambush.

Strengths: Cayden is a normal human who has pushed his body as far as he can. Though not super human Cayden's sense are at their peak and when compared to another human he is faster and better trained. Mentally Cayden has a strong mind and has trained to resist mental influences and remain calm under chaotic situations. Cayden is a expert marksman and hunter with skills in fieldcraft, survival and tracking which center around his profession in hunting experiments. Cayden is very skilled in remaining concealed in his environment during a hunt and using his environment to remain unseen.

Weaknesses: One big glaring weaknesses Cayden has is he is only human. Compared to the experiments and beasts he hunts he is greatly out matched and has to take care. To put in perspective, in a close combat fight with another human Cayden could go against unfair odds and still win. But against an experiment he would have no chance unless he has an equalizer or can think of a way to make one. He is also reliant on weapons, tools and companion to equalize things in a fight against experiments, take them away and he is at a great disadvantage. Magic is also something Cayden has little defense against. Attacks on his mind Cayden can repel and defeat but he has little defense against other types magic. The same could be said for supernatural creatures, for he has few options to fight them with and all of them involve getting way to close for comfort.


Cayden Valdez is the last surviving member of the Valdez family. During the Golden Millennium the large family was a proud family and generations of Valdez had seen work in many trades and fields, making them a well cultured family. One thing the family was well known for was their devotion to the gods and their teachings. One thing that could have been said about a Valdez was their unquestionable faith in the gods. Cayden was the second youngest son of seven children of the eighteenth generation of the Valdez family. Cayden was the most compassionate and inquisitive of the family. His compassion knew no bounds as he was just as likely to give his last coin to a stranger as he was to go out of his way to help someone.

Like his family Cayden was also devoted to the gods, especially Namaë whom he had a crush on, and was only surpassed by his love of his family. It was believed by many his unusual fortune was a gift from the gods themselves, as had been with several others in the Valdez family. With a loving and well offed family in one hand and the favor of the gods seemingly in the other, many thought Cayden was destined for great things and a life filled with good fortune.

Then the day came when his world came to an end. Cayden older brother had met a girl whom he became engaged to after a passionate courtship. It was a grand wedding and for the first time in five generations the entire Valdez family had gathered for the occasion. Cayden, thirteen at the time of the wedding, was excited for his brother and adored his new soon to be sister. On the day of the wedding Cayden attended with both his and the bride's family. However his brother, a follower of Bastilon, had accidentally left his amulet he was suppose to wear in their hotel. Be it his good fortune or a last minute intervention from the gods, Cayden volunteered to rush back and get it for his brother. But upon retrieving it from the room something happened, Cayden felt the earth shake, the sky outside the window flashed and then, darkness.

When he awoke he was in the ruins of the hotel he had been in, which had somehow shielded him from the worst of calamity. Injured but not gravely, Cayden worked his way back towards the temple looking for his family while helping any survivors he came across. Upon reaching the now ruined temple Cayden found his family, all of them, dead. Cayden cried in pain as he tried to wake them, hoping they were merely unconscious, but only he had been so lucky. There in the ruins Cayden cried, holding the bodies of his family, calling out and begging to Bastilon, Namaë, to all of the gods to help his family. But all of his cries fell on deaf ears, for the gods had abandoned all of mankind. Though he lived, it was on that day Cayden died and in his place came a new life with little purpose. Compassion dimmed, skepticism was born and anger burned deep within Cayden as like a phoenix he was reborn anew.

Now in a new world filled with dangers and peril, Cayden was forced to adapt to his new life. Without the safety of his family and his apparent favor gone, Cayden had nothing but the limited skills he learned to aid him. One of his uncles had taught gotten Cayden into sports shooting and hunting at a young age. While hunting held no appeal to Cayden at that time he did enjoy learning the skills that came with it such as shooting, tracking and trapping. It was these skills which helped Cayden survive in those early days, though it was quite difficult scavenging the tools needed to use those skills.

Not just content with survival Cayden spent a long time honing his skills and body to the peak of human possibility. His new purpose was to become a deadly apex predator capable of facing the nightmares man had created. So for over ten years Cayden traveled and trained, learning from his mistakes and failings. With no help from the gods Cayden became one of, if not the most, deadly hunter in the region. His prey didn't matter, criminals, experiments, daemons, so long as Cayden could make a living and protect others in the process he would take any contract, save for those that didn't conflict with his new beliefs.

The Cayden of this era is different from the one of the former, but deep in his soul, hope for a better future burns within.

Other: Cayden has a pet Dire Wolf he found in the wilderness and it is his companion and hunting partner.

Appearance: Typically Cayden wears a grey tunic and camo trousers with black boots. He wear a huntsman cloak for protection from the elements and concealment both in the wild and urban environments. His belt has several pouches for holding tools and ammunition for easy quick access. He wears a silver pin of a phoenix rising from the flames as his trademark crest. On his belt hangs an amulet for every god in existence and each one has been defiled with large X's carved across the front and text on the back saying 'Dead'. Cayden's hair is a ebony black which comes to rest just above shoulders in a pony tail. His face has a close trimmed beard neatly framing his face and complementing his dark brown eyes. Cayden stands at a height of 6'2” and also bares quite a few scars across his body, all a result of his profession.

So begins...

Cayden Valdez's Story


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Many years of life, volumes of knowledge and instincts to his disposal, and what came to him next he could not have prepared for. Reeling back, the elder demon hissed and grunted loudly and pressed his wrists to his eyes. "D-damned be, you..!" he hisses stumbling backwards, frantic to clean his soiled eyes. "Wretched... world!" he growls, his hair again standing on ends, his nails and fingers becoming claws. What simmered now boiled, what sought not awakening now awakened, and with raised head he let out a thunderous roar that echoed across the land. The trees shuddered in waves, birds in flocks frantically scattered from their branches, animals flee.

"DAMN! Damn you all scourge of mortal kin, damn ye harlot brood, damn ye thorns of sin! Do you bear not any mind of who I AM!?" He screams, still holding his eyes, the flames ignited around him once more, and unfolding and swinging out from his body, were two magnificent, gigantic wings of black, as feathers molted from them spread through the air, caught in the winds of his rage. As he opens his eyes, gleaming like the gates of the underworld, blue embers rain about him as he begins his approach. The calm facade has faded, and a storm has come. "Learn again the hate born, learn again the failure, learn again, Editus Rayn!"

It was clear he was no longer being rational, his mind was now an angry haze, the reservoir within him had ruptured and now spilled out around him, not so subtly spilling across the land around him as he claws at trees and other shrubbery in a wild frenzy. It did not help that once already since his awakening had he been stricken, as if being returned were not bad enough, but now he was made a fool of by a small... talking... animal!


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#, as written by Davien
As Thorn ran away, he heard an unworldly unleashing of curses and screaming he had never
heard before, even before he was enlightened. He stopped and turned back in bewilderment,
just as a blast of wind knocked him off of his feet and into a nearby tree. Luckily it
didn't hurt too much. But Thorns eyes widened and dialated as once again he saw the blue
aura of flame engulf the figure he had been tormenting. His little mouth began to open
slowly in amazement as he watched him vent.

He stayed in his tree, climbing up a few branches and slowly walking over one of them
to be as close to Editus as he could, letting him calm down and the flames hopefully
dissipate. He would have been far, far away if those magic wings and blue flames hadn't
warranted a tirade of questions and inquiries he needed to know. He got onto a branch
roughly five feet above and ten feet away from Editus.

He called out.

"Excuse me Bird Man, but you don't need to feel bad. You are not stupid. I am just very
smart." he said, trying to be empathetic and failing miserably.

"But you need to tell me! What are those flames? Did you always have those wings?
Could you knock this tree over if you tried?!" His speech got more rapid as he forgot his
fight or flight instincts, jumping down from the tree and continuing on with his tirade.

"Do you cook with that trick? Thats what its called right? Burning dead animals? Cooking,
right?" He thought of the last time he ate, which was too long ago.

"Are you hungry? What do you eat? Will you cook for me? I can tell we're gonna be friends."
He said with a hyena like chuckle, fearlessly walking up to Editus and poking at his wings,
purple eyes alight with curiosity.


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It was a deception, all around them it was deception. All was peaceful and calm, tranquil and harmonious, but to those like him who knew better it was all a facade. Beset on all sides by unseen threats, predators on the prowl for prey for the taking. The forest was beautiful but it was home to dangerous creatures and deadly experiments. Years of hunting had honed Cayden's skills and his instincts and he knew better than to let his guard down for even a second. Especially considering he was hunting in experiment central of all place. Yet Cayden did not fear any experiment in the typical manner. Even as he prowled through the undergrowth with his Dire Wolf companion his fear only served to make him aware of the dangers around him. The hairs on his neck standing up, the paranoia of being watched, sudden movement out of the corner of his eye, they all kept him alive by making him cautious.

Enervis was the most dangerous place on the planet for and was a prim hunting ground for apex predators such as experiments. But unfortunately for them Cayden was an equally deadly predator in his own right and right now he was on the hunt. Even now he was honed in on a set of tracks heading towards the coast, a pair of somethings by the looks of it. Whatever they were they were bipedal judging by the tracks, but that didn't mean they were human oh no. You don't hunt experiments as long as Cayden did without knowing they came in many different types and verities, that included humanoid. First step, verify, then go from there was what the situation called for. However as he and Iris, his Dire Wolf companion, moved forward a low rumble shook the ground, causing bot hunter and companion to crouch low, eyes darting about looking for the source. Soon it stopped, only to restart a few moments later before fading away.

Cayden and Iris held their ground, cautiously waiting for something to attack them. But nothing for a thundering roar several minutes later which split the air, shaking the trees and spending birds and animals scattering. Cayden held his rifle at the ready, Iris growling in warning at the unseen threat. In the distance trees falling could be heard and it was no doubt what ever made that roar was on the move. But the sounds of falling trees grew distant and it was apparent it was not coming for them, “Moving inland, away from us. Don't know what that is but as long as it stays away we'll leave it alone....for now.” Cayden said aloud. Looked to Iris who had stopped growling but had her fur standing on edge, “Come on, lets find where these tracks are heading. Maybe we'll fill our quota early.” Cayden said as they resumed the hunt.

Ten minutes or so later the pair followed the tracks to the open coast which was a far cry from the enclosed forest. Keeping to the tree lines the two moved along the beach searching for their prey. This was made more difficult as the tracks went out onto the beach but to remain concealed the two had to stay within the tree lines to take advantage of the cover it provided. But soon, Cayden spied two figures down the beach, no doubt the targets they were looking for. Using the scope on his rifle he peered down the beach and could make out two humanoids walking. He couldn't see any distinguishing details to tell if it they were human or experiment which was a problem. Cayden would have to get closer to be able to tell and each step closer not only took him out of his primary zone of combat but also increased the chance of being discovered. But Cayden wasn't about to risk shooting at possible hunters or even civilians for that matter. It was either get closer and verify or leave a potentially deadly set of experiments on the lose.

In the end there was no debate over the course of action. Backing a bit further into the trees, Cayden and Iris continued to stalk their target in an attempt to get closer and discover if they were friend, or prey.


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  1. Sorry for the short post. But I'm busy and will be for a few days longer.

    by Revenant Sorrow
  2. I hope you don't mind me making up some lore. You can ignore the italics if MartinVole decides against it.

    by Revenant Sorrow
  3. Do note that I left a possible plottwist and the reason for the Elves' hate for Alistair in it.

    by Revenant Sorrow
  4. I mean, I can easily imagine some former friends of Calion going 'That son of a bitch, is he also responsible for Calion's descend?' depending on them knowing about Alistair's involvement in Calion's life. Which is highly likely.

    by Revenant Sorrow
  5. Just to be aware, there's a very angry Demon Lord raging across Enervis. Woken up on the wrong side of the bed, where all sides are wrong sides, as it were.

    by MartinVole
  6. In fact, I'd wonder if Calion knew of Editus, or if Editus played a part in Calion's fall, given I noted that he has instigated betrayal/rebellion in the past.

    by MartinVole

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Thawulunnor had sensed the undead being coming, but that didn't mean he wasn't baffled by it's appearance next to them. Or rather, it's demeanor. Then again, necromancy -a discipline that he had pretty much been invented by himself- would probably have evolved greatly over the millennia. Though why a man with the skill to become a lich would let his body rot away was still unclear to him.

Then again, maybe it had simply aged too much by the point he'd reached that level of skill? Humans were rather short-lived after all.

He looked at the blind girl next to him awkwardly, not knowing whether she had picked up on it's undead nature.

"This...", Thawulunnor shook his head, "What do you think of the offer he made Madison?"

[He did note that this Goldenbones didn't seem to have much knowledge of Elves either. Thanks to Thawulunnor elves had begun to despise necromancy with a fiery passion, almost rivalling -or possibly even surpassing- their supposed hatred for demonkind. He also knew out of personal experience that elves, once they begin a vendetta against someone or something, will never snap out of it, unless it turns out to be a setup. Then they turn their ire on the nebt target.

He couldn't imagine anything happening to snap them out of their hatred for necromancy though. So the skeleton would probably have been attacked on the spot if he had been any other elf but himself.]


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Madison sighed. She didn’t know much about elves besides what some short books mentioned them, so was hoping Thawulunnor would talk about it. Plus if there were people around that wanted that information, it would get them a pretty penny here and there.

Madison heard the clinging of coin and gold getting louder, turning her face in the direction, focusing on the sound. It’s footsteps didn’t were heavy, plus there was also a type of clattering noise, almost like bones. A Skeleton? She thought to herself before hearing him talk in a higher manner.

After thinking for a second, she did think it would be a way off the coast. This man, or type of being, was offering them free passage. But what’s the catch Madison thought to herself and wanting to ask out loud. She was brought out of her train of thought by Thawulunnor asking about the offer.

“Well, we are short of coin and he didn’t really ask for any payment I think.” Madison said, still trying to decipher all what was exactly said. “But it does get us out of here.” She said standing up. As she stood up she felt a presence like they were being watched and snapped her head towards the tree line trying to focus on whatever it was, but the ocean waves didn’t help. It was probably just an animal or something.


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(Posting again to notify others)

Standing up again, his senses returning to him, he lifted his head to test the air. "So, there are still people on this godforsaken world! Those of my... brethren still roaming, some things unfamiliar, and... an elf, ah, this is curious," he muttered in a mocking tone. "Surprised I have not yet stirred the natives, a disappointment not to be greeted with the reception I rightfully deserve. I'm sure I put on a big enough show already. Perhaps I should make a more pronounced greeting."

Extending his arm into the air, the Elder Demon conjured the blue flames in the air, twisting a spiraling, a maelstrom of magic cast into the skies above, raining down the blue fire, flames that do not burn the flesh, but stings all the same. It wasn't quite his intention yet to kill, but to make a statement of his presence. This time it wasn't just a brief rush, but a continuous flow as he cast his dark magic across the surrounding lands, engulfing it in twilight. The trees once again stirred. If he could at least get the attention of other Elder Demons, he could at least make something worthwhile of his awakening.

I do wonder what this new world has to offer... though, I'm sure to be disappointed.