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Hazel Ligginton

"Do you honestly think you know?"

0 · 297 views · located in The Malcolm Train, 1927

a character in “The Foundlings”, as played by SugarCoatedVanilla




{ Name }
Hazel Ligginton

{ Nickname }
Hazey || Hazey

{ Hometown }
Las Vegas, Nevada

{ Occupation }
Infant Caregiver


{ History }

Hazel wasn't born into the best environment at all. She was born a bastard child and was left with her father at the age of three year old. She didn't know what was happening at the time at all. It was one of the things she was glad not to remember although she has plenty more to remember off of. He father wasn't the bst man, nor was her mother that was a prostitute. Hazel grew up in and out of peoples home. She never considered any place a home exactly at all. She wasn't very close to anyone but he father, although he treated her like dirt. She spent endless nights underneath her fathers bed while he made love to some woman, along with staying in her fathers car at night when he stayed in a hotel.

As she had gotten older her father took advantage of her. When turned eleven was the first time she had sex with her fathers best friend. She was used as a way of her father making money and it had a negative effect on her. For years up until she was taken to the train. When she was found she was already a few months pregnant with a child and it killed her to know what her father had done to her. He taught her that he was to give men all they wan even if you done want to. It was driven into her and her personality showed it. She thought that she ended to do anything to be loved. In the end it only locked away her heart when it came to men.

Three months after being on the train she gave birth to Tilly. After that she tended to stay with her daughter although se was suppose to be in a different room. She ended up learning how to take care of the infants and other small children along the way. They would spend the whole night staying up with the infants learning how to keep them quiet for her own sake. In the morning she would be passed out leaning against one of the cribs. After that she often times was assigned to taking care of the small children and eventually became the caregiver. She also helps to in different areas with the older ones every once in a while. Mainly to spend time with her daughter during those moments. Her life story isn't exactly an interesting one. She wings through her life as if it wont matter to her.



{ Positive traits }
Carefree || Easily Impressed || Generous || Dependable || Loyal

{ Negative traits }
Flirty || Stubborn || Naïve || Feisty || Reckless

{ Personality }
When you fist look at Hazel most tend to see the gentle side of her. She is the caregiver and majority of the time when people come across her she had one of two children with her and sometimes more. She naturally had a soft spot when it comes to children, due to how she was treated as a child. She is very dependable and when she says she's going to do something don't doubt her, because she'll only prove you wrong. She is a carefree type of person and its unusual to see her truly put a fight for something. She puts up an uninterested look majority of the time so she doesn't every have to show other people what or how she actually feels. She cares more about the children especially her daughter than herself. Her heart will never double cross when it comes to the children's health or care. That will be the one thing you will always see in her. She does her best for all of the children and wants them to live a happier childhood than she did, even if they were orphans. If you were one to earn her trust and loyalty you are a lucky winner. She isn't the type that is loyal to every single person especially when it comes to men. Hazel is one that doesn't like to play games with other people when she is giving her loyalty. If you are loyal to her she is loyal to you. She is easy to impress and if you have something good going on she will take notice and her eyes may bat your direction for a bit of time.
When you have caught her eye her natural instinct is to go after that person. She was raised in the type of way where when she sees someone with potential especially when it came or the older men to go after them. That was the way her father had raised her and it carries off threw her later childhood years. She may flirt with whoever she pleases due to her natural habits, but that doesn't always mean she has no decency at all. Hazel has always thought that if a man catches her attention and can fall for her body he's a keeper. She think that's her perspective of love and that's the only way to go about it. She flirts with any man she feels can take care of her and use her body as a form of making love with her. Despite what others may think of her she is a lost girl who has yet to find her rightful place in the world. Although life hasn't treated her all that well she keeps swinging back doing everything she possible can. Hazel is quite stubborn when it comes down to it. There aren't too many people who can successfully convince her to change something she feels is right. She stands her ground and can refuse to change her mind. She likes to do as she pleases and not what is actually better for the situation in general. This makes her quite a reckless one. he is too stubborn to give up and tens to be a young fool. She thinks something I right, but ends up being wrong, and possibly makes the situation even we than it was before, or there may not be a change at all. Once she hears something, she likes to believe that its true and right making her seem to be naïve. She had yet to understand that everything she hears isn't the exact truth, and that isn't the greatest thing that takes place. Hazel is a feisty type girl and due to her being a young fool she tends to think she's right, although she isn't always right. Most know her de to the way she flirts around have lays in bed with any man she successfully seduces.


+Nifty Hats
+Classical Theater
+ Mystery Novels
-Shady Areas
-Being Taken Advantage Of
- Falling in Love


{ Body }
Hazel is one that tends to keep in shape with herself. She isn't the skinniest type of person nor does she strive to be. She takes care of herself and although she doesn't dress with the most expensive clothing. she does make sure its decent and presentable in any sort of case. At her weight she weighs around 127 lbs. it is around the right height for her own height. She stands around 5'6 and 5'7 a bit above average height, but not by too much. Her skin typically is a light milky color over her whole body. During the hotter months she tends t get more of a tan. Overall she is a woman that takes care of herself even though she may not have the best things she possibly can ever have.
{ Hair }
Hazels natural hair is a pure and dark brown color. As a small child it was a strawberry blonde, but as she got older it naturally turned darker and stayed at the dark brown color. She keeps her hair a few inches past her shoulder and normally stops at the curve of her neck. Anything longer than that she typically cuts it all off when she has the time to do so. It has medium thickness and naturally wavy. Majority of the time you will see her hair either curled into tight curls or she brushes her hair and puts a hat over it..
{ Eyes }
Dark Blue
{ Other }
On her back there are a variety of short and long scars, a few on her arms.

So begins...

Hazel Ligginton's Story