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Dina King

"A happy family is but an earlier heaven, sadly I didn't exactly have that." W.I.P

0 · 612 views · located in Sacramento, California

a character in “The Fourteenth Floor”, as played by .euphoria.


Dina Elizabeth King
“Strong women wear their pain like stilettos. No matter how much it hurts, all you see is the beauty of it.”

General Knowledge

| Full Name |
Dina Elizabeth King

| Nicknames |
She despises any nicknames really, she thinks her name is short enough that it doesn't need it. But the nicknames ever given to her are 'DiDi', 'Princess', 'Doll' and 'Sweetie' but sometimes she is called it when being teased either in a kind or mocking way.

| Gender |
She is obviously female... Just look at her.

Age |

|Ethnicity |
25% Swedish 25% Dutch 50% French

| Apartment Number |

| Sexual Orientation |
She honestly is so confused about the whole sexuality thing and hasn't given it much thought since she moved around a lot. So, she just says that she's... undecided. But most people assume that she's asexual because she rarely shows romantic interest in anyone.

| Occupation |
She works as a waitress at a diner not far from their apartment building but is also a singing coach to make ends meet. But her real dream and only her sister knows about it, is to become a famous Broadway singer and to play the lead in Wicked, her favorite music.

Things You Want To Know

| Hair Color |
She has dyed her hair a couple times for rebellion but once she turned eighteen she wanted a fresh start and decided to dye it back to it's natural hair color brown.

| Eye Color |
Crystal Blue with Specks of Green In Them

| Height |

| Weight |

| Build |

| Piercings |
None. She's always has had a habit of messing with her ears and piercings don't help that habit.

| Scars |
During her teenage days she did have a habit of self harming. So, she has a couple of scars on her wrists, upper thighs, and stomach that have faded but they are still visible.

For Better Or For Worse

| Personality |

{Quiet, Mysterious, Cynical, A Fighter, Intelligent, Observant, Distant}

“A lot of people make me out in... not the most positive light at least from what I've heard. Just another poor little loner girl who takes to herself and no one else. Oh boo hoo, woe is her. But, other then that I'm pretty mush different. When you meet me, Fiona Sinclair, I kind of have a few different pieces of my personality to myself. But, they blend into me all at once, I do not have multiple personalities. Trust me. I have been to have a very free spirited personality that she shows off most of the time around everyone I meet, adults, people my "age", and everyone in between. This is a huge part of me. But, another part of me is how I don't give a fuck what people think of me. I am.a mystery. And, I am different than most girls here.I'm not going lie to you. I am not the nicest girl here by far but, I'm afraid to get hurt by anyone... Guys, Girls, it doesn't matter to me. I refuse to be hurt.

But, when you get past my.... defense and become a close friend. I am sarcastic, funny, upbeat, energetic, and is smirking most of the time, with friends I can be somewhat absent-minded, random, and slightly dim at times when I am not interested in the subject. Which happens a lot. Not that I chose to be uninterested, I just have a hard time focusing on mostly anything school related. Despite that though, I have been shown to have some intelligence and is shockingly, very smart in some subjects of life like a high reading level and a high vocabulary. I like to think that I have a fun-loving personality somehow, but it depends on who is around. But, I frequently like to joke around, smirk, and talk about things I am interested in like music and reading of course.

Anyway, I know I am very....different. Since birth I knew there was something not right about me. And, people think that they know what I mean by 'different' like they think it is mine accent or maybe my style. But, that's not it. I'm not different because I chose to be.... well, mostly. But because I was born that way. No seriously. Around people I rarely know or people I may or may not have feelings for... Lord have mercy. I-- I can't speak, I go on mute and look at the floor like at any moment it's going to poof away from under me. I get all nervous and I have this 'poker face' that is irregular that you cant tell what I'm thinking. But, I'm not a complete spaz around people. I am different than when I'm around my really small group of friends back home. Sure, I'm still quiet and shy but not s much as other days. But, it depends on the day sometimes I can a bit over the place like I had a lot of cups of coffee and sometimes I can be so quiet and scared of to make eye with other people that you would think something was wrong with me-- Oh, wait, never mind. I-- I won't tell you why exactly but, just know I'm getting better with it and the therapist thinks I should be fine on my own by the time I go onto my last year here, next year.

But, for now, I cannot read body language worth a damn which I wish I could but fuck it, if they have something to tell me they can tell me with their voice. No one understands what it means and I do not plan on telling anyone anytime soon. Most people take my silence as arrogance or maybe weakness but, they make me out to be this girl I'm not. Not that I care but most people think I am a slut or a bitch just because of what I look like. They have no idea who I am or what I have done in my life to be where I am. And to judge me it's a big FU in the face to me. So, I got tired of trying and just am letting whatever happens...... happen.”

| Hobbies |

Reading Writing Dancing Watching Old Movies Singing Poetry Trivia She loves going on jogs early in the morning

| Habits |

Taps Her Fingers A Lot She moves her lips to the side when she is judging something/someone When she is around others and is forced to speak she said "Um." a lot. She always finds herself moving even further away from when she's in a large group.

| Oddities |

She is terribly allergic to Strawberries, Blueberries, and Mango She always has a notebook and a book with her She has to finish at least one book a week in order to feel good

| Likes and Dislikes |

The Great Gatsby: Book and Movie Hipsters
The Thought of Affection From Someone Being An Orphan
Classic Romance Fake People
Animals Moving Around A Lot
Being Alone in Her Room Rom-Coms
The Beat Of Music People Who Mess With Her
Smirking Hostility
Cooking Vegetarian Meals Liars
Speaking French Her Accent
Ballet The Orphanage
The Idea of Someone Loving HerPeople Hating Her
Her Jewish ReligionBlood
Tattoos Not Being Able To Trust People
Moonlit Walks Drinking
Romantic Gestures Public Speaking
Sour Gummy Worms Metal/Rap Music
Reading, Reading, and More Reading Most Movies
Small Groups of People Loud People
Cooking Getting Burned
Stimulating Conversations Confrontations
Her Sister Her Family
Masterchef Her Sister Rebelling and Sneaking Out
Her Curly Hair Swimming
Indie Films and Music Yelling
Long Handwritten Letters Text Language
French Roast Coffee Bitter Foods
Romantic People Players
Shakespeare Flirting/Being Flirted With
| Other/Anything Else |

She is Jewish and has been since the age of sixteen

She is vegetarian but still cooks meat every once and a while for her sister and family.

She always wears a Star of David necklace no matter where she is.

She is fluent in French and Semi-fluent in Swedish

Her Favorite Musical is Wicked

Stuff You Shouldn't know...


Strengths and Weaknesses

Dina's Skills/Power/Talents:

Sonic Scream-She can emit sound waves that can destroy objects, they may be able to target certain objects so that only they are destroyed. With enough power, a user of this ability could level entire cities with their power and at full strength they could possibly destroy entire planet. She may also be able to emit a roar strong enough around enemies to damage their sense of hearing. Her roar may also cause fear or paralyze their enemies with a threatening roar.

She has a very extensive vocabulary and reading level

She has a very great memory

Anything doing with words, pronouncing, spelling, and/or even knowing the definition. She's good at.

She has an exceptional singing voice

Dina's Flaws/Weaknesses:

Weaknesses To Power-Flow of sound waves often natural often causing accidental destruction to nearby objects. She may also cause unintentional harm to distant targets, including beings with sensitive/enhanced/superhuman hearing. Her sound/sonic waves can be reflected off certain objects, like mirrors. This ability is also rendered utterly useless when the user's mouth is gagged by any means.

She is not good at public speaking whatsoever!

Dina is not confident in herself or anything she does, always second guessing herself and her choices

She has a bunch of scars on her bodies that she tries to cover up as much as possible.

She does suffer from insomnia.

| Fears/Phobias |

Fear of abuse: She was adopted by an abusive family.

Public Speaking: Being the way she am, Dina hates not just being around a huge amount of people but also speaking in front of them! It's like she just goes mute and no matter what she tries, she just can't speak until she's around a close friend only or by herself. Trying to give over the panic attack the girl probably just had.

Fear of Water/Swimming: Do not try to get her near any type of large body of water because she will end up running far far away from it. Ever since she almost drowned at young age... She rather stay dry and alive thank you very much.

Remembering The Past


| Relationship Status |
She has been with maybe two, three guys in her life but it wasn't long after that she would talk herself into breaking up with them because she felt that she "didn't deserve to be with them". But as of right now, she is Single.

| History |
In the process of finishing....

Theme Songs

Wide Awake | Glee Cast Cover
I'm wide awake
Yeah, I was in the dark
I was falling hard
With an open heart
I'm wide awake
How did I read the stars so wrong?
I'm wide awake
And now it's clear to me
That everything you see
Ain't always what it seems
I'm wide awake
Yeah, I was dreaming for so long

I wish I knew then
What I know now
Wouldn't dive in
Wouldn't bow down
Gravity hurts
You made it so sweet
'Til I woke up on
On the concrete
Tattooed Heart | Ariana Grande
You don't need a lot of money
Honey you don't have to play no games
All I need is all your loving
To get the blood rushing through my veins

I wanna say we're going steady
Like it's 1954,
No, it doesn't have to be forever
Just as long as I'm the name on your tattooed heart

You don't need to worry about making me crazy
'Cause I'm way past that
And so just call me, if you want me
'Cause you got me, and I'll show you how much I wanna be on your tattooed heart

Just as long as I'm the name on your tattooed heart

Wrap me in your jacket, my baby
And lay me in your bed
And kiss me underneath the moonlight
Darling let me trace the lines on your tattooed heart

So begins...

Dina King's Story

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Morning stretched over California with the warm rays of pure sunlight and new beginnings. The sun's beams of annoying light and unnecessary heat flickered through what she thought were closed blinds and a small whine erupted from her throat, causing her to turn onto her side and curl up, clutching the blanket with the need to return to the calm sanctity of sleep. Long and dark lashes fluttered momentarily, almost brushing a pale cheek before her eyes opened to reveal orbs of pure and nearly glowing sapphire. For a second, emerald green pierced through the sea of her eyes before they returned to normal. Her feral side alwas came out to play early in the morningBut then they closed again and the young blonde drifted off into a very light state of weightlessness and euphoria.

A few moment longer and Arielle, or Ellie as she liked to be called, Murdoc awoke and yawned softly. For only just a second, she considered trying to go back to sleep and ignoring her brain's desire to not miss work today. She hardly took sick days; one little white lie wouldn't hurt anyone. And - if her boss was in dire need of her assistance - there was a thing called Skype. However, a small hint of guilt found its way into her chest and weighed down on her until she opened her eyes and stared at a surprisingly still asleep Tristan. Usually, he awoke before her and would actually force her to wake up. It was a rarity to be up before him.

"I really gotta stop doing this..."

Her mutter fell on what she considered to be deaf ears at the moment as she took in the time to admire the way Tristan's hair fell over his face, or the sharp, timeless handsomeness of his face. More importantly, the calm innocence on his face as he slept. His almost always tense countenance during the day and an even harder expression when he was feeling the stress of his line of work or annoyed made it almost impossible for most to think that calm was a good definition to ever use in a sentence with Tristan's name. However, Ellie and a few others were granted the opportunity to see him truly smile or at moments like these; where his face held no tenseness and he was visibly relaxed. The only thing that spoiled the moment was not being able to see those beautiful eyes. A small, barely noticeable and possessive growl snuck its way past her lips and Ellie could see the little bitch inside of her curling up into a ball and smiling to herself happily.

Rolling her eyes, Arielle sat up, throwing the blanket off of her body. The shirt she stole from Tristan - an old one so that she would not get cussed out - fell off of her right shoulder, revealing the straps to the cami she wore underneath. Other than those two items of clothing, that was all Ellie wore last night. She pretty much crashed at some point; she couldn't truly remember when. Rolling her neck, Arielle decided that she couldn't exactly leave Tristan to sleep. They both have work.

"Come on, handsome," she called and leaned over to push against his very broad - don't go there - shoulders. "Tristan, wake up. We have work." Knowing that he would eventually awaken, Arielle decided to go make coffee. Without a lack of confidence in her physique or embarassment for being seen, Arielle stood and stretched, leaning up onto the tips of her toes and extending her fingers as well. The shirt fell to the middle of her thighs. She gave one final glance to Tristan, ignoring the way her heart clenched momentarily, and walked out of his bedroom to go make a batch of coffee.

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#, as written by spayce

Cheyenne woke up to the sound of a muffled TV program in the living room. The light escaping her curtains shined on the comfy clutter of her bedroom- glass terrariums, the hanging tapestry over her head, drying herbs, diy cigarettes, shelves filled with empty pretty things, clothes lines, instruments. The scent of warm jasmine and copal incense burning in her room made her feel calm and dreamier than usual. She brushed tiny tangles out of her long disheveled hair and chose to wear a long sheer skirt over a cotton long sleeve leotard that she wore last night.

Her phone beeped reminding her of a tarot reading appointment in the park. She feels nervous and excited whenever she meets a new customer. Last night she littered the walls of the apartment building with her decorated psychic flyers. She had always been too shy to talk to her neighbors, but they hopefully won't mind the flyers scattered in the hallway and elevator and call the number listed on them instead of complaining.

She entered the kitchen to find Naila and Arielle eating breakfast in the kitchen. She smiled at Arielle. "Did you have a nice time last night?" she asked with a knowing smile. Cheyenne made herself toast with almond butter and basil. She took her plate and mug of tea over to where Nailah was sitting and watching a documentary. "Do you want to talk about it?" she asked, staring at the bruise on Nailah's chin.

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Dina Elizabeth King

"Dina! Wake up, big sister."

The young Jewish girl let out a small groan as she opened her eyes to see her sister leaning against the frame of her door. She smiled towards the young girl before clearing her throat softly. "Hey Dani. What are you doing up already? From the look of you passed out on the couch, I thought you would be asleep for another hour or so." Dina said as she got up out of bed and put her feet on the cold wooden floor before slipping on her white slippers. "Very funny. I didn't drink so I don't know what you mean by 'passed out'. I was just really tired, okay?"

Dina sighed softly before shaking her head and getting up and walking towards her closet to pick out an outfit for the day. It didn't take her too long to pick something out seeing that she was going to be wearing her waitress uniform over it all day anyway. The whole time, her little sister looking at Dina with her heels tapping against the floor. Dina tried not saying anything but, couldn't keep her mouth shut. "Why are you wearing heels?" She asked with annoyance in her soft voice.

Danielle just chuckled before shutting the door behind her and smiling towards her sister. "Because, my dear sister, they are fashionable. Something, I could help you with if you want."

"Um, no." Was all Dina said to her younger sister as she slipped off her oversized gray Columbia University hoodie. "Oh, come on. If you actually put on some heels, put on a little eyeliner, and had some confidence, guys would be all over you, Dee." Dina just let out a small scoff as she slipped on a white top and blue jeans. It was easy to tell that the two King sisters were completely different from one another. Dina was quiet, shy, and had as much confidence as a three year old. While her sister, was confident, sassy, and knew that she was good looking and she didn't let people forget it. 'Dina, come on! You know you have your eyes on one of those cute guys in 1427. And I know them, so I could hook you up."

With another scoff, Dina slipped on her gray flats and walked out of her room with her sister not far behind her. "Danielle, I know you like playing Cupid with your friends but I'm twenty five I think I can do it on my own. Besides, I don't have time for romance anyway. With auditions and work and having to watch you like a two year old, when do I have time? " She asked her sister with a crooked eyebrow. "No one asked you to treat me like a child."

"If you act like a child, I treat you like one. That's how it works."

"You're acting like mom!" Dina put down her coffee mug before turning towards her sister and walking towards her. "I am nothing like mom! If I was, you would have cigarette burns and scratch marks on your back like I do. But, no. I chose to take you with me and get you out of that hellhole before you were old enough to be tortured." She said with a shaky voice as she looked up at her younger sister. Dani just rolled her eyes and walked into her room, slamming the door behind her. Once she did Dina sighed and went back to her coffee. She hated bringing up their parents but, whenever she did it would make Dani shut up and most likely storm off into her room leaving Dina alone to calm herself.

At this point, Dina couldn't even finish her small breakfast. She just dumped her coffee down the sink and placed her Wicked mug softly in the sink before going to the closet across from the door to grab her red uniform and gray coat to go over it. She looked towards her sister's door before sighing. "If you plan on going anywhere, text me first. Okay?" She told her sister in a calm tone. Trying to act like their little argument didn't happen.

"Okay, whatever." Dani said through the door. Dina sighed, looked down at the floor, all before walking out of their apartment and to the elevator to get to work. Within five minutes, she was at the diner where she worked, right across the street from their apartment building. She hung up her coat on the coat rack in the employee's lounge and rushed into the dining room to begin taking orders.

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"Thanks for the dinner, Javi," Arielle said as they exited the restaurant, an appreciative smile on her face as the gentleman accompanying her opened the door for her. "I'll make sure to get back to you if there are any changes." The handsome young man smiled at her and led her towards her car, a polite hand at the middle of her back to steer in the right direction. Luckily for him, it was appropriate enough. The other side of her was sated by the steak she ingested and currently found him harmless.

"No problem." She could feel him hesitating when they finally reached her vehicle. Arielle paused, hand still in her purse to pull her keys out and eyes on him expectantly. Javier smirked at that and cleared his fault. "And maybe, if its alright with you, we can do this again some time." A small smile spread on her face and Arielle lowered her head to the ground so that he wouldn't see the other part of her come to life.


"Sure, why not?" Javier was harmless and all they would be doing is hanging out or grabbing a bite to eat. There was nothing serious about. But still, something twisted in her stomach that made her smile feel somewhat forced. However, Javier must not have seen that. His smile was bright and adorable.

"Alright then. Good night." He pecked her cheek gently before walking to his car, waiting until she was seated in her own before entering his. Arielle sat there for a moment to mull over the decision she just made. Was she just leading Javier on? Sure, he was nice and definitely cute. But...was she even interested? Arielle deflated, sitting back in the driver's seat before pulling out her phone.

To: Everyone
Message: Party in Apartment 1416!! See you there!! :) :)

After that text was sent, she sent a quick message to Nailah, telling her that there were a few things she was going to pick up first before she came back to the apartment.

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Gavin glanced over at Augustus, raising an eyebrow once more, mostly at his comment on the sexual relations between Tristan and Arielle. His reply is buffered with a shrug, partially because he can't honestly say on the matter, regardless of the fact that the young man across from him asks in a mostly joking manner. They both know by now that Tristan isn't really the sort- in fact, Gavin might be hard pressed to remember any instance of Tristan bringing a girl home without some sort of platonic bond being the explanation. He'd guessed, for most of the time that they'd known each other, that the genius was asexual. Perhaps he is, and aromantic as well, though Gavin has slightly greater doubts in regards to that. "Can't say, man. You know how he is,"
and clearly, Augustus does, for he launches into an impersonation close enough to prompt a laugh from Gavin- in no small part due to the great contrast in height between Augustus and the demi-Goliath that he is making an effort to mimic. His following words a source of slight confusion on his part, however.

"Your ship? What?" having never been the sort to go on the internet much, or to be part of fandoms and the like, the term is foreign to Gavin. He is somewhat glad to move on to a topic with which he is far more familiar- the hospital. He finds it a bit funny that Augustus still doesn't really know his schedule, though chalks it up to the fact that he's often somewhere else at night and during the day. At least, away enough to not realize that Gavin works the night shift, not the day shift. "Day off, actually. And as far as lonely lady nurses go- you should probably watch less soap operas," he responds nonchalantly, though with a smile. He's not being entirely honest, though- he is quite popular with many of his female coworkers, as it happens. But, he doesn't like the idea of dating at work- if there's a break up, it would just make things awkward, and that's the last thing one needs rushing about a place full of the injured, ill, and dying.

He glances at the clock, "Besides, you're the one surrounded by female models, right? At the moment, I'm more content to surround myself with a bed and blanket. Have a good day, man," he adds, before grabbing the water bottle, gulping down half of it, and returning to his bedroom for a much needed rest.

Just as he is getting to the ending of a movie, after a day of sleeping and then going to the gym, Gavin's phone vibrates; it's a text from Arielle, and he hardly has to open it to guess the contents. After all, her apartment is known for their friday night parties, so consistent that it seems unnecessary to send out a text about it. Still, the man checks the message, confirming his suspicions.

To: Dina, Augustus, Tristan
Are you going to the party tonight?

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After a large sports team was taken care of, Dina went to the back to see her friend, Abby or Ab as some people called her, working the new coffee machine. Or at least attempting to. Dina chuckled before going over to her, lightly pushing her out of the way to show her how to do it. Dina didn't have many friends but, Abby was one of them and one of her best friends at that. Dina actually talked a lot around the college student about everything. Something that wasn't easy for her. "How the hell did you learn how to do this?"

Dina just chuckled and filled up the two small cups with espresso before putting them on the tray next to the machine before making two more and handing on to her close friend. "I worked at Starbucks back when I lived in Seattle." Abby took one sip before for making a sour face and setting the drink down. All while Dina drunk the whole thing in one sip. "How do you drink that?" Dina just shrugged before putting the two empty glasses in the sink for the busboy to clean whenever he got back from cleaning a small table.

"Like I said, I lived in Seattle for a few months... You just learn to get addicted to it." Abby rolled her eyes before grabbing the tray and going out to give them to the table of a young couple. By the looks of it they were friends of Abby's because when she went out she didn't return to the back until five to ten minutes later. And when she did, the older girl looked at her with her hands on her hips. "You're suppose to be working, not hanging out with friends."

Abby rolled her eyes before hugging her friend. "Yes, mother." Dina pushed her off of her before looking towards her. "So, how's your sister doing." Dina sigh before shrugging. "I don't know. She keeps sneaking out to go to parties and when I try reprimanding her she just acts like I'm her mother."

"Well, I mean Dina you do act like it sometimes." The Jewish girl scoffed and looked away, not even listening anymore. She shouldn't have asked a girl only two years older than her sister for her opinion on how to treat her younger sister. "I'm serious Dee, you treat her like your mother probably did."

"Oh please, if only our mother was as good as me at taking care of Dani." She never told only one how their parents treated the two of them, mostly Dina. She always took to pain away from her sister, not wanting Danielle to feel that pain that she had to feel everyday. So, whenever she could get her drunk father angry at her instead of their youngest child, she did. Even if it meant that she would get punished ten times worse than Danielle. "Look, I'm just saying that maybe if you gave her a bit more freedom with out get angry at her about it then maybe she wouldn't sneak out so much."


Dina looked towards the service window to see the football team she was serving was now done and ready for the check. Dina grabbed their bills, not saying a word as she passed Abby. She walked quickly to the table giving the bill to who looked like the coach. "Here you are sir."

"Thank you, ma'am. And can you get us a few boxes?" She offered the older man a smile and nod before walking back to the back to grab the Styrofoam boxes. Ab was just standing in the same spot as before with her hands on her hips as if she was waiting for Dina to talk to her. She gave the boxes to the man in return for the bill. She went to the cash register and started pressing in all the information before putting the bill in a pocket in her uniform and walking back to the large table to give the man his credit card back. "Have a nice day, guys."

"Thank you and here's your tip." The man told her as he handed her a twenty and a five dollar bill. Dina gave him a large smile before going back to the back to see Abby. "I do give her freedom but, you still need to remember that she's sixteen. Not eighteen. She's still a child in the eyes of the law." Abby sighed before speaking. "And how were you when you were sixteen."

"I had converted to Judaism, had a 4.0 GPA, a senior college reading level, and was third in my class. Does that answer your question?" Dina asked with a raised eyebrow. "Okay then, never mind. I thought you were going to say that you weren't so much of a stick in the mud but never mind now."

"I had fun." Abigail gave her a sarcastic smile before following it with a sarcastic nod. "Of course you did, you probably spent your weekends reading a good book, classical music in the background, all while watching Wicked on DVD." Dina bit on her lip, knowing that that was probably true. "You know what?..--"

She stopped in the middle of her sentence, feeling her phone vibrate in her pocket. Seeing that her manager wasn't in at the moment and they weren't going to have a large rush until lunch, Dina checked her phone seeing a texting from Arielle. The two weren't overly close but, they were friends. Right when she was about to put her phone away, she smiled seeing a text from Gavin. We're they close? Again, no but he was nice he tried helping her but she always pushed him away saying that she had it handled.

To: Gavin

Sadly, seeing that someone'll have to babysit Danielle all night.

Abby saw the large smile on her face and looked to see who it was. When she did see, she nudged her friend as she put her black phone back in her pocket before looking up at her. "What?"

"Which one's Gavin? The tall one, the model, or the male nurse?" Dina lowered her shoulders as she looked at her friend unimpressed. "The male nurse."

"Oh, the cute one! How adorable...So, what are you going to wear?" The blonde asked the young woman with a crooked eyebrow. Dina just shrugged before looking out the service window to make sure that there wasn't anyone that hasn't been served yet. All there was was a guy, around their age who had bought coffee all through the day just to use their free WiFi for what ever project her had that day like he always did. "I don't know. Jeans, flats. Same as always. Why?" Melanie just rolled her eyes before shaking her head. "No, you are actually going to a party for once, you need to dress up! Dress sexy for once, show off those curves of yours."

Dina rolled her eyes. "You sound like my sister."

"Well, sorry for wanting to make you look hot. C'mon, let me dress you up. I'll come over after work and we can get you all dolled up or whatever. Please." At this point, the college student was holding on to her best friend's arm in a childish way with a fake pout on her face. Dina sighed, looked at the ground before mumbling; "Fine." Abby heard what she said but she moved closer just to be a pain in her friend's side. "What was that?"

Dina looked at her before trying to make her voice louder. Which was hard for the mostly quiet girl. "I. Said. Fine." The bubbly and sarcastic blonde just smiled before putting an arm around Dina. "Just think about it. You, a pair of heels, and a little black dress. You won't be able to keep the guys off of you." She kissed her friend's cheek before Dina threw the younger girl's arm back to her side. "Yea, whatever." And with that she walked away from her smirking friend to go help a group of girls who had just walked in.

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After seeing Arielle's text message about the party, Danielle begun jumping up and down in her room. Stuffing the blue hard cover copy of "Pride and Prejudice" back on her shelf in her tiny library along with her whole collection of hard cover classics. She opened her laptop and begun playing Tiffany Alvord's "So Alive". The music filled the room, unaware whether this is going to disturb her next door neighbors, she blasted the music louder, after all everyone on the fourteenth floor likes parties.
"Yes, it's another party" She thought to herself. She was almost absolutely sure the Cassidy boys would be there. Guess it's time to pick out a outfit from her clothing rack. After trying on a dozen dresses, it came down to the final two; a strapless floral print gown and a dark blue dress with a black belt. Troubled by the which to choose, she was going to ask her sister, Dina but then it would probably take an hour to come up with excuse to explain why she needs the dress, since Dina probably wouldn't allow her to go to the party.
In the end she decided to wear the dark blue dress with high heels(just wait till Dina lectures her about wearing high heels, they had that conversation just this morning)
Just as she finished cleaning up the mess she made in her room, she looked down at her bracelet watch that one of the Cassidy brothers gave her, it's already 6:30, time to to find Dina at the coffee shop, she probably is just finishing up. It's quite ironic thinking back, the Cassidy boy and her met so many times at the party but none of them ever bothered asking each other for a name :D
As Danielle walked down the hall, she was hoping to see Nailah leave for work, but instead sees her walking back up into the apartment with the loud music coming out of their room. Guess they have a lot of preparation for the party, as you can see Cheyenne is probably just testing out the music. Danielle, was never a great fan of Cheyenne's mix tapes, but everyone else seemed to enjoy it a lot so she generally just sticks with it at the parties.

Exiting the building Danielle walked across the road toward the café that her sister works at.
There weren't that many people there for dinner, just a group of football players. Her sister has just dropped off their orders before moving on to the other tables. Before Danielle sat down at her favorite seat in the corner, she spotted someone. It was Abby, her sister's college friend, working the coffee machine. So she sat down at the counter right next to Abby and ordered a Mint Chocolate Chip Frapuccino.
When her sister returned, Danielle let her a smile and returned to reading the copy of Jane Eyre she had previously stuffed in her leather bag. People in her school had always been so into fashion especially bags, but she was never that into bags, just clothes and shoes, so she decided to stick to the vintage bag.
Abby and Dina had begun a conversation about Abby's work at starbucks, funny that they discuss this in a coffee shop. However, when the conversation begun trailing of onto her, Danielle felt there is a need to intervene. As she rose her voice and said "Well, I mean Dina you do act like it sometimes." and looked away. When around waitress served her Mint Chocolate Chip Frapuccino, she quickly left the coffee shop and walked back to the apartment.
Originally, she was planning on asking Dina to come to the party with her, after all the guys from apartment 1427 will be there. Dina seems to be eyeing one of them from time to time, but now that Dina officially made her angry, she is definitely not going to tell her about the party.