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Rebecca Adigail Cassidy

"I'm the boss here, so I recommend you start listening." MWIP

0 · 538 views · located in Sacramento, California

a character in “The Fourteenth Floor”, as played by Onica-Louis


”Don't agrue with me, because I'm always right.”


|Full Name|
Rebecca Adigail Cassidy is the name and winning is my game.

Normally people call me bitch, slut, whore, and so on down the list, and of course I don't mind. I like being called those things, and I even answer to them. Besides those names I like going by Parfait, meaning perfect in French; I'm defiantly perfect.

I'm twenty-four and what a lovely age it is to be. I can drink legal and go clubbing whenever I desire, but even when I was underage I did that.

Well, I've I'm not mistaken our parents mentioned something about us having family in England, so I'm assuming I'm English.

I'm studying to become a fashion designer and a photographer. Yes, one day my clothes and photos will be on huge billboards and bright lights in Time Square.

|Apartment Number|
Living in room 1407 is the best, I would never tell anyone this, but I love spending so much time with my brothers.

What are your character’s powers? What can they do with them? REMINDER: No character is all-powerful. END OF STORY. This applies only to those on the fourteenth floor; no one else in the apartment building has powers.

What are your character’s weaknesses? This can be related to their powers and their lives in general.

Outside of their powers, what skills does your character posess?





|Likes & Dislikes|


I'm the type of girl that will pretend to be your friend to get your secrets then spread them to the world for my own pleasure. As long as something brings me joy I'm up for it regardless if it hurts someone or not. I''d be known as the popular mean girl I guess. All the girls want to be me and all the boys want me, and that's the way it's always going to be. People love to just please me, always going out of their way even if I don't care for them. Being envied is something that comes around quite often in my life, girls always come up saying how they wish they were me; can I blame them for wanting to be this amazing? Everyone wants to be my friend, wants to know more about me, etc. I am "Queen Bee" and that's how it always will be. It's almost impossible for someone to out do me, maybe because if they tried I'd just shapeshift into them and ruin their reputations, which I have before.


Again, two detailed paragraphs. Where is your character from? What is their family life? Is that situation why they are the way they are? When did they discover their powers? How did they end up at Starlight?

[center][font=centaur]|Theme Song|

So begins...

Rebecca Adigail Cassidy's Story

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Morning stretched over California with the warm rays of pure sunlight and new beginnings. The sun's beams of annoying light and unnecessary heat flickered through what she thought were closed blinds and a small whine erupted from her throat, causing her to turn onto her side and curl up, clutching the blanket with the need to return to the calm sanctity of sleep. Long and dark lashes fluttered momentarily, almost brushing a pale cheek before her eyes opened to reveal orbs of pure and nearly glowing sapphire. For a second, emerald green pierced through the sea of her eyes before they returned to normal. Her feral side alwas came out to play early in the morningBut then they closed again and the young blonde drifted off into a very light state of weightlessness and euphoria.

A few moment longer and Arielle, or Ellie as she liked to be called, Murdoc awoke and yawned softly. For only just a second, she considered trying to go back to sleep and ignoring her brain's desire to not miss work today. She hardly took sick days; one little white lie wouldn't hurt anyone. And - if her boss was in dire need of her assistance - there was a thing called Skype. However, a small hint of guilt found its way into her chest and weighed down on her until she opened her eyes and stared at a surprisingly still asleep Tristan. Usually, he awoke before her and would actually force her to wake up. It was a rarity to be up before him.

"I really gotta stop doing this..."

Her mutter fell on what she considered to be deaf ears at the moment as she took in the time to admire the way Tristan's hair fell over his face, or the sharp, timeless handsomeness of his face. More importantly, the calm innocence on his face as he slept. His almost always tense countenance during the day and an even harder expression when he was feeling the stress of his line of work or annoyed made it almost impossible for most to think that calm was a good definition to ever use in a sentence with Tristan's name. However, Ellie and a few others were granted the opportunity to see him truly smile or at moments like these; where his face held no tenseness and he was visibly relaxed. The only thing that spoiled the moment was not being able to see those beautiful eyes. A small, barely noticeable and possessive growl snuck its way past her lips and Ellie could see the little bitch inside of her curling up into a ball and smiling to herself happily.

Rolling her eyes, Arielle sat up, throwing the blanket off of her body. The shirt she stole from Tristan - an old one so that she would not get cussed out - fell off of her right shoulder, revealing the straps to the cami she wore underneath. Other than those two items of clothing, that was all Ellie wore last night. She pretty much crashed at some point; she couldn't truly remember when. Rolling her neck, Arielle decided that she couldn't exactly leave Tristan to sleep. They both have work.

"Come on, handsome," she called and leaned over to push against his very broad - don't go there - shoulders. "Tristan, wake up. We have work." Knowing that he would eventually awaken, Arielle decided to go make coffee. Without a lack of confidence in her physique or embarassment for being seen, Arielle stood and stretched, leaning up onto the tips of her toes and extending her fingers as well. The shirt fell to the middle of her thighs. She gave one final glance to Tristan, ignoring the way her heart clenched momentarily, and walked out of his bedroom to go make a batch of coffee.

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It was a dream. Most people have a perception of dreams. Things they could never understand in the world among them. Some think of dreams as messages, things that would captivate them until they would awaken. But now, for Jordan Cassidy that wasn't the stake. This dream, this horror like every scary movie happened every day. And he couldn't ever escape it. He never thought of it as a gift, but as a curse.

He wanted to be normal. To be like every other guy at his school. But now..all he felt was rejection from his parents, hate from himself and the worthlessness of being a 'freak.' Jordan was staring at the ceiling from his bed view. Thinking about the day ahead of him as he got up and walked over to his dresser. He liked to sleep naked at times, so he pulled his favorite boxers on and walked out of his bedroom door into the kitchen. The sun was shining down from the kitchen window as Jordan sat down reading his favorite book. He dropped the book and sighed.

"Another day in the freak show."

Jordan walked over to the sink and picked up a coffee mug, filling it with warm coffee he had set to make from the day before. He started to drink from the mug, and felt the warm liquid run past his lips down his throat.

He looked at his watch and saw the time."8:10. Oh shit !"

He ran over to his sisters room and tried to wake her up along with his younger brother next door."Hey Rebecca it's 8:16 c'mon you gotta drive use before were late once again." Jordan hated being late to school. But he literally couldn't stand being looked at by everyone and watch his brother do nothing but join in on the parade. He hurried up and put on his clothes forgetting his converses.

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#, as written by spayce

Cheyenne woke up to the sound of a muffled TV program in the living room. The light escaping her curtains shined on the comfy clutter of her bedroom- glass terrariums, the hanging tapestry over her head, drying herbs, diy cigarettes, shelves filled with empty pretty things, clothes lines, instruments. The scent of warm jasmine and copal incense burning in her room made her feel calm and dreamier than usual. She brushed tiny tangles out of her long disheveled hair and chose to wear a long sheer skirt over a cotton long sleeve leotard that she wore last night.

Her phone beeped reminding her of a tarot reading appointment in the park. She feels nervous and excited whenever she meets a new customer. Last night she littered the walls of the apartment building with her decorated psychic flyers. She had always been too shy to talk to her neighbors, but they hopefully won't mind the flyers scattered in the hallway and elevator and call the number listed on them instead of complaining.

She entered the kitchen to find Naila and Arielle eating breakfast in the kitchen. She smiled at Arielle. "Did you have a nice time last night?" she asked with a knowing smile. Cheyenne made herself toast with almond butter and basil. She took her plate and mug of tea over to where Nailah was sitting and watching a documentary. "Do you want to talk about it?" she asked, staring at the bruise on Nailah's chin.

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"Thanks for the dinner, Javi," Arielle said as they exited the restaurant, an appreciative smile on her face as the gentleman accompanying her opened the door for her. "I'll make sure to get back to you if there are any changes." The handsome young man smiled at her and led her towards her car, a polite hand at the middle of her back to steer in the right direction. Luckily for him, it was appropriate enough. The other side of her was sated by the steak she ingested and currently found him harmless.

"No problem." She could feel him hesitating when they finally reached her vehicle. Arielle paused, hand still in her purse to pull her keys out and eyes on him expectantly. Javier smirked at that and cleared his fault. "And maybe, if its alright with you, we can do this again some time." A small smile spread on her face and Arielle lowered her head to the ground so that he wouldn't see the other part of her come to life.


"Sure, why not?" Javier was harmless and all they would be doing is hanging out or grabbing a bite to eat. There was nothing serious about. But still, something twisted in her stomach that made her smile feel somewhat forced. However, Javier must not have seen that. His smile was bright and adorable.

"Alright then. Good night." He pecked her cheek gently before walking to his car, waiting until she was seated in her own before entering his. Arielle sat there for a moment to mull over the decision she just made. Was she just leading Javier on? Sure, he was nice and definitely cute. But...was she even interested? Arielle deflated, sitting back in the driver's seat before pulling out her phone.

To: Everyone
Message: Party in Apartment 1416!! See you there!! :) :)

After that text was sent, she sent a quick message to Nailah, telling her that there were a few things she was going to pick up first before she came back to the apartment.