Drake Flint

Codename: Chatterbox

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Drake Flint
Code name: Chatterbox

Age; 17
Height; 5'7"
Weight; 140.2lbs
Eye Colour; Turquoise Blue.
Hair Colour; Silver.
Birthday; 11, March.

Role; Security/Tech.

- Metal Gear Mk. IV
- Flashlight
- Rations
- Binoculars/Thermal & Night Vision Goggles
- A phone that can hack surveillance and other electrical appliances.
- Duel PSS Pistols
- Katana
- Laptop
- Body armour
- Stun Knife
- M4 Custom; flash light, scope & silencer.


Drake takes his job seriously and would never do anything that would result in failure. Drake is very humorous, he never knows when to shut up, which earned him his code name; Chatterbox. He loves making new friends, or just partners if people do not wish for a unprofessional relationship.

If he is pissed off, he can get scary.

Drake is very intelligent, which got him the job of the technology side in this field. He understands computers and technology, like nobody else.


Drake is an expert in CQC and is also an expert with a knife, whether it is throwing it, or fighting with it. He also learned the way of the Katana from an unnamed master.

Drake himself, thought that he she learn how to use dual pistols, in case he ran out of options. Just like many other soldiers, he learnt to survive in the wilderness, no matter what the condition. He learned to hunt, and obviously how to kill. He also learned how to free-run, because he was the techno-expert, he wasn't really taught to stay and fight, but he enjoys the fighting.

Drake is one of the youngest people to actually become a soldier of this status. . .

So begins...

Drake Flint's Story

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Meryl looked over the files and records in front of her. "We need to hunt these people down and get them together right now." Johnny just nodded and pointing at the file codenamed "Desert Fox should be easiest to find she's still blowing up those pmc gekkos over in Africa right now." As Johnny said this a man rushed into the room with a shocked look on his face. "You guys need to see this some crazy chick just challenged the PMC Thunderbird in a armed crop duster."

Three Hours Earlier
"This is Tania Monlono at the scene where a PMC flying fortress is leveling whole cities in a attempt to rule Africa, Several other poor third world nations are featuring similar attacks however the U.S has gotten the worst of it by far when the Unidentified PMC dropped a atom bomb onto a U.S base here in Bamako square, Together we mourn the loss of the heroes who died defending our freedom."

The room was filled with cigar smoke as the TV blared. "God dammit they just crossed the line there." A voice yelled the bartender looked at the woman. "That's right I knew you'd get mad at that." The woman dropped a few bucks on the counter and walked out so the sun could hit her face. Image The woman walked outside to see three PMC troops aiming at her. "Kept you waiting huh?" They looked at each other then at her one advanced towards her slowly with one hand out ready to pat her down for weapons. She put her hands on her head and as the first guy got to her she leans to the right and looks at the gun then him. "Safety's on you idiot." She says causing the soldier to look she punches him so he turns slightly and she grabs him as a hostage taking his pistol. "Never take your eyes off the enemy rookie." She whispered aiming at the other two PMC troops who seemed to act like her having a hostage changed nothing and it didn't. "Fire!" One of the troops said and they did killing their buddy as the woman fired two rounds back hitting both men in the face she dived as the gekko tried to jump on her. There was a loud squishing noise as the gekko landed on the dead soldier then a sheath noise. The woman stood holding a High frequency sword which could easily kill the gekko at close range. she ran foward and sliced it's leg bringing it down she then turned and sliced the Gekko in half. A Humvee pulled up. "Natalie we need you at the airstrip to help us crash that thing." Natalie looked at the sky. "Well I dunno I'm awfully busy as you can see." Natalie said giving a joking grin as she shrugged. "Stop jerking around and get in already." The guy said so Natalie got in and off they went.

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Drake was in a location unknown to anyone but himself. He used this safe house in the middle of nowhere hacking PMC troops and machines all over the world. He found it amusing and entertaining to mess with them. He either stole information from them and gave it to their enemies, giving them the upper hand against the PMC soldiers. Once, he even hacked a Gecko and made it turn on it's allies, now that was hilarious.

Digging deep into the PMC archives once again, PMC troops finally found his location and were heading towards Flint. He always left clues whenever he hacked them, just to see if they could find him. He laughed out loud as he saw them through a satellite camera he hacked, heading towards his location.

"Finally, some fun!" He yelled out as he grabbed his dual pistols and strapped his katana around his back. He activated his traps and could see through every camera with his special phone he created. Suddenly, a chopper appeared a few hundred meters from his building; BANG! The chopper was instantly blown up by a turret that he set up, probably five weeks ago.

Drake was hiding somewhere in a snowy area. No one had heard about this area. . . Well, till now. After all of the air support was destroyed by turrets, he allowed some soldiers to be caught in his traps, then he shut them off with his phone. "Playtime!' He said with excitement. He ran into the open and hid behind a tree (He blew down himself, in preparation about one month ago.) He stood and shot two soldiers, right in between the eyes with his pistols. "Ohhhhhhhh!!!!! You guys are getting schooled by a kid!" Drake yelled, egging them on.

A soldier sneaked behind Drake, well at least he thought he was. Drake turned around in an instant slicing the soldiers chest with his katana. Suddenly, Drake heard the call of a Gecko. "Aww, no fair!! No Geckos, that's against the rules!!" He yelled out from behind the tree.

"Looks like this is going to be longer than I thought. . ."

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Location - Shinjuku, Tokyo, Japan
Time - 2200

The vaulting sky above the Earth, was relatively dark. The blackness of the nighttime sky was adjoined by coruscating bloom of the city below. Kage was perched cross-legged on the concrete terrace. The roof was a garden, utilized to cultivate vegetation. It had seemed Kage was meditating in deep thought. This was practically training for him in a way. However, his esoteric contemplation was abruptly obstructed, by the sounding off of his PDA, which was laying in his lap.

"Dammit. Of course now." He picked up the PDA device, and looked at the incoming message.

"Ready for pick up? And watch out, PMC soldiers in the lobby, waiting for you."

Kage put away the device and ran down the stairwell, to his apartment to pack his items in a suitcase and suit up, ready to go. When the elevator door opened, there were two men clothed in military attire waiting on him. Kage, without a word, stepped out of the elevator passing the two men up. They followed him, holding their assault rifles. As he walked towards the lobby exit, he noticed people lying on the ground and sitting against the walls, it seems they were taken hostage.

"Well, gentlemen. Where might you be taking me tonight?" Kage said. Neither of them answered. One of them just nudged him forward with the butt of his rifle as he opened the door. Kage sniggered, and turned around, swiftly, halfway through the door, grabbing one of them by the head, and slamming the door closed on it, several times. The man fell, forestalling the door from closing, while the companion that accompanied him opened fire. Cage ducked down behind, the glass door. He could hear the hostage screams over the gun fire and shattering glass. He opened the door with all his might; it hit the troop, who didn't seem to back away from it before he opened fire and staggered him. Kage took the opportunity to charge at him, swinging the hard, heavy suitcase across his face, knocking him to the floor.

"You all have a good night" Kage said to the hostages, kicking the soldier in the side while he was down, and running out of the door, jumping into the black van that was waiting on him the entire time. But he wasn't in the clear yet. While they were driving off, he looked back to see a couple of PMC Humvee's chasing after them

"Look in the chest in the back, should be a little something to take care of our followers" The driver said. Kage did so. He pulled out a bazooka from the chest, grabbing one of the two rounds, and loading it into the heavy artillery. He opened the van back doors, aiming it at one of the Humvee's that began to open fire.



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Natalie was thrown back as the Plane turned she watched the cyborg run at her. Image Natalie rolled to the side as the cyborg tried to stab her. Natalie rolled forwards as the cyborg slashed and she landed on her feet. she kicked at the Cyborg and it blocked both but then she did a side flip to hit it hit the head with both of her knees. The cyborg stumbled backwards as Natalie ran at him. "Kiss my boot!" She yelled jumping over a startled swing she drop kicked the cyborg sending it rolling down a hall as the plane shifted again. She ran and did a baseball slide as the plane climbed causing her to gain speed as she slid at him. The cyborg saw her coming and tried to put it's sword out to impale her but she hopped up and landed on the cyborg's face with her foot and whole weight crushing it's head as she jumped into the vent. The plane went vertical as she grabbed a ledge in the ducks the dented vent cap fell into a fan where it was broken into multiple pieces upon impact. "Damn pilot is dead meat now." Natalie climbed back into the hallway and jumped onto what had been a wall and kept moving grabbing her pistol she had dropped near the cockpit door. Natalie opened the door to see the Pilot. "No way you! I'm ending this joy ride right now." Natalie fired at the pilot but the bullets just went through and damaged the controls. Natalie grabbed the flight controls and sat where the hologram was supposed to be then pushed the plane into a dive causing gravity to act strange. Natalie broke the controls and then started floating towards the exit she forced her way through a vent as five PMC troops tumbled down the hall past her. Once outside Natalie opened her parachute as the plane flew to the ground like a rock then blew up on impact.

News Channels.
This just in the Thunderbird is down and one parachute is visible It has a emblem on it. here's it now. Image

In Japan airspace.

"Listen Kage the only reason I picked you up is because we need you on the team Johnny is grabbing another member of the team as we speak." Meryl said handing Kage a briefing.

In [Classified Location]

Johnny road up to Drake on a Humvee turret. "Drake Flint get in before we get caught in some deep shit." Johnny aimed at a gekko and Fired tripping it up.

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Drake jumped as a random guy showed up.

"W-what the hell! What are you doing here?! How did you get here?!" Drake asked the man with confused expression. "You just killed the Gecko I hacked!" The man said that a group was building up a team and handed Drake a briefing. Drake saw that they even had his codename; 'Chatterbox' in the briefing. "Oh sweet! You got my codename right!"

As they drove off in the Humvee, Drake pressed a button on his phone, which strategically set off traps where every PMC soldier was standing.

"Looks like we won't be having any followers I guess. . ." Drake laughed.

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#, as written by Ritnio

A mysterious woman with silver hair remained out of sight and out of range as she followed the Humvee. She whispered seemingly to herself, but was actually using an earpiece to talk to her master.

"Target acquired.... I'll report the details soon Master."

----Back with Nat----

A small group of 5 men where parachuting down near a box disposal area. They weren't like the PMC at all. Everything from their uniforms to their weapons, all of it was different. They seemed....skillful as well compared to the PMCs. As they touched down and discarded their parachutes, an even stranger looking man who seemed more like a civilian than anything else, walked up to the group.


"There you 5 are. sheesh....I called you guys about 45 seconds ago! Quit being so damn slow...."

The man spoke with authority to the men and they seemed to be rather scared of him in turn. they simply replied with a salute and armed themselves by discarding the straps on their guns.

The man who had complained about the timing grabbed a cell phone from his pocket and made a call, "This is Sats... Inaba has reached my location. Waiting for your signa- Huh? Just stay where I'm at and wait? How the hell is that going to help anything Red?..... Ugh... fine I'll stay... Yes yes.... I'll trash the phone... sheesh... You said I'd have a good fight with this... what was it that you called her again? Dingo? Raccoon?... Oh! The Desert Fox eh? Well whatever, You'd better be right boss....The lunacy will prevail, don't you worry." With that he turned off the phone, threw it on the ground and shot it a few times with one of his pistols.

"Alright... Let's see if this fox shows up."