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Kind, innocent, shy

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a character in “The Freaks And Their Secrets”, as played by RosalieHale


Normal Form: Image

Transformation: Image

When she was little: Image

Name: Aki
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Sexuality: Bisexual
Favorite Color: White
Species: Succubus
Status: Single, Not Married, No Kids
Family/Pets: None
Likes: Music, animals, food, friends, families, romance, cute things
Dislikes: The Dark, evil, bullies, men, awkward encounters.
Special: She is afraid of men/males in general
Tattoos/Piercings/Scars: Pierced ears
Death: When Aki was almost 12 she was kidnapped by a man and raped. Ever since then she has had a fear of tmen and is now extremely modest.
Secret: Truly she is a succubus. But she hates that about herself. So she tells every one that she is a cannibal, not much better but better then what she really is in her opinion. She dislikes being a succubus but needs it to survive.
Personality: Aki is a very sweet, kind girl that is also very shy. She loves to play the piano and be alone some times but she always loves to have lots of friends and family. She is very innocent and adorable so hopefully no ones finds out her secret...she really hates herself for what she is but she has to deal with it. She is also very childish and modest. She is smart and a goodie-tooshoes

So begins...

Aki's Story