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The Commander

I make the law. I do whatever the fuck I want.

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a character in “The Future is Wild.”, as played by CriminalMinds


Name: Charles Bulheimer but people refer to him as 'Sir' or 'Commander'. Even his mate is not allowed to call him by his name.
Age: 40
Looks: Short dark brown hair, blue eyes, muscular, 6'3.
Slave/Soldier: Soldier
Mated/Unmated: Mated currently to Emma Barrett
Kids: Matthew and Scarlet - 2; Issac - 1 [Emma Barrett - mother; current mate.]
The Commander is expecting 5 more children over the next six months.
Charlie - 3 weeks; Sophie - 18 months; [Jessica - mother]
George - 1; Harry - 2; Sarah - 3; [Phillipa - one of many current affairs; Mate is away on and off so it is easily concealed. Strings have also being pulled to hide paternity.]
Joseph - 4 [Deceased] Sapphire - 5 [Deceased] [Jennifer Monnahan - mother - labourer]
Annabel - 6 [Deceased] [Hannah Drag - mother deceased]
Franklin - 7; Jonathan - 8 [Rachel - affair; living with her mate who thinks Franklin is his. Strings have been pulled by the Commander to hide paternity.]
Victoria - 6 [Deceased] ; Henry - 7 [Deceased]; Mathew - 8; Hannah - 9; [Georgina {deceased} Mathew and Hannah living with substitute mother arranged by the Commander]
Luke - 10 [Soldier]; Harry - 11 [Soldier] Bethany - 12 [Slave] Hannah - 13 [Slave]; [Mother's name unknown, previous mate - deceased]
Graham - 10 [Soldier]; Simon - 11 [Deceased]; Max - 12 [Soldier]; [Mother unknown, previous mate - deceased]
Frank - 12 [Soldier];
Drake - 13 [Soldier]; Jocelyn - 14 [Slave]; [Francine - affair - mated and still producing children with her mate.]
Nathan - 14 [Soldier]; Bentley - 15 [Deceased] [Mated with someone else after the commander got bored when Nathan was 1.]
Graham - 16 [Soldier]; [Diana - Previous mate now mated with someone else and producing children]
Donna - 15 [Slave]; Max - 16 [Soldier]; David - 17 [Soldier]; [Yuna, mother - affair]
Norman - 18 [Soldier]; Liam - 19 [Soldier] [Mother unknown, previous mate, deceased]
Tomas - 19 [Soldier]; [Mother unknown. Oldest son. Illigitimate from affair just before his first mate, Yuna.]

The Commander is cold and heartless. He makes laws because he can. He's corrupt. He does things only to benefit himself. He fiddles the system, sleeps with whoever he wants despite being mated. He doesn't care for any of his mates. And he's being mated numerous times, changing when he gets bored and choosing a woman who has the best genetics. It is not unknown that he does any of this and despite currently mated he's still fiddling the system so that he can create more and more children, after all his one mate can't hold multiple children like he wants. He normally keeps mates for a maximum of three years unless he gets bored sooner before getting them mated with someone else and making their kids be with them too. It's harsh because soldiers don't like used goods. And a mate already with children are used goods. This is another reason why some of his deceased children ended up dead too as well as the mother's death.

Currently he's in talks for changing the laws of mating - of having the soldiers with exceptional genetics allowed to have more than one mate so that they can have as many children as possible to spread good genetics. As well as possibly putting women through IVF kind of treatments so to get them carrying as many children as possible. Another thing on the agenda is importing and exporting children with good and bad genes to other bases around the country.

Any slave that has got twins, triplets, or quads in the family are considered high value and now the Commander's interest has turned to mating with them. Most of his mates haven't had the choice. If he wants to mate with them, he mates with them and fiddles the system so that if they're mated, the mate never finds out.

All of his children that are deceased are dead because there has been something wrong with them. He does not accept bad genetics.

So begins...

The Commander's Story

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Conference Room 1 - 0900 hrs

The Commander entered, saluting the advisors that had currently risen to salut his entry once he was standing at his chair. Him and his personal advisor, General Grey were the last to enter. They had a lot to discuss today. He wanted to bring up some points that he'd been thinking about for the last few weeks, things that would benefit him more than the system, though some of the things he was suggesting also benefitted the genetic perfection system that Joachim Bulheimer, his great, great, great, grand-father had created six generations ago.

"Everyone be seated." The Commander ordered, opening a file that his personal advisor had placed there. He looked up at the advisors present. Good, no one was missing except Robert Olsen who had been excused as it was his mating day. That was the only excusable reason. Anyone dared to be late, or heaven forbid miss a meeting would be as good as dead. The Commander didn't accept any of that among his top staff. "Right, I want the weekly reports for all sectors." He told them. He had the written reports in front of him, but he always liked to hear the reports verbally and give a change for his advisors to actually advise him - whether he listened or not was another story.

The Commander was wearing the same colours as everyone else. Olive. Various medals and stripes covered his breast and shoulder that he'd no doubt given himself.

"Today I also want to bring up a few things myself." This was very rare. Normally his advisors suggested ideas and improvements themselves to him, not the other way around. "It's to do with improving the slave system and our genetics. I want to discuss changing the law." The law hadn't being changed in years so it could come to a shock, especially with what he was about to suggest. "I think, higher ups, like us and soldiers with exceptional genetics need more than one mate. Multiple mates. We need to ensure that the good genes dominate the bad genes. The only way to do this is to multiply. Of course, we'll have to make a whole new living quarters." He spoke.

Most of the men looked shocked at the thought. Liam, advisor of the Secret Service system didn't however. He knew that the Commander played away having multiple women at multiple times. He was just looking for a way to justify things now. But if it meant more sex for them. More pleasure that was fine. Not like they looked after the kids anyway. That was the mate's job. He had no part in his kids lives. He didn't give a damn about them, just like soldier's shouldn't.

"Sounds like a fine idea." Liam commented. "I don't object. How will we make such a drastic change? Of course we have to vote this new system in first. And then we'll have to get the IT techs to change the computer formula. Of course, we can't do anything until we have the appropriate mating quarters set up."

The Commander nodded at Liam. "I will get to that. I still have more suggestions. We need efficiency too. Is it efficient for one woman to carry one baby for nine months, then wait two to three months for them to recover before trying to get them pregnant again? I think not. I suggest that where possible get women pregnant with twins, triplets, quadrulets where possible. IVF. Exceptional genetics. We need to make this system perfect. This is the way to do it."

"And my last point is that we need fresh genes. More variety. If people here keep mating then we're just going to end up mating brothers and sisters, cousins, similar genes. So I suggest implementing an import and export of children. Maybe 10 to 12 year olds. Both soldiers and slaves. We need more variety. More perfect genetics." He finished. The man really was crazy.

"The change won't be overnight, Commander." Liam was brave enough to point out. The men had been friends for over two decades. Since children as soldiers.

"I know that, Liam." He addressed the General by first name. "How is the Secret Service doing, anyway? Any more traitors or spies you are aware of?"

"I have some new leads but nothing concrete yet, Sir." Liam told him.

"And what about the rest of you? Anything else important that needs to be discussed here? Thoughts on my proposals? Are there any direct objections?" He asked.

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#, as written by Script
"Provisions will have to be made to account for the division of care," Scarlett noted. She had already heard these proposals, been there when the Commander was musing over their specifics. She had raised some points then, but of course now had to formalise them by opening the discussion to the other advisors. It was moderately irritating - she was, of course, the advisor relating to the slaves. The others here lacked her expertise on this matter, and would doubtless only muddy these changes with unnecessary additions or concerns. "All the genetic quality in the world will not produce a good soldier if their upbringing is poor, which it will be if each mate receives many children and the fathers are not involved in their care. We should draft slaves of lesser genetic quality or those that have been castrated to aid the mates in these new arrangements with caring for their children." She went on. "There is little loss in pulling them from the pool of potential mates due to their poor genetics, and we will produce more reliably valuable children if they receive adequate nurture."

The steely woman steepled her fingers. "As for the proposal for importing and exporting children, I support it wholeheartedly. To my knowledge the computing teams have been struggling with ensuring their algorithms prevent inbreeding. This will solve that problem neatly."

The General glanced across to the Commander. "That is all I have to add at this time, Commander. If I may, I would like to personally oversee the mating assignments in the Auditorium. I have discussed my report with you already. Unless there is anything more you require of me..?"

The setting changes from conference-room-1 to Earth


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"Mumma, mumma!" Emma was called by one of her darling children, causing her to look up from the table she was currently scrubbing stains from. "Yes, dear?" She replied, her angelic voice sounding around the floor. Soon in came three beautiful children: Isaac, Scarlet and Matthew running/wrestling at the same time. Emma chuckled and gracefully made her way over to them, still giggling as she approached. "Darlings, stop with the bickering. What's wrong?" She asked, gently placing a hand on her youngest's shoulder; instantly getting them to stop and look up at her. It was then that she noticed Scarlet's tears and was quick to gently swipe the little girl into her arms in a cuddle. "Oh, honey, what's wrong? Why are you crying, sweet?" Emma hated to see her children's tears, and softly swept one from her cheek with her thumb. "Matt said I'd be a slave! That I was not good enough to be a solider like him and Isaac!" Scarlet wept, resting her blonde-haired head on her mothers supporting shoulder.

Shocked, Emma looked over to her eldest son, and eyebrow raised. "Well, It's true! Woman are just for mating, that's what father said!" Matthew defended, crossing his arms stubbornly. She shook her head, having been afraid this would happen for years. "No, baby, you're father was wrong. Woman can too be in the army, and Scarlet has every right to be; just as you and Isaac. Now, apologize to your sister. You won't be together for long, so you'd best take advantage of he time you've got left." Emma was gentle with her words, and let the snuffling child from her arms and to hug her siblings. Smiling softly, Emma nodded proudly to her beloved children. "Good, now you go play. Your father will be home soon." As soon as the words left her lips, all three children looked up to her. After three big goodbye hugs, the children went back on their way and Emma went back to cleaning the table. It were as if nothing had happened.


Sara laid on the couch, in a deep sleep; but not so deep that she couldn't hear once being yelled at. This was proved as her seven, gorgeous children came running over to her, yelling "Mummy" or some "Mumma". Sara rushed to sit up and waved for all her lovely children to come and sit on her lap. They did just that, ruffling the blanket she'd had laid upon her so much it fell over the edge of the sofa. "Hello, babies, what time is it?" She asked, rubbing the sleep from her eyes until one would have no idea she'd just slept for the past few hours. Suddenly, multiple high-pitched voices were loudly shouting the answer at her, seeming panicked for a reason she hadn't figured out quite yet. "OK, OK! One at a time, kids-" She paused and looked over to one of her eldest. "Lorna, you first. The rest of you, shh. You know it's rude to talk at the same time as others." She stated calmly, looking to Lorna; waiting for an answer. "Mummy, it's late! Father'll already be nearly home!" She said, causing her mother's eyes to open wide.

Soon her and the children were cleaning the house quickly, rushing to get it done perfect. They were all heavily panting once they were done, and the children were all giving her goodbye hugs and running off in little pairs to go play. Shaking her head at the intelligence of her children, Sara made herself appear to have been working all day and went to cleaning a tiny speck on the table that they'd left so she'd be doing something when her mate returned home.

The setting changes from earth to Living Quarters


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Conference Room 1 - 0900 - 1000 hrs

The Commander let General Grey be dismissed. He knew what she had to say on all matters and it didn't matter. Well, it did, but if his mind was set no matter what she said he'd go ahead and do it. But she did bring up some valid points - ones that he was willing to listen to, this time.

Once she had left he continued to discuss things with his advisors for a moment before dismissing them - everyone but Liam. Mainly because him and Liam would walk back to their homes together. While Liam's home was not as magnificent as the Commanders, it was still better than most. The Commander had pulled strings in favour of Liam. The two men were close. Liam was one of his most loyal men. The Commander knew he could count on him.

"So, how are your men doing? Have they found anyone else yet in on the escape plan. We've lost three soldiers, one of them with a mate this last quarter. It's not good. I don't want it happening again. I want them caught. Who is planning this? Where are they escaping?"

"I have people infiltrating everywhere around here but a lot of people are remaining tight lipped and acting like loyalists to you. I have a few names that I'm looking into though." Liam answered.

The men got up and walked out, still discussing things as they left the conference room and headed back to quarters for the rest of the day. They needed to check that everything was in order in their home. Especially keeping their mates in line. And they had to make sure their children - the ones older than three for Liam, were being tutored. When they were that high up they could afford to get in teachers to tutor the children rather than send them to a packed school. They needed to learn things before they were drafted into the military or slavery. Either way, The Commander only focused on the boys. The girls were slaves in his mind.

"I'll see you later on this afternoon, Liam. At sixteen hundred hours to discuss Secret Service tactics."

"Yes, sir." Liam answered.

Then the men split ways.

Living Quarters - The Commander

By the time he got himself back to his mansion he was tired. He'd had three phone calls about different matters and another meeting after lunch. He could hear his children laughing. One more year and the older two would start lessons. He only paid attention to his boys though. Issac and Matthew. He'd be here for a few minutes. He wanted to get cosy with another girl, relieve some of the stress. But it was about time he started getting his mate pregnant again. That's if he were to keep her.

"Bitch! What are you up to? Why does this place still look like a shithole?" The Commander bellowed.

It was unacceptable. He ought to teach her a lesson again. But he was low on time. He wanted to make time for his latest woman. He'd gotten her information from the latest round of mating sessions in the auditorium.

"And what are the kids doing. Issac and Matthew. I want them here. I need to start instilling the lessons they need to learn now. Two is a good enough age to start. I think I might get them started on tutoring a year early."

Living Quarters

He came home to see the girls cleaning. And even a couple of the boys. He didn't care much for his kids but what he did care about was seeing the boys clean. That was unacceptable. "Stop fucking cleaning boys. You don't do that. That is the woman's job. Your mate's job. The girl's jobs. Go and do your studies boys. The girls are all heading to slavery. You will not be. You will be going into the military. You will be soldiers." He ordered.

With that he moved to find his pathetic mate Sara. "What the fuck do you think you're playing at, getting the boys cleaning. They need to be studying - making sure they get their asses into that military. I do not produce slave boys. Girls are slaves. Not my boys." He growled.

"And I see that one still hasn't popped out yet. Have you been told if it's a boy or girl. It better be another fucking boy."

The setting changes from living-quarters to Earth


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Emma heard her mate enter the quarters, and the slight gleam that had been in her eyes when being with her children had vanished wholesomely. She heard as he complained about how messy the place supposedly was, even when it was spotless. Emma looked up to him with anything but emotion on her face, making herself look a like some kind of android. "I'm sorry, Commander. The boys are playing, I shall go fetch them for you." Her voice was cold and empty, so opposite to her true personality. Of course, the Commander knew nothing of who she really was.

To him she was just a piece of trash that can easily be recycled. Just like every other woman. Emma turned and swiftly made her way over to her two boys, took them both by the hands gently and lead them back over to their father. She then released them and went back to cleaning; having not said a single word nor made a single noise. Emma was sick of the Commander, and if it weren't for her children she'd wish solely for a new mate - a better one. But, of course, she'd have no say. After all, she was just a slave.


Sara's eyes widened in panic as her mate entered, but cleverly hid it from her expression entirely. "They wanted to help, it was nice to see the tiny bit of kindness humanity has left." She stated blankly, she then picked up her scrubber and took it to the sink to be rinsed. Whilst she did this, the boys dropped all their cleaning utensils and walked over to their father with fear clear in their eyes. "Father." They all greeted in sync, causing a small smile to appear on Sara's face. Luckily, she was faced completely away from General Gray so it would have been impossible for him to notice it. She soon let the smile drop, and replaced it with her mask of nothingness once again.

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