Aven Zhegar

For glory undying

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a character in “The Gala-Dor Expedition”, as played by PirateofPie


Aven Zhegar

Dwarven Machinist





A dark skinned dwarf of Thum-Dur, he has a shaggy black beard that cuts off at the end and a flat top of hair upon his head. His eyes are brown and he he generally isn't seen outside of the mechanical armor of his own making En-Dur, which puts him at a height quite taller than the average dwarf, but there's a reason for that...Aven's legs lost feeling long ago.

Not the most sociable, but if one pays him enough, he's a reliable mercenary for any would be adventurer. He seems to be driven by a goal however, as being a sword for hire isn't in his interests. He mainly finds value in finding resources and materials that will benefit his homeland. The more valuable, the more magical, the more dangerous, he's sure that his lands best minds can pick it a part, harness it and utilizes it for the betterment of Thum-Dur and in a general sense, the world at large. Some things are too dangerous to let mages without a care in the world to control.

Engineering- A student of Thum-Dur's finest machinist, Aven can build mechanism like no other, given a little time, a little steam power, and a lot of lightning.

Gunpowder Gauntlets- En-Dur is equipped with gauntlets that allow Aven to fire a barrage of explosives from a long distance.

The Zapper- Aven's Hammer with an engine coil attachment that allows it to electrify on impact.

Archeological Knowledge- Aven has through years of study become able to pick up leads and and locations of hidden underground treasures as well as the kind of dangers one would no doubt encounter among such treks for fame and fortune.


A mine collapse. An accident form above, mages. Aven was manning the expedition when rubble fell atop him. He couldn't remember it for a while, but the damage done to his legs always served as a reminder. It was no matter, however. This mishap became a miracle and he was allowed some semblance of peace as he began to pursue other projects. Namely, the En-Dur armor. The first of many, he'd hoped. The best way to interact with the surface that was shunned so much. The best way to further improve the hallowed halls of Thum-Dur. And to assess the many threats that come from above...

So begins...

Aven Zhegar's Story