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Cray Charles

"Your death is my salvation"

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a character in “The Game - Extras”, originally authored by H.Dot.S, as played by Quantumlegacy


Cray Charles

Age: 16
Gender: Male
Role: Hunter
Description of appearance: Cray is 5ft 6, due to lucky genetics. He is thin, but not too thin, mostly lean muscle, very little fat. He has messy brown hair, browner eyes, and a tan complexion. He normally doesn't wear a shirt, preferring to have the wind brushing against his skin while he runs.

Personality: Cray is consumed by what some would call an inferiority complex. He hates his parents and his oldest brother, Craig. Just because he was born first and then allowed to live. But he wasted his chance and died of disease. So now Cray is consumed with constantly striving to prove that he is better than his older brother was. But it was always to no avail as you can't fight a memory. His parents hate him, and there only reason they don't give him up to be killed is because he reminded them of there first son. Therefore he's full of hate and tends to take it out on other people anyway.

History: After a big argument with his parents where he ended up threatening to kill them. They called the authorities on him. They still didn't want to give him up as he reminded them of Craig so much. But he'd been so terrible to them they were fed up with him. He was taken and his name was put into The Games. When he was drawn as a Hunter he accepted it without hesitation. He was determined to show everyone that he was going to be free even if it meant killing off some of the people he'd never liked anyway. This is going to be his second year as a hunter as well and he's been looking forward to it this time.

Skills and strengths: Cray is good at running, and is very lean. He is very quick, not only with his body but with his mind. He is sharp-witted, and at times seems to have no heart at all, preferring to beat someones self-esteem down to the point where they hug themselves and cry.

Weaknesses: Cray's main weakness is sitting still. He hates waiting, being more at home running, climbing, just moving. It makes him very bad at sneaking.

Additional information: Cray is afraid of snakes.

So begins...

Cray Charles's Story


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He was doing his daily route when he heard a faint sound wash over the valley he was searching in. He wasn't quite in the mountains and yet not totally in the forest either. During last year he'd escaped to a set of caves after one of the contestants had nearly killed him. They were near this area and he needed to find them. From the little bit he'd explored they wound through part of the underbelly of the eastern mountain range. And all of his things wold still be where he'd left them if he could find the partially submerged entrance. There was another way in that would have been much easier, but he hadn't wanted to go that way through the mountains.

There was a cliff side and many pools of water around him. During some part of the year the snow that ended up melting from the mountains ran down this way and gathered here and in a small lake nearby at the bottom of this valley.He was standing waist-high in one of the stagnant pools of dirty water. He had a long stick in one hand and nothing in the other. His shirt was off as usual and he looked like he was trying to fish. His pack and things were just a few feet away on a flat rock that jut out splitting this pool from the other one against the cliff-face. He thought back to the sound that had come over the valley like a low roar as he absently poked the stick at the surface of the ground under the murky water. It was unmistakable and he'd only heard it one other time. At the beginning of the games last year. It had sent chills through him then, the cry of uneasy nerves and then the sounds that had followed. Last time he'd been waiting where he could see the entrance. This time he was going to do it right.

The stick struck something metal under the water. Lazily he poked at it again coming back from his thoughts. Jamming the stick into the soft mud of the ground he held his breath and submerged himself. Following the stick to the spot he felt for the metal. Finding it he worked it loose and came back to the surface.As he emerged in a bit of a gasp he wiped the water from his eyes and looked to what was in his hand. He held a small compass on a chain. It's surface was cracked and the parts inside had long rusted during the year and a half or so it had been in the water. He smiled it was the final clue he'd needed. Going back under he felt around near the base of the cliff till he found what he was looking for, a small entrance.

With a smile he waded over grabbing his pack and then making his way back to where it was. As he forced himself through the gap he remembered it being bigger last year. It was almost too tight for him but he managed to get through okay. On the other side of the small tunnel he came up into a large cavern. He knew this to be one of the many large ones through the mountains. He blinked as he stood up from the now much smaller pool of water, he couldn't see anything but he did know it from the previous months he spent curled up recovering. He'd thought he was going to die but that hadn't been how it had turned out.

He slowed his breathing down and closed his eyes listening for the slightest sound. He hadn't been in here for months and wasn't one-hundred percent sure that something else hadn't moved in.