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The Game Of Change

The Game Of Change


Ten years ago a group of friends got together to play a little game. None of them knew it would end in murder....and none of them ever thought they would play it again. (TWO SPOTS OPEN!!!)

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Copyright: The creator of this roleplay has attributed some or all of its content to the following sources:

[sic] - by scott kelly


"Based loosely off of the book [Sic] - By Scott Kelly."


It was only a game...

They never thought it would go so far...

Ten years ago a group of friends got together to play a little game. They never gave it a name, yet to this day it continues to haunt them. The person who is it tags another player and within a period of 15 seconds they have to change something about their lives, the one that changes in the biggest way wins the game. Their game lasted from the beginning of freshman year until a week after graduation. Its end however came with a deadly price, in the form of a dead vagrant. Nobody owned up to the murder, and the last person to be tagged decided to do the responsible thing and leave without tagging anyone.

Now, after years of being away from each other they are all returning to their hometown to honor the passing of a close friend. Nobody really put any thought into whether the game would continue or not, but in the end the decision was never theirs.

Tag, you're it.

The Game

Its pretty simple, like a game of tag someone is it and within fifteen seconds of being "it" they have to decide to change their life in a big way; this could be anything as small as kissing a crush to committing a major crime. If they don't go through with the decision they are out of the game. After completing their task they must track down someone to tag. One would ask why exactly someone would continue playing the game no matter what? Well it can be summed up simply that {The Mastermind} is somewhat of a cult leader, and has made sure in any way possible that everyone continues playing no matter what.

The Plot

Six friends reunite after ten years in their hometown where an awful act of murder was committed. Although the majority of them have tried their hardest to put the horrors of their 'game' out of their mind the last person tagged suddenly decides to re-launch the game to flush out the murderer among them. This will also play out in a series of flashbacks so the players will have to focus on writing two different perspectives at times, one from the perspective of their characters younger self and one from the present version.

*Please Note* The Setting Of Cress County is a fictional place. Its the kind of small town where everyone knows each other. It has three schools, a few grocery stores and only one convenience store. The majority of places here are mom and pop shops.

The Characters
They are not set in stone, the descriptions can be changed up a bit, but the over-all idea behind their character must stay in place. The character that Murdered the Vagrant will not be known, I will PM the person who chooses the Murderer character and if they don't wish to be the Murderer then it will fall back to the next one in line. Once told that you are the Murderer you CANNOT say anything to anyone else about it or include it in your character sheet at all. It will be used as a later plot point. You can find the character descriptions just above the rules! :D





The Mastermind: The one behind it all, the man with a charismatic smile and the will to lead an entire group of people into destruction. His own life hasn't exactly been stellar (up to the player why and how) but while playing the game he could put all of that behind him. Because he is the one who created the game he is probably the most invested in it.

The Father: After the group disbanded he left to start his own life, eventally marrying and having children (How ever many the player wants.) However a year later something big happened in his life (up to the player) that left him a single father. It can be assumed that he is likely the most stable of the group, and though he once enjoyed playing the game he now fears what the game could mean for him and his family.

The Pretender: He got out of town quickly after {The Stranger} and has been living on his own ever since. He boasts about having a great career, and a loving family waiting for him back home. In actuality he is lying about his life, and his many great accomplishments. Gaining him the name "The Pretender" (and the reason why hes lying is up to the player) He is a loyal player of the game.

The Stranger: The last one to get tagged, she is ultimately the one who ended the game last time, though it is unknown whether or not she went through with her big "change." Because she is the first to have left without a single word or reason why she is dubbed "the stranger." She hated the game from the start, but found that the more she tried to stop playing the harder it became. TAKEN

The Dreamer: Once a bright young woman heading towards an amazing future, she is now stuck living in a house with a man who is mentally and physically abusive. She is dubbed "The Dreamer" because of her big dream to finally escape. She had never been very loyal to {the mastermind} but had enjoyed the game enough to continue playing. TAKEN

The Lost One: Has always been a loose-cannon, probably the least sane of the bunch. Nobody would be surprised if she was the murderer, but she has always vehemently denied it. She is the "Lost One" Because after leaving her hometown she fell into bad company. (Whether this be drugs, or other criminal activities is up to the player.) She has always been loyal to {The Mastermind} and the game. TAKEN


There is absolutely no reason not to read through the rules. Some of them you may have seen a thousand times before but having a quick brush up isn't going to hurt. I won't be including a password for entry/reservation, but do know that it will be fairly obvious if the rules are not met.

  • Character Sheets: Please try to make them detailed and creative, there doesn't have to be a ton of pictures but make it look good. I don't have a specific one to use but once I'm finished with mine feel free to take a look and see what I've put on mine for information. Really, only the basics are needed. Reservations last up to a week before I open them up again, WIP will not be accepted until finished so if you aren't finished once the week is up the character will be re-opened.
  • Maturity: It is expected that everyone will be aware that the content of this role play is going to have a high maturity factor. There will be situations involving violence, and I do assume there will be vulgar language involved. The maturity level will not exceed this websites individual rules. Anyone who wants to bring sexual content into play will have to do so in a fade to black manner, or will have to only mention it in brief passing. Also please do not fight in the OOC.

  • Content: This role play involves throwing our characters into (sometimes) harmful situations for them. There will be downtime in between certain situations where our characters will be given time to do things other than play the game. I do encourage everyone to help build this setting and the characters to their full potential. Romance, Drama, and other natural occurrences that seem to come alongside with characters is allowed on the basis that any naturally occurring relationships do not take precedence over the main game aspect.

  • Posting: Posting should be a paragraph (7+ sentences is what I've been taught is a basic paragraph) or more. In general I try to write as much as possible without including a bunch of purple prose, so don't feel like you have to write an entire wall of text to please anyone. Mistakes happen as well, luckily RPG has a handy built in spell-check so you can use that to find as many mistakes as possible and fix them. Grammar isn't too big of a deal. If you are going to include fancy headers try and make them relatively small so that they don't distract from the post.

  • Absences: I'm not going to be here 24/7 and I don't expect anyone else to be either - however I do expect that posts will happen once in a ten day period at the least . and those who do not comply with the posting period will have to contact myself or say something in the OOC as to why you cannot post. I do not mind if someone goes on a trip, or if life outside of RPG gets in the way, as long as you don't disappear without word. Anyone who disappears without word will probably come back to find that their character has ended up in the graveyard. So please try and tell us why you are going to be absent so that this does not happen to your character.
  • Questions: If you have any questions feel free to ask in the OOC! :D

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Character Portrait: Cameron St.Clare
Cameron St.Clare

The Pretender }WIP{

Character Portrait: Jane Benetton
Jane Benetton

"This is more than just a game."

Character Portrait: Mariana Perry
Mariana Perry

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Character Portrait: Cameron St.Clare
Cameron St.Clare

The Pretender }WIP{

Character Portrait: Mariana Perry
Mariana Perry

The Stranger

Character Portrait: Jane Benetton
Jane Benetton

"This is more than just a game."

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Re: The Game Of Change

Update: Oh yeah, I've submitted a start to a character but will update and finish lit later because I'm hungry now. I think its mainly just the longer parts and a few small edits left

Re: The Game Of Change

Can I reserve the pretender?

Re: The Game Of Change

Thats perfect fine!

Re: The Game Of Change

I'm gonna have a busy weekend, sorry. I'll start working on my character during the week.

Re: The Game Of Change

My character is up if anyone wants to see what information I have on my sheet. Feel free to add anything you guys want to yours I just wanted to make mine fairly simple. The history isn't going to be filled in until all of the characters are in so we can get a little bit of a similar background set up regarding the game.

As for characters that have a description regarding their history their adult-lives and anything before the game originally started can be included for right now.

Once we have all the character spots I'm going to make a new thread for relationships and such. Since most of these characters haven't seen each other since they were teenagers it will probably consist of former thoughts and current thoughts.

Re: The Game Of Change

@ TechnoFoxHowell - Reserved! :3

Re: The Game Of Change

This is a bloody brilliant idea, ideas are just flowing out of my head for it too. Bit sad at having to use real people pictures, but I love the story too much! I'd like to reserve the Father.

Re: The Game Of Change

@Lostsoulsbleed - the murderer is predetermined. The person who reserves the murderer will be notified through PM. That being said the person receiving the PM cannot say anything about it until latee on.

@TragicHeroine - Sure thing! And thank you, but the whole game idea came from the book so I can't really take much credit xD

@GreenEyedSue - Non natives unite! English isn't my first langauge either so I gotcha on the whole grammar thing. I will reserve The Lost One for you, and the character IS Female (there's a small description of her just above the rules.) :3

Re: The Game Of Change

I really like the idea and also I've read the rules and it fit me perfectly cause I am not a native english speaker so sometimes I have grammar mistakes.
May I reserve The Lost One? I hope this character can be a female, but I won't mind making it a male if it a must.

Thank you :)

Re: The Game Of Change

This looks so freaking cool! I was all excited while reading everything AGH! I can't contain myself at how unique and fantastic this idea is!!

Can I please reserve for The Dreamer? :D

Re: The Game Of Change

This is really cool but is it already decided who the murderer is or is it something you're going to decide later?

The Game Of Change

In regards to Face Claims: Realistic, but sensible these characters are in their late twenties-early thirties so using a face claim for a teenager or young twenty-something is not going to work.

~ If you have any questions just feel free to ask! :D ~