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Jane Benetton

"This is more than just a game."

0 · 240 views · located in Cress County, USA

a character in “The Game Of Change”, as played by TragicHeroine



    The Dreamer
    Full name:
    Jane Diana Benetton
    Jane, Janey, J
    Twenty-nine {29}
    Waitress at the local diner

    Hair colour/style:
    An auburn brown, curly hair that sits atop her shoulders.
    Long bangs that wisps away from her face, always brushing her cheeks.
    Eye colour:
    Hazel Brown
    5' 6"
    Scars/defining characteristics:
    Bruises that comes and goes.
    A scar that cuts diagonal her forearm and another on her hip.
    Faint freckles that are scattered across her nose.

    Face Claim:
    Gemma Arterton

____^ Add or remove underscores as you please. :)
Jane has lived a fairly difficult life. Being the dreamer that she is, her hopes were high. Dreaming of one day being a famous artist or at least living a colorful life in Paris, away from this town. But life had other plans. She married a man she thought she loved (and thought he loved her), but life plays its tricks. He became alcoholic and abusive. Jane believes that the man she loves is still beneath what the surface offers. She has a very optimistic outlook in life even when she's handed an empty plate. She's always been this way. Often times, Jane can be seen staring outside a window; day dreaming of what could be. Some even think she's gone mental because what decent woman would stay with a husband like hers? And with the dazed and confused look across her face for most of the day, it's not odd that people think of her that way.
There's yet to be a day when Jane is seen without a bruise or a cut. Most of the time it's somewhere around her body, but on worst days(Who knew it could get any worse?) a mark is left across her face. She is left with defending her husband by lying. Telling others that she fell or hit herself or that she's such a clumsy person. Though no one buys it, it comforts her that she doesn't throw her husband under the bus. Jane hates wearing makeup, but her bruises requires her to. She pounds it over and over against the dark blues and purples on her face just so people don't stare at her. But they always do. They already know her situation and all they ever do is stare. Stare with their empty eyes that looks pass her soul and judge her for whatever they can judge her for. This town is too wicked. The idea of everyone knowing each other settles uncomfortably on Jane's stomach. She wants to be invisible. She wants to live in her own world away from these soulless, watchful eyes.
And this game...
A cruel, addictive game. It feels like a curse that keeps tugging and pulling her in whenever she strays too far away. This game was childish, yet has impacted each and every player. Shaking each one to their very core. The worst part is the murder... A game that's been taken too far. Or maybe they were simply playing the game right?



Jane is a trapped artist. She paints, mostly with oil.
Oil is her preferred media due to it's slowly drying nature.
○ Her Imagination
○ Intuitive
○ Speed
○ Creative
â€ĸ Weak (Physical & Emotional)
â€ĸ Confidence
â€ĸ Any drastic change
â€ĸ Arguments
áƒĻ Move to Paris
áƒĻ Pursue being an artist
Additional details here!

Character skeleton code by wednesdaysun.

So begins...

Jane Benetton's Story