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The Game of Revelations

The Game of Revelations


Seven teenagers are given the task of a lifetime when they're chosen my gods to be their champions in a game of life and death against the creator of eternity.

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“This is more than we ever would have expected; the closest we’ve ever been to unlocking the beginning of the game. Do you know why that is?”

“No sir.”

“Because we’ve finally got our players son, we have the pawns...”

Two men stood in a dark room, silence pregnant in the air; there was nothing to be felt but a tense overwhelming sensation. The second man, (which was considerably younger than the first rubbed his chin which was rough with stubble let out a sigh when he heard what the other man said; it was true, the pawns had finally come, now they could begin the game.

“So now what?” The younger man looked at his elder, who had a thick mop of white hair on his head, eyes narrowed. It took a second before the other man answered.

“Find them; and make sure that they’re willing to help us.” He drummed his fingers against the desk that was sat in the room. “Or else...”

The younger man nodded; “I know.”

“Say it.”

“The world ends.”

It was a normal day, maybe you were walking home, or maybe you were home alone; regardless it was just a regular day that was until you were abducted. You couldn’t see your captor before you were knocked out cold. Waking up you found yourself in a plane, along with a few more people your age in which you didn’t know. Puzzled your attention was caught by a short stubby young man who was standing in front of the aisle. He wore thick black leather clothing, and there was a cigar hanging out from the side of his mouth. He introduced himself as Emile, making a snide comment about how each of you were stupid enough to be caught that now you had no choice but to come along with them. Confused and angry you and the others lashed out towards him demanding that he tell you what was going on. He just chuckled and said that you all might want to stay in your seats.

A long time ago before life existed there was a spirit, lonely it created the spirits which were in the form of gods. These gods grew to forget their master, and contented themselves in forming their own life (humanity, animals, etc..) The spirit grew sad, and sealed himself away from everyone else, in his own dimension in which no one, not even the gods could access. But he promised that he would be known one day, and that when that day came that all that ignored him would rue their mistake of ignoring him. For many years the spirit lay dormant, that was until the gods realized that they did not have the power that they had once had when the spirit was with them, and that they were slowly fading away. In panic they tried to reason with the entity which had created them, but he refused to listen, saying that they were nothing but traitors. He did however offer them one chance for redemption, just one chance.

When the end of their power came, and the worlds would start to crumble (without the gods to hold them together) he would allow each of them to pick a champion and that champion would be forced to try and play his game – the game of Revelations. They would have to travel through the maze of dimensions that he had set up and find a way to access his inner sanctum – his very own fortress of a dimension. If they managed to come to him and defeat him and his game then he would return, and the gods would receive their power back in full. Not only that but the spirit would open up another realm; a heavenly one for everyone to live in for the rest of eternity. And so the gods agreed that they would do this; that they would partake in his game.

Now this Emile finishes his tale and tells you all that you’re the champions, and that you have to play the game of Revelations, as it’s the only way to save the worlds. He also tells you that your first take is to find the “Eye of the Universe” which would act like a portal to the other dimensions to try and find the spirit’s inner hold. The Eye is at an unknown location, and the only clue you have is a tome in some long lost language you can’t understand.

So what are you going to do; are you going to help these people? Or will you let the world fall...?



• Reima's champion is open. Reima is the god of life and the ruler of all of the other gods; he was seen as the spirit's son, and was the closest to the astray entity. His champion is a reflection of this god's bravery and determination; always willing to do whatever it takes to make sure that justice is served.

• Nox's champion is Bacardi. Nox is the god of trickery, decit, and darkness. He has always been seen as Reima's counterpart, and is considered the second strongest god under Reima himself. His champion is a reflection of his art of trickery, and is cunning and clever.

• Vista's champion is open. Vista is the goddess of motherhood, new life, and redemption. She has always been considered one of the more mild mannered of the gods, and has a calm temperance. Her champion is a reflection of her kindness and gentleness, as well as their love of peace.

• Carmen's champion is open. Carmen is the god of nature, animals, and music. He's a lively god, and one that could find no more peace in that of nature. He's considered to be one of the weaker gods though he's in fact quite strong. His champion is a reflection of his immaturity, and yet of his passion for nature, animals, and music. A sweet soul who really just wants to have fun.

• Sopor's champion is open. Sopor is the god of sleep, dreams, and foresight. Not surprisingly he's the third most powerful god due for his ability to control and influence the sleep and minds of others, and to peer into the future. His champion is a reflection of his solitude, and has both the side of nightmares, and dreams. A bi-polar soul, lost in their own world.

• Diliges' champion is open. Diliges is the goddess of love, romance, and desires. She has a strong influence on manipulating people into having very strong desires, and wishes. She is also the "cupid" of the gods. Her champion is a reflection of her lust, her envy, and her being able to manipulate people. (But not as well as Nox.)

• Xybes' champion is open. Xybes is the god of war, battle, and domination. He's very reckless, and is quite powerful in determining a war's outcome. His champion is a reflection of his stubborness, as well as his lust for battle. Not only this but his champion is also the holder of his inner battle between wrong and right.

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  • I would like each person to post at least 600 words a character, and this being the very least. I would much prefer it if you'd write around 1000 words a post. This is an advanced roleplay, for skilled roleplayers willing to put a lot into setting and character development.
  • Make sure that this topic remains bully free! I hate the thought of someone being picked on (even if it's the cyber world) so make sure that you don't pick on anyone, and report it if someone is picking on you! With this being said, IC bullying at some point is to be expected so don't be overdramatic if that happens.
  • There is only to be one character per player. Make sure that your characters are interesting and make me want to learn more about them. The age range is about 13 - 20; so feel free to spread them out a little bit.
  • People make sure that you know, respect, and follow all of RoleplayGateway's site guidelines and rules. I expect this roleplay to follow them, and the consquences will vary if you're caught breaking them in any form. I wouldn't want a moderator to have to lock this roleplay up because people weren't following the rules.
  • As the GM I have the right to change, add, or remove anything from these rules and the roleplay.

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May I reserve Sopor's champion?

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May i reserve dilige's champion? :)
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May I reserve Xybes' Champion please? :)

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May I reserve Vista's champion, please? ^.^

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