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Babs Williams

"Sometimes you are so good at listening, you forget when to speak." mwip

0 · 453 views · located in The Garage

a character in “The Garage: Memento Mori”, as played by Mac n Cheese


"I didn't run away from my family. I found it."

Barbara Crystal Williams


Twenty (20)

β™Œ August 1st β™Œ

Years At The Garage:
Seven "I'm early on, but not an original, y'know?"

Pansexual Panromantic

Face Claim:
Zoe Kravitz

Image{ Goofy, Stubborn, Quiet, Nosy, Survivalist }
Babs is a funny little creature, almost pixie-like in the strange quirk of her smile and the way she makes strange faces when thinking. She is altogether a goofy sort of person, the type who gets on well with children and is deemed unimportant by adults, because they cannot take her seriously. If one does not pay attention enough, they may come to believe that Babs is incapable of taking herself seriously. After all, she seems to spend more time playing strange little jokes or trying to coax out a laugh than being productive. From this alone, she may seem as though she contributes nothing at all to the Garage, despite having lived off of its love for seven years now. She'd probably put up a good fight the contrary if she weren't conflicted on the issue herself. Part of her is content in the role she plays, the other worries that she is too easily replaced. Even if someone were to decide that and try to evict her, though of course they never would, Babs would cling to her home until her nails were splintered from the effort. She is a frightfully stubborn person, impossible to sway once she's set her mind, even when perfectly good logic is presented to try and convince her to change her mind. She is determined and hard-headed, and it's difficult to refuse her rare request or demand, because she will latch onto the issue until satisfied, annoying the hell out of a person until they give in, and then responding with that smile of hers.

One might by now assume that she is a fast talking, joke cracking sort of person. They are correct in feeling, but entirely wrong technically. It is a surprising week that Babs speaks more than a handful of words, and she hasn't spoken more than two or three at a time since she first came to the Garage and introduced herself. Babs is an incredibly quiet, though not reserved, person, and only speaks when she wishes to. Her words always given with the utmost sincerity. That being said, while she has little of her own to offer, Babs is almost greedy when it comes to listening to the words of others. She has been scolded before for eavesdropping on conversations, or letting people ramble on because she likes to hear the voice. Babs wants to know everything, as if it makes her feel safe, and thus might be the one to hold some odd piece of information or another, a secret of someone's who doesn't know she knows. Those who don't speak often find themselves hearing a good deal. One oughtn't mistake quietness and goofiness for gentleness, though. Babs is kind to those she likes, but is very much the quiet one who will go directly for the throat if she has to. She does whatever necessary for she and her friends to survive, and wouldn't hesitate to get her own hands messy if necessary. Survival is her priority before all else- this is likely why she hesitates over the avenging.

History: Long paragraphs 3+

Deep Water || No one ever taught Babs how to swim, and she's certain that if she ever gets in water close to her height in depth, she'll slip and no one will be around to pull her out of the water.
Losing Another of the 13 || Before, Babs was afraid of losing one of those who have become her family. Now that it has happened, she's even more terrified that it will happen again. It makes her hesitant about getting revenge- she wants to avenge Joey, but worries what the cost could be.
Being Underground || You can see her bio for an explanation, but long story short: she was kept in a basement for much of her life, and it wasn't pleasant.

Strengths & Talents:
Basic Medicine/First Aid || Babs' greatest patient growing up was herself, but she certainly practiced on her siblings as well. When she was little she wanted to be a nurse, but the closest thing she'll ever get is being the go to for bandages, disinfectant, and makeshift splints for the Garage.
Perseverance || Babs may not look particularly tough, but she's still got a sort of stubbornness that helps keep her from wavering. She's the sort to work herself to the bone for what she wants, and this determination has helped her carry on.
Hiding || Studies have found that children of abusive homes are more sensitive to facial expressions, able to pick up instantly when it is best to run and hide. Babs grew up knowing the best defense was not to be there, and thus has become very good at hiding herself from sight.

Nondenominational Christian - { "I'm not gonna tell others what to think, and I'd be lying if I said I didn't curse God's name at times, but there's something comforting in someone up there who gives a damn. I don't know, maybe I just like the idea." }

|| Works as a stripper ||

Babs isn't exactly an intimidating person as far as physique goes, standing at 5'0" with a slim build. At first glance she might be mistaken for a child, and certainly wouldn't be deemed someone to worry about. However, beneath her petite frame there are wiry muscles, the sort that come not from lifting weights but constant physical activity, climbing trees, fences, carrying people as best she can, etc. She is small but mighty, making up for what she lacks physically in a sort of cold ferocity when she is forced to defend herself or a friend. Babs goes for the throat, the eyes, behind the knees, any area that might be soft and therefore easily breached. This would be slightly more effective if she weren't a chronic nailbiter with nubs instead of nails. Fighting aside, the young woman has hair that changes based on how it is slept on, although it tends more towards curly. She recently cut it all off, leaving uneven layers (gifs around basic info) and slight bangs around a smiling face. Her skin is not dark nor pale, the result of being biracial perhaps. Her eyes are brown and often daydreaming, or startlingly alert.

Babs has a tattoo of an anchor on her left inner forearm, and a cigarette burn on her right inner wrist. Her nose is pierced.

Whatever she can find that is cheapest

Her height, the cigarette burn

Played by: Mac N Cheese
Dialogue Colour: #686899

So begins...

Babs Williams's Story