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Irina Neventelde

"I'm not just gonna listen to you, y'know. Idiot. Don't even try it!"

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a character in “The Garden: An Arcadian Boneyard”, as played by Rann


Irina Neventelde

"It's pronounced 'Neh-vun-tell-dee', in case ya didn't know."
"Well gee, that wasn't hard to tell."'

Place of Birth:
"Hate this place. Everything about it. Damnit to fuck."
Avalon, a post-apocalyptic wasteland where was once a bountiful paradise, characterized by the massive desertification of the great green plains of the past, and the dry mountains surrounding the northern side. It's a lawless place, full of roving gangs of bandits.

Y'know, you shouldn't even b- oh whatever, here you go, if you really want to know."
Irina is what you might call hyperindependant. She's almost obsessed with doing things on her own, and not depending on anyone, to the point that it might even be detrimental. She's brash, impulsive, and prefers action over thinking. She's also a natural rebel - and finds it a lot harder to make herself do something if someone else told her to, even if the order was to sleep, and she was planning on sleeping in a little bit. Because of this, Irina does run into problems from time to time, but over all is competent. She can handle herself - and despite being an obvious hothead, she keeps her cool when in obvious danger. Still, she's bitter of what she got in life, but tries not to feel jealous of the more fortunate.

Not that she can't get along with other people - she just has more trouble letting them in, maybe in fear of depending on them, but maybe for other reasons too. It's odd - while in some small way, Irina does long for companionship that her older sibling doesn't really give, she doesn't exactly need the friendship. That said, Irina makes a good actress and can easily hide her doubts away when interacting with others, often adopting a more open and friendly personality if required.

Overall, Irina is a pretty hidden girl. She doesn't let people in, and she doesn't let herself get weak. She's confident and brave, with a strong sense of "justice" that she doesn't mind dispensing if no one else is willing to - almost as if she were a vigilante or something. Very deep down, when she's feeling particularly moody, is a deep vast feeling of emptiness or pathlessness that's always pervading every aspect of her life subtly, and it scares her in a way that she'll never willingly show to anyone. She's a good girl through and through, with just a lot of rough edges that need ironing out.

"Just - okay just stop staring! You're staring, right?"
Irina stands at 4'10", and doesn't weigh much more than that. Her eyes are usually focused on some point in her mind, that makes her look like she's staring hard at something that no one else can see - she's blind, after all - but then again, she doesn't exactly need sight. A flower motif is usually prevalent on her somehow - along with a hairpin that mimics flowers on the side of her head. Her hair is sleek black, and cut short just around her neck, almost giving her a tomboyish look. Irina's mouth is usually curved down into a scowl or a frown, and her body has some scars running along her arms, legs, and rarer, her torso. Irina walks with almost arrogant confidence, despite her blindness. She has obvious signs of someone who can fight on her body.

Spoken Languages:
"Never really gave much of a shit for other languages. Can't read anyways."
Il'Druin - language used to make curses

Theme Song:
"Feels like they understand me."
Koukou no Seisei | Yousei Teikoku

[Combat Section]

"Heh. I love this thing!"
Irina's weapon is a long elastic whip - with a short dagger attached to the end of it. It offers good range and damage, with a moderately fast attack rate.

"So wait - does this make me a mage or what?"
Irina can control and harness, what is in essence, 'darkness'. Others may call it, 'absence of light' or 'absence of heat'. Her hands can conjure up manifestations of this dark energy and use it as energy sucking bolts or barriers as she wishes, used tendrils of darkness to sap her enemy's energy, as well as pin them down and stop them from moving, do wide-range energy blasts, encase the target in darkness to make them faint,, a darkness aura around her that slowly sucks the energy of everyone close by, in general can lower temperatures with her magic, among other uses.

Another thing Irina can do, to a slightly lesser extent, is curses. These have various effects and success, depending on the actual curse, her own concentration, and her target's general resistance against curses. Curses can entail negative thoughts, drowsiness, demotivation, hallucinations, panic, fear, despair, laughter, and more.

She also has a passive darkness field around her. This field is made of such spread out and little amount of darkness that it doesn't really do anything except for alert her when magic is entering the field, so she can dodge or accommodate for it as necessary. It's radius is a few feet from her.
Irina has a clicker that she can use to send clicks that echo around. This helps her with her echolocation.

"Not everything's gotta necessarily be a weakness,"
Despite being blind since birth, Irina can use echolocation to determine her surroundings. This, coupled with a more focused sense of hearing, and more sensitivity to the differences in air, make her able to fight regardless of losing her sight. Other than this, she makes a good actress and can cover up her emotions when she wants - and by proxy, can tell when someone else is doing the same.

"This really isn't any of your business!"

Two years after Niko was born, out came Irina, who was unfortunately, born with 90% blindness - she has enough sight to see vague shapes and colors around her, but not enough to really be able to function. Early on, this didn't really hamper her, even living in the Avalon territory, as she never really knew there was anything different, and that everyone somehow coped with it. She developed a particularly good relationship with her father. Even as an infant she didn't really cry all that much - it almost worried the parents that she was going to be an overly morose serious child. But they still loved and cherished her anyways. Her early years were kind of a bliss, really.

When she was around three to four, Irina's attention went to her older brother, Niko. She felt this odd bond with him, despite his apparent callousness, and more or less attached herself to him wherever he went. It got on his nerves as time went on - this is when her magic started manifesting. And along with her magic, her ability to send and throw clicks with her tongue to try and get a sense on her bearings started developing too - arguably in order for her to be able to follow her brother around. This eventually culminated in her almost getting attacked by a rogue band, just successfully subduing him entirely by a chance bolt of dark magic - Irina realized that, perhaps, she didn't exactly always have to follow him everywhere.

Once her magic became apparent, her father took to training her and teaching her how to defend herself. There would come a time, after all, that she'd have to rely on her own senses and abilities in order to survive, and this was one aspect of it. Combat. At first she was utterly terrible, losing every time, because of the severe disadvantage that came with being blind. But eventually - possibly especially - once she got a weapon, and learned how to move around more, and use echolocation to aid her, she slowly gained in competence. Although she still lost all the time, because of her age and still six year old body, Irina was already showing the signs of someone who'd be a strong fighter as she grew up.

At seven, the family happened upon a young boy, named Miran, apparently got separated from his group during a fight against bandits. So the Neventelde family decided to take the eight year old in, and he became fast friends with Irina. Furthermore, he taught her how to wield curses for support - a way of fighting that did not require eyesight in the least. Although it wasn't direct damage, it was still a benefit, and Irina was glad for the new weapon in her disposal. With a combination of hallucination and fear curses, she finally managed to beat her father in a spar.

Over the years, feelings strengthened between Irina and Miran, and the young girl eventually became stronger as well. Miran came to a proposition, in private, about going with him to find his old group. Irina instantly agreed - but not before an altercation between Miran and Niko led to some suspicions on the man's intents. Sure enough, once catching up to Miran's group, he revealed himself to be a bandit illusionist, and to have been fooling her the whole time. Blind and surrounded, there wasn't much Irina could do at the mercy of the bandit gang, and she was broken in multiple times that night by each one, before being prepared to be sold off to some richer people outside of Avalon as a slave. It was then that she realized that trusting anyone was pointless and stupid - and that the only person she could ever count on was herself. Of course, even when her family came to the rescue, killing the bandits, the now embittered girl refused to show emotion, even after their parents sacrificed themselves for the children to escape.

Now at sixteen, Irina travels the desert wasteland with her brother, in some sort of emotional cold war, neither of them getting along whatsoever. His sarcastic insults, and her rebellious antics just continued to cause friction, but despite that, their bond as siblings kept them from abandoning the other. Irina is now darker, less willing to think about morals, and can act to trick other travelers they meet out of their cash, or even kill them after defeating them with words and curses. Seeing a chance to get out of the wasteland, Irina and Niko fought their way out, and into what everyone calls, "The Garden", to join in on the Guild Games, hopefully teaming up with the Nameless.

So begins...

Irina Neventelde's Story


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#, as written by Rann
what the hell is going on, im in a battle but everything is it doesnt make sense im not sure whats happening, im scared, this is wrong i thought it was going to be an easy fight, just some blind teenager but why am i seeing these things why am i so confused i was about to charge and knock her out in a single hit but then this is happening and its everythings blending together in the wrongest ways its not even possible im seeing my worst memories, my mother being killed in front of me all the blood and the gore and the screaming and fear and i dont know i have no idea all the fire and the corpses when i first started up whats happening im not supposed to be seing these things right now not in a fight im supposed to win for my guild arent i snap out of it i have no idea please stop make it stop

Irina cackled. Pressing the small remote-like machine in her hand, she heard the audible click that more or less showed her the layout of the entire arena - and most importantly, the position of her opponent. This was really easy - and perhaps even idiotic on the opponent's fault. Really, when fighting against someone with curses, you don't just go and announce yourself all "I'm Aeris Meringue! Let's have a good match!" Because all you need for curses is the name of your target. Everything after that is more or less intuitive, is it not? Aeris had begun the match by thrusting forward with her warhammer - but Irina was more or less prepared for a direct attack like that and simply muttered a quick Hallucination Curse to confuse Aeris, and then after quickly dodging out of the way and making sure she was out of reach, she added a Fear Curse into the mix. Currently, Aeris was stumbling about, rambling incessantly about nonsense, almost as if she completely forgot she was in a match.

Technically Irina could win this already. But this was far too fun to simply end right now. It was rare when she felt so... powerful, so in control. And she ruled Aeris' psyche in it's totality right now, and there wasn't anything the warrior could do about it. Luckily, she had a low resistance for curses. The young girl got the oddest pleasure in knowing Aeris was utterly incapacitated due to fear. And as she could aptly hear from some of the spectators - it was really unexpected. The favors were really in Aeris' favor in the beginning - what could a blind girl do in a fight? Well... now they knew. A faint feeling or pride arose in her.

Aeris seemed to be the proud, confident type. Almost haughty, one could say. Bad traumatic memories - somehow involving her mother, but who can say? Most likely her mother died, and she didn't have a father to begin with. Irina shrugged lazily. Discerning her victim's personalities was a particularly entertaining part of the game, regardless of accuracy. It was simply fun. Irina focused her gaze on what she assumed to be Aeris's face, almost in a calculating, scrutinizing way, clearly enjoying this a little too much. Aeris also seems to be the type that's easy to trust others, even if it's stupid. It was hard for Irina to resist scoffing at this one. Trusting and relying on others is stupid. You either make it on your own strength, or you fall and die. Like you deserve.

Okay, this was getting a little old now - time to end the match. Using more clicks from her tongue and the remote clicker in her hand, Irina confirmed Aeris's location and charged up her dark magic in her hands, before having it explode out in shadowy tendrils, wrapping around Aeris and snaking around her throat, lifting her into the air. Aeris let out a weak cry as she struggled, but to no avail - the tendril then tightened and knocked the warrior into the wall a few times for added injury. Once the struggling ceased, Irina released the tendril, and quickly dispelled the curses - her opponent choked into unconsciousness.

Way too easy, she thought.

After the fight, as Irina was relaxing in a seat, she heard the familiar footsteps of Niko over the din of the crowd. Perhaps to congratulate her for the win? How... irritating. she didn't need him. A scowl splayed across her face as her brother approached. She really didn't want to listen to more of his insults and snarky abuse - it was exhausting. She wanted to be entering her second match on a good note, after all. But now, chances of that seemed to be ruined.


"I won." Irina yawned in boredom. "Way too easy. Fun though. What the hell do you want?" She was half a mind to simply leave to try and find peace and relative quiet, but in the end decided to stay seated. "Gonna bitch about how long I took? Or maybe brag about your wins? Whatever, Niko. I don't give a shit."

"Should just curse you and be done with it." The rebel muttered darkly.

The setting changes from The Garden to Phyrexian Grassland

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As Niko hurried from the former site of the labyrinth to the battle that was taking place between The Nameless and the shadow creatures, his eyes picked upon a scowling girl with black hair whose body, while well-toned, was much smaller than his own. Well, looks like I found her anyway, he thought. Well, what could she do against those dark creatures, though...?

"I won," his sister yawned as he approached, having already heard him from quite a distance away. "Way too easy. Fun though. What the hell do you want? Gonna bitch about how long I took? Or maybe brag about your wins? Whatever, Niko. I don't give a shit." Turning away, she muttered in a much darker and quieter voice, "Should just curse you and be done with it."

And of course, the Neventelde siblings' interactions were as terrible as ever. "Well, congratulations on your win. I'm sure they'll figure out very quickly whose side they want you on with those curses," Niko commented with a not-very-genuine smile. Seriously, he hated those curses...especially because of who taught them to her. "As for how things were going on my end, I defeated two people in the labyrinth. And I didn't exactly have as much fun as you did..." A bitter edge entered his voice. "It's not very enjoyable when you consider what happens if we lose."

Now to business. Smile fading, Niko pointed in the direction of the shadow beasts. "And speaking of your curses, why don't you save it for these guys who ruined this event?" Suddenly, he had a fun thought and put on an arrogant voice. "Ah well, if you're not up to it, you can just hide in a corner; let The Nameless, anyone who decided to stay, and me handle these moots."

Turning on his heel, he ran back towards the battle, drawing his sword and leaping over the chairs in front of him with ease, a giant smirk on his face. With that kind of insult thrown upon her, there was no way Irina wouldn't try to prove him wrong. In the meantime, he rushed into the fray, and with a shout, leapt upon the hulking monsters and threw his hands out to the side. And then, flames immediately kindled directly upon the ones beneath him, just as he swung his own flaming sword at the nightmares.

But it was best to keep moving and devastate them in as many areas as possible, wasn't it? Kicking off the face of one of the burning horrors, Niko surrounded himself in fire and ran through their ranks, slashing with wild moves and a wild grin. Everywhere he went, flames raged, burning away at the horrors without mercy. Maybe Irina was right about...this COULD actually be fun.

However, he suddenly noticed someone up ahead--a man in a brown cloak, holding a girl with silver hair who seemed to be unable to fight. Normal people. Allies...sort of anyway. Frantically, Niko quickly extinguished his flaming aura and pushed his heel hard against the ground, stopping himself before he could barrel into the two. "Better move quickly if you wanna not die," he called over his shoulder, turning away. "Carrying someone else is only begging for them to rearrange your face!" As if on cue, two of the monsters lunged at the man, but he managed to defeat them...with a shovel?! Either way, he was able to get the unconscious girl to a lady in far-too-elegant robes...guess that matter was solved, then.

Well, with the man in the cloak just standing there, and the woman was...working some kind of healing magic, it seemed, Niko figured they probably would need defending...what an annoyance. "I'll be taking care of these guys for you!" he shouted to the group, turning on his heel towards the nightmarish monsters. Flames gathered to cover the entire length of his left forearm, which was raising as though he'd make a punch with it. "Don't start complaining if things get a bit more heated here!"

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#, as written by Rann
Well, that was a conundrum. The monster things that were screwing shit up were really... troublesome. For instance, she didn't know their names at all. And that really was fucking annoying - what could she really do, in terms of curses? Sure, the others were her allies, but - well, it was such a hassle. And it probably wouldn't merit as much fun as tormenting Aeris into nigh insanity had. She focused at a point where she assumed her brother was as he replied to her words in typical fashion.

"Well, congratulations on your win. I'm sure they'll figure out very quickly whose side they want you on with those curses," While the words were nice - the tone was most evidently not. Irina stifled a mocking yawn, really not in the mood for his veiled insults. "As for how things were going on my end, I defeated two people in the labyrinth. And I didn't exactly have as much fun as you did... It's not very enjoyable when you consider what happens if we lose."

That in itself was... actually a good point. Possibly the one thing the siblings had in common was their mutual hatred of their home - the wasteland named Avalon. The roving bandits, everywhere. Incessant heat. Miran.... all in all, there was nothing good to be said about the damn place. Irina gave an involuntary shiver when she remembered what had happened - and the event that proved that she didn't need anyone else. That she couldn't trust anyone else. It haunted at her nonstop, and yet there was nothing to really be done about it. While she could never see - for some reason, nightmares of the event were in full clarity. How idiotically spiteful. And yet she still shamelessly uses the curses she learned from Miran... but they're a powerful weapon. Why not take advantage of it? Still. The only thing she could agree with Niko on was that there's no way that they'd ever return to Avalon. Death was preferable, and death would be the solution if they had no other choice.

"And speaking of your curses, why don't you save it for these guys who ruined this event?" Hadn't this already been covered earlier? She needed the actual names in order to - fuck it, Niko didn't need to know how curses worked. All that mattered was that she knew how they worked. Her scowl deepened, though, and from the inflection in his voice she could sense some more cruel sarcasm about to be hurled her way."Ah well, if you're not up to it, you can just hide in a corner; let The Nameless, anyone who decided to stay, and me handle these mooks."

All rationality exited Irina's mind as she immediately stood up, fuming. This was fucking ridiculous. What, did Niko think she couldn't fight? That she was some weak vulnerable female that had to be protected? Hadn't she proven to him that she was probably a more proficient fighter than he was, even without sight? That was it, this was fucking it. She'd fight, whatever. Might as well, too. Idiot brother. Stupid brother.

"Fuck off." Irina spat angrily. "I'll kill more than you can even count!"

Her brother then sped off, wreaking destruction in the form of flames. Irina used her clicker to quickly get an image of the area, and swung her whip at one of the flagpoles - wrapping around it and pulled, allowing her to be used almost as a slingshot towards the strange monsters. The speed was exhilarating - it was a shame she couldn't attain speed simply by running or jumping, but alas - and it brought her into the fray, and she sent another click with her remote system, before sending a rapid flurry of cracks and slashes of her dagger-on-whip, a medium-range force of violence. Irina's face bore an almost crazed expression as she fought - as it almost always did.

"I'll be taking care of these guys for you!" Her brother cried, and Irina sported a wry smile. Oh, Niko, ever the hero. Idiot.

Fighting too near others gave Irina a strange, uncomfortable feeling. She vastly preferred to be alone in a battle. And thus, she summoned a shadow tendril to attach to one of the monsters in order for her to swing herself at it, before driving the blade through it's skull with a veritable slice. Irina raised her arms to roughly head height, before letting out a bit of a cry, and using enough force to have her body buckle over in half, almost as if in pain, and a shockwave of dark energy pulsated around her, shredding some monsters, and pushing away the rest, in a wide radius around her, allowing her to set up her passive darkness field to alert her of magical attacks heading her way.

Okay, this was actually pretty fun.

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#, as written by duramon
Apex sighed heavily as he watched the display of force, the defense and the attack, the lack of real progress in their assault and the increase of recruits staying behind to help the lost cause. It would be disappointing indeed if they arrived to find themselves the last remaining force to fight off The Nameless whom were rumored to be so weak, he would not allow such embarrassment.

He raised an open paw into the air and simply clenched it before pumping it forward, a single finger extended. Their wasn't even any recognition or re-action. Nothing seemed to change at all, except now only six members of the group were heading towards the battle, a collective shiver ran through the others however and Apex began to smile and whistled once in a long low tune.

Things were indeed going to be fun.

An Armored being dashed across the battlefield, undetectable by nearly all means unless ones eyes were attuned to seeing things whiz past at the speed of light, he made no indent not a single trace of his being making itself known. That was however until The Black Rabbit looked to her left, her ears twitching as a spray of blood drenched her clothing and her face, interrupting the supporting fire and small flashes of lightning she'd been placing around the field. The cloth covered man who had been banishing those undead who got to close nothing but a contorted mess of bones and blood meshed in with the light coloured clothing that had adorned him. She barely had time to bring her spear across in a block as a metal fist clashed with the golden weapon, the agent of the garden pressed back with all the force she had, with everything that could be lent to her as her own eyes stared into the glowing pools of her opponent.

A singular whir sounded and high pressure steam rushed out from the joint in her opponents elbow and before she could react, her eyes widening in shock, The Black Rabbit was launched across the battle field. Her body bouncing and grinding a long the ground until her twisted spine collided with one of the far off ice spires with a sickening thwack and an echoing crash that even made Pestel jump and groan mid-dance. The Black Rabbit lay collapsed in a heap, chunks of ice piled on top of her and several shards sticking out of gaping wound, her arms contorted in unnatural ways and her spear embedded in the ground not far off from her original point.

Aizen roared in anger and flashed across the defensive line, his sword arm swinging horizontally and obsidian armour coating the other along with a burning light that pierced the spot his foe had been standing as he swung. Allies leaped from the point in reaction as the ground shattered and blew apart, fragments of terrain littering the skies and the ground around, but as the dust settled and a growling Aizen manipulated the air to sense nearby foes. An iron fist reached forward to collide with another member of The Nameless, sending another body flying past Aizen to be caught by supporting members of the guild, they were alive but barely and for a single moment Aizen saw a heavily armoured monster standing within the rubble they created of the terrain.

How were they going to fight something that they couldn't sense? He looked over to his psychics, every person that could find a way to locate the man shook their heads solemnly, they would have to rely on sight for now.

The armoured man felt nothing for what he had done, no joy, no sadness, he had followed orders and taken The Black Rabbit out of commission. Now he was free to take whomever he wanted from the battle-field, he saw someone burn through his husks, Apex's husks, and their partner or perhaps sibling taking out their own at a slower pace. He made his decision and rushed past the golden spear that lay buried in the ground, kicking up dust on purpose as a final taunt to Aizen before dashing into the battle-field. The hiss of steam and the thundering sound of shattering earth sounded in the distance and suddenly the same spear was propelling through the air at an inhuman pace for a simple throw, piercing several husks and slowing down by a minimal amount as it headed towards the flame user.

Meanwhile its thrower stood behind the users partner, a metallic fist raised when silently two claws of plasma erupted from either side of the hand. However he did not attack, simply opting to wait and allow others to foolishly come to this ones rescue. They could not out-match his speed that he was sure of, and she could not sense him with all the skills in the world, but if their was one thing he enjoyed it was the hunt. So he would wait for worthier prey.

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A spear suddenly impaled itself in the midst of the raging inferno, causing Niko to jump back instinctively. What the hell? Who had thrown that? Even with their power, those monsters shouldn't have had the fine motor skills or coordination to throw that spear...not so accurately, either; it had speared itself well into the ground a foot away from him. Who was responsible?!

But when his eyes traced the direction from which the spear had flown, he could not see who or what had sent it at him. Looks like he got away quickly...looking back at the girl who was being healed, Niko figured there was enough time for him to dash away for a bit. Doing so in the direction of the horrors, he recreated his flame aura and began to burn and slash through them again. Augmented with heat, the heavy sword was working well enough against them...he probably didn't need to change his tactics, right?

Noticing two people flying in the of them had wings, somehow...and seeing that they were doing nothing but flirting, Niko groaned. Couldn't they see where they were? "Oi! Flirterers! Leave your mushiness for later, get down here and be of some use! People are getting murdered down here!" he angrily shouted, leaping up and slashing some enemy that had jumped at them.

The flaming blade sank into the enemy...but didn't pierce its skin entirely. Annoyed, Niko kicked backwards, sending flames out from underneath his feet (thankfully, aimed away from the pair of flirterers), sending himself spiraling forward and forcing his blade further through the face of the monster and killing it. Satisfied, he halted the stream of fire from his feet and rolled, landing somewhat safely, though he felt a rather unpleasant pain in his spne from the force.

Blazing through the monsters yet again, he suddenly noticed Irina up ahead, taking out the nightmares with her darkness magic. Just as Niko was about to send (anything but) a compliment her way, he suddenly noticed that standing right behind her was a giant hulk clad in black armor, whose fists were shining with a strange energy. Wait...what the hell is that?! And it was preparing to attack...Irina. "Behind you, idiot!" Niko shouted, leaping just past Irina and raising his sword, the flames continuing to dance about him. Hadn't she noticed him by now, with that nearly omniscient echolocation ability?!

Whatever the reason...ugh, goddammit, she'll make my life so much worse for this.

The setting changes from Phyrexian Grassland to The Garden


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#, as written by Rann
Irina was having the time of her life. Tearing the enemies apart with a mixture of quick lashes of the whip, and nigh endless streams of dark energy. She didn't even really need to use curses for this - just her dark magic was enough. She knelt back to dodge a sword, in time to wrap her whip around the sword and send tendrils of dark magic to choke that monster to death. The next instant, she wrenched hard on the tentacles, propelling her forward into the air, before throwing it at some more that were approaching. Finding herself a small amount of space to breathe, the rebel stopped to catch her breath, before sending a few clicks to get a bearing on the situation. She sensed two figures descending, a spear being propelled towards a lot of flame - presumably her brother - and a strange tickling at her passive darkness field, making her wonder if magic was nearing. Times like this, it'd be nice to be able to see. Echolocation was good - but lacked what vision offered. Regardless, it wasn't the time to think of such stupidity. She had shit to kill.

Apparently, the two beings were... fliterers, if her brother was to be believed. She aimed a derisive glance at the two, amidst the battle, with a bit of a shrug. "How romantic, flirting in a fight! Yeah, I can get on that." She then turned her attention back to killing, refusing to think of it any further.

As she weaved through the battlefield, she could sense more and more fire; more things burning into nothing. Honestly, she thought, it was the epitome of reckless, and this is coming from a near blind fighter. Niko really had no finesse when it came to battle, simply rushing in with acrobatics and trying to light as many things on fire as possible. It was silly - but - yeah, honestly, that's it. And this is from a more or less neutral stance, not even taking into account the intense dislike she felt for her brother.

"Behind you, idiot!" Niko shouted, quickly approaching. Irina frowned bitterly, clenching.

"You're the idiot!" She retorted fiercely. "All this damn fire - you could fuck up allies like this, or even me if I were stupider! Seriously, Niko, you're a fucking retard and I-"

As she took a step back, she felt herself bumping into a hard, metallic surface. That alone shocked her severely, making her lost her trail of thought. A physical object she couldn't sense? Irina focused on her terrible eyesight, but could only make out the vaguest hints of blurs and colors, irritating her mind further. How could she fight something she couldn't sense? What the hell could she do? Still, it dawned on her that this was what Niko was most likely referring to - and that pissed her off even more. Why did he think she needed the help? If she.. focused harder, she could sense the thing, right? She'd have spotted it eventually!

"Fuck." Irina spat, as she took a rather strong hit to the side, distracted. The girl hissed as blood started leaking - but whatever, it was temporary, she'd deal with it somehow. Still, it seemed stupid things were happening. Maybe they were getting into something bigger than they thought. Not out of worry or kindness or anything, Irina started murmuring quietly. "Niko Neventelde, X'ul, ira kha'reshii xil'na!" The curse spun through the air until it reached the target - Niko - and her brother was granted with a 'Sense Loss Curse'. In this specific case, it blocked out his pain reactors, allowing him to fight harder with less worry for his own form. She quickly did another one - "Niko Neventelde, X'ul, hald ha-sen menashi xil'na!", granting him almost hypersensitive awareness of the battlefield.

Who said curses were only negative? Irina grimaced as she sent several powerful blasts of dark magic at the armored thing that was behind her - or at least, where she last estimated it to be. Fighting something she couldn't tell the location of was seriously going to be a hassle. But she didn't dare lose in front of her brother. Being looked down upon - seen as weak, vulnerable, to be fucking protected, - screw all that shit. She was fine. She was strong. She could win. She had to win. She was getting tired, to be honest - her body starting to slow down, but fuck. Losing wasn't an option.

But fuck did that slash hurt. She could stand for maybe a few more minutes.

The setting changes from The Garden to Phyrexian Grassland

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#, as written by duramon

Pestel had been happily dancing, minding his own business whilst he directed the swarms of corrupting insects and his little marching army. When someone decided to try and freeze him and ruin the fun, he simply sat in there moping for awhile, his cloud of pestilence making sure he had plenty of space. His fur keeping him warm along with various high fever inducing diseases he'd procured over the years, the sound of a shovel was in the background and his fingers tapped rapidly against his naked fur. He was getting bored, when were they actually going to try something? The rat finally felt the storm of ice or whatever it may be stop coming and he smirked and licked his teeth around the edges of his mouth, tasting the familiar dead flesh and giggling to himself.

Pestel was going to make things fun for himself, he put down the mace and began to dig downwards, a green ooze excreting from all across his body and coating the areas which his claws struck to stop the mud from tumbling inwards. The Plague Rat dug at a quick rate and soon sat in a small cubby hole below the mage who had attempted to freeze him, his nose twitching and sniffing quickly to make absolutely certain. He began to hum a tune in his head, flicking his head back and forth whilst he again orchestrated using his glowing mace. He would wait until his disappearance was discovered and then bite off the fools foot, he licked his lips happily and found it hard not to attack early with his giddyness. Things were going to be fun!


The metallic being stood silently behind his bait, watching as the baits partner started to call out and warn her as he headed through the fray to meet head on against the hunter. He had a 90% chance of being obliterated, and a 5% chance of simply being crushed, The hunter didn't bother discerning what miniscule percentage his prey had of succeeding under a hefty manifest of circumstances, instead he waited and waited. His bait wasn't listening to the prey, she too was foolish and childish but she had her uses even if minimal.

His glowing eyes watched after she pronounced her words, the flow of mana careening through the air to penetrate the prey's soul and re-aligning his biological structure. His nerve endings were cut off and his brain became hyper-active in its retrieval of data from the senses despite the lack of nerves, it was a strange and inefficient method however if they were going to be playing with re-alignment then he would show them true efficiency. After the blind bait collided with him she let her guard down, taking a swipe from a nearby husk which he swiftly executed with a snap of his elbow into the monstrosity's face. It was a warning to the others not to interfere with his prey and he would repay Apex ten fold for the transgression.

Several loud metallic whirs echoed along with various hisses. His armor slowly changing colours as hexagons of red began to spread across his form, uninterrupted by the darkness that failed to scratch the surface of his defense. A cloud of steam bellowed out from his joints and encompassed him until it eventually settled into a thick aura, his feet were finally swallowed by the red along with the rest and his transformation was complete. The hunters feet heated the sand beneath him into glass, every step he took towards the prey burning a small pit below him, he was tempted to kill the bait after all she had out-lived her purpose. Instead he settled for flashing to her side, one arm raised to her as a single whir sounded before a concentrated blast of steam burst forth from his palm, flashing away again immediately after and landing in front of his true prey.

The Partner whom had received the alignment. The Hunter raised both arms above his head and receded the claws of plasma into his gauntlets, daring his prey to attack, either they would attack him or he would attack them.

The setting changes from Phyrexian Grassland to The Garden


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To Niko's surprise, the armored hulk suddenly obliterated one of the nightmares, and all the others suddenly retreated a distance from it. Just as he wondered what kind of scheme it was planning now, he gasped as the metallic monstrosity suddenly began to glow red, and the sand below them began to turn to glass. So this bastard relied on heat as well.

At the same time, however, he felt his eyesight and hearing suddenly amplify greatly, and the aches from the various scrapes and slashes he had acquired from enemies that managed to land hits on him while he was trying to set them on fire vanished. One of Irina's curses, it seemed...of course, he wasn't about to thank her, and she never would have accepted his thanks anyway.

"Shit, though, looks like I got a bit too flame-happy earlier...I'm almost out of energy now." Raising his sword in his right hand again, he thrust out his left hand, and some of the flames that he had thrown around the battlefield suddenly spiraled towards him, reforming his signature flame aura. Conserving energy was probably better against this opponent. Then he began to--

But the robot moved first, landing directly next to Irina and blasting steam at her at point blank range. For a few moments, Niko's mind actually blanked out with terror when it landed directly in front of him, before he suddenly was aware of what was going on and leapt backwards, putting distance between himself and the robot. "So that's how it's going to be played, is it?" he muttered, his grip tightening on his sword. Hope you didn't get yourself killed, Irina.

With his blade glowing red-hot from the absorbed flames, Niko let out a yell and charged.

The setting changes from The Garden to Phyrexian Grassland

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#, as written by duramon

He had issued a challenge and the prey had accepted, charging at him with ignited blade and reckless abandon. The spark fancied himself a roaring flame, he would be shown his folly. He dodged under the charge moments before the attack reached him, bringing up a fist towards his opponents exposed gut with locked elbow, the prey would not survive. However it was not to be, a greater prey had arrived and fastened its hand around his wrist, the blow did not connect however the hidden burst of blue flames projected forth as intended and engulfed the area his original opponent had occupied, before he could react an elbow smashed into his helm and he found himself bouncing along the ground until his fist found purchase and allowed him to halt the movement.

A small crack ran across his visor and extended on to the left side of his helm. When the dust finally settled, the man from earlier stood just in front of the flames, but he looked younger with blonde hair and a lack of facial hair, it was no matter he had an opponent. He analyzed the mans weaponry, two obsidian gauntlets double the size of the mans actual appendages tipped with glowing claws, where the gauntlets ended at the elbow a torrent of pure white energy flowed. Not unlike his own steam did, except it seemed to have another purpose, scales of some description growing across the mans skin from the points the light made contact.

He had the luck of facing Aizen, his enemies leader. It was fortunate luck was not something that even entered his mind.

Hexagons of black ran through his suits arms, copying Aizen's gauntlets and stopping just before his elbows, they were fully re-enforced and the battle was to begin. His opponent made the first move,darting across the battlefield and swinging a fist directly at the hunters helm again, a blow that was returned in sync as a metal arm collided with the mans gut. An audible crack rung out and both opponents were sent back several meters from each other, blood splattered the sands and his helm had caved in at the left cheek.

The two continued to trade blows, fists occasionally colliding and spreading the force out across the terrain, tearing through the sands and glassing the area around them, whirs of steam and pulsations of light flinging around the battle-field every time the two collided, both sent flying and eventually colliding again further away until they arrived in an area away from the battlefield. So that had been his plan, regardless the two stood across from each-other and scans of his opponents vitals showed that he was losing. Aizen had several broken ribs and blood trickled down his fore-head due to a fractured skull, but his own armour was shattered and caved in several places.

The hunters helm was half destroyed and both his right rib-cage and right leg armour had been torn apart. Aizen stood across from him and with a sudden pulsation of light charged, an act that KH4 mimicked with his steam to meet him in the centre of their glass battlefield. The two black gauntlets collided in the centre and parted as Aizen slammed them into the ground, smashing a crater into the glass below and sending shrapnel into both fighters, a gauntlet swung through the dust and was caught by a black metal hand, the blow returned in kind and traded with legs, elbows and eventually a punch that shattered the hunters gauntlet entirely.

Aizen roared once and leaped forward, swinging a fist back-handed towards the hunter, who swiftly leaped into the air and re-enforced his leg in a flash as it slammed down onto Aizen's skull with full force. There was a sickening crunch and roar as the ground around the fighters erupted into the air, he had won, his prey stumbled on what little platform remained and suddenly threw an upper-cut that collided with the helm to shatter its jaw.

Stunned KH4 stumbled backwards, met with a roar as the mans left gauntlet was brought back to slam into his chest, the other meeting his arm, his skull, a knee slamming into his left thigh to give his opponent enough leverage to smash a twisting kick into the hunters jaw that rocked his head backwards. This couldn't be happening, he would not fail, he could beat Aizen! He looked up as his vision cleared and saw a brief explosion of light that engulfed the entirety of the area behind Aizen, before with perfect footing a bent right arm launched itself forward to collide with what remained of his chest armour.

The sands and glass and scorched earth surrounding the far off combatants did not erupt, it simply ceased to be. Obliterated in its entirety aside from a small stone platform that Aizen stood on, his fist still connected to his foe until a shock-wave erupted forth, shattering what remained of his foes armour and sending him flying back into the battlefield with a slicing gust of wind. A black slug-like being colliding with the earth inside a large group of husks, the wind that followed slicing them into mere piles of dark meat.

The leader of The Nameless slowly made his way back to the battle-field, his weapons slowly falling away as chunks of black stone that rolled into the sands he leaped across, and as the last stone hit the earth and he arrived back at the defensive line, the large slug faded out in a blue light.

Apex Flood
Apex frowned to himself as the insect flitted across his vision to land upon his right shoulder, a large slug he knew to be KH4.Z1X, his hunter. Fading into existence upon his palm and with what he could only assume was an apologetic movement, slinking itself into his armour and settling within a small compartment designed like its armour, to perfectly replicate its home environment.

His husks were few in number and spread out, it would not be long before this battle was over and not in their favor. Were it not a loss on his records it would not bother him, this battle was not his after all. He raised a hand to order a halt of his officers and growled "We return to our base, we have lost this battle. However as a parting gift, Raylee, Revive the husks on the left of the battlefield and the right. Bless the current numbers weaponry, I will have them lose more men before this is through." It was little more then a quarter of their number, but it would give them time to Finish off a few more members and leave unabated. The Leonal did as he was commanded and a holy light washed across the battle-field, clinging to the husks weapons and armour as it picked the rest up from their possible third deaths.

The rest of his officers muttered their own distaste but dare not question him, most understood his orders, others simply did not care. The Large Golem Vorin in particular let out a loud rumble that could be mistaken for a cry of attack, leaning down and reaching out from his current position to scoop up his allies and place them upon his chest just below the large crest. They would observe the battle from here before making their way to their masters, mainly for the sake of honor. To leave before the battle was complete was true cowardice.

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Qwerty, aka Experiment 'Sludgepile', was having bitter-sweet feelings about today. Considering the recent events that transpired since he, though technically he was an it, having been transported here shortly after his latest success story in the murdering business, it was definitely the strangest day he had. This was a rather impressive feat, due to him being a sentient human-shaped pile of organic sludge wearing sweatpants and clasping on a pair steel pipes as clubs. Having gone through from a sudden series of rapidly changing events, Qwerty had ended up in the thick of a grand battle, perhaps even large enough to be a small war of sorts, and was loving every minute of it. However he was immensely infuriated when he was met with the sight of various husks being resurrected from the dead, while others that were already among the living were bolstered in strength, snarling in rage and frustration at the shadowy underlings, especially those that fell by his own hand earlier.

"You got to be f***ing joking! Do you b***ards have any idea how hard it was to murder that many of them? Sure it was a right laugh, especially the fella whose head I squashed by bashing the two pipes together, but they did tons of slashes and smashes and other injuries beginning with S's on me!? Granted some of them have healed up now, that's the case with this weird healing factor junk I got, but one of them tried to chop my head off! The c**t! If there dead, leave em dead, ain't fair otherwise you cheating cowards!", Qwerty babbled furiously, having indicated to various wounds that adorned his sludgy body, including a clean stab wound through his side, a missing toe, and the previously mentioned incriminating attempt of cleaving around half way along his long snake-like neck. It was obvious he was hampered by the numerous wounds on his body, his already cumbersome speed impeded as well as his advantageous strength, and though his wounds were still healing, it was occurring at a snails pace. He wasn't ready for being in the thick of it and he begrudgingly knew it.

As the husk hoard approached, Qwerty made the shaming decision to retreat, an action he never was comfortable with, but saw it necessary as he began lumbering towards the defensive line, grumbling under his breath as the shadowy underlings were figuratively and occasionally literally nipping at his heels. He hastily battered back a few husks that got too close, desperately pushing them back with his great steel pipes he wielded as clubs, as well as spitting clumps of acidic slime, as well as adhesive slime, in an attempt to slow their numbers, still scrambling towards The Nameless and fellow competitors striving to survive.
"This just ain't f***ing fair I tell ya! reviving the dead while im heavily injured is just a wimpy loser way of a come back!" Qwerty raged to no one in particular, now at half-way to what appeared to be an iron fence that wasn't there earlier, with all sorts of combatants fighting nearby.

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#, as written by duramon
The beginning of the end, the end of the beginning.

It was with a bang, and not a whimper, that a new being arrived to the field of battle. His stitched and scraggly top hat perching perfectly atop his head and a mask that hid his features jolting slightly as he thumped into the ground just ahead of The Nameless defensive line gracefully. His limbs not reacting to the fall he had partaken of from the outer edges of this material plane as he strode forward with the tapping of a cane held loosely in one gloved hand, it was mere moments after he landed that the entire ground upon his landing point was eviscerated along with the husks that had arrived. A cavernous hole created and flooding with the sands slowly as he proceeded to walk towards the main combat and its participants, a husk with glowing blade leaped towards him, and was swiftly met with an elbow to the jaw that surely would have sent the creature flying. Had there been any creature left to move, however instead the man lowered his elbow and continued walking with the world perpetually slowed around him.

He eventually arrived at his destination and removed his top hat and mask, propping them upon his cane which he lodged into the ground at the centre of the battlefield. However despite his entirely uncovered features no matter what way you looked at him, it was obvious he had a face and head, features like any other being, yet none could be seen and nothing was truly visible. Not even an out-line of hair, and yet it was certain he was not bald, his teeth and glowing red eyes were visible however, both horrifyingly sharp and equally able to rend flesh from bone. However it was with presentation of these teeth in an impossible grin as he removed and began the placement of these objects which began the beginning of the end, a strange dark aura manifesting in reality behind him, he kicked the cane up from the ground and allowed it to fly carelessly into the battlefield with his personal affects, and began his work.


He first launched himself into the nearest armoured husk, leaping into the air and slamming a knee into its skull, a hand reaching behind it to grasp its ally to use its own head as a pivotal point, a point he used to spin his body in a hurricane of kicks that crashed through husks and sent waves of wind that tore through rows of their brethren beyond the initial point. Upon landing he flashed far across the battle field and planted his footing solidly upon the sands, an open palm and rigid fingers meeting a husks spine as the momentum of his travel passed into it with full force, along with several thousand volts of electricity that chained across the immediate area, his eyes met a group fleeing to the back line, a monkey woman receiving the full penetrating gaze he laid upon the collective group.

He continued to flash all across the battlefield, elbows, knees, fists and palms colliding with husks at a rapid pace in dozens of fighting styles. Each impact shaking the entire battlefield or passing some form of power along through the enemy lines until eventually mere seconds after his arrival half of the enemies remaining forces had been wiped out, he finished off one more blessed husk with a flipping kick that left him sailing through the air in the opposite direction to its skull. It was with a light thump then that his top hat returned to his head and the mask landed perfectly in his coat pocket, the cane spinning and landing in his out-stretched hand as he floated above the remaining fighters.

With a graceful spin he landed upon the ground and brought two hands together, a clap ringing out that silenced all other noise as the man, or perhaps the creature ,placed its hands swiftly upon the ground, a dark energy flowing through its finger tips for a moment before it stood. Corrected its top hat and its tie and deftly stepped out of the way of a fountain of blood to its left, one that was simultaneous across the battlefield as the remaining army erupted into a fountain of gore and destroyed armour. An eruption that was followed by a shock-wave of shaking earth and immensely strong wind that threatened to blow away those who were uncharacteristically weak. The silence that had flooded the battlefield finally lifting with a roar of noise.

It was with this final hurrah that the man dissipated entirely, a piece of parchment floating down to a certain marble skinned Incubus bait within the field, containing a name of an inn, and the blood enscribed symbol that almost whispered its own name "Apocalys". In the distance atop the hill which all this had begun, the retreating head of a temple like Golem could be seen, the Grasslands clear of all its hostile life.

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#, as written by duramon
Rest arrives in The Nameless abode, and gratitude arrives in the form of breakfast interrogation

There was no rest for the wicked, and so the good could not rest either, or at least that was the way he looked at it. Without pause Aizen dashed across the battlefield, a tapestry stretching from his original point and reaching the rabbit woman who lay mostly healed next to the corpse of her savior, an alien woman whom had healed her amongst the midst of battle. With a delicate sigh he slid her eyes shut with an out-stretched hand and slammed the tapestry's wooden end into the ground beside The Black Rabbit, picking up her broken form in gentle hands and lightly nudging the tapestry with one elbow. It had been expensive to purchase, but it would seem worth it as the battlefield began to glow, the remaining people and the defended innocents vanishing under the glow of a large arcane rune. The recruits taken with them for the ride as the large group stood in a rather extravagant mansion, or at least one that used to be extravagant, at the current moment it looked more worse for wear.

With a light huff he lifted a hand in the air and with a slam and click the mansion shut down, the windows closed and the doors shut and an arcane buzz ran through out the floor boards. They would be safe for now, or at least he hoped they would, a few of the younger nameless squeaked or sobbed after the ordeal and he took a moment to go around with the older members to re-assure them and comfort those whom had lost family or close friends in the battle. Eventually returning to his place as everyone but himself vacated to various parts of the mansion, ushering along children and teenagers with encouraging words even as they wiped the blood off of themselves, they had been through this ordeal before and it would not be the last time.

With his final reassuring smile given out, an angered frown hung across his face. His blonde hair grew out slightly and a beard pushed through his jowls to surround his mouth, a smokey grey colour that now matched his hair, he crossed his arms across his chest and stared down the group of recruits whom had stayed behind to assist for one reason or another. "You all stayed behind for a reason, but you're not out of the woods yet, I've got people to protect and I expect you to explain yourselves. The same offer from the recruitment stands, but only for those who are useful for more then just hitting, their is no room for cannons in a game of survival and I need people who can do more then just fight, people who have the right morals." He quickly affirmed, with a grunt and half a growl as he picked at a piece of rib that had pierced through his torso.

"Temporary lodgings are up the stairs and to the left, you each get a room to share with a person of your choice, choose wisely. Tomorrow morning once we've made sure we are under no further threat I will come to your rooms and each pair will individually explain their reasoning and justify why I should trust them with my people and to represent them in further guild games. If you make the cut I'll De-brief you and bring you up to speed on everything that's going on, and what exactly this world is, if you don't its the same deal as the recruitment. You go home. A certain red headed demon is resting in the farthest room facing the front of the building, those who require healing will find their lodgings sufficiently enhanced by magic for their particular needs." He said, turning without another word for a moment and heading between a gap that had created itself in the wooden stairs, stairs that now split into two pathways one to each side of the upper levels, as the gap closed and the stairs re-formed he gave the recruits a kind smile and half-whispered "Thank you, all of you." before the gap closed and he was lost within the walls of the stairs, unbeknownst to them immediately taking his place by the bed-side of a particular rabbit-eared woman, his fingers templed at a peak in front of his face, resting on an unstable thumping leg as he began his vigil by her side.

The recruits and any others that had been pulled along were left alone to decide their partners for lodging, the candelabra's lining the walls fluttering out as the flames died low and eventually extinguished to leave the mansion in darkness, after all the fluster and teleportation the mansion would have simply looked worn and empty and the darkness would serve to keep this true for the new comers to its fold, it was with a rush of wind that the upper west levels of the mansion lit up, a singular candle waiting on a table by the door of each lodging.