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[ Recru RP thoughts/ideas... ]

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Recru RP Idea July 19th 2022

Spoiler: show
So I went back and ended up re-reading Recru... and I gotta say I love those dweebs in that kind of setting. Like.. I like the Inari concept as well, and maybe we could do it for other dweebs, but like... I really want Rei, Ayla, Aram, and Tatsuya to stay in that setting. It fits them, if that makes any sense. Anyway, the idea that I had was maybe a retelling of both Onimusha and Recru in a sense that maybe it's just Oni (vampire-like like what they were in Recru) but like, Nobunaga (or some other butthole) is trying to take over the region, specifically. Like... it would be that whatever region Tatsuya and Reiko are lord of, is probably a key region he needs. Nobu/whoever could be like the bastard son of the Oni king, and maybe Tatsuya and Rei are like his cousins or whatever in that they are the children of the Oni King's brother. It could even be vice versa. It could also be just Oni as the main yokai and whatever so that way it's not like overly crowded by different kinds. Ayla and Aram could both be Oni of sorts, probably in the same line as the Oni king in that they're not really Oni, and more like progenitors? I dunno, yet, but like... yeah that's about as much as I have right now. I'll get back to this when I have more time to think. I just think that kind of setting fits them better??

Edit So... I had a thought. Like, maybe they're still Oni that are vampire-like and like... the main villain is sort of like Carmela from Castlevania? I think it would be cool to put them in a setting like that.

Inari RP Ideas

Spoiler: show

I think the Inari RP can take some elements from a couple of old things. Maybe some from Apotheosis, Ephemeral, and Asp to Trans (Old Mamoru, Seikatsukami, Miyu, Rin). Maybe mainly just Apotheosis and AspTrans. Like, Ayla and *Reiko* probably *inherited* a Ryokan from their dad who is probably still alive, but is like, traveling Japan searching for Inari *more on that in a min. I feel like the Ryokan still kinda functions as it was originally meant to but like, Ayla probably converted it into something more modern and it has like a small bakery/cafe that *Reiko*, *Satoru*, and Sayu all use for their studies and what not. It could also be what they use when *Tsuya* and *Aram* arrive and like... *crash* with them.

Anywhos. Inari is probably like, *grounded* by Izanagi in that she's not allowed back in the mortal realm for having demigod kids. Like... it's taboo or some shit since the whole *divine heart* makes yokai human or some shit, and like, in exchange for letting Ayla and *Reiko* live, Inari probably agreed not to go back and is under house arrest, basically. It also helps that both *Reiko* and Ayla appeared human to both Izanagi and Inari so like... Inari didn't think anything of it at the time but like it could be that Tsukuyomi has some prophetic vision of sorts and is like "Yo, your kids are basically gonna be in danger because of their divinity and they're basically gonna cause a mini-war in the human realm between yokai and the like."

It could be that their dad is also just looking for Inari because 1) he didn't know she was Inari, and 2) is probably still helplessly in love with her or some shit *it'd be adorbs, honestly*. It could be that Inari *erased* both his and Ayla’s memories of her—since Ayla would have been about 9-10 years old, and Reiko was probs a newborn—but like, their dad has slowly started like *remembering stuff. It’s probably only been a couple of years since he *left* to look for Inari so like, it’s basically just Ayla and Rei at the moment. It could also be that, in this version, Inari could be *male* since there are some *interpretations* that depict Inari as such. And like, it could be the girls and their mom. Or it could just be the girls all things depending.

But yeah, that's all I got so far. Obvi when the time comes, we'll need to figure out exactly what it is that Ayla and *Reiko's* heart/blood does for yokai and what not, but I feel it keeps everything relatively like... *mild*, for a lack of better words. And also keeps everyone from being OP.

I also feel like, if you want *Tsuya* to still kinda struggle with his *power*, it could be that he's probably on the verge of earning his seventh tail and like... the power that comes with it might be a little too much for him to handle atm, or something. Aram probably would recognize the *signs*, but like, wouldn't be able to tell right away because it's been so long since he earned his seventh tail, but is still too far from his eighth.

I also feel like, we could be a bit cheesy when it comes to the whole *heart* thing in that like, having the heart of a divine being either makes a yokai more powerful, or makes them human, and like... when Ayla and *Reiko* kinda start falling for like Tsuya and *Aram* there is a slightly noticeable difference in their strength/power. Like most Yokai probably take it literally that Ayla and Reiko's hearts can make them stronger/human, but like, it's actually more metaphorical. It's probably something that got lost in translation because like, Tsukuyomi is probably a big doofus idiot who can't properly interpret their own dreams properly.

Also--how many times can I say also--I think it would be that, if they do have the Ryokan, like, that's probably a really popular place for yokai because even tho Ayla and Reiko haven't *awakened* yet, like... they still kinda attract the supernatural and what not. And that's probably why their divinity starts awakening is because they're being exposed to so much yoki at once.

It could also be something completely different. This is, obvi, just random thoughts and whathaveyou. I think Aram might actually keep his name, though... nothing else really seems to fit him... or I'm just being obnoxiously picky about it...

Feel free to add/suggest/whatever.

Edit: [01/06/2022][6:38pm]
So, this was something that came to mind while I had down time at work. I think Inari being Reiko and Ayla's *father* would probably work out better than if they were their mother. Partly in reason because of how this could, potentially play out. This takes some things from Apotheosis, or rather just one thing, I guess. It could be that, every ten years or so, the *hollow points* between the worlds (Kami, Human, Demon) are very thin which allows demons and gods to like *visit* the human world. It could be that they kami/demons go back and forth this way for whatever reason, and like, Inari would have left before he knew Ayla's mother was with Reiko or something. And like... it could be that Izanagi/Izanami found out about Ayla (they wouldn't have known Reiko at the time) and like, punished Inari by *grounding* him and forbidding him from like going to the human world for like a set number of years. Maybe something outrageous like two thousand or something.

Anyway, Ayla and Reiko's mom probably either died when Reiko was young (If we wanna go the ten year route like it was for Amon, Reiko could have been 8-9 and Ayla 18-19) and basically it was the two of them since. Ayla wouldn't have minded being the breadwinner of the family. She was never academically strong--she was probably a star track athlete or something--and didn't want to go to college so she probably took over the Ryokan and changed it a bit to support Reiko. I figured they probably have a relationship that's similar to Ryoka and Satoru in that Ayla probably has to learn that Reiko is, technically, an adult and like... not a little kid any longer. I dunno, I really liked the dynamic between Satoru and Ryoka 'cause like... they learned with each other. I dunno how to explain it, but that's probably just me.

Anywhos... that was the extent I got.

Edit: [01/09/2022][12:10pm]
So... setting wise, I think we could probably do this a little more modern-futuristic maybe? I dunno... how to explain it properly. Also, if we need to drop an RP... I think, honestly, Fleurs, if it comes down to it. I feel like there might be something else we could throw those dweebs in that might, I dunno, be a betterish setting? I dunno how to explain it. Anywho's, you could use Kitty's FC as Rei... Ayla is now a redhead so it'd look at least like they're sisters xD (I'm using Lifeline from Apex with Karui as one image that fits). Also, Virgil could totally fit in this as well as like, Tatsuya’s bro… but not necessary. He could probably take Toru's spot if anything but yeah xD

Edit: [01/11/2022][11:10pm] So.. I might have something of an idea for Inari RP which includes Ayla and Rei's *personal* ability since they should have one. You can thank Okami for that... I shall expand upon it once I'm not tired sometime tomorrow. Also... I think Etsuko (Now named Kiyoko) is gonna be like, the kid of a member of the yakuza because that shit would be hilarious. Like, her mom is an ex priestess and her dad an ex member of the yakuza so like, she has connections in any which way you go. Ayla would just look at Rei and be like "seriously, what kind of friends are you making?"

Anywho's... I'll update the idea eventually.

Edit: [01/18/2022][3:33pm] I feel like if Rei and Ayla have an ability, it's probably an off-shoot of Tatsuya and Aram's foxfire. Like... maybe Rei gets photokinesis since Aram's foxfire is more light based than fire based and Ayla gets pyro/electrokinesis depending on Tatsuya's foxfire? As for their own personal ability, I feel like maybe it's something like Reiko has her sanctification, and Ayla has purification (probably something that's a little stronger than what a typical priest/tess would be able to do). They're similar yet diff enough to go with the plot I had in mind, or at least the idea. It's basically Orochi but... different. I'll explain once I can get my mind around it and I can type it down.

Edit: [01/18/2022][9:28pm] Alright, here I can write down the idea I have for Inari RP

So, basically, over all plot will deal with Yamato no Orochi.

So like, Orochi's powers were likely sealed away by the Big Three (Ama, Tsu, Susa), and like, they've been roaming earth for like, ever as punishment. With the birth of Ayla and Rei, it's possible for them to get their powers back since eating the heart of a god is like, the equivalent to becoming godlike, so like... maybe Orochi puts out like a *wanted* paper for them? They'd want both sisters for maximum benefits. But like, Orochi can't find them because they haven't awoken to their powers yet. I think, in that sense, Inari must have placed a protective spell of sorts on them and like, can feel it wearing off so he sends Aram and Tatsuya to protect them. I figured Inari would be under house arrest because like, creating demi-gods is forbidden and he's lucky enough that they didn't kill either sister or himself.

I feel like Tsukuyomi also has terrible prophetic dreams and like, isn't all too great at discerning them so like... he probably had a vision that Orochi would get their powers back because of the sisters, but like, all he was able to discern was that Orochi would get their powers back and like, basically let the mortal realm perish. Inari, obvi, didn't want that because of his daughters so like, Aram and Tatsuya are sent.

Anywhos, in regards to Ayla and Rei's personal abilities, like, it can be how they *defeat* Orochi. Like, with Reiko's sanctification, she could keep Orochi in her *domain* and purify while Ayla actually *purifies* Orochi's like... I dunno, ki? It would, eventually, render Orochi human and basically harmless. I figured with Kiyo's purification abilities, it's probably more along the lines of just being able to like, *bless* things Kagome style. Like, channel her purification into weapons or whatever. Of course this isn't the entirety of the idea, but the basics of at least they *why* behind the demons and shit being after Reiko and Ayla's hearts/blood/whatever.

If Tatsuya and Virgil were bros xD

So, I have an idea of what to replace Fleurs with if we want to replace Fleurs with the Inari one or just to put on the back burner.

Spoiler: show
Idea Prompt: [04/28/2022][10:50pm]
So this idea was just kinda forming and floating about so I figured I'd put it down for now so that I don't forget about it. Mostly because I think it's something we could, eventually, do down the line if we wanted to bring London back.

So, the idea is this: it goes back to the whole Revenant thing and would keep it limited to one supernatural creature. For this setting, it feels like more London-esque and could, theoretically, be Jack the Ripper RP in some sense. Anywhos... I feel like this could work for Jasper, Vinny, Ava, and NotNikki. Revenants probably have a heirarchy similar to VK but... not in the same way that purebloods interbreed or shit. It could just be that purebloods are super fucking rare and that they are all descended from like... twelve original families that were turned by the [progenitor] or whatever. It could be that Jack is experimenting with revenants and creating some kind of revenant variants that are going around and killing people. At first it starts small, basically following the whole "killing people that won't be missed or noticed" until like... an aristocratic/noble person is accidentally killed.

I feel like Jasper and Vinny are probably like... part of a pureblood family that deal specifically with keeping things hush hush and are "dispatched" to see wtf is going on because like, these people are finding "bite marks" and shit on the victims.

As for NotNikki and Ava, it could be that NotNikki is probably like, the progenitor and whatever, or possibly from the same family and is like, trying to correct the wrongs of these "abominations" that have like... just caused all kinds of chaos and Ava is probably still one of the experiments that NotNikki probably "saved" or it could be that Ava is NotNikki's kid and like, Ava probably inherited something from NotNikki that makes it slightly more potent or whatever and *Jack* is probably looking for that and NotNikki to make their "creations" more "perfect". Kind of like what Eiji did with Reiko to make the Oni slightly better/tronger or whatever.

Anywho's, that's all I have right now and will likely let this marinate for a little longer 'cause my gawd I can't think right now with all these stupid things going on right now. But yeah, it would still kinda be based during the setting London was 'cause that seems more fun. Plus I can totally see NotNikki and Ava trying to pass as like Nobility but like... they're probably often mistaken for *royalty* or something, or probably are and like, Ava is probably like the daughter of NotNikki and one of the princes or some shit like that... it'd be hilarious... I think.

Avatar idea Nephy had today [05/09/2022]
Spoiler: show
So... the idea I had was something in the vein for the London Cast. Like, instead of London, they're in the Avatar setting, probably after NotSozin managed to stop the Avatar cycle.

What I was thinking was that, like, maybe William is Ba Sing Se's king, Amy is his kid, Cassian is a firebender general, Vera is a nonbender chiblocker (probably Cassian's advisor or maybe even the current Fire lords advisor?] Liang is probably a runaway waterbender from the northern tribe (I think it would fit her the most all things considered), Dorian is like, from the southern water tribe who is acting as the advisor to William, and then Ephraim and Bea are like, probably airbender [Bea being a nonbender from the air tribe or whatever] refugees in Ba Sing Se.

Plot wise, I was thinking that it could be something of a slow burn? in that the current Fire Lord doesn't have kids of their own yet and like, is using Cassian as a means to like... *occupy* Ba Sing Se since it's probably one of the last strongholds they can't overtake, and like, arranges *Cassian* to marry *Amy* and what have you. In the process, they probably send Vera to see if there's any kind of weaknesses or something within the city and like, basically act as a spy for the fire lord and like, all these dweebs just get caught up in random shit and whatever...

I can't think right now, exactly, but like... this is the gist. Obvi it can be put at the very back of everything considering we still have the other RP's and what have you, but I thought it would fit them?

So begins...

Residue's Story