Mr. Grin

"They should fuck'in call me Mr. Miracle after that shit!!"

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a character in “The Garden: Rise of The Nameless”, as played by Slybop


|| Mr. Grin ||

Heyo, chill.......it's all gonna come up Aces......probably

|| Theme Songs ||
Normal||Con Man||

||Nickname/Title|| Mr. Grin (Real name Kahn Ghrinuelo)
|| Age || 30
|| Gender || Male
|| Sexuality || Heterosexual
|| Role || Healer

|| Hair Color || Black
|| Eye Color || No Irises
|| Skin Tone || Peach
|| Height || 5'9"
|| Weight || Varies
|| Appearance || Average height with an average face, wearing a black business suit that he treats with extreme pride. He has no irises.

|| Personality ||
Charisma is a word that jumps to mind when one thinks of Mr. Grin. He talks fast and he talks smooth and he does both oh so well. He's talked himself out of death more times than he's punched his way out. His default is always a charming smile with a laugh on his lips, especially if he's scared. It's quite easy to like Mr. Grin, he's charming, friendly, and always addresses people with respect or informality, whichever you seem to prefer. He's the kind of guy you can't help but either like or hate. Never a cool middle ground when it comes to Mr. Grin. He seems to try and always keep his Cool. That is cool with a capital C. Though, he does have his moments.

There are times when Mr. Grin can lose his cool. He has a couple of buttons. One, not calling him Mr. Grin. The term Mr. means a lot for Grin and to not be addressed properly when he gives you a better courtesy is angering to him. He will often subtly warn people of their rudeness by dropping his friendly demeanor. If they rectify their mistake, then no harm done. If not, then they are usually dead to him, until they rectify. The only people who can call him Grin are the people who fight by his side, and that's it. He hates violence as well, and if you force him into it, he will probably kill you out of frustration. He hates doing that, such a waste.

He also sort of has the mind of a doctor. He cares a lot about human life, but sometimes his personal principles can get in the way. More often than not, he uses his abilities to help as many people as he can, sometimes even people he fights. Death is not something one takes lightly. That is his belief.
|| Likes ||
+Fine Alcohol
+Making people smile
+Giving the Finger to the guys in charge
+Completing a mission successfully
|| Dislikes ||
-People telling him how to live his life
-Authority in general
-People not calling him "Mr." Grin
-Getting caught
-Being threatened
-Any kind of sweets
|| Personal Weakness ||
-Substance dependency
-Compulsive Lying

|| Abilities/Magic/Tech ||
Biomancy: The ability to directly interface with a living organism through magic.
-Muscle manipulation: Giving him super human strength and speed
-Toxin immunization: The ability to eradicate poisons and exhaustion cells, allowing Grin to keep going.
-Tissue Interface: By touching himself oor others, Grin may knit together wounds from light to fatal. Can even bring people back from the dead within 2 minutes of death, won't risk longer.
|| Weakness ||
(Mental, Physical, Personal drawbacks or issues of your abilities etc.)
|| Biography ||


*Exhales smoke*........alright.....now you've pissed me off!!

So begins...

Mr. Grin's Story