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The Gate Keeper



a part of The Gate Keeper, by Otaku.


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Everywhere is a part of The Gate Keeper.

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Jamie [1] "I have to make it to the Gate"
Niall Dìonadair [0] Death to the wicked, Death to the Dark, Death to all of Evil Heart.
Jack the Ripper [0] "Don't believe all that you see."
Ryūketsu shion [0] an unusual orphan boy whom is secretly a psychopath that believes he is working for god however is being used to murder by a demonic entity he killed his family and acts normal at first glance
Starling [0] "Call me Star..."
Katy [0] "He won't get me right?"

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#, as written by Otaku

She makes her way down the street to start her trip. She has a bag of stuff, for the trip. While she's walking down the street, she looks around to make sure no body is following her. No body is..Or it doesn't look like anyone is. She was very nervous about taking this 10 day trip. She didn't know if she would survive or not, she just hopes she does. "What would happen if they don't make it there in the 10 days?" She thought that till she got to the edge of the town she was in. She took a deep breath and headed out. She's never been outside of town before, she didn't know what to expect.
She took her fist step out and then signed and kept walking. She looked around while she walked. There wasn't much to see out there.


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Starling was walking quickly, head down, duffel bag hanging on her back. She was nearly running, determined to make it in less than 10 days. She didn't want to die, she was to young to die. Star looked at the sign that was the name of her town, and touched it one last time before sprinting out of the town, running as fast as she could.

Starling didn't like the fact that she could die, she was scared of death, and she didn't want to make friends with any of these people beyond the Gate. Star just wanted to get there, get him off her tail, and get back home. She had a life, a loving adoptive family, and a pet dog...she hated leaving her dog.

As she walked, she looked around. God protect me, Starling prayed quietly.