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The Blood Mercenary has returned once more. Behind this figure are the dozens of other Blood Mercenaries trained for this fight, to let dragons become the very gods.

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a character in “The Gift: Chapter Two”, as played by Hunter_Killer



Faction: Dracon ( A dark group of elite warriors and assassins that have waited for the emergence of the dragons to kill the other races.)
Name: "Dracon" (Real name is still unknown)
Gender: Believed Male (NO one has seen him without his mask and armor so it cannot be confirmed)
Race: Deep Human
Age: Assumed to be late 20's to early 30's

Height: 6'3"
Weight: 140lb

Eye Color: Dull Crimson
Hair color length and style:The ends of a pure white mane can be seen from the bottom of the helmet, it is shaggy and uneven.
Type of body (build): A lean body with long arms and legs, though still well built for handling swords and some forms of clubs and axes.
Skin tone and type: Like all Deep Humans his skin is white and, because he is never seen without his armor on, if is safe to assume he hasn't gotten much sun either.
Distinguishing marks: It is rumored his body is disfigured and covered with battle scars underneath, that is why he wears his armor.
Predominant feature: Has six fingers on both hands.

Picture: None

Class: Warrior

Hook and chain - To be more precise it is two sickle shaped blades attached to a long chain that is coiled on either side of him. The weapon is enchanted to return to his hand after being thrown. Both blades would be around two feet in length, if not for the fact they are curved into hooks. Along the "back" or outer section of the hooks it is lined with thick metallic spines. The chain is rather thick and, like the blades, forged by Iron Dwarves so strength and quality are not to be argued. On the battlefield this weapon has taken the name "Mantis".

Sword - A basic length sword give a one-and-a-half-handed hilt. Length is measured at just over three and a half feet in length. On one side is a clean and clear edge tat moves all the way to the top where it curves back into one hook before stopping flat. The entire opposite side is strait, save for the teeth-like notches down its length. It was forged by Iron Dwarves and has been given the name "Dracon Fang".

Claws & Talons - A crude yet effective weapon that is worn on both the hands and feet almost as a form of glove and gauntlet. The inner mechanics are not as intricate as they seem but each finger lines up in a slot that holds one of the claws. The length the finger rests against is smooth and not sharpened to an edge though any part after that is. The fingers have full motion back to the palm and in turn the claws move as well, though not as freely and up to a point. The claws on the feet are worn almost like boots though they do not move like those for the hands and also have additional "talon" behind the heel. The claws were forged from the same metal as the armor and are very resilient, these are also of Iron Dwarf make. They have been give the name "Dracon Claws"

Armor - The armor consists of full plate mail though the angular edges and overlapping formation depict a different image as they match up perfectly with the claws and talons Along the back, up the center where the spine is, are several metal spines.The armor appears thickest along the chest, back, shoulders and thighs though the rest of the armor isn't just for show either. The helm appears to be a two part attachment that envelops the entire head, save for what part of the mane that can be seen, and has an odd formation. The front, or mask, of the helm is shaped like a dragon's snout with narrowed slits from which his eyes glow from. The tip of the snout, which is a good three inches out is also narrowed and sharpened to a point, which discourages anyone from getting close enough for him to headbutt them. The style, if one hadn't guessed, looks very much like a dragon. Like all weapons it was forged by the Iron Dwarves.

Post Day of Ashes: After a revisit to an unknown location, all of Dracon's armor and weapons are now forged Mithril, not Steel.

Signature Move(s):

"Praying Mantis" - Using the hook and chain, Dracon sends out one end to wrap around and choke the enemy's neck until they collapse from lack of air, almost as if they are on their knees praying, at which point he uses the other blade to remove their head.
"Striking Mantis" - A move that Dracon uses often, it is usually identified as one of the few times both blades are spinning in the same direction. The move starts and ends with both hooks being cast out simultaneously, one for each leg, severing the tendons in the heels of his opponents. After that is left to his imagination.
"Reaching Mantis" - A move used when facing two opponents approaching from opposite sides. It starts similar to Striking Mantis, with both blades spinning in the same direction. It differs as the blade furthest from the enemy is thrown for them, usually in a crosswise fashion, strikes are usually aimed for a limb or the neck.

Weapon of Choice: Dracon's primary and favorite weapon to use in combat is "Mantis".

Background Info: Dracon has no history before the war. If he does, it is not known to the world. Not even the Iron Dwarves can identify who this mysterious Mercenary is although it appears all of his equipment is forged by them. In is known, to both sides, that he is a Deep Human. After that it is anyone's guess. Like all mercenaries, he is in this fight for the one thing he loves. Unlike mercenaries, he doesn't do it for gold or pay and will even openly refuse it. Instead, he works for the side that offers him the larger bloodbath in battle. One day, he could be on the side of the Savages raiding villages and on the next he might be on the front lines defending a stronghold from a Savage horde. One thing is definite, few bother messing with him or getting in his way.

The only real history known about Dracon is his sudden emergence a few years ago to the front lines. Though which side he fought for is forgotten, it was said, by wither side, that a lone warrior stood amidst the battlefield with both Civilized and Savage corpses at his feet. In a cold twisted voice, barely above a whisper he issued his wants for being hired as a mercenary and from there things only picked up. Even in the beginning, when his skill was not established, many sought him out since he was a warrior that wouldn't need to be payed. Maybe if no one picked him up things would never have grown for him, maybe he would have vanished back into the shadows. Yet in the war he flourished to the point of recognition. Though Dracon wasn't one to gain comrades or become attached to those around him and make friends. Today's allies might be tomorrows fodder after all, and he almost seemed to drink in the blood that soaked his armor, which is now stained a deep dark crimson that refuses to wash away.

Rumors have arisen that he is the spawn of a Deep Human and one of the Savage race, since few can explain why he is so transfixed with battle. Another thing that has occurred, since his demands were uttered, he has not spoken a word, let alone removed his armor before anyone to see what he is. Which has lead to a second rumor which suggests he is some automaton crafted of metal and magic, who slew his master to do as he wishes. In the end Dracon couldn't care less if history writes him down as an automaton or a bastard child. he thrives to fight and will do so readily. The only thing that is left to wonder is... How far will such a being make it in this war?

Surprisingly, Dracon missed the day of ashes as his slow and general need to walk and not rush made him miss a savage camp to be allied to their side for the bloody fight. In missing it he missed the first grand display of the powerful dragons, though that change in the air and battlefield could be felt across the entire area, and with that Dracon disappeared from the surface once more. In the months later Dracon "resurfaced" underground, in deep caverns and catacombs even the Deep Humans and Iron Dwarves dare not cross into, with the dark meeting of a group known as Dracon, though not to anyone outside their ranks. After the announcement of the Dragon's arrival and an upgrade in Dracon's (the person) gear he left once more to begin the hunt.

Dracon was at the fall of one of the Haven cities where another dragon emerged. There was brief contact with the Children of Fire before fighting began. During the fight, Dracon suffered from a great fall from a shape shifter who transformed out of a Roc from mid-flight. The damage done to Dracon's armor and weaponry was enough for Dracon to leave before anything esle was encountered, since the war was already in the Dragon's favor. His present location is unknown.


After the Day of Ashes, Dracon, who was last seen at the edge of a Savage camp in Gaol, vanished off the known landscape. Few know where this Blood Mercenary has gone, above or below the surface, though it is known he began to move not long after the impending dragons attacks. Rumors have began to spread that he might have been apart of those attacks, since his armor was Dragon-like in the first place. Though the presence of Dracon hasn't been confirmed there have been sightings of a strange figure in shockingly similar armor, though they appear more gold in color than crimson, though the armor similarities seem almost identical.

More of these similar figures began to be spotted in different locations after one of the Haven cities fell and it was confirmed that none held weaponry similar to the Blood Mercenary. In turn these figures didn't fight for the allied side of both Savage and Civil but seemed to mark the path of the Children of fire until sightings of them vanished completely with the chaos of the years to come.

So begins...

Dracon's Story