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Duran Cidovan

"A pleasure to meet you. Please, call me Cid."

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a character in “The Gift: Chapter Two”, as played by Aythr


Full Name: Duran "Cid" Cidovan
Age: 24
Gender: Male
Race: Human
Class: Druid - Duran is a master of the wilderness, employing the power of nature, the elements, and of life itself. His spells are druidic, giving him the ability to command the wilderness and the elements. He utilizes wild magic to heal to a lesser extent of a cleric or an otherwise practiced healer. He can sense the emotions and communicate with animals, and through magic unique to his kind, he can shapeshift into animals. Currently, he can only turn into a few forms that are not particularly potent in battle and do not last very long, but as he gains more experience, he will be able to become much more dangerous animals for a much longer time. The best way to describe a druid is The Jack of All Trades, and The Master of None.

Physical Description: Duran has long, brown hair, with sideburns and a long, goat-like beard from his chin. His hair is characteristic of the length of time he has spent away from civilization. His forehead is apparent, to say the least, which makes his already thin eyes appear even smaller when his hair isn't in the way of his face. His nose is somewhat thin relative to his mouth, but it has a hidden broadness comparative to his forehead. As a relatively young and hardy individual, he is in excellent physical condition against the human standard. He has somehow managed to stay well groomed in the woods, but even his halfling companion Nevitt hasn't been able to figure out how he does it. He has a tradition druidic tattoo on his right arm; a celtic braid going all the way around his large bicep.

As a druid, Duran strays away from using metal as armor, instead, only employing leather, wood, or cloth to protect him. His favorite color is green, and tries to wear at least one article of green clothing if he can, almost as if it's some sort of strange compulsion.


Duran is generally slow to lend his friendship to others, but once he has established trust with somebody, they find him a reliable and trustworthy ally. He has a typically stern personality, but is quick to lighten up in a small company of friends. His form of comedy is dry and sarcastic, although he tries not to be intentionally hurtful when he makes a joke, and quickly apologizes if his words are taken with venom. One of his long-time friends, a halfling named Nevitt, has nicknamed him Cid, shortening his last name into a three-letter moniker that Duran has actually come to prefer. He is slow to anger, but his fury erupts like a volcano if successfully provoked. For some reason that even his friends cannot figure out, he is incredibly distrustful of Nightmarian and tries to avoid them, though he has set aside his differences before in times of hardship. He once also had the same feelings towards Minotaurs, but those feelings have been set aside for obvious reasons.


Starting Armor: Duran wears a thick leather cuirass, as well as leather bracers and shinguards. As a druid, his faith does not allow him to wear metal armor, even in desperate times of need. He is able to wear and use wood as armor, however, and has used a wooden shield before, although he does not currently possess one.

Starting Weaponry: Duran uses a quarterstaff as a weapon when he needs to fight, although he is proficient and can wield clubs, maces, knives and swords. He is also capable of wielding a bow, although he does not own one, and is a lousy shot anyway.

Fighting Style: Skirmisher. In Duran's favored environment, he tends to sneak attack and lure enemies into ambushes, and between himself, his wolf Goma, and his halfling friend Nevitt, they are quite effective at it. He does employ magic in his fighting style, such as creating fog or mist for ambushes, conjuring fire, creating large gusts of wind and the like.

Other: Goma, Duran's wolf and animal companion. She shares a mental link with Duran, and can sense what actions he wants her to take. Normally, she will obey faithfully. She is quite protective of Duran, as the mother wolf that she is, and will sometimes overreact when he is approached by a stranger.


Duran was raised by a group of druids, ranger, barbarians, and other nature-oriented individuals who existed outside the boudaries of Civee and Primah. It was a sect established to keep the balance of nature, and all races were welcome there. It was a sight to behold before the Day of Falling Ashes. Humans, elves, halflings, harpies, orcs, anyone was welcome. If it were not for the return of the Dragons, it would not have been believable in the slightest. But they existed, and they thrived. They believed that it was not their place to be gods. They were indoctrinated from the time of their founders to strive for balance in the natural world where they were placed, and where, they believed, they should stay. Duran was born within the organization, the first generation born inside of their circle. Though he was born to two humans, all the members of the society cared for him and the other children as if they were their own. It was a very close-knit society.

For years they hid in the forests of the Vastwood, until one faithful day.

Their forest home was incinerated. Many members of the order burned with it. The Order was forced the flee to another area, leaving behind everything that they had created. It was one of Duran's oldest memories; to see the place where he had lived burning to the ground as fire swept from tree to tree. Nobody seemed to know exactly who or what was responsible, but it was generally believed that the Dragons were responsible.

The turmoil this caused led to accusations within The Order. Civee began to distrust Primah and vice versa. It was to be expected; after all, a God had come down and said that eradication of the other races would be necessary if the one race left wanted to become Gods, let alone survive the horrors of the many holocausts to come. Fighting and hatred began to become commonplace, and it was not long before the order founded on peace and balance was destroyed, shattered by war and mistrust. The Civee and the Primah went their seperate ways for the most part, and Duran, his family, and the rest of the humans from The Order took up companionship with a relatively large group of Halflings that had been friends since before The Order was founded.

For the next twenty years, Duran grew into a fine specimen of Human values. He had learned druidic magic from his parents, had allied himself with the wildlife of the area, and become an accomplished warrior and hunter in his own right. While he kept his belief that Civee and Primah could live together in balance and peace, he did not believe the same for dragons. He swore a vendetta on those that had ruined his childhood, his home, and the fellowship between the races. The genocide they were preforming was only a bullet point on a long, long list of reasons that he and his family believed that the dragons should be eradicated.

And so, he set out, leaving his wooded home with his lifelong friend Nevitt the Halfling, and his faithful companion Goma the Wolf. Where the path would lead them was uncertain, but he knew this much:

The dragons would pay for what they have done.

So begins...

Duran Cidovan's Story