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An Orc Shawoman with "Refined" Predicitons and weilder of Angelic magic. Former wife to a warcheif, she became the tribal leader at his death. She is a survivor and a closely guarded figurehead for the remaining orcs.

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a character in “The Gift: Chapter Two”, as played by Hunter_Killer



Faction: Savage
Name: Illessya Andracor
Gender: Female
Race: Orc
Age: 52

Height: 6' 5"
Weight: 160 lb

Eye Color: A light gold mixed with a faded green.
Hair color length and style: Black hair that is braided and decorated with many teeth, bones, beads and other items to indicate her caste in her horde. Her hair ends just above the shoulder.
Type of body (build): A tall and well muscular body with the strength and figure to be a fighter.
Skin tone and type: Deep gray and green skin that is almost like a misty color, much lighter than most orcs.
Shape of face: A rounded head with a slightly pronounced chin and long chin, with strongly set facial features.
Distinguishing marks: Down across her arms and back is an intricate tattoo of the angels "depicting" when they blessed the orcs with their power.
Predominant feature: A small cloth bag that hangs on a chain around her neck and hanging on her chest.
Note: Despite her age her features and skin seem as smooth as it was twenty years ago, due to the amount and almost constant use of her Angelic magic.

Picture: Look at the character picture from the first chapter for a reference

Class: Shaman

Casting Stones - A small bad of various gems, stones and bones that are painted and carved. They are used for her fractured predictions when determining what to do. Though there seems to be some power hidden within these. These are stored in the cloth bag around her neck.

Blessed Candles - A pouch containing six pure white candles that were maid by Illeyssa. It is said her hands were flowing with Angelic power which sank into the wax during their formation, as such they burn many times slower than regular candles. When used with the Casting Stones her trance-like state grows deeper and she can Delve further into her premonitions. This is how she casts Refined Premonition.

Hunting Dagger: A curved blade fashioned from a tusk of a Mammoth long ago. Though it can be used for fighting it signifies the right and power of the holder as the leader of the Horde. It is frequently used in ritual-like spells and is kept in a sheath on her left thigh.

Ritual Armor - A few meager strips of leather and cloth fashioned to fit about her person, if not barely. All that is really covered is a small sliver of her shoulders, her breasts and another piece to cover her waist and between her legs. This is only worn when needed for intense channeling and rarely worn as is.

Signature Move(s):
Fractured Premonitions - A form of sight and foretelling that will only show a person, and some of what is being said, or a location, but never both at the same time. Everything is left to the caster to interpret and why.
Refined Predictions - After surviving and focusing her powers for the last 25 years she has managed to take even greater steps in her Premonitions. Events are more clear and some of her followers claim she can influence choices of the future.
Divine Wrath - A powerful angelic spell that requires many hours of preparation. When caste it envelopes the designated area in searing golden light, which lances from any sky, and begins to burn those in its wake. This spell is not faction specific so it is used with discretion or in desperate measures.
Blessed Armor - An enchantment of varying strength that is placed upon a weapon or piece of armor that can heal either serious or minor wounds over time when the holder is injured.
Hand of Angels - A weapon used in the most dire of times, a massive flare of Angelic Magic pours from her body in a pulse that stuns and knocks away anyone within a four foot radius. This is lethal to risen or undead foes.
Light Fist - A close combat art form created and perfected by Illeyssa. By combining quick punches and kicks with rapid flares and pulses of angelic magic she can stun or disable a foe that draws too close. While her attacks would do little to an armored foe the small blasts and pulses of Angelic Magic can still hit the target beneath though the effect is dampened slightly.

Weapon of Choice: Her hands and magic, though if time grows desperate, she has the hunting knife.

Background Info: Little is known about where she came from or how she claimed her power but what is known isn't grand. Married to an Orc horde leader for her blessings in Fractured Predictions, Illessya lived at the side of a great leader for five years before a strange and deadly illness took him from her, leaving the shawoman in charge of the entire horde, at the time just one tribe-like group. With the use of her Fractured premonitions and cunning she has dragged many other groups into her own and has united much of the Orcs beneath her. Worshiped because of her gift she now leads them out against those that oppose her, her eyes seeing the can and would be.

Thanks to her Fractured Premonitions, Illessya guided all the orcs under her control far away from the even called the Day of Falling Ashes. From this the concentration and number of orcs after the event was slightly more than some of the other races. After relocating and helping support one of the Haven towns, Illeyssa became a figure head for not just orcs, but any race that turned to her farseeing powers, looking for hope in a grim time. She is also responsible for saving a male Harpy's life, Visar, and his murder of males when they had their wing feathers burned off trying to outrun an attack by a dragon.

Unfortunetly, her predictions up to that point were weak and broken, due to the powerful influence of the dragons and she did not foresee the Children of Fire's emergence or the arrival of a dragon. Many Orcs and her students and followers were killed in the surprise attack and she only managed to survive from the aid of a minotaur shape shifter that turned into a Roc.

After this day Illessya has been on the move and in hiding, though she still offers aid to the Paragon. In her time in semi-isolation she has developed her premonition powers further and can now see through the murk of time flow caused by the Dragons and she can read some events much clearer because of it. When she is not using her gift or training other would-be shawomen she is a pillar of comfort and support for all those that follow her. Though she has little doubt, and enough bad dreams, to understand that the Children of Fire are looking for her.

So begins...

Illeyssa's Story