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Kisikoni Ayalen

a Deep Human fighting for the Paragon

0 · 278 views · located in Norr

a character in “The Gift: Chapter Two”, as played by Arke


Full Name:Kisikoni "Cone" Ayalen

Age: 31

Gender: Male

Race: Deep Human

Class: Warrior

Physical Description:


Crowned with a length of brown hair, it's usually tied back into a ponytail if too long. His face is rough, and his eyes are thin. His open stare is lined with a hazel ring. His body is sturdy, lean, and compact, as is the standard when tunneling through the ground in order to live. He has numerous scars littered all over his body as a result from many accidents underground. His hands are slim and quick, as one can't move the earth- but only flow with it. His skin is extremely pale, and he stands at a modest five feet tall as a result of the growth stunt necessary to adapt to the undergrowth.

His clothes change, since wearing the same thing results in a very odorous person- even for mideval standards if you stand as a race who rolls around in the earth all day. But, he does keep his soldier's uniform. Usually, he dons a light, form-fitting tunic for relief and modesty. Over that he wears a long-sleeved jerkin that has tough, leather-like qualities to it. There are many visible color disfigurations on the tanned jerkin as it has scraped rocks many times in it's life. His pants are much the same, though they have a deep brown color and are baggy. They grip the legs at the ends, to avoid tripping and entanglement and wear. He completes this set with a pair of traveler boots. He used to wear no shoes at all, but the outside world had much more dangers for his feet than the underground world (namely snakes, glass, and other people who dislike looking at barefooted individuals). He dons a thick scarf, yellowed with age and used to wrap around his head underground when there is debris in the air.


Starting Armor: His armor consists of a 12-gauge chainmail armor, used to stop slashing weapons (like swords and short spears) in it's tracks and a round kabuto-like helmet to deflect swinging blows.

Starting Weaponry: Originally unable to use any weaponry, he started out small and eventually became an skilled wielder of the Butterfly Swords. He was attracted to them due to their compact nature, and realize that though they were pretty heavy, it gave him power to compensate for lack of range. The butterfly swords are only about a foot long (not including the handles, big enough for only one hand to wrap around the hilt). The blades themselves are about a half inch thick and two inches long. They are shaped similarly to butcher knives in terms of the blade, except a lot more square-like. The back ends of the blade are blunted for blocking, and the crossguard is a thick band of steel that wraps around the hilt to protect the hands. While they lack range, the swords have a lot of slashing, stabbing, and blunt force power packed in them.

His secondary weapon is an Arbolest Crossbow, the hand drawn bolt-thrower that can kill at a distance. With slight modifications, his particular crossbow can hurl full blown arrows if one adjusts the table and arms to fit them. The crossbow is long, and originally made (for Kisikoni) to hunt for food- but eventually found it's use in taking lives. Though it packs a lot more power and versatility compared to a bow and arrow, it compensates for it's low skill-ceiling and it's lengthy reload time. One must brace the bow with one foot inside a hollow ring against the ground, and pull the string back manually before fitting the bolt onto the table. The crossbow has a hair-trigger release, which means it only takes a little tickle to send the bolt firing.

Fighting Style: Kisikoni prefers an up-close and personal fighting. Training all his life with hand-to-hand martial ability, he became very disadvantaged when he arrived to the surface. He picked the Butterfly knives because they retain the close-quarters fighting he was taught, and because they packed a lot of power that complimented his quick, parrying movements. Due to his low aptitude for weapons, he picked another weapon which had an equally low skill ceiling- the Crossbow. He specializes in extreme ranges (crossbow) and hand-to-hand combat.

Weapon of Choice: His butterfly swords.

Other: 20 regular bolts, five specialized long-range arrows built for his arbolest, and four heavy armor piercing bolts he ties to his ankles. A whetstone, a canteen of water, flintstones, and a pouch of money.


Born in his underground home of Chochmingwu, Kisikoni was the son of a cartographer for his village. That meant he was sent to scout caverns with warriors, check for stability, and see if resources could be obtained. His father mapped out dangerous regions, and provided a sense of safety for his village. Kisikoni was to follow in his footsteps, but as news poured from above ground about the slayer spells and the dragons and the Paragon, his father left to join the ranks as a scout. His village soon had to relocate, as they were fairly close to the surface and the raging battles taking place above compromised the security of their caves. Chochmingwu was a town that had a Paragon Fortress less than a few miles from it, and more often than not they would hear the terrifying roar of the Dragons above. At the age of 9, Kisikoni began learning martial arts, an old form of hand-to-hand combat within his village.

After a collapse three years later, half his village was wiped out in one decisive swoop of earth. Kisikoni and the survivors split up, some heading further underground and others heading for the surface to find shelter amongst the Paragon. Kisikoni headed to the surface to enlist in the Paragon Armies, seeking to end the war so everybody could just go home.

He found out that while his hand-to-hand combat was above average, he lacked weapon training and how to survive above ground. He was thrown into a crash-course on how to survive above ground while learning the how to use his butterfly swords. Since the Paragon Armies were in dire need of every man, they couldn't afford to lose a single soldier by any means aside from being KIA. To stop soldiers from dying, they were given long-range weapons as well as short range. Kisikoni rejected the bow, as it took too much time to be an acceptable shot with it. He picked up a crossbow, and after taking it to a fletcher to modify it, he came out with the first multi-purpose crossbow that could hurl arrows and bolts.

He fought with the Paragon for over a decade after that, rising to become the leader of a small five-man squad he named "the Huyana". Roughly translated, it meant "Falling Rain" in his village.

So begins...

Kisikoni Ayalen's Story