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Mercy Yan'vega

The Nightmarian Spider returns.

0 · 139 views · located in Norr

a character in “The Gift: Chapter Two”, as played by Arke


Full Name: Murecialga Yan'vega

Age: 116

Gender: Female

Race: Nightmarian Spider

Class: Guardian

Physical Description:

Height: 6'11

Weight: 125lbs


Appearance: A hybrid between what appears to be a human and spider, Mercy retains a normal human's head structure, however she (strangely enough) has only six red eyes on her head, all allocated on the upper side which can see 180 degrees perfectly while just staring ahead. She has jet black hair, cut short so the longest only reaches the top of her neck. She has four inscizor teeth, instead of the normal two, and has a very light frame. She is thin, pale where there is skin and has a huge abdomen, about twice the size of her upper torso in volume. She has six thick legs, and two thinner arms. Her entire body is lined with natural armor save for her front torso. Her armor is known as exoskeleton, which is something spiders do not normally have. However, this exoskeleton is thick enough to reject anything cutting through it. The armor covers her legs very thickly, to avoid damage and all the way across and around her abdomen to protect her vital organs. Her waist can swivel 360 degrees to face foes trying to sneak up from behind to intimidate them.

Think of her as like a Centaur, except the horse part is the spider part.


Starting Armor: She does not don armor, she is naturally armed with a layered exoskeleton that deflects magic and weapons. Known as the "Ark Shell" for many Nightmarians, it proves to be an effective armor when combating both physical fighters and magical fighters. The armor is naturally black to blend into the night. Mercy's most vulnerable spot, her abdomen, is covered in very thick and large layers that protect her from any fatal strikes. Her torso and head often remained uncovered unless in open combat- then she seeks chainmail and a helmet.

Starting Weaponry: Mercy has many weapons, all of the momentum weapons. She prefers swinging loose weapons, much like shooting web or swinging it around.

Her main weapon is the nine-section chain whip. The sections are connected by sturdy metal rings for flexibility, and each link is about six inches long. Thus, the whip has a powerful reach of four feet. The last link is sharpened to a point, able to cut if a victim is unfortunate enough to be just at that outer edge to get slashed. To gain momentum, the whip is spun around and around. Very versatile, can keep many people at bay and requires one with a large knowledge of body mechanics.

Her second weapon is a scary powerful weapon. Known as the Mourning Star, this was just one of her replacement weapons after she lost both her Meteor Hammers in battle a while ago. essentially, it is a spiked ball on a chain, attacked to a long iron and wood handle that could be used for striking and blocking. Without armor, the Mourning Star could easily kill somebody, able to crush a skull with one hit and send brains across the ground with another.

Her third weapon is a sling. two long, identical ropes tied to a shallow leather pouch to throw stones, glass, any solid projectile. Despite it's looks, it's very silent, accurate, and can cause more physical trauma than an arrow in certain situations. It's also great for stealthily causing mental trauma, silently causing damage with no identifiable projectile in sight.

Her fourth weapon was recently acquired, due to losing her second Meteor Hammer in battle before. It is a Kursarigama, A short scythe attached to a ball and chain. The chain extends to about 14 feet, giving Mercy a very long range as well as a sharp scythe in case the opponent is able to break past the powerful spinning black steel ball.

Of course, when worst comes to worst she can use her own webbing as a sticky solution to any problem. Simply even just slinging some weapon and hitting a target would be fatal, as the solution would glue the opponent together, to the ground, or force them to abandon armor, clothing, and weapons to move freely.

Fighting Style: If at all possible, she prefers to sneak onto the target. In open battle she uses her multidimensional body to fight on all sides, using her thick armored legs and webbing. If the enemy is close enough, Mercy can bite and inject a strong neurotoxin to paralyze any foe foolish enough to wander into her grasp. She specializes in medium range and close quarters, and mobility is her strongest asset. Her sling is her only method of long range attack.

Weapon of Choice: She specializes in momentum weaponry, but her best weapon is her Nine-Section whip.

Other: She often stalks prey for sustenance, but in cities she usually has more than enough money to pay due to her ridiculously high hiring prices. She usually carries something similar to a sack tied to her abdomen, carrying basic essentials when traveling. Flint and Steel and Water are primarily what she stores along with some food in case hunting is scarce.


A drunk at heart, Mercy was born before the conflict. When they began to take sides for the war to claim godhood, Mercy gave the opportunity to join her fellow Nightmarians in battle the finger and left. She wandered from tavern to tavern, often drinking herself into a stupor and having to pay a huge tab for it as a result. She realized, after barely being able to pay her most recent tab, that she would have to find some way to make money. Being too prideful to return to her land and fight as a soldier, she became a mercenary. Her first few missions were fraught with naivety, often making careless mistakes. However, when she shaped up and stopped thinking about the alcohol she became a feared mercenary. Her prices were extremely high, because she often would use over half her reward to go drinking. However, she was also efficient. Her mission completion rate after her first few beginners missions is 100%. Known as "Arachna" by many bounty hunters and mercenaries, within a few decades Mercy had worked up quite the reputation.

Surviving the Day of Falling Ashes, she took up residence in the Haven where she worked with an architect in building structurally sound buildings. It wouldn't be long before the Heliothris invaded with his disciples, and as a result, she had to flee the city.

It has been twenty-four long, grueling years where hunting has been sparse and attacks have become a daily ritual. She decided to take up arms once again as a soldier instead of a Mercenary. Due to her reputation, her demands for a increased wage were promptly agreed on. She rose and became an esteemed fighter amongst her group, and was promptly taken by command to be assigned a new role. She was placed in a Special Ops division. She acts as a substitute officer, and a assassin for the remaining forces of Paragon.

She still hasn't given up drinking, as it's one of the few ways she is able to escape her past.

So begins...

Mercy Yan'vega's Story