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Sarish Tal'asir

"What's in it for me?"

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a character in “The Gift: Chapter Two”, as played by Aythr


Full Name: Sarish Tal'asir
Age: 27
Gender: Male
Race: Lamia

Class: Cleric - A wielder of divine magic through pacts with celestial entities, a cleric is an amalgam of close range fighting and divine magic. The spells they cast range from spells of protection, healing, physical or mental enhancement of the subject, or even a directly offensive spell. They typically wear heavy armor to accommodate their melee fighting style. Depending on the celestial entity that they revere, a cleric might specialize in a particular set of spells or abilities. In addition, a cleric channels positive to deal devastating damage to creatures of negative energy, and can strike fear into the unbeating hearts of these abominations. Typically, there is a particular set of ethics, morals, or doctrines that a cleric must follow depending on the entity that they revere.

Celestial Patron: The entity that Sarish worships often goes by nicknames, as his true name is only spoken in benediction to him in holy ceremonies. He is most often referred to as The Oathmaker or The Binder. He is neither good nor evil, but is strictly observant of oaths contracts. In addition, he is a powerful wielder of arcane magic and uses his mastery to bind demons to his service. In this way, he is feared by most who do not know his true nature as creature entirely devoted to order. Most who do not understand his nature as a binder of demons assume him to be a demon himself, but this could not be farther from the truth.

Clerics of this entity are masters of the spoken word, and experts at not only creating contracts and promises, but finding ways out of them if necessary. They are also fierce enemies of unbound demons, and seek to use the magic of their patron to bind these demons to His service.

Physical Description: As is typical of his race, Sarish is a strikingly handsome lamia from the neck up, and a perfect physical specimen from the waist up. His tail is covered in darker crimson color scales, and the typical white underbelly associated with Lamian physique. His hair is black and of medium length, and he tends to style it in one of many ways, as looking good is as important to him as smashing the skulls of his enemies. His eyes are almost supernatural, colored a striking blue with a charisma behind them that is unexplainable by normal means.


Sarish is a smooth operator. He was born with a silver tongue and a voice like honey. There is always a sly smile on his face, although it is never easy to pin the reason. Even in times of trial, he is almost unnervingly calm and easy-going. Many of the female lamia he associates with claim that he is "amorous," but Sarish would say that he is simply looking for the right person to love. Many of the female lamia he associates with also claim that he lies through his fangs.

He is rather quick to defend his allies, though he typically has a loose definition of ally, from anybody who buys his services, to anybody who has managed to gain his trust, a feat not easily achieved. He is not squeamish by any means, and is particularly unmoved by stories that would tug at the heartstrings of others. Though he is a helpful individual, he believes that people should help themselves, and that garnering sympathy is a tactic that the weak use.

Though many would be quick to call him selfish, cold-hearted, and apathetic, but Sarish resents these labels, and he is truly a good person when it counts.


Starting Armor: Sarish wears heavy metal armor characteristic of a front line warrior. He also tends to carry a large metal shield, though he has on occasion abandoned it to wield more unruly two-handed weapons.

Starting Weaponry: Sarish always has a heavy one-handed mace at his side, which he uses with his shield for optimal protection. He does, however, own a large heavy-headed morningstar covered in spikes that is to be wielded with both hands. Typically it is more of a last resort of heavy offense weapon for when it is necessary.

Weapon of Choice: Sarish is well-versed with blunt instruments of war, from clubs, to staffs, to maces, to mauls and morningstars, if it is blunt, Sarish can wield it effectively. He can adapt axes to to his fighting style given a few practice swings. Though he prefers blunt weapons, he can use swords to a lesser effect. As far as long range weapons go, he can just barely fire a crossbow effectively.

Fighting Style: As a lamia, Sarish has incredible strength and weight, and tosses it around to stunning effect. Sarish is quite familiar with typical lamian fighting tactics that include not only arms, but the massive tails they are gifted with to constrict, crush, slam, or otherwise seriously injure their targets. He tends to use the same tactics when it comes to his weapons of choice. He is also known to weave his divine magic into his fighting style, using spells ranged from buffs to strictly offensive spells.

Other: Sarish carries with him the typical road survival items: Rations, rope, blanket, flint & tinder, etc; In addition, he carries first aid supplie on that basis that magic can't always solve all your problems.


Sarish Tal'asir was born to a family of relatively high prestige to the community in which they lived. For years even before any of the wars, the Tal'asir family was blessed with bounty from the entity that they gave patronage to. For as long as they gave worship to this being, however, they kept it a secret from the populace that they governed over. Though the entity was not well known, it was well feared by those that knew it, for it was a celestial who did not take kindly to those without offerings to give.

Sarish was born some time before the dragons began their purging of the other races. He was highly sheltered, and brought up in a life of solitary schooling for the life he was meant to be cast into. He would, on occasion, sneak away from home so that he might have some fun with the other lamia children, though he was often shunned for being the off-spring of a more prestigious family. As time went on, however, he learned of the entity that gave his family the bounty on which they lived. He was a powerful entity, who dealt in the word of oath more seriously than than death. It had a diplomatic way about it, a characteristic that passed on to the Tal'asir, and made it all the more easy for them to gain the political power that they now held. The twisting of words and the mask of smiles were all tools of the trade, and many years of practice and blessings made the family quite adept at getting their way with not more than the power of words- or blackmail- where applicable.

As Sarish came of age, the tongue of his patron entity sat well with him, as was the case with those that devoted their very souls to his worship. He could talk his way into or out of anything, and as his libido often urged him onto the opposite sex, he had a particularly easy time talking his way into the hearts of the females who were gullible enough to believe his words. He had, over no long period of time and by no small feat, become well known by the lamian females of the community.

He had everything that he had ever wanted out of life, it seemed, until one faithful day.

All Sarish really remembered of the day was fire. His entire city was awash in flame, and while the city guard did their best they were being overrun by cultists who he had later come to known as The Children of the Flame. He was whisked away to saftey through underground tunnels by his family, though many others were not so lucky. A formal request for aid was sent, but by the time there was enough response to take back the city, the attack was over. The streets were awash with blood, and barely a building stood against the fires that were still ravaging the city. In but a single week, everything he was meant to inherit was gona. The cultists had destroyed what it took his family so long to build.

They would pay.

In short order, Sarish joined The Legion of Ashes, a militarized movement against the dragons and the twisted cultists who followed them. Against the wishes of his family, he left to avenge his destroyed city and his slain subject, and to gain justice for his celestial patron in the form of dragon blood.

So begins...

Sarish Tal'asir's Story