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Talae Shanir

Freelance mercenary with a grudge.

0 · 374 views · located in Norr

a character in “The Gift: Chapter Two”, as played by Machina Ex Deus



Full Name: Talae Rowan Shanir

Age: 24

Gender: Female

Race: Dark Elf

Class: Assassin- Talae specializes in quick, hit-and-run kills, most often executed from concealment. The method is almost always by poison or blade, but she does have some hand-to-hand skill for the sake of flexibility and pure utility- it's easier to take a prisoner's knives than their arms and legs. Due to being largely self-taught, there are some glaring weaknesses in her style, but most of the time, her opponents don't see her coming, and so it hardly matters. Open-field, traditional combat can and does prove to be a problem, though, and more than once she has returned home injured enough that her sister has been forced to develop something of a knack for healing spells. She doesn't have much of an option, though; it's get bloodied every once in a while or starve.

Physical Description: Talae exudes aloof confidence, and makes no effort to hide that fact. Her appearance is designed to be intimidating not in the musclebound manner but more from inscrutability, and though she dresses a good deal more modestly than some people, she does not go in for what anyone would describe as full armor. The non-combat inclined tend to shy away from her on instinct; even soldiers aren't exactly nonplussed either. She is heavily armed at any given time, even if the only visible weapons are a strange dual-bladed knife and the throwing ones that clink softly in her hair, where she has tied them to the bands that keep the small braids within her ponytail in place. These are blunted and mostly for show, but they'll do in a pinch, and it's more for the effect than anything. She'd recently added a bastardsword to her repertoire, and this is slung across her back.

Tall for her race at an even 5'8", she generally doesn't express much, preferring to remain detached from just about everything, at least in appearance. Red eyes are utilized in appraising looks and intimidating stares in equal measure, whatever the situation demands, really. Her skin is a very deep color, her hair starkly white against it, like most of her race.


"I am what they call the lesser of two evils. That is all you need know."

Talae is all business, for the most part. She doesn't really ever "loosen up" as some would say, at least not for real. She is something of a chameleon in demeanor, though, and if she senses that the best way to get out of a situation she doesn't like is to become ingratiatingly polite or flatter someone she despises, she'll do it. She'll hate herself afterward, but she'll do it.

Her primary motivation for any action is the protection of her younger sister, followed closely by obtaining the funds and support necessary to do that. If she were alone in the world, she probably would not have turned out the way she is, but she does not for a moment regret any of the things she has done or will do in pursuing this single-minded course.


Starting Armor: Laced leather armguards and bracers, Leather boots, and a leather plate that covers most of her torso. The rest of her clothing is no more durable than long-wearing fabrics, and consists of a form-fitted, sleeveless shirt, and an easy-to-move-in skirt, though there are short leggings beneath.

Starting Weaponry: A double-bladed knife, several smaller knives (designed for throwing), hidden in various places within her clothing.

Fighting Style: Mostly stealth-based, but trained in both knife-fighting and hand-to-hand.

Weapon of Choice: Currently, her recently-acquired hand-and-a-half.

Other: She carries some provisions and a token amount of money, but not much of either. As an assassin, she is familiar with and regularly carries several potent toxins- and their antidotes.


Not the most forthcoming of souls, Talae generally does not reveal her history. The most anyone's ever gotten out of her is that her parents were both killed in an attack by a dragon, and that she and her sister have been trying to make a living for themselves ever since. She has ventured from her homeland only recently, in search of better work- preferably killing dragons.

So begins...

Talae Shanir's Story